or maybe half a pun

Gijinka Mimikyu used CURSE!

Imagine the group playing DnD.

Papyrus is the GM. He loves to make puzzles for the party to overcome, but has a bad habit of overusing a GMPC who is described as “the very cool and popular Captain of the Guard”.

Frisk plays a halfling bard who is always trying to solve problems nonviolently.

Undyne’s an elf fighter (who is a lost princess) who carries around an oversized sword and makes dramatic speeches about the power of friendship.

Alphys tries to play the game straight as a dragonborn wizard. She occassionaly tries to have Undyne’s character give her smooches.

Sans is a dwarf rogue. He likes to make a lot of puns and only shows up for maybe half the sessions. On the plus side, he’s ridiculously broken and the game is a lot easier when he actually remembers to come.

Toriel occassionaly comes in and disrupts the mood by asking them if they want snacks.

anonymous asked:

Wait what's the Deli story? Curiosity now piqued! X

Gillian tweeted David this:

The picture in the middle is a Star of David (but in the style of the five-pointed traditional Hollywood Walk of Fame star) with David’s name on it. So we thought, maybe she’s riffing on David being half-Jewish, or maybe it’s a pun about his name, or maybe that’s just the first one that came up in Google Images and she doesn’t know the difference, who knows. 

But this poster pointed us to an article in which David says this:

“I grew up on 11th Street and Second Avenue in New York and the Second Avenue Deli was (a block away). They had their own walk of fame in front of the deli with stars of David on the street. I thought maybe I’d get one of those one day, but this is even better.”

So it seems like too much of coincidence that Gillian wasn’t aware of this story. My theory is that she either heard him tell it on junket day and it was fresh in her mind, or that when the announcement came out – which I think was during shooting – he told that story then, probably as a way to deflect embarrassment because he was probably getting a lot of backslaps, etc. over it. 

So if she DID remember that story, it’s a sweet and subtle way to give him what he had said his wish was. And it’s really, really cute.