or maybe gus will

It just struck me that we see Chuck cooking a lot, and he seems to enjoy it and do it with ease. Thinking through Breaking Bad, Gus is probably the other character we see doing that–taking an interest in making really well crafted meals. Does it stand for something? Maybe their precise, exacting personalities? Their comfort with orchestrating things and keeping them in control?


K-chan news 2017.06.13 where Koyama learns Tegoshi is human after all, and they talk about fathers, funerals and divorces  

So as promised here’s the transcript. I skipped non-essential parts but the two main talks are in full so you can hear it from the guys directly. There might still be minor inaccuracies, mostly because Japanese language itself is tricky but I did mt best.

By the way, the video I attached is missing about a minute, from when they start talking about Sakura Girl. I couldn’t find another one and my audio file is too big for uploading. 

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“Maybe you were in the middle of a storm, a big fuckin’ storm the waves were crashing over the bow, the Goddamned mast was about to snap, and you were crying for the harbor. So you did what you had to do, to get out. Maybe you became a psychologist.”

Good Will Hunting (1997) dir. Gus Van Sant

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Imagine the NCIS team believes Gus to be the prime murder suspect

An NCIS psych crossover maybe where they think Gus did it since they came over and the reader says he couldn’t because be runs and screams or faints when he sees a dead body?… ~requested by @janetthegiantt

“Y/n!” Gibbs barked at you as he reared into the bull pen, “Update!”

“No suspects as of now, sir” You replied, wincing as turned toward you (he hadn’t had his coffee yet and things were not faring well for the people around him for the rest of the day, that was obvious).

“What about Guster? The psychic’s assistant?”

You almost laughed at the though of Gus J-walking, let alone killing somebody, “We used to work together back in Santa Barbara and he would faint at the mere sight of a dead body. And when I interviewed him, he claimed that he was stuck at his office trying to keep his business partner from doing a taco eating contest with himself.”

Gibbs wasn’t sure how to respond, just glared a lot and took an angry sip of his coffee, “McGee, tell me you got something more.”

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hey can you please recommend good dramas that have no/little romance?

Top trio:

  • Signal (time travel police triller)
  • Awl (labour union drama)
  • Bad Guys (criminal triller)


  • The Good Wife (legal drama)
  • Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (medical drama with skippable romance)
  • Modern Farmer (countryside comedy)
  • Mrs Temper and Nam Jung-gi (workplace drama)
  • Spotlight (news reporting drama)
  • Squad 38 (robin hood con team drama)
  • Kimg of Baking Kim Tak-gu (bread baking makjang)

Psych Gang + Coffee Shop AU

Frozen coffees, cappuccinos, cookies and tarts - plus four people crossing paths, craving caffeine, and maybe finding their home in the process.

Shawn - Pineapple Smoothie

Gus - Frozen Iced Coffee

Carlton - Black Coffee + Sugar + Cream (a whole lot of cream)

Juliet - Iced Cinnamon Macchiato

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your energy feels very tranquil and tepid. it is smooth and feels like running your palm over butter. that is a gross analogy, but that is the way it feels to me

what is this analogy, i love it (come over to feel some butter) ..on a more serious note! wow! this is very nice, thank you! i understand what you mean definitely

So I played the demo for ‘Glitched’ from En House Studios, sooooo cute, pretty mysterious! (their kickstarter >>> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/enhousestudios/glitched )

I did a sketch of their character Jihn because she’s cute and quirky (and I didn’t like the way Gus was turning out, lol, maybe I should try again?–Idk I feel like I can stare at this for hours…)!

I almost didn’t post this because I instantly started to second guess myself. But I’m doing it!!

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For the Stardew Valley writing prompt, maybe Gus ensuring the farmer eats even though they're poor?

“That’s all?” the farmer asked as she looked at the meager stack of money that Pierre handed to her.

“That’s all. Look, you usually bring in great produce but this crop was mediocre at best. I can’t give you any more for this quality.”

She sighed deeply and leaned over the counter.

Okay, give me as many cauliflower seeds as you can with this amount.” She reluctantly set the money back down on the table and slid it over to him. Pierre traded it out for a stack of seed packets and she turned around and walked out the door. She could smell the fresh food being made for the lunch rush at Gus’s. Her insides growled like a wild beast as the smell wafted around her.

The farmer remembered that she had found Linus, the town’s resident hobo-by-choice digging in the trash cans. She found herself looking at the trashcan outside of the saloon, wondering what discarded foods could be in there.

She sauntered over casually, surveying her surroundings before opening the lid and looking inside. Right as she reached for a large hunk of bread she heard Gus right above her.

“Farmer, what are you doing?”

Damn, an aerial strike… She dropped the bread and replaced the lid quickly.

“Oh, uhm… Nothing. Just throwing away some old bread I found in my… pocket?”

“You weren’t digging through the trash for food, were you?”

She knew she was caught red-handed, regardless of what she said.

Come inside, farmer. I’ll make you some food, on the house.”

Before she could say anything, Gus was already coming around to the front. She reluctantly entered the saloon and sat at the bar, twiddling her thumbs until Gus came around with a fresh spring salad for her.

“So, farmer, why don’t you tell me why you’re digging through my trash.”

“Ah, well. I don’t usually. It’s just that all my kale got demolished by slugs and the cauliflower had an aphid infestation. I won’t have money or food for the next few days, at least… I won’t do it anymore just please don’t tell anyone.” She looked down at the salad, taking the first bite.

“I wouldn’t tell a soul. But I just want you to know that if you’re ever hungry and in a tight spot, you can come here. You’ve done so much for this town and the least I can do is give you a hot, fresh meal to keep you going, farmer. I’m sure everyone else would be just as happy to help, as well.”

“Thank you,” she said, her mouth full of crunchy, refreshing salad.

That afternoon, Gus sent her home with a week’s worth of leftovers, freshly made in the kitchen.