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As a thank you to Paolo De Lorenzi for encouraging and inspiring me to keep trying my best- a Gyro to go with the set of portraits I did before! I think a lot of cartoonists look up to this gentle, mad-idea-generating genius, and his Little Helper too, of course!

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Tae can hit jin with his cupids arrow if you know what i mean ;)))

Tae: Oh shit I can! 

Jin: Ow! Tae! What are you- huh?

Jin: JK?! 

Tae: Jungkook??? Is he… oh no

who did jk fall in love with?? find out next week on VIVI TV folks bc jk has fallen

Someone draw this

Zeus: 2017 Burnie Burns
Poseidon: Geoff Ramsey
Hades: Gus Sorola
Hermes: Gavin Free
Artemis: Barbara Dunkelman

In addition potentially:

Ares: Matt Hullum
Hera: Ashley Jenkins
Hephaestus: Marcus LaPorte
I can’t remember many others off the top of my head bc I’m busy but also maybe barb as Aphrodite as well and potentially
Apollo: Trevor Collins
Jeremy could be a satyr and Ryan could be the Helios? Yeah

It just struck me that we see Chuck cooking a lot, and he seems to enjoy it and do it with ease. Thinking through Breaking Bad, Gus is probably the other character we see doing that–taking an interest in making really well crafted meals. Does it stand for something? Maybe their precise, exacting personalities? Their comfort with orchestrating things and keeping them in control?


Augustus Winters.

“Maybe you were in the middle of a storm, a big fuckin’ storm the waves were crashing over the bow, the Goddamned mast was about to snap, and you were crying for the harbor. So you did what you had to do, to get out. Maybe you became a psychologist.”

Good Will Hunting (1997) dir. Gus Van Sant

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K-chan news 2017.06.13 where Koyama learns Tegoshi is human after all, and they talk about fathers, funerals and divorces  

So as promised here’s the transcript. I skipped non-essential parts but the two main talks are in full so you can hear it from the guys directly. There might still be minor inaccuracies, mostly because Japanese language itself is tricky but I did mt best.

By the way, the video I attached is missing about a minute, from when they start talking about Sakura Girl. I couldn’t find another one and my audio file is too big for uploading. 

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More tears fell down Gemma’s cheeks. They glistened brightly in the sunlight shining through the window. “I see,” she whispered hoarsely. “Um, well, I think…I think winter break will do me good. Being home again and…and away from all this.”

Augustus shook his head. “I’m not sure that’ll be enough,” he stated seriously. “This isn’t new, only worse than it’s been before.”

Gemma scoffed. “So, what then? You’re thinking therapy or something?”

“If it could help, why not?”

She shook her head too, eyes anywhere but upon his. “It’s not that bad. I’ve got it under control. It’s just sometimes extra shit come up that makes it more difficult. Overall, it isn’t bad at all.”

“Does it need to be?” Augustus quietly asked. “In fact, wouldn’t it be more logical to go before it gets to that point? To prevent it from getting that bad?”

“I suppose, but—”

“I’m not forcing you. I’m not saying you have to, and I’m definitely not trying to push you away or imply that I don’t want you to go to me because that couldn’t be further from the truth. All I’m saying is that I think it could be helpful. That it’s worth considering. Does that make sense?”

Gemma nodded, feeling oddly subdued. She had not expected any of these words to come from Gus’ mouth, let alone the suggestion that she might need extra help. It wasn’t something she was against. She knew their father found it invaluable and that even their stoic mother had been, but somehow it never crossed her mind that it was something she should consider. She had this under control, didn’t she? Already knew how to push away unhelpful thoughts? Had people she could go to when it was all too much? What more could it offer her?

The suggestion, however, had come from the single most valued presence in her life—a presence she had literally never known existence without, so she couldn’t bring herself to not take him seriously.

She dried her face once more and then murmured, “I’ll think about it.”


🎃 Happy Halloween, y’all! @bellamyblake-kru this is for you, have some gratuitous Bellarke fluff ❤️

“You almost ready in there?” Clarke called from the kitchen. It was Halloween, so she had traded in her scrubs for a black robes and witch’s hat. She was busy zipping Olivia into her baby bear costume and didn’t notice Bellamy emerge from their bedroom until he was at her elbow.

“Hey,” she glanced up at him, and immediately burst out laughing. “What the hell are you wearing?”

Bellamy looked down at her, genuinely confused. “What? I’m a Roman soldier. This is my costume.”

Clarke set the baby on her hip and smirked. “You’ve been a Roman soldier every year for the past twelve years. You don’t want to change it up a little? The kids are going to think you’re a dork.”

Bellamy chuckled and ruffled Olivia’s brown curls. “Nah, they think I’m cool. Besides,” he pressed a quick kiss to Clarke’s cheek, “This worked on you back in the day.”

“Yeah, well if I had known I was signing up for over a decade of the same costume—“

“You would have married me sooner, I know,” Bellamy teased, then turning to the stairs, he called, “Gus, you ready to go, bud?”

The tread of tiny feet was heard and Gus appeared in the doorway, wearing a fuzzy lion costume and a pouting expression.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” Bellamy asked, kneeling so that he was at the five year old’s eye level. “I thought you liked this costume.”

Gus wrinkled his nose and shook his head. “No, I look like a baby. I want to look awesome, like you Dad.”

Bellamy bit back a smile, and Clarke managed to contain her laughter as she and Olivia joined them. “Come on, boys, we’re going to be late to meet Nate and Monty.”

“Well, we had better warn them we have a fierce lion with us tonight!” Bellamy growled in jest, and he tickled Gus until he giggled and jumped into his arms. ‘Maybe next year we’ll get you your own Roman soldier costume, bud.”

“You’re incorrigible,” Clarke murmured fondly to her husband, as he set Gus down and took the baby from her.

“If you didn’t think our offspring were going to be giant nerds too, that’s on you,” Bellamy replied in a mock whisper. “You may have been homecoming queen, but you also ran the debate team, you were captain of the science Olympiad, you won the spelling bee three years in a row—“

“Alright, alright, I’m just as culpable as you are, happy?”

Bellamy cradled Olivia to his chest as he grinned down at her and Gus. “Very.”

Memories That Remain Pt 9

Thank you so much for your patience. You guys have been so awesome and @jaybear1701​ and I heart you all for continuing to read and leave comments.

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I don’t wanna talk
About things we’ve gone through
Though it’s hurting me
Now it’s history
I’ve played all my cards
And that’s what you’ve done too
Nothing more to say
No more ace to play…

The stench wafting from the hotel’s kitchen stunk worse than the goddamn town dump, and Gus McCready swallowed back her gag reflex. She lifted the bandana tied loosely around her neck and used it to covered her nose and mouth as she watched Waverly speak with the hotel’s manager. Waverly had cleaned herself up earlier in the lobby bathroom, washing away any signs that would indicate she had been crying, but she still looked wan and distracted. Whitney stood nearby with Jesse, who had his arm wrapped around her waist. Although Whitney nodded along to the conversation, her eyes kept drifting back to Waverly, obviously more concerned with her mom’s well-being than the spoiled dinner. It’s why Gus loved the kid so damn much.

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makoto waking up in the middle of the night, all drowsy and sleepy and just giving haru a little kiss before turning over and going back to sleep is something i think about a lot 


One day while scrolling through his Twitter feed, alt-J’s Thom Green stumbled upon something that caught his eye. At first glance, he wasn’t sure what it was, exactly. It was an image, sure, but a fairly abstract one at that. 

Thom was intrigued. This was exactly the sort of thing he was on Twitter for.

“I really like Twitter and Tumblr and Instagram for the sheer factor of how much access you have to imagery, really,” Thom explained. “I really like just scrolling through [them]. …I often find images that I want to be involved with or do something with, [but] I don’t know quite what. Usually I end up using them for like my Twitter picture – I change my Twitter picture every day because I like using images for things.”

This particular image came to Thom’s attention courtesy of a man named Oliver Leach, and his Twitter account, @BAKKOOONN, that Thom followed because “he regularly posts images – quite interesting images – that he’s made or that he’s found.”

It came at a perfect time, added Thom, because alt-J were in the need of an album cover for their upcoming record, Relaxer (out June 2nd), and Thom was sold that this was it.

alt-J - Relaxer (Courtesy of alt-J)

“I contacted [Oliver] saying that I thought that it was a piece of work that he had made… I was getting prepared to be like, ‘Can we please buy this image off you?’” Thom said.

Oliver responded, explaining that it wasn’t his image, but rather a still image from a game called LSD Dream Emulator.

“I’ve never heard of the game, never played it,” Thom said. “So I looked into it and our management got into contact with the designer of the game and asked if we could use it. He was totally happy for us to use it. He’s a Japanese visual artist… I think his name is Hiroko Nishikawa. He was really excited because he really likes the band and he was really flattered that we wanted to use the image.”

Born from the dreams of Hiroko Nishikawa, LSD Dream Emulator was a PlayStation game released in Japan in 1998 that has since developed a cult following. During gameplay, the player simply walks around, experiencing visuals inspired by a dream diary Hiroko kept over the span of 10 years. Despite the game’s limited initial reach and abstract concept, it features some very relatable aspects for a gamer like Thom. Most notably: the unmistakable visual style of ‘90s video games.

“I’m a massive fan of computer games and I recognize computer game imagery – you know, it’s quite distinct imagery,” Thom said. “I used to play PlayStation 1 but I’ve never played this game. [The art] drew me in, I think the red and the black work really well together. It’s really an attractive image. I think a lot of people might think: ‘What the f*ck is that?’”

That last part comes from personal experience. In fact, it wasn’t until Thom showed his bandmates the image that he was even aware of everything that was going on in it.

“The red figure on the floor, I didn’t notice that to be a body to begin with, I just kinda thought it was an abstract shape, really – maybe a puddle or something like that. And it was Gus (Unger-Hamilton) that pointed out that it was a body,” Thom said. “When editing the image for the cover, we removed [the body] to see what it would look like because originally we weren’t too into the idea of it being a dead body – it would just have too much symbolism that didn’t relate to anything [in the record]. So we took it out and then realized that it actually works much better with it in it, it kinda ties the image together, really.” 

By far, Relaxer has the darkest cover of alt-J’s three records, and intentionally so. During the process of thinking about the album’s artwork, Thom was leaning towards something darker than before. Ironically enough, Thom explained, Relaxer “[is] not a dark album. A lot of people say it’s quite bright, it sounds like a fun album – which it was to make.”

The darkness of Relaxer’s art wasn’t the only notable stylistic change from the first two record covers – this album also marks the first time that alt-J have put any text on the cover of their records. In doing so, they didn’t just stop at listing the album’s title, but chose to add the entire tracklist to the front cover as well, a much less commonplace decision.

alt-J - “In Cold Blood” (Courtesy of alt-J)

“It came around when we were putting the imagery together for the album with our kinda art director. He kinda has everything up on his monitor… [and] I think Gus might’ve said ‘Let’s see what it looks like with the logo with Relaxer up there.’ I think because, you’re right, it’s not seen that often, I think older albums, like older records used to do that or singles… I quite like how uniform it is, kinda structured. I think because the font works so well it was just like ‘Why not?’ It was definitely a deliberate decision and we were aware that we hadn’t done that before. The first two albums, we thought there wasn’t really a place for the title or the name on the cover and we didn’t want to just put it on there for the sake of it. They’re so abstract – the two other images – that I think they work as an image alone.”

Going forward, the band is excited by the opportunities that this stylistic change presents. For Thom, things like merch and their live setup immediately jumped to mind.

“Using different colors for merch and the live show and things like that I think is good – it would be a bit crap to not think about that. For the live show it’s really, one of the first things I thought was this computer game and the game itself was based around kinda random images, I think it will work really well live if we can figure it out.”

alt-J - “3WW” (Courtesy of alt-J)

Already, alt-J have embraced LSD Dream Emulator in a myriad of different ways for Relaxer’s rollout. Artwork for the singles “3WW” and “In Cold Blood” as well as a teaser video for the album and interactive web game have all featured images pulled from LSD. Because the band hasn’t yet had a chance to play the game, finding the images has required an inventive approach.

“We found a database of images from the game that somebody’s compiled and we kinda sifted through them and [suggested images].” On top of that, Thom explained, “There’s a guy at our label who had to play it to get an idea of what to use for the trailer videos or things like that and we played it for a week apparently. It’s pretty cool, I like the premise of it – it’s really hard to find the same image twice because it’s all randomly generated.”

That said, despite a lot of thought about it, Thom isn’t quite ready to dip his toe in LSD’s waters just yet.

“We actually watched a lot of the footage that’s on YouTube and it makes me quite anxious – it’s quite intense,” he said, laughing.

“I think that the game… within the game the higher you are, the more abstract the world becomes and yeah, it’s like, it’s quite weird,” he said, adding, “You can get an emulator – you can get an emulator for anything nowadays – I’ll download it on my laptop and have a look. Maybe one day. Or get a PS1 – that’d be cool.”

-Dylan Singleton

alt-J play Merriweather Post Pavilion on July 27 - tickets available here.

Preorder Relaxer here.