or maybe even top 3

I dreamed about Eurovision 2018 last night; here’s how it went down

-Iceland won with a glam metal song called “Miracle”
-the runner up was like… a bunch of guys dressed up as chipmunks???
-Finland, Latvia, and Slovenia were my
top 3 and they all crashed out in the semis
-Bulgaria sent Kristian Kostov again
-Kazakhstan competed
-they reverted back to the previous voting system, I guess, because Iceland won with only 362 points

I highly doubt any of this will be even close to what actually happens, save for maybe my top 3 all not qualifying???

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What do you think of Aja of this entire season?

okay despite me jumping the gun and assuming she’s crack top 3 (and maybe even win), i still thought aja’s run was admirable and something she should be proud of. i saw a lot of growth from her and nobody can say she wasn’t a fighter. sometimes i think she let her jealousy and confusion with her negative feedback get the best of her, but her heart was always in the right place and i love how she was able to bond with the other girls. idk i really like aja. her early out doesn’t change how i feel about her. like tracy says; “the real race is after drag race” and i know she’s gonna go on to do amazing things.

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Ah. Another hyouka fan!... My i guess im... Curious... What other anime have you seen. You got maybe a top ten or five list? Or just 3 even?

oh heck yeah!! 

kyoukai no kanata
fma:b (and fma 03)
shinsekai yori
kimi no na wa
ghost hunt
kaichou wa maid-sama!
akagami no shirayukihime
amagi brilliant park 

:3c those are the ones i thought of off the top of my head but i love so many…its hard to put them in order and say which are my fave of faves haha

Person: who’s your bias in knk?
Me: *starts sweating*

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Top 5! 1) Between the Lines 2) Even in the Dark 3) Taking Care 4) Twelve Months 5) somewhere between the surface and the sea bed Honourable mention > Lighthouse <3

Thanks, anon! (The honorable mention made me smile, always nice to see a little love for the rarepairs~)

@i-saw-a-kingsnake-today tagged me! boy I love to have an excuse to overshare pointless things about myself

Relationship status: taken!

Favorite color: mmmm purple or maroon, blue is good too tho

Lipstick or chapstick: lipstick I guess?

Last song I listened to: according to pandora, Let’s Kill Tonight by P!atD, I don’t really remember listening to it though lol I just put headphones in on the bus so no one will bug me

Last movie I watched: Honeymoon I think, it was bad. or maybe an MST3K, if that even counts

Top 3 characters: I love all… all of them….. lucio from OW, amethyst from SU, elphaba from wicked

Top 3 ships: mchanzo and amedot for sure, but the third is like a 5-way tie??? IDK e/r-gelphie-amanomi-pearlnet-etc etc etc god I have too many ships

Books/manga: anything by Neil Gaiman frankly, just finished Hood by Emma Donoghue which was interesting, uhhh I’ve been wanting to reread Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko!!

Top 5 musicals: in no meaningful order… Hamilton, Les Mis, Wicked, Chicago, Rent, PotO (oh that’s six sue me)

I’m just going to tag @kohiruu and @sherribon I think ;;;

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I picture a mixture of the two wedding scenarios. They elope to Kalos with just their admins and have a small ceremony in Lumiose City, maybe even on top of Prism Tower :3 I'd imagine that Sycamore and Lysandre would also be in attendance.

Maxie has too many Kalosian friends from college and Archie wonders if this is what people feel like when he talks


 Speculation time! Who’s gona make it to the GPF?

There’s only 6 spots available in the Grand Prix Finale and it’s probably a little pre-emptive to try and guess who’s gonna make it since we don’t know at least half of the potential candidates, but I wanna break down how many chances each of these guys has of making it till the end of the line. In no particular order

1) Katsuki Yuuri. 100% guaranteed. Whether he actually wins the GP’s a whole other story, but the story would have to drastically change its entire core to justify Yuuri not making it.

2) Phichit Chulanont: Almost no chance. This stage of competition is meant for Yuuri to overcome his tragic past, and he’s facing it in the way of his old coach Celestino and his old rinkmate Phichit. Once Yuuri’s defeated them, they will have no narrative purpose in the story. Also, Phichit needs to place top 2 here to have a chance to make it and that’s looking unlikely with all the other guys he’d have to beat for that

3) Leo de la Iglesia: I estimate about 1 in 3 chances. I’d like to say it’s 50/50 because I’m super parcial for him and I adore him, but narratively the character doesn’t seem to have much purpose We haven’t even seen him interact with Yuuri even though they were in the same room. But within the story, his victory at Skate America gives him a very good shot. I think if he manages to stay in the top 3 here, he might make it (this is a very rough guess of mine since I know nothing about skating, maybe even if he makes top 3 his scores won’t suffice) Fingers crossed.

4) Guang-Hong Ji. No chance whatsoever. Sorry little guy. No narrative purpose and placed 6th in the SP. We didn’t even see much of his SP either, had the least camera time out of all of them. He’s too young. There’s no way he’s gonna place above Chris or Leo. The only thing that gives me pause is that he’s the only one who has gotten no backstory whatsoever, so maybe they could be saving that for a later stage, but I doubt it, it’s more likely he gets a bit of character in the FS and out you go.(he can go cheer on Leo tho? Srsly fingers crossed for Leo)

5) Christophe Giacometti. I’d say it’s guaranteed he makes it. For one, he’s been established as a former rival of Victor who’s now acknowledged Yuuri as a rival too. Within the story, he placed 2nd in last year’s GPF and World’s he was Victor’s closest competition. He’s a seasoned skater and he downgraded his quad in the SP to a triple, leaving room to impress us in a future performance. In fact my speculation is that Yuuri will succumb to the pressure in the FS and get beaten by Chris, then Yuuri will have the chance for his revenge at the Final. Anime can always surprise you so there’s no guarantee. But aside from Yuuri, I think he’s the one with the biggest chances.

6) Georgi Popovich. Wildcard? His character design and over-the-top characterization make me dismiss him, but he did really great in the SP, so he might actually have a decent shot at this. Like, narratively he’s toast, but within the story he’s being placed as a dangerous rival, so anything could happen. My bet is that Georgi (and Yakov) will be for Victor what Phichit is for Yuuri in this stage, a chance to overcome the past and prove he’s not fooling around and that coaching Yuuri is totally worth it. I think something will happen with his ex that’ll make him self-destruct in the FS.

As for random guesses at the wind, I think JJ is guaranteed a spot on the sole principle that he was also a medalist last year and he’s voiced by Mamoru Miyano. He already won Skate Canada too. My weird prediction though, after this week’s episode, is that Yurio won’t make the cut. He looked so miserable with his second place in Canada that something must be going horribly wrong with his training. So my current prediction is that he’s gonna self-destruct in Rostelecom and then he’ll come back to his parents Japan to continue the journey of growth and self-realization that began under that waterfall before Onsen on Ice. But these are very random predictions, we’d have to see the other competitors before knowing

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Got any predictions of your own? If you’re not rooting for Leo come here so I can high-five you on the face with a brick. And most importantly have we decided on a ship name for Guang-Hong and Leo?

As u can see there was a long article about Tuukka in the morning paper :) I was a saint and I translated it :)

Aamulehti 7.1.2014

Written by Tapani Salo

The big picture by Kimmo Pentikäinen, I no idea where the others are from

Translated by me

The threat of terrorism in Sochi worries Tuukka Rask

Ice hockey: NHL-stars talk more about the safety of the tournament than about the roster choices.

Playing in the Olympic Games is a dream come true but the safety in Sochi worries goalie Tuukka Rask. USA and Czech already named their Olympic teams for Sochi. The others will be announced soon. Finland reveals their team today. Boston Bruins goalie Rask admits that NHL’s top players are talking a lot about Sochi at the moment. “Not about the roster choices but about the things outside the rink”, Rask explains. What do you mean by things outside the rink? “Russia’s terrorist attacks”. Are they worrying NHL-players? “Of course they make the players worry. Russia is always Russia. Now there’s been these kind of awful things. You don’t know what to expect from the games”. In less than 700km from Sochi, in Volgogradi were in last December 3 terrorist attacks where 40 people died.

Big dream

In Sochi Olympics even big NHL-stars have to get used to thoroughgoing security checks. “The security measurements will be unbelievably tight”, said Rene Fasel, the president of International Ice Hockey Federation, few days ago in interview of news agency. “There will be complains for sure when people has to stand in the checking lines.” Rask tells he’s been dreaming about playing in the Olympics since he was a little boy. “Olympics are every player’s big dream. Everybody has high expectations but now the Olympics are under the threat of terror”. Rask – of course – is not closing the door to Olympics. “Of course we’ll go to Sochi and play there if we are chosen”.

From the plane to the rink

There is no doubt about Rask’s place in the Olympic team. His name is for sure in the list that the head coah Erkka Westerlund announces to the media on Tuesday. Rask is according to most of the experts in the top 3 best goalies in the world. Maybe even the best of them all. The tournament in Sochi is played very quickly. There is no time for getting ready or to practice. Players basically just get straight from the air plane to the rink and start to play. “It’s little two-sided thing. The season is rough anyway and then we travel to the other side of the world to play Olympic hockey. Good thing that NHL-players are used to traveling. We travel here a lot and play a lot. You have to be ready when the puck drops”. Rask says that the experience helps with focusing in the quick tournament. “You have to keep yourself calm and try to repeat the same things that you do in the practices”.


Will you buy Ilves shares, Tuukka Rask?

Tuukka Rask moved from Savonlinna to Tampere Ilves when he was 16 ‘cause he wanted to develop as a player. When he was 20 he already moved to play hockey to North America, but Ilves still has it’s place in Rask’s heart. “I feel like I’m half tamperelainen (I’m not gonna translate this word ‘cause it would sound even more stupid. It mean’s person who’s from Tampere.) even though I’m not originally from there. I spend time during the summers in Tampere. My best friends are there. I got good memories from my times in Ilves even tho we didn’t win anything big”. Ilves Hockey OY is currently selling its shares, are you interested? “Well, I haven’t had time to even think about that. It’s not impossible for sure, Ilves had big importance for my career”.


I’m too tired to translate the whole article ‘cause there was also some stuff that he has told to media in English for example stuff about his taste of music but I’ll still translate some of my favorite parts of those.

  • “What the heck is this bellowing”, his teammates said when he made them listen Nightwish.
  • (During the lockout) “The only team in Finland that I would have played for is Ilves”, Rask said.
  • “I don’t feel like going straight back now”, Rask said six and half year ago when he was asked about playing in Russia. Sochi had just been selected to be the host of 2014’s Winter Olympics. There was two things that made Rask think that way: the food and the accommodation. They had just played two games in junior tournament in Moscow and in Saint Petersburg. They had left their marks to the young goalie. “Who wouldn’t?” he said when he was asked would he like to be the first goalie in the Sochi Winter Olympics.


Aaand that’s about it :D It was pretty long article to translate, the first part of this translation on probably better ‘cause when I was translating the second part I was getting tired… But I hope you enjoyed this :) 

Would like to point out

That the campifire scene, the part with just Maya and Lucas, was a whole 3 minutes and 15 seconds long. THREE MINUTES AND FIFTEEN SECONDS. Do you know how long that is for a 22 minute show? Hell even if it were a show that was 43 minutes long, that would still be pretty significant amount of screen time for just 2 people alone.

You only get that much screen time for 2 people alone of the opposite sex when they’re a couple, but even then I mostly see maybe 3 minutes tops and that would be a love making scene.

Think about this guys. It couldn’t be more obvious.

Mira's backstory

So, wow, I thought this chapter was amazing.

External image

We finally got to see the backstory of Mira and her siblings, which I’ve always wanted to see. My poor princess, Mira has been through so much, and now after this chapter her whole character and reasons for doing what she does makes so much more sense now.

I was surprised, yet very sad to see that she used to be shunned for her demon powers as a child, or I should say “takeover magic” by the villagers, as if it weren’t bad enough she had to take care of her two siblings and herself all on her own with her mom passed away. Like, who knew our used to be hot tempered and rowdy Mira turned peaceful and loving had such a terrible past. But, part of the reason Mira may have been as hostile as she was is definitely a result of what she had to go through as seen in this chapter.

But, now I know why she never wants to fight or show her true form in front of her friends; not only out of fear that she may possibly hurt them, but mostly because she doesn’t want them seeing that scary side of her, in fear that she may scar them out of fear or they wouldn’t look at her the same way again. But when she’s alone, she can go full out and not hold back.

External image

External image

Mirajane is one truly amazing char., and we hardly get to see what she can do power wise, but not only is she physically strong, but mentally strong as well. For not being fond of her powers in the first place, she learns to grow strong, embrace and master them in only a few years. I’m betting the type of power Mirajane isn’t all that easy to master at all, and probably at most times control, especially if she’s controlling a demon, but she handles her ground.

With the type of power Mira has, she really has the ability, stamina and strength to be in at least the top 3 strongest in the guild, imo, hec maybe even stronger than Erza. If she had continued to train hard after Lisanna had “died”, she’d be sensational. Though, as we saw in her battle with Freed, 2 years without training did not take away from her raw power and talent. Mira can be very terrifying.

Now, not only does she have to go through losing her mother, taking care of her siblings, being shunned by her own village b/c of powers that she never wanted in the first place, taking those very same powers she hates and mastering them to her best abilities…but then she has to deal with her sister “dying” AND creating a whole new self image for herself, and coping w/ that sadness for 2 years…that’s a lot for a kid to go through.

External image

Plus, to think she still wasn’t very fond of her powers til now…it all goes back to needing power in order to protect the ones you love, despite that very power being so deadly…so regardless of how she feels about it, she needs her powers.

External image

External image

Then I just remember how beautiful and kind Mira is, despite all she had to go through, and realize she has the whole package: brains, beauty, strength…and a heart worth 100x more than gold. That’s a true heroine to me.

And this moment with Yukino seems reminiscent of what Mira had felt about herself once…

External image

Mira is not just kind, but understanding, because she also felt at a time that all she could bring was misfortune and misery to those around her because of her powers, but she was able to get through for she had her siblings and friends there to support and be there for her. Hence, why she was able to understand and comfort Yukino about her feelings.

So yea, I just find Mira is so underrated most times as just ‘the kind girl’ or 'Erza’s rival’ when there’s much more to her than that, even this post doesn’t do her enough justice. But that’s mostly Mashima’s fault for giving her so much fanservice. I’m just glad he gave her time to shine in this arc, as well as her own mini arc. I feel like we got to know the true and authentic Mirajane - not the fanservice one - this chapter, so it was really good. And,I hope to see more of this wonderful Mira!service in the future!

Beautiful chapter.