or maybe even top 3

Person: who’s your bias in knk?
Me: *starts sweating*

Mark’s Pregnant Girlfriend Profile

I forgot to mention a big thank you to those who helped, there werent many of you, but I’m thankful nonetheless ^_^
let me know what you think about this series, I’m still not to sure about it :P 
do you guys think i write too many cheesy/corny things…?
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alternative methods
he would consider anything right away, he knows he wants kids and with you, thats all that matters to him.

He wouldn’t have absolutely everything packed, just what is needed for the first 2-3 nights, anything after he could pick it up later, or get someone else to bring it the hospital. he doesn’t want to create stress over small details, as long as he gets you there, thats the main thing.

breaking the news.

it would be a simple message, maybe just the ultrascan in a frame as a *grand*father’s day gift. he would want it to be cute but nothing over the top.

Number of kids?
2 at least maybe even 3. 4 is up for debate. he likes the idea of a big family with kids running around playing with the family dog.

he’s isn’t too bothered by gender, however he does like the idea of daddy’s princess, and he has more experience with girls (his nieces)

Making memories?
he records everything. maybe even starting a vlog on youtube. he would want it to be for the family, and fans too. as long as things don’t get negative in the comments he wouldn’t mind posting little things.

your body changing
he’d be the one that gently rubs lotion on your stretch marks, constantly touching you no matter what. he’s never going to back down fem skinship, and because he does it every day he hardly notices the change, until someone points it out.

pregnancy help?
he does try, with domestic things, but he’s best at making you feel happy and comfortable. doing the dishes dent really achieve this, but soothing your pains does. he run around getting the random things your craving. 

interacting with the baby
during pregnancy

always tells the stomach stories of his early got7 days, and all the embarrassing videos they’ll get to see when they’re born. stories of you and him meeting. its never disney stories, you and now the new baby are the only royalty in his life.

after birth
constantly playing with them and making them laugh all the time, you sometimes wonder where if your kid has friends over, but no its just mark and his high pitched laughing.

disastrousanimx  asked:

this is an ask. hi friend. leo is a good smol son. soo..... what's your all time favorite top 3 animes you'd recommend someone

oh bo y… I can’t even name my top 3 favorites since I’ve got like… at least 4-5 that I just absolutely love 


I’d recommend kekkai sensen, fma:b (or fma:03, which for the record I started on first), and mp100 :] Though… those aren’t my top 3 favorites, since I just,, these certain 5 (or 6 considering how watching cowboy bebop is slowly climbing up to the top 5 or maybe even 3) 

I’d maybe consider kkss, fma:b, and trigun as my top 3 (for now I suppose hmm) 

Here’s my anime list for the record though if any of you guys are interested ✨