or maybe even top 3

I dreamed about Eurovision 2018 last night; here’s how it went down

-Iceland won with a glam metal song called “Miracle”
-the runner up was like… a bunch of guys dressed up as chipmunks???
-Finland, Latvia, and Slovenia were my
top 3 and they all crashed out in the semis
-Bulgaria sent Kristian Kostov again
-Kazakhstan competed
-they reverted back to the previous voting system, I guess, because Iceland won with only 362 points

I highly doubt any of this will be even close to what actually happens, save for maybe my top 3 all not qualifying???

More V3 Spoiler Related Anon Asks

I can’t wait for the day when I can just answer/post these without any cuts due to fear of spoiling my streaming friend… that’s gonna take months at the rate we’re going…  Also my response as fuckin’ usual got ridiculously long. To be fair these asks brought up a lot of points!

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it doesnt matter what disney does with star wars anyway…. jedi academy is still the most gloriously fucked up multiplayer OC-creation game ive played in my life and i love it

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I feel like if Roxxxy went home instead of Tati in the advertising episode, she could have made it to top 4

oh dont get me started on that elimination let me just say that it was not katya who was robbed in blind daylight oh non o non no no it was tati. she had ONE negative comment in that challenge and a bomb ass outfit which all the judges loved and alaska snaked her out big time!! if she stayed she was big big top 4 potential (maybe even top 3 if we pretend detox doesnt kill all the time)

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What do you think of Aja of this entire season?

okay despite me jumping the gun and assuming she’s crack top 3 (and maybe even win), i still thought aja’s run was admirable and something she should be proud of. i saw a lot of growth from her and nobody can say she wasn’t a fighter. sometimes i think she let her jealousy and confusion with her negative feedback get the best of her, but her heart was always in the right place and i love how she was able to bond with the other girls. idk i really like aja. her early out doesn’t change how i feel about her. like tracy says; “the real race is after drag race” and i know she’s gonna go on to do amazing things.

Person: who’s your bias in knk?
Me: *starts sweating*

Hey, Hey!

Just so you all know, I’ll be taking late entries for any day until January 7th! If you need to post today’s prompt tomorrow or day 3′s prompt next week, it’s totally a-okay!

I’ll also be doing a small statistics sorta deal at the end (what parts of Persona got the most made for them, what day was the busiest, maybe even top 3 gals/guys created for!), expect that to show up around the 9th of January!

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God’s Own Country... is it amazing? Everything you’ve ever dreamed of? I really wanna see it.

it’s so good! IT’S SO GOOD! i mean it really just…snuck into my top 5 (maybe even top 3) from 2017

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Relationship status: Single

Favorite color: Blue or green !!

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick only pls, i look older than I actually am when I wear lipstick

Three favorite foods: Dark chocolate, pizza and any pasta tbh ?? Also pudding, maybe

Last song I listened to: I Don’t Love You by My Chemical Romance

Last movie I watched: Star Wars: The Last Jedi !!

Top 3 shows: I don’t watch a lot of shows but !!! I love JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, My Hero Academia and maybe even Stranger Things now that i’m starting it !!

Top 3 bands: Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots and My Chemical Romance

Books I’m Currently Reading: Aaah I haven’t had much time to read but rn i’m reading The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky !!

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I picture a mixture of the two wedding scenarios. They elope to Kalos with just their admins and have a small ceremony in Lumiose City, maybe even on top of Prism Tower :3 I'd imagine that Sycamore and Lysandre would also be in attendance.

Maxie has too many Kalosian friends from college and Archie wonders if this is what people feel like when he talks


 Speculation time! Who’s gona make it to the GPF?

There’s only 6 spots available in the Grand Prix Finale and it’s probably a little pre-emptive to try and guess who’s gonna make it since we don’t know at least half of the potential candidates, but I wanna break down how many chances each of these guys has of making it till the end of the line. In no particular order

1) Katsuki Yuuri. 100% guaranteed. Whether he actually wins the GP’s a whole other story, but the story would have to drastically change its entire core to justify Yuuri not making it.

2) Phichit Chulanont: Almost no chance. This stage of competition is meant for Yuuri to overcome his tragic past, and he’s facing it in the way of his old coach Celestino and his old rinkmate Phichit. Once Yuuri’s defeated them, they will have no narrative purpose in the story. Also, Phichit needs to place top 2 here to have a chance to make it and that’s looking unlikely with all the other guys he’d have to beat for that

3) Leo de la Iglesia: I estimate about 1 in 3 chances. I’d like to say it’s 50/50 because I’m super parcial for him and I adore him, but narratively the character doesn’t seem to have much purpose We haven’t even seen him interact with Yuuri even though they were in the same room. But within the story, his victory at Skate America gives him a very good shot. I think if he manages to stay in the top 3 here, he might make it (this is a very rough guess of mine since I know nothing about skating, maybe even if he makes top 3 his scores won’t suffice) Fingers crossed.

4) Guang-Hong Ji. No chance whatsoever. Sorry little guy. No narrative purpose and placed 6th in the SP. We didn’t even see much of his SP either, had the least camera time out of all of them. He’s too young. There’s no way he’s gonna place above Chris or Leo. The only thing that gives me pause is that he’s the only one who has gotten no backstory whatsoever, so maybe they could be saving that for a later stage, but I doubt it, it’s more likely he gets a bit of character in the FS and out you go.(he can go cheer on Leo tho? Srsly fingers crossed for Leo)

5) Christophe Giacometti. I’d say it’s guaranteed he makes it. For one, he’s been established as a former rival of Victor who’s now acknowledged Yuuri as a rival too. Within the story, he placed 2nd in last year’s GPF and World’s he was Victor’s closest competition. He’s a seasoned skater and he downgraded his quad in the SP to a triple, leaving room to impress us in a future performance. In fact my speculation is that Yuuri will succumb to the pressure in the FS and get beaten by Chris, then Yuuri will have the chance for his revenge at the Final. Anime can always surprise you so there’s no guarantee. But aside from Yuuri, I think he’s the one with the biggest chances.

6) Georgi Popovich. Wildcard? His character design and over-the-top characterization make me dismiss him, but he did really great in the SP, so he might actually have a decent shot at this. Like, narratively he’s toast, but within the story he’s being placed as a dangerous rival, so anything could happen. My bet is that Georgi (and Yakov) will be for Victor what Phichit is for Yuuri in this stage, a chance to overcome the past and prove he’s not fooling around and that coaching Yuuri is totally worth it. I think something will happen with his ex that’ll make him self-destruct in the FS.

As for random guesses at the wind, I think JJ is guaranteed a spot on the sole principle that he was also a medalist last year and he’s voiced by Mamoru Miyano. He already won Skate Canada too. My weird prediction though, after this week’s episode, is that Yurio won’t make the cut. He looked so miserable with his second place in Canada that something must be going horribly wrong with his training. So my current prediction is that he’s gonna self-destruct in Rostelecom and then he’ll come back to his parents Japan to continue the journey of growth and self-realization that began under that waterfall before Onsen on Ice. But these are very random predictions, we’d have to see the other competitors before knowing

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Got any predictions of your own? If you’re not rooting for Leo come here so I can high-five you on the face with a brick. And most importantly have we decided on a ship name for Guang-Hong and Leo?