or maybe dont like it at all

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maybe.... dont be aphobic??? lmao??

mwhy do all y’all phrase shit like this. i’m not aphobic. i dont think there’s anything wrong with being ace, i do think there is too much emphasis on sexual relationships in media and society, and i do think that the feelings behind identifying as ace are, for lack of a better word, valid. but the ace community deliberately ignores and misinterprets LGBT history and thats where i draw the god damned line.

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Idk why people like your art so much. It doesn't look like you put much time into it at all, your lines aren't even neat and your colors and shading don't make any sense. It's not fair that people like you get so many notes and reblogs on their crappy drawings while others put so much time and effort into their work only to get a couple of likes.

new phone, who dis.

nah but in all seriousness, maybe people would like your stuff more if you weren’t a sentient pile of salt that left anon hate. that is, assuming youre projecting and are buttmad that you dont get enough attention. 

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re: music descriptions if you ever have the chance you should take a look at nikolai grozni's 'wunderkind' he has the most beautiful descriptions of music ive ever read in my whole life it almost feels as if i was playing the piano myself and hearing it and i dont play piano and dont know all those songs. its truly incredible

Is that the one about Soviet communism in Eastern Europe? I feel like that’s one where I started reading it and never finished. [There was a book about music that reminded me a lot of TS Eliot’s style of metaphors that took place during that time period; maybe it’s same one?] But anyway, I’ll definitely check it out! Thank you!

is it weird to be wary of aus where it focuses on the skelebros? i mean i love them both but any story that focuses on them just feels like they dont understand the character, like something isnt right, whereas something focusing on p much iterally any other character does a much better job of exploring them, breathing new life, but nothing too outlandish into them. idk, maybe its just due to an overflow of skelebro content, this economy is oversaturdated. not that i want to discourage anyone from aking skeletbro content, no not at all, i just feel like people seem to write character centric aus and stories based on the others much better

hey this post is funny and all but looking at their profile and some drawings theyve posted this is. almost definitely a child, like young child. 

i mean i cant be sure bc theres no age listed and itd be real awkward if not but idk maybe just leave them be or smth

edit: theyre actually 16, leaving this up for context

im still gonna leave them be bc they dont seem versed in this discourse or know what theyre talking about 

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hey if you dont mind “when was the last time you ate?” w/ mercutio maybe??? or anyone else you want to do (also im in lov with all your writing youre so great 10/10)

Benvolio hesitates when he sees Mercutio, and it makes him feel awful. Mercutio is his best friend, they’ve been through so much together, and now that Mercutio needs his best friend Benvolio hesitates? But there is something different about Mercutio now, something that puts Benvolio on edge. It’s been a week since they last saw each other, back when Mercutio had been escorted away by his uncle, and he can’t escape the feeling that something has deeply changed in that time.

Of course something has changed. Mercutio’s brother died.

Benvolio curses at himself and ignores the bad feeling, walking over to where Mercutio silently sits and watches the guests milling through his house. The funeral has just ended, and Benvolio would have thought Mercutio would be surrounded by people. Instead it seems like everyone is avoiding him. Frankly Benvolio can’t blame them.

“Hey,” he says softly as he sits down on the sofa next to Mercutio.

Mercutio only glances at him with empty eyes, then looks away again. He looks pale, haggard somehow even though his appearance is perfectly put together. There are dark circles beneath his eyes and Benvolio wonders if he’s managed to sleep since the incident happened. He wants to reach out and hug his friend, but he thinks of Mercutio’s eyes, shudders, and keeps his hands to himself.

“You don’t, uh, seem too well,” he says instead, lamely, looking down on his hands. “When was the last time you ate? Or slept?”

Mercutio shrugs, a quick, jerking movement. Benvolio wishes that Romeo was there; he is much better at getting to Mercutio when he is in one of his strange moods. But Romeo is sick, couldn’t even get up from his bed when Benvolio left him earlier.

“Isn’t there someone to help you, I don’t know, to deal with- with everything?” Benvolio makes a broad gesture with his arm, then lets it fall to his side. Mercutio isn’t responding to him, isn’t even looking at him, and he doesn’t know what to do or say. He sighs, heavily. “You know Val wouldn’t want you to stop caring about yourself this way.”

“It doesn’t matter what he wanted or not,” comes Mercutio’s voice, so soft that Benvolio first thinks he has misheard. “He’s dead. They killed him. He’s gone, and so it isn’t possible for him to want anything. The dead are dead.”

Benvolio looks around in panic, trying to think of something, anything, to say. From what he knows the investigation into the hit and run is still ongoing, and they don’t have any clue who drove the car that hit Valentine. But the tone of Mercutio’s voice is strange, so devoid of anger or- anything, really. It makes the hair on Benvolio’s neck rise, but he refuses to acknowledge it.

“Maybe,” he says finally, “but there are still people living, people who love you and who don’t want to see you like this.”

Mercutio is silent, unmoving next to Benvolio, then he rises and looks down on Benvolio, and those eyes freezes him to the core. It’s like Mercutio is someone else, someone he doesn’t know, and the way Mercutio tilts his head gives Benvolio the image of a bird considering a bug it’s about to eat.

“Then they shouldn’t watch,” Mercutio says simply and walks away. Benvolio is left behind, sweating and staring at a his back and feeling like he has been told something important, something vital. Something he shouldn’t forget.

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(sorry about my english).. im 100% here for yoongi not being straight but lets not label him ? who knows how he identified. he might be bi,pan, or maybe he dont like label ? maybe even gay ? like you just never know... we all lied in the past about our sexuality to hide it so i dont think we should label something we not sure :) (specialy not straight). anyway sorry about that little rant, really love you blog btw !xox

We are not labeling him as anything dw like honestly most of what I’m saying is joking anyway. I don’t actually know what he identifies as and honestly it doesn’t matter to me. As someone who isn’t straight I’m allowed to joke about someone i love being gay, on my own personal blog with my friends, in a place that would never actually affect him. Trust me that I know the boundary between joking about this here and actually saying it in a place where he can see it (like the youtube comments on bangtan bombs and such). Also I generally don’t like how I’m supposed to assume he might “doesn’t like labels” because this is almost always something that comes from a place of biphobia.


All I wanna be
Is somebody to you

Happy birthday @hchano! I tried to make a short lyric comic with kind of civilian Ladrien (AU?maybe?). I took shots of the video cause i dont know how to fashion ^^’ 

Also i noticed very late that in this video appeared Laura Marano…who sings the English dub of the Miraculous intro song hehe. So like…a funny coincidence there.

Hope you like it!


Took a break from comics to draw my favorite ladies!! I’m not in love with how this turned out, but they can’t all be winners!

I do like how their outfits came out though. I may do more with those sometime.

places where shiro might have disappeared to
  • ceiling tiles of the black lion
  • texas
  • bruh maybe he just wanted to relax. maybe he went to an alien spa. dont judge him let the man relax
  • maybe he just found out he had the ability to turn invisible and wanted to freak the fuck out of his Friends
  • his body merged with zarkon and he finds out he can control zarkons body. cue a very disturbing realization that zarkon is like 2 feet tall and constantly hiding in a giant mech, and sneaks abord the castle. everyone freaks out.
  • alien sephora
  • hes a ghost that only the mice can see, but the mice dont know that shiros dead and just treat him like normal. they constantly mention all the shit shiros doing to get attention to allura but allura just thinks theyre being mean/silly. cue angst
  • no one knows where he went but the black lion can pilot itself now and when they form voltron the other paladins swear that they can see shiro in the cockpit, smiling sadly.
  • the future, freaking out several aged-up paladins by falling and breaking the dinner table. pidge has muscles
  •  yo danny fenton he was just 14,,,,, oh sorry yo takashi shirogane was just 25 when he hecking died
  • hes lost in the depths of space and gets picked up by space pirates, loosing his memory again. several weeks later voltron finds him using tracking with the armor hes wearing and discover the blast had rendered him deaf. the team works around it and makes an impromptu sign language 
  • shiro is found 15 minutes into episode 1, hanging out with the cow lance bought in the air vents.
  • there are several different shiros from different universes running around the castle now. none of them are from this universe. none of them are able to connect with the black lion, but they can stack on each others shoulders and form the Shiro Lion

yeah except we literally dont have to specify neo-nazi because none of us are like “blah blah the 1940ish nazi social party or whatever” like nazi in the context of today means neonazi. theres literally no difference. yall keep pulling up words we never even use? like weve never fuckin said “and richard fucknuts the member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party” lmao like shut the fuck up. you know damn well what nazi means in 2017.

you just want to defend nazism thats what it is. you want to ignore these peoples calls for ethnic cleansing and make up shit that doesnt even exist. People dont have to use neo-nazi to describe the nazis of today, all they have to do is be in 2017 and talk about modern fucking times. if only yall were as concerned with the rise in nazism as you are with semantics you made up maybe more of yall would be stopping fascists from gaining power. just sayin.

yall the same as the folks that wanna call nazis the alt-right. because “thats what they call themselves” yeah cause i really give a shit about what a nazi wants to be called. because i really fucking wanna let them confuse the public and hide the truth of their ideology behind nice suits and new names. shut the fuck up.

tbh u know what i hate: the whole idea that you can’t really be a fan of a celebrity if you call them out on stuff. like, if anything, i think it makes you just as much of a fan as everyone else because you’re recognizing them as a normal, human being who does dumb/shitty things like every other person in the world. & while its DAMN hard to admit that someone you admire isn’t perfect, its super important to be able to humanize them too.


my thoughts are clouded with ‘almost’s and ‘what if’s

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okay I get where people are coming from when theorizing peacock!nino ( with the whole eye pattern thing)but where would the brooch even go? with the turtle miraculous he can just put it on his wrist but with the peacock miraculous it'd just be to obvious if he pinned it to his t-shirt

Hey man I get where you’re coming from, the turtle braclet would be an easy fit but

he could also

clip the brooch

there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t care if it hurts your feelings you don’t care about all the lgbt+, poc, women/fellow women of your countries feelings either, so if you voted trump PLEASE UNFOLLOW ME, just get out of here I don’t want you.

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time