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Cost of Freedom (12/??)

Summary: In which Kaito spends time in solitary, and gets a little surprise. Prison!AU

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The first three days of solitary confinement make Kaito feel as if he’s going insane. The silence and the lack of stimulation leaves him feeling jittery, as if the walls are moving in on him. He moves between feeling overwhelmed by his own emotions, and an emotional flatness where he just feels like there is no hope.

It does not take him long to understand why people label solitary as psychological torture. Not with how quickly it has led to his unravelling, not with how loneliness has gripped into his skin and is pulling him under the water, drowning him.

“I need to calm down,” Kaito says, and he’s not sure why it seems so much more difficult to deal with this time, but solitary is taking the life from him. “It’s not going to be like this for too long.”

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Summary: Sarada and Mitsuki have a moment on one of their missions.

Pairing: MitsuSara

Note: This is my first fanfiction in English. I tried my best to write it but it is possible to have a few mistakes so pls forgive me! ^^ Enjoy reading!


Sarada and Mitsuki both sighed.

They were on a mission without Bolt, who was ill in Konoha. At first, he had wanted to come with them, but they insisted on him staying as they didn’t want his illness to become worse. So with grumpy face Boruto stayed at home along with his mother’s hot soups.

Sarada and Mitsuki decided to stay in a hotel after the sun had started to set. The hotel was low-cost, yeah, but the room was far more awful than they had expected. Everything in the room was looking old and abandoned. The walls were colorless and the room was barely furnished. In the right corner there was a wardrobe made by dark wood. Just by a glance Sarada decided that she wouldn’t put any clothes in there. In the opposite corner there was a very uncomfortable-looking bed made by the same wood as the wardrobe. The sheets over it were grey and ratty. Sarada thought that maybe years ago, they could have been white and clean. Red dirty carpets were covering the floor. There was only one window and the moon was looking at Sarada and Mitsuki through it.

Sarada looked up at Mitsuki. The moonlight was playing with his white-blue hair making it even brighter. His amber eyes were shining under the same effect and his skin had the color of porcelain. He was looking somewhat cold but as his friend, Sarada knew he wasn’t.

Mitsuki was looking at something and Sarada followed his gaze. It turned out to be the bed. The bed? Oh, the bed …

The bed was too small for them both (A/N They are 15-16 years old). Sarada decided that this fact was bothering him so far.

“Mitsuki-kun, don’t worry about that. I can sleep on the floor…” Sarada said, reassurance in her voice.

He gave her a glare.

“Don’t be silly, Sarada-chan,” Mitsuki said calmly. “Look at all the dirt. This room hasn’t been cleaning for ages. Even centuries, I am assuming.”

There was a small pause.

“Besides,” Mitsuki continued. “If any of us is going to sleep there, it is definitely going to be me.”

Sarada gave him the glare back.

“I’m not a spoiled girl, you know.”

“I am very aware of that, Uchiha-san.” Mitsuki stated, smirking at her. If he was looking cold-hearted until then, he wasn’t anymore with that smile on his lips.

Sarada gulped. The “Uchiha-san” he was using had an effect on her and he knew that very well. In a combination with the smile…Jeez. Mitsuki seemed to notice her reaction so she quickly tried to gloss over the things.

“Look,” she started slowly. “We are on a mission. Sometimes we have to do things which in normal circumstances are going to be a little bit strange.”

Unexpectedly, Mitsuki was looking offended.

“No, no!’’ Sarada started again. “I’m not saying anything bad about you, your personality or appearance. They are all great.” She panicked. “I mean-“

“Sarada-chan, just close your mouth. It will be safer.” Mitsuki said and he couldn’t hide the giggle from her ears.

Sarada relaxed and smiled thankfully.

After a few minutes, she was lying on the bed, the grey sheets covering her. The bed smelled of mold and it wasn’t comfortable indeed but she didn’t mind at all. Mitsuki had found an old mattress in the wardrobe and he was lying on his back on the floor, near her. The moon was still shining brightly over him and Sarada couldn’t help but think how beautiful and mysterious he was looking under it. It felt like he and the moon had some kind of a deal, a secret, in which she wasn’t involved.

There was a silence but it wasn’t an awkward one.

Suddenly, Mitsuki stared at her.

“Are you not going to sleep? It gets pretty late and we have a work to do tomorrow. Your Sharingan is useful only when your eyes are open, am I right?” Mitsuki said jokingly.

Sarada didn’t feel like sleeping. She was feeling somehow guilty about the fact that she was on the bed and he - on the dirty floor. There wasn’t a huge difference, she bet, but still.

“Mitsuki-kun, I don’t feel well when I see you there, on that mattress. You can come up here.”

“It was my choice to sleep down here and you up there.” Mitsuki said.

“Yeah, I know. But what’s the reason?” Sarada asked. She had started to think that he didn’t like to be near her and this made her feel annoyed and sad. And she didn’t know exactly why.

Mitsuki paused for a moment, looking away from her. Then, after the moment had passed, he met his eyes with hers once again.

“It’s because you’re the princess.”

This caught her off guard. She was sure her eyes had widened. Did she hear right? She, a princess, THE princess? Sarada stared at him but he was looking completely serious with his eyes lazily laid on her. She felt the heat on her cheeks and quickly turned over to face the colorless wall.

Then she heard a yawn and a murmur.

“And because I’m sure your old man wouldn’t have approved.”

The room filled with laughter and after that - a smile and the moon appreciating it were only left.


Headcanon: coffee

I can’t sleep due to the throbbing pain in my foot so have some more mchanzo ramblings.

To Jesse’s surprise, Hanzo likes his coffee sweet and milky – a little coffee with his milk and sugar, Jesse calls it. He’d always expected Hanzo to be the type to drink it black and bitter, so thick you almost had to eat it with a spoon. But he sure does love his sweet drinks – a chai, a mocha, maybe even a dirty chai. If he has a flat white he’ll put at least three spoonfuls of sugar in it to counteract the bitterness. It’s quite endearing, and Jesse learns to love the sweetness of Hanzo’s kisses after they’ve been out for coffee.

Jesse, on the other hand, has terribly unrefined taste in coffee. He drinks instant when they’re on the base – the horrible cheap stuff provided in bulk tins that live in the kitchen for those who can’t be bothered figuring out the coffee machine. Oh sure, he’ll have a long black if he and Hanzo are in an actual coffee shop, but he’s not picky.

Hanzo despises the cheap instant stuff, mostly because it gives Jesse the worst breath in the world. Jesse isn’t allowed anywhere near Hanzo after he’s had his morning coffee, not until he’s brushed his teeth twice and used plenty of mouthwash.

The mystery behind Tom’s {stinking} outfit

What could possibly go wrong?           

I. Maybe it’s the “Yamala” song…

II. Maybe it’s the “white boxers-farting” laugh of Dirty Sister G and the Kaulitz twins {who creepingly laugh the same way btw}…

III. Or it might be the smell of Tom’s ripping t-shirt {can someone finally do us a favour and tear it down?} or Torg’s intimate close encounter?

WARNING !!!! ——> loads of cuddling in the episode ! Don’t watch if you have any heart problems!


IV. Friendly reminder that Bill always smells good and Gustav shakes his farts out  


  • VIP ACTION - everyone’s getting naked!

Things to do just because you should do them. even if its selfish or vain in small amounts of ways. Do it because its fun. Do these things so you’re a grown up who hasn’t fully grown up. or do them because they are completely ridiculous in the sense that no one seems to do it anymore. 

Take photos of yourself: set up a self timer and post that selfie. No one can tell you what you can and can’t post on instagram tumblr or facebook. If they get sick of it so what? Do your cheesiest or most stunning model and post them. doesn’t matter what people think it matters that when you get older you can look back and laugh at your poses or you can get a couple compliments maybe not everyone’s born to be a model but you can pretend to be.

Tan nude: There is no reason for you to fear your body. One summer dedicate it to no tan lines or very limited ones. Wear a thong and put band aids on your boobs. Go in your back yard. Feel your heart race for displaying only that of what you were born with. and question why.

Write a fan letter: gush to your celebrity crush or your hero how much you adore them how much they mean to you in your life. Write it to your cute neighbor write it to a celebrity super star fashion model. People always enjoy letters and always love knowing people will take the time to tell them they are loved. Maybe they will write back.

Wear a crazy color lipstick: wear it on a date a first date to school. don’t tell anyone why. And if they ask just shrug. Because it doesn’t matter. Do it for you do it for change do it in the winter for color and do it in the spring to welcome the color back. Do it any day of any month of any year. Because when you’re a kid you play with makeup when you’re a teen you forget you can wear it and when you’re an adult you feel like you are to old to wear it.

Write a song: maybe the tune is all funky maybe you don’t know how to play an instrument. Pluck a ukulele at least and write down the notes. Behold your masterpiece play it for everyone.

Write a short story: maybe it is a kids book maybe it is deep post it somewhere for anyone to read and no matter how bad or good it is do leave it be.

Go to a restaurant and order something messy. Eat it as messy as it is.

Play in the mud when it rains: don’t fear dirt or getting dirty. Maybe even as a bonus round put on your white clothes and sit in the puddle sin the rain.

Sneak out: don’t go to a party. Don’t hang with a boy/girl go alone go to a beach or a scenic place early in the morning. And watch. Go down town and watch people. Watch your town come to life. Go home. Sleep. (Proceed with caution if you live in a sketch area maybe this isn’t the best)

Camp somewhere in your town. Or a close town: wake up early enough to realize sunsets are beautiful everywhere. Realize your town has new things for you to do even if you feel like you’ve done it all. do it with your friends on a beach in a park. Do it. enjoy the beauty you forget is there. Force yourself up. admire the orange.

Accept your greatness: I know this one seems like the craziest of all. But its not. When someone tells you, you are good do not be humble accept that you are that way. Say thank you and tell them how long you’ve been doing whatever you’re great at. Don’t fear talent. Fear the talent of not knowing how to accept you have one.

forever yours