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So last week I was in math class right with this guy I hate. He's misogynistic and he sucks. I didn't think I could dislike any more than I already did. I was wrong. I was talking about civil war with my friend and this boy stands up and says "Tony Stark is to blame for everything, he's the worst character in the MCU and he's killed so many people. He never even apologized."

ahhh, well my friend, I have to deal with two boys a little like that too. one of them is a creep, and one of them is an anti.

for the creep, I have a firmly established rule that he is not to come within touching distance of me. if he breaks that rule, then I kick him up the ass.
he does not tend to break that rule. I do not hold back, and I tend to look murderous af when at school, so I feel he may be slightly terrified of me.
good. that is what we want.

for the anti, it tends to be at lunch when he says his shit. or at least, the one time he dared to in front of me.
he… may have been stabbed with a plastic fork. very lightly. but he did not say anything again.

summary: in most cases, solve your conflict in a professional, adult way. in rare cases, if the subject is being a creep/ a persistent asshole- impale them.

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Tord, take your arm off please duuuuude. Maybe it will make Tom laugh? Idk lol

Tord: eh… *takes off arm*

Tom: *squeaks* !! u-um… Is YouR Arm SupPoSed tO Do tHAT?!-

Tord: *laughs* yeah.

Tom: oh…. *starts asking like, billions of questions*

Tord: i regret this-

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ethan you have a really nice singing voice! would you ever consider doing music stuff?

Aw thanks! eh, maybe at some point, but I dont think I’m all that great of a singer so it probably wont happen :P Just not mah thang!

Seokjin-ah, congratulations on graduating! In the future, I hope the paths you choose only bring you luck~^^

I just saw Bang Si-hyuk PD-nim’s tweet. So sweet!

RFA Valentines Week Day 3! (time for God Seven™) 

(let’s just get to it) 

707′s Pokemon Team: 

  • Umbreon: Again, not an official starter god dammit gary oak. He evolved his Eevee into it because 
    • 1) it helps him on missions
    • 2) they match
  • Porygon2: From V (along with Unknown’s Porygon). He doesn’t intend to evolve it further. 
  • Plusle: He met it (along with Unknown’s Minun) when they were young. 
  • Luxray: Supplied by the agency Seven works for. That doesn’t stop him from bonding with it. 
    • The fact that it’s basically a giant cat helped. (even if he gets shocked a lot) 
  • Zoroark: His prank buddy. Used to belong to V (as a Zorua) 
  • Zygarde: Seven traveled to Alola on an agency mission and managed to sneak some Zygarde Cells out of the cube. (Which is why it’s only in its 10% Forme)
    • The moment Sina and Dexio described the process of collecting Zygarde Cells and Cores he was like “oh my god its a lot like collecting data” 

(Seven keeps his Pokemon in Beast Balls because he had some extras from the UB mission. His agency wasn’t too happy about it, but at least he didn’t hack them on. Also, they’re cool.) 


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Baby Too Soon │ Part 3

I’m sorry it took a while to update. This was originally just a one-shot, but I guess it wanted it to be more. Anyways, I hope you enjoy. 

Word Count: 4.153

Part 1 Part 2 

It’s been weeks since my parents find out by pregnancy. They won’t look at me for more than five seconds at a time, so I’ve been spending majority of my nights at Lucas’ house, and I’m relieved by how supportive his parents are. Mrs. Friar has gone with us to some doctor’s appointment making her happiness known, and Mr. Friar has been making plans about how his and Lucas are going to decorate for the baby. Both make me feel like I’m at home, but I’m not.  

The night we told our parents, Lucas and I talked for hours about everything that happened. How I didn’t know about his parents knowing, but he didn’t want to pressure me into telling my parents before I was ready. He questioned me about changing the plans we had set for college. He was mad, but after explaining he understood. It really didn’t make sense. We didn’t both have to be behind. We made a promise that we wouldn’t keep anything from each other, and every decision will be made together.

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