or maybe all of italy

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If you could take a vacation with your choice of the S or M brothers, which would it be, and where would you go?

Mukami bros because they aren’t as menacing, and I dunno I’ve always wanted to go to Denmark or Italy maybe Sweden or Canada… All around the world would be nice 😗

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If Hima could personify lakes that would be amazing!! ♡♡

Oh my, forests too? Do you think Hima would ever personify an Italian forest (Well, national park really), like Belluno Dolomites? (≧∇≦*) Since we all know much he loves Italy, right?

Or maybe Schwarzwald in Germany?

I keep seeing posts about how modern versions of, say, ancient Greek literature needs to be really modern, imagine the Greek heroes in various modern urban US settings, imagine them as xyz, we need to all be able to relate to our traditional literature

but have u considered

modern Greek heroes




I know doing the tumblr equivalent of a subtweet isn’t the best but I don’t want to stir up shit knowing this website - but I’ve seen yet another post by a Sicilian-American claiming Sicilians are considered something “other” than mainland Italians citing the long standing Arab rule of Sicily in the Middle Ages other than the influx of various other people/ethnicities who invaded or traded with Sicily. And I’m always super puzzled at this kind of thing because this otherizing of Sicily as “not Italian” is something I’ve never heard of in Italy, not even by staunch Northern League supporters (if anything they see Sicilians/Southern Italians as “too Italian” in a way; it’s complicated). Like really, if there is an oddball island that is seen as doing its own thing culturally and historically it’s Sardinia, not Sicily. And even then, it doesn’t happen in the terms I see some tumblrites apply to Sicily.

But the point is… pretty much all of Italy has been invaded by or has traded with half of the world through the centuries. It’s one of the reasons why we have such distinctively different regional cultures and languages (or vernaculars, though personally I tend to ascribe to the notion that they are more like dialects of vulgar Latin than of standard Italian which is more of a recent construct - anyway: if people from my neighboring regions speak their vernacular I can’t fucking understand a word, and vice versa I guess. It’s that different - multiply that for 20 regions). There is no such thing as a definite “Italian” ethnicity. Even something like an Italian identity is kind of volatile. Again: it’s complicated.

(I have a map under the cut for those who are interested)

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i. i hope you don’t miss me too much. i don’t want you to ever forget about me, but i hope you don’t regret leaving me so much that it makes you sad, more or less. i hope your beautiful mind wanders to me sometimes and sweet thoughts happen here and there, but i hope you don’t miss me too much like i have missed you. let me tell you, that missing is an aching i wish upon no one. you don’t deserve it even if i maybe did.

ii. i hope your new/old city is good enough for you. i hope it has everything this city couldn’t give to you. i hope you don’t long for something more than what you have. i hope your new city understands you and values you.

iii. i hope you get to do all the things you ever wanted to. i hope you get to travel all over europe. maybe paint in italy and walk those streets you love so dearly in spain. i want you to achieve all your wishes and dreams for the rest of your life, i truly do. i hope you made new friends, maybe a new lover. i hope they give you everything that i couldn’t give you.

iv. i hope you keep your glow. i hope you still dance randomly, laugh out loud at silly little jokes and smile at everyone with the same magic as you used to. i hope you don’t forget your spark, your inspiration, your soul, your goals or your reasons to keep going. i hope you keep  that glow that everyone loved so much.

v. i hope you still talk to them. give them presents, hug them, love them and understand them. just because you cut me off, i hope you still keep in contact with them. they have not done anything to not have you in their lives. i hope they don’t dislike you, i hope they still love you they way i do.

vi. i hope that you sometimes regret the way you left me. i hope you realize somewhere in the middle of your proud, that you did wrong. i hope you wonder what could have been if you stayed. why you did what you did and what was going through your mind when you did it. i hope you miss me hard.

—  t.j. // Letter to her

I remember in 2011 I had the urge to start an askblog about nyotalia girls as magical girls (madoka style) but I didnt have the patience or the time to do so I never did. I did find my skecthbook with their designs tho, so I redrew them! Here’s the axis girls. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯