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Not Voyager or DS9 relate but I really hope Discovery is dark and gritty and actually lives up to some potential something we didn't get from Previous Trek shows. If it does I just may give it a chance.

This isn’t DS9 / VOY in specific, but I still want to address this, because I have some passionate feelings about it.

It sounds like you want A Song of Ice and Star Trek, but that would be as incorrect an approach to the series as it would be if HBO made Game of Thrones without the betrayals, blood, pointless cruelty, and injustice. One of the reasons for the tone of that franchise is because George R. R. Martin is trying to knock down the rose-colored view of medieval times in fantasy. Likewise, one of the reasons for the tone of Star Trek is to oppose the relentless pessimism you find in science fiction.

There are a lot of shows and films with a dark, gritty tone about the future. Half the trailers you see in theaters now are for a world taken over by an oppressive regime, or a world in flames because of what we did to it, or a world in flames and under an oppressive regime, in which kindness and morality are as rare as diamonds and fleeting as desert frost. This is not to say that they are bad, just if you want gritty sci-fi, there is no lacking for options. Star Trek sets itself apart from these stories. Instead of assuming that we will continue being the worst of ourselves, Star Trek dares to propose that we can be the best of ourselves–that we can embrace curiosity, compassion, and knowlege, rather than fear and prejudice and greed. It says that the future can be different if we work for it. It speaks to people who are marginalized and shut out and different and says that they have the right to strive and dream. It speaks to people who are not and says “be better.”

The name of the new ship and the new series is Discovery. Does that sound gritty to you? Doesn’t sound like it to me, and I would be severely disappointed if they went along with the general trend and made a grimdark series.

Here are some things about Star Trek if you believe it has failed to live up to “some potential something,” and maybe you will think twice about giving it a chance.

  • When NASA decided they needed to recruit a more diverse corps of astronauts, they turned to the cast of the Original Series. Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman in space, points to Nichelle Nichols’ Uhura as her inspiration. (Jemison later guest-starred in an episode of TNG, and Star Trek has never stopped inspiring the kids who grow up to be astronauts.)
  • Janeway was the first female captain to lead the show, but there was also B'Elanna, the first female chief engineer who was part of the main cast. Both characters were not only intellectually brilliant but often took the lead when it came time to fight dudes who were between them and the Alpha Quadrant.
  • In the height of the Cold War and its paranoia, Star Trek put a Russian character front and center on the bridge, and that’s why you have fans creating beautiful designs for uniforms with hijabs today.
  • Avery Brooks signed onto Deep Space 9 because he wanted to portray a loving, supportive relationship between a black father and son. He even got them to change the ending of the series over it.
  • Patrick Stewart insisted on not flinching away from the brutal, dehumanizing portrayal of torture in “Chain of Command,” and the writers consulted Amnesty International to make it as harsh and realistic as possible.
  • Aron Eisenberg (Nog) got numerous calls from veterans praising his portrayal of PTSD.
  • And then there is this confession. It is far and away the most liked and reblogged confession on the blog.

I would say that is potential realized.

Star Trek doesn’t just inspire, though. Star Trek confronts. From the very beginning it has held up a mirror to society, and through either allegory or visits to “history” – in other words, the present – calls us out. “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” with the black-and-white cookie people has their leader shocked that anyone could fail to see the ‘obvious’ point that his counterpart is inferior becuase of his coloration (black… on the left side) and pointedly has diverse actors in the foreground and background, something which they had to fight for. The whole of the Bajoran Occupation arc is about the hideous toll of colonialism and facism. Janeway confronts the question of euthanasia with Quinn, Enterprise has an AIDS allegory, Picard deals with demagogues and religious fantaticism and Kirk advocates respect for life even if it is not as we know it. Deep Space 9 warns of a time when we might shut away the homeless in internment camps not from malice but apathy.

Has Star Trek failed to live up to potential? Oh, you bet. There’s no excuse for the fact that it’s taken until 2016 to have an openly gay character. It has sometimes stood tiptoe on the line of something important and then drawn back. It’s tried to be a future without sexism but also wouldn’t let Mariana Sirtis and Gates McFadden use swords in the Robin Hood episode even though they’re the only ones who actually knew stage fencing. The “cultural expert” on Chakotay turned out to be a white guy who got all his information from Hollywood westerns, a real-life version of the “Apache Tracker” from Night Vale. The times when it does not love up, in other words, is when its bright future is hampered by present-day prejudice… not when it declines to be “gritty.”

Now it’s true that alongside this you have Janeway turning into a lizard and “NO MORE BLAH-BLAHS” and Miles O'Brien versus the shaving cream monster. And quite frankly, those are also an essential part of Star Trek, and I’m pretty sure there are episodes of everyone’s favorite dark and gritty franchises which are relentlessly dumb.

But if you think the point of Star Trek is just the visuals, just the space travel, just the fun of watching Shakespearian actors fling themselves over their leather seats as the camera shakes… you have missed the point of it. It has never been about just what’s on the screen.

Oh my god. Best episode of Star Trek deep space nine, and maybe all of Star Trek: "Duet"

It’s about a forced labor mining camp where women are raped in front of their children, men are beaten to death, old people are buried alive…it’s honestly very very very dark for Star Trek or a show in general…anyway…

A war criminal who supposedly ran the camps is in holding with a disease he contracted while at the camps.

One of the protagonists, Kira Nerys, is a member of the species that was brutalized.

She’s of course furious and hates him.

and at first he pretends he’s not a criminal. He pretends he’s a file clerk.

But then he admits he is.

He mocks her. He brags about killing men and women and children.

She wants to kill him.

But then she learns that he underwent surgery to make himself look like the war criminal.

Because he was actually a file clerk.

He was so wracked with guilt over the awful things he saw that he felt like he had to give their people closure.

He made himself seem like a monster because he felt his entire species needed to be punished, that HE, the “war criminal” needed to be punished, even if it was only him in the actual clerk’s place..

Im sorry.

This is my favorite episode and I have a lot of favorite Star Trek episodes seriously.

The performances were so great and the subject matter was so fucking dark?

Star Trek always dances around on goofy premises where good always prevails but here….it was just dark.

It was good people being unable to stop bad things from happening and accepting that that made them complicit.

It was a good man tormented by the sins of his fellows, who had no power and no sadistic inclinations.

He wanted to give an oppressed people the satisfaction of killing a war criminal responsible for genocide.

I love this episode and I remember almost every line of dialogue because I WATCHED AN EPISODE ABOU GENOCIDE, WAR CRIMES, FORCED LABOR, MURDER, TORTURE, AND RAPE….when I was eleven.

It fucked me up and I had never seen such a gorgeously written episode.

Or such an awful…lovely story.

Writer goals right there.

Awful. The worst.

I never forgot it.

It’s the kind of story that never leaves you.

In “Doctor Bashir, I presume?” Julian says he was taken to Adigeon Prime just before his seventh birthday. Then he says: “Over the course of the next two months, my genetic structure was manipulated to accelerate the growth of neuronal networks in my cerebral cortex, and a whole new Julian Bashir was born.” He thinks he was born when they finished the DNA resequencing.

In “Distant Voices” we can see that he’s not too happy that his 30th birthday is coming. We are given an explanation - the passage of time, the end of youth. But maybe.. maybe he doesn’t think it really is his birthday? The DNA resequencing surely wasn’t finished exactly on the day he turned seven. So maybe he thinks his real birthday is on some other date? Maybe he thinks it’s a birthday of little Jules who was killed? Maybe he’s not grumpy just about his 30th birthday, but about all his birthdays in general? Because he thinks they are fake, because they remind him of what he manages to forget on normal days: that he is not from nature.

my brand-new sickness/whump blog!

Hello ‘dere! I’m evie, and i’ve finally made a sideblog for this stuff - i actually only recently discovered that there’s a whole community of people on here who love sickfics and whump too! 10/10 v relieved, i thought i was the only one haha

anyway, please do message me any prompts of ficlets for me to write, or just general ideas or scenarios and stuff you want to share! i would honestly love that so much

here are some of the main fandoms i’m in, and the characters i like to whump:

  • voltron (lance)
  • yuri on ice (yurio, victor or maybe jj)
  • the infernal devices (will)
  • guardians of the galaxy (peter quill)
  • check please (chowder)
  • star trek aos (jim)
  • hamilton (i think jefferson atm?)

so yeah, feel free to send me prompts, or just come talk to me about stuff!

Oh, and real quick, i just wanna mention some of my favourite sickfic/whump blogs that have inspired me to make my own: @ya-nurse, @taylor-tut, @beloved-whumpage, @ithadtobesneezing, and @whumpdump!! honestly all these blogs are 10/10 perf and i would honestly bake them cookies if i had any idea how to bake

anyway yeah, thank you for reading, and i hope you enjoy!

I pretty much just wrote a massive post that was like an essay about my personal life, and I put it into draft purgatory because… it’s personal, and these days I don’t really talk about my personal life publicly online any more!

I’ll sum up the gist of it though because I did have a point to it: Even if I don’t like Discovery for whatever reason, there aren’t words for how ECSTATIC I am that a NEW Star Trek TV show has been MADE and IS AVAILABLE TO ME in my lifetime. I don’t know if others felt this, or maybe it’s because I’m in the UK and not the US, but I distinctly remember the 2000s feeling like Star Trek was well and truly dead forever. Sci-fi was SO unpopular at the time, general public hated Trek. I thought I would never ever see another Trek tv show ever. EVER.

I was too young to see TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT as they were airing. By the time I started being exposed to them (via reruns of the same episodes of TNG and VOY), Trek was “gone”. The franchise looked dead forever.

The fact that a new TV show HAS ACTUALLY HAPPENED AND WILL BE AIRING VERY SOON is beyond incredible. I want it to be amazing, but even if it isn’t, I’m just delighted that it exists. I sincerely hope it leads to more.

So I reached this follower goal

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Can you please write like a fluff fic where Julian goes to Garak's shop (like after Garak's first episode) to buy a few skirts or sundresses or whatev bc he's Genderqueer/NB. Garak is all nice because in the Trek world Trans is pretty common place. The whole thing is like "just another day making a customer look great!" thing. None of it is sexual/fetishized or the "~shy uwu precious soft trans boys!" like i get online, or humiliating/disphoric/transphobic, like I get at home. 1/2 - Val

2/2 I don’t think you’d write anything fetishizing/transphobic, I just see a lot of it online. It’s either kinky-docile-submissive sissyb*ys, or it’s folks emasculating trans-masc bc Masc is Bad. Soft Shy Fem trans boys only!“ Both are transphobic and gross. The humiliating-dysphoric shame is at home. I talk to mom about Trans, it’s she’s hearing I killed her daughter, started wearing her skin, and expect her to keep going on like normal. In her head she’s still waiting for the prodigal daugther

-hugs so much-

Of course I can!

I hope you’re able to find people in your life that will fully accept you for who you are. <3 And I hope this little story brings something positive to your life, even if it’s only for a moment.

I wasn’t sure what pronouns to use for Julian because you asked for Julian to be Genderqueer/NB, so I went with they/them pronouns and referring to Julian as “the doctor” where it made sense to. I had to edit out some unconscious he/him pronouns for Julian. If there are others that I missed, please let me know.

I went way out of order for this one, but I didn’t want to write something heavy today but I still wanted to get something out.

Another Order

The door opening broke Garak out of his work-induced trance. He glanced up from the black and greens of the Andorian fabric and caught the gaze of Doctor Bashir, who’s gentle smile brought a familiar warmth that carried like a modest Cardassian wind. In the doctor’s hand was a Federation PADD. Garak offered a smile of his own.

“I wasn’t aware we had arrangements today,” Garak said.

“We don’t. I want to place an order.” Julian stopped near the counter.

“Another one of your holosuite costumes?”

“Not this time. I’d actually like to get something casual I can wear around the station.”

“Did you have something in mind?”

Julian pushed the PADD towards Garak with it’s usual enthusiastic flare. Garak took it and looked upon the screen. There were a few pictures to cycle through. All of the pieces were dresses - knee length, sleeveless ones with just an edge of play curling against the seams. Reds and oranges were painted across all of them. The necklines were all the same too. They were angled, with points near the arms that offered a square appearance. Garak frowned.

“Charming pieces,” Garak said, “But may I ask you a question, Doctor?”

“Of course.”

“How attached are you to the choice of neckline?”

Garak glanced up. Julian’s smile turned into a small frown. The doctor’s brows creased together in a familiar press. A puzzlement. Garak placed the PADD aside and picked his own up off the work station. He flicked through several images.

“The square neckline that you’ve chosen gives the piece a more sophisticated feel. If you are aiming for a casual look, as you insisted, there are better options, especially with the colors you’ve chosen.” Garak stopped on a different neckline, voided the colors of the dress, and turned the PADD to Julian. He showed the doctor a rounded neckline closer to the neck with a sleeveless design. “A jewel neckline.”

“You don’t think it’s too conservative?” Julian asked. Garak turned the PADD around again and backed through a few options.

“If you wish to show more skin, there are options for that as well,” Garak answered. He chose a wider opening, one that would still cover the dear doctor’s collarbone but showed some shoulder, then turned it for Julian to see. “A bateau, perhaps. It is not quite as casual that the jewel neckline, but it does showcase your shoulders more.”

“What about an off-the-shoulder neckline?” Julian asked. Garak turned the PADD around, flicked to one such option, and turned it back to the good doctor.

“They are designed to be more sophisticated, but with the right print and accessories, I believe such a neckline could be made for a casual dress.” Garak saw the enthusiasm wash back over Julian’s face. He turned the PADD around once more. “One more neckline for you consideration, Doctor.”

Garak flicked through the options. He stopped on a neckline with a sheer piece. Under the collarbone, the fabric was changed to a solid, to cover what skin the good doctor would have over his chest, over his heart, and anything below it. He turned the PADD. “This is an illusion neckline. You will not have any sleeve fabric you have will be sheer, so you can showcase as much of your shoulders and collarbones as you wish. These are usually intended for formal events, but I believe I can make you a casual dress with such a neckline.”

“Could we use the same colors as the other dresses?”

“Yes, I believe so.” Garak placed the PADD on the counter and moved to the design portion. He input Julian’s sizing into a program, which he saved for such occasions, and picked a knee-length option. The cut itself looking quite suitable, though a little too formal. He spoke as he changed the pleating of the skirt, the waistline, the cut of the solid neckline. “Such necklines are better for dresses of a solid color. But a thin belt would break up the bold color nicely but still provide you with the casual appearance you’re looking for.”

Garak applied a rich red - one without patterns - a changed the top to a sheer red of the same shade.

“It’s pretty,” Julian said. Something hung on the doctor’s words. Garak looked over at them. Despite the compliment, a frown reemerged.

“You don’t sound convinced, Doctor.”

“No, I am, it’s pretty, it’s just… the color looks weird the model’s skin.”

“You are quite tan, my dear. May I suggest a pink, perhaps?” Garak switched the color palette to a gentle pink. Julian hummed. Garak continued to change the hues slowly, silently.

“Stop.” Garak paused at a light pink, a near while. “A little pinker.” Garak edged the scale. “There. That. I love that.”

“It’s not quite the look you came in here with, Doctor.”

“That’s okay. I like this more.”

“Excellent. Shall I make this order for you?”

“Please!” Julian’s enthusiasm made Garak smile. He saved the image and transposed the dress size information to his order list.

“I’ll begin your order a week from today. Would you like to order another piece as well, something more suiting to what you came in with, or would you rather wait for this order to be completed first before deciding on another?”

“I’ll wait. Who knows, maybe Chief O’Brien and I will have other holosuite costumes to order. Thanks, Garak. And see you for lunch tomorrow?”

“Yes, see you tomorrow.”

Julian grinned and nearly skipped out the door. Garak could feel the doctor’s positive energy resonate in his shop for hours after they left.

Adventuresinchemistry's Guide to Making Meaningful Connections with Professors (because let's face it you're going to need a letter of rec/reference at some point)

People always say to talk to your professors, but if you’re an introvert who has problems talking to authority figures like me, this can be difficult to do. So here’s a handy step-by-step guide for making connections with professors, because you’re gonna need three letters of rec for grad school, and you only have one research mentor…

1. Identify a class that you enjoy with a professor who you like (preferably in your department/field that you want to be in)

  • It’s not necessary that you like the class but it should be someone that you can see yourself chatting with, even if you don’t like the class

2. Either talk to them before or after class or send them an email to the effect of “I like your class and I am interested in learning more about [X], would you be willing to sit down with me and talk about it some time.”

  • [X] can be anything related to the class/field/their specific research interests. It can be technical if that’s your thing or just learning more about the field, either should work. 
  • A variant of this is “I am interesting in going to grad school/working in this area and I was wondering if you could tell me more about what that might entail.”
  • You can also skip this step and just go to office hours, although depending on the class this might not work because of the popularity/structure of office hours.

3. If they say yes (which is fairly likely because professors are people too and they love nothing more than talking about their interests/field and also mentoring students. And I’m convinced that half of them are bored during under utilized office hours anyways and like a break from their other work) go ahead and set up a meeting!

  • Setting up a meeting might just be stopping by during posted office hours, but do whatever works best for you

4. When you meet with them, they’ll probably tell you some stuff and then ask you about your plans for the future, what your interests are, and other general stuff like that. Maybe you’ll talk about class, maybe you’ll end up having a thirty minute conversation about bikes, but regardless, you have just successfully made a meaningful connection with a professor, who now knows you and what your interests are and you can talk to later about stuff like grad/professional school/industry jobs, finding a research position/mentor, what classes to take, getting a letter of recommendation, star trek, how you can never make the queer science lunches because their either conflict with your class schedule or are on the St. Paul campus, whatever really.

Basically, professors like it when you talk to them about stuff and once you do, they will remember you and they’ll become a great resource for you. Just have a conversation with them (which I know can be difficult; it took me the better part of three years to figure this out), and presto, you have someone to ask for a letter of rec or a reference. This can be really helpful if, like me, you have a majority of large lecture classes, where it can be hard to make a connection with a professor just from being in class.

So go forth! Talk to your professors! They’re probably not as scary as they want you to think they are (probably). Feel free to add anything that has worked for you!

Thoughts on “Original” Art

I think it’s pretty safe to say that whether you’re a writer or a cartoonist or you make movies or, hell, you’re a chef: you’ve had concerns at one point or another about your work not being “original” or “interesting” enough. It’s a thought that always seems to linger in the back of my mind, and many of my content creator friends have brought this concern up at some point or another. I know as well as any of you that it can be a paralyzing fear - that your work won’t be “revolutionary” enough to compete with others’ “masterpieces”, so why bother?

But what people (including myself, sometimes) seem to forget, especially when it comes to their own art, is that while yes - on some level - you’re competing with the world, on many levels you’re not. It’s so easy to compare your work to something else and to say “well this piece shares so many qualities with my work and they do it so much better, so why would anyone look at my work?” 

But take a moment to think about your favorite TV shows, books, artists, etc … Are they often alike? Do they share themes? Do you even care? When we genuinely enjoy something we often find ourselves seeking other, similar works while we wait for more content about/from our original interest, or when another “series” comes to an end. While we may pick up a book - for example - initially because it reminds us of something else we love, very rarely do we ever get through that book still thinking “this was exactly like [blank]”. And while yes there are those out there that prefer Star Wars over Star Trek or Pokemon over Digimon, there are plenty of fans that love both, for different reasons. 

And on that note … it’s also important to mention that while most people have “Favorites”, and it’s true that some interests can fade with time, in General people do not have a set limit for how many different stories, characters, dishes, patterns, etc. that they’re capable of loving. Maybe some time will pass and they’ll stop thinking about one as much as others, but years later they may still come across something that reminds them of one of their favorite series and chances are their first thought won’t be “wow I guess I don’t care much about [blank] anymore”, it’ll be something more along the lines of “wow! I miss [blank]” or “I still love [blank] so much!” 

My point is that we as content creators really need to realize that we’re not all always in competition with one-another. We can be a team, and we can make Art™ about whatever the Hell we want. We don’t always have to feel threatened by our content’s similarities with someone else’s content. We don’t have to worry about how detailed our work is compared to something from the 1800s that’s NOTHING BUT symbolism. People are capable of loving both complex and simplistic art equally. Don’t make art for imaginary people with imaginary interests. YOU’RE a person with REAL interests. If YOU genuinely enjoy what you’ve made I guarantee there are people out there that will love your work as much as you do.

Don’t let fear control you. Art is Passion, and that’s all it needs to be. The most important thing to remember is to let yourself stay passionate about your art.

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Sometimes I think about what DeForest Kelley said as he lay dying, that he wished he could have made just one more Star Trek movie with his friends.  Then I think about IDIC and how Star Trek never negated the possibility of parallel universes; in fact, the franchise wholeheartedly embraced the concept from the very beginning.  So I’m comforted by the thought (and maybe De was too?) that somewhere, in another universe, a version of him did get to make that final movie.  Maybe that De lived long enough to play McCoy alongside Nimoy’s Spock in the first Reboot movie.

So I’m rewatching DS9 and thinking about the universal translator and words in general. My basic thought pattern went like this:

-Since I am an English speaking human, that’s the language I hear, but that doesn’t mean those are the words being used.

-the word “humanoid” for example

-I hear human like, but they probably said Trill like, or Vulcan like, or Klingon….

-No, no species is equal enough in Klingon minds to be Klingon like

-maybe sub-Klingon, or not-as-good-as-Klingon, or Un-Klingon, or…..

-maybe Klingons would use humanoid after all.


Leonard Nimoy, Actor, Director, and ‘Star Trek’ Icon, Dies at 83

Am Not Spock proclaimed the title of Leonard Nimoy’s 1975 autobiography, in which the veteran actor tried to distinguish himself from his most iconic role, as Star Trek’s emotionless half-human, half-Vulcan science officer. Twenty years later, he published a follow-up entitled, I Am Spock, in which the actor-director warmly embraced his pointy-eared alter ego. Like it or not, Nimoy — who passed away on Feb. 27 at the age of 83 from end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease — was Spock to generations of sci-fi fans, so much so that when J.J. Abrams rebooted the franchise in the 2009 blockbuster, Nimoy was the one original cast member he made sure to bring back.

Even though the role defined his career for those of us watching him at home and in theaters, Spock was only one small part of Nimoy’s overall life. An actor from childhood, the Boston-born Nimoy worked steadily on television before and after Star Trek, appearing on such disparate shows as Sea Hunt, Gunsmoke, Mission: Impossible and In Search Of…, a five-season series that explored the mysteries of the paranormal. In the '80s, he became an established film director, overseeing back-to-back big-screen Star Trek installments (The Search for Spock and The Voyage Home) followed by the 1987 hit, Three Men and a Baby.

Nimoy parlayed his eye for the camera into a respected career as a photographer, snapping pictures that hung in galleries and were collected in books like The Full Body Project — a collection for which he shot nude photos of plus-sized and obese women. “The first time I had photographed a person of that size and shape, it was scary,” he remarked in a 2007 NPR interview. “I didn’t know quite how to treat this figure. And I think that’s a reflection of something that’s prevalent in our culture. I think, in general, we are sort of conditioned to see a different body type as acceptable and maybe look away when the other body type arrives. It led me to a new consciousness about the fact that so many people live in body types that are not the type that’s being sold by fashion models.”

That’s the kind of eminently logical argument that Spock would make and speaks to how being involved in a progressive, socially-conscious series like Star Trek must have helped shape Nimoy’s worldview going forward. One of the reasons the franchise has endured is that it imagines a future Earth free of prejudice and strife. Through his life and work on-screen and off, Nimoy sought to make that world of tomorrow possible today.

**** Note **** If you ever have been to the Mugar Omni Theater at the Museum of Science in Boston /Cambridge- the first name you hear in the introduction is Leonard Nimoy / Spock

Live Long and Prosper

Yay. Got them all, finally. You’d be surprised how few places stock Pop! Vinyl figures in Australia. EB, Zing, and Toys R Us are about it, unless you go online, and with these ones being bobble-heads, I don’t really trust the mail service with them. As it is, the Snowtrooper has a slight tilt to his head, although I think that adds to his character. I wish they would do General Hux though.

Now, to continue on with the OT Star Wars line. I also get the DC Heros and Batman ones, and Doctor Who, and Fallout. I will probably also get the Skyrim/Elder Scrolls Online ones too. And maybe the Star Trek ones. What to get the Monty Python and the Holy Grail ones, if I ever see them anywhere.

dilithiumcrystal  asked:

I'm making this an ask so you can publish it if you want!! What did you think of beyond? I know you're not the biggest aos fan so I'm interested to hear your input :)

(sorry it took me forever to answer this lmaoooo)

but yes, everyone who knows me knows i was never that big fan of aos for obvious reasons.. .. . like i even wrote a 12 page movie review of into darkness just bashing it for a creative writing class i had so. .. .  yes i never liked aos

but this movie

i am just at a loss of words. .. . this movie was a breath of fresh air. It cleared my skin, made me financially stable, my anxiety and depression are gone. this movie cured me

so here is my very basic list of reasons why i love this movie:

  1. The focus on the crew and everyone’s personality. I feel like the past two movies were so focused on jim jim jim but in beyond they finally reach into the main character’s personalities and you get to really see how similar they are to their tos counterparts
  2. they handled the passing of leonard/spock prime very well. i was nervous about this, we all were, but i feel like the way they went about it was perfect
  3. it wasn’t all about the action. yes, there was action, but it wasn’t overwhelming! scenes were separated very well!
  4. there were so many tos references, both subtle and not so subtle and they all were perfect! i obviously wont go into detail because spoilers but i literally couldn’t stop cracking up sometimes because it was so cute! like the references weren’t SO extra that you were like “eeeeeh ok ok enough” like they actually mixed well and made my heart swell up
  5. the plot was actually pretty good so that’s always a plus lmao
  6. literally everything i loved practically everything about this movie

i only had maybe 2 things that i didn’t like much about it and it was 1) i wish they explained more about the weapon thing and 2) even when they did try and “explain” how it worked through demonstration, it was pretty unnecessary the way they did it

but i’m gonna be honest and say it was one of my favorite star trek movies in general like it’s up there with like the voyage home because it is just very sweet

i love this movie as if it were my very own child and we all have truly been #blessed like thank you @god for this movie