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m’gann m’orzz appreciation week: day 5 → favourite relationship

M’gann looks at Maggie. It’s the first time Maggie’s really had the chance to observe her so close outside the dim light of the bar, and she looks so terribly weary. “I’ve been fighting for more than three hundred years,” M’gann says. “Maybe…” She sighs, looking down at her lap again. “Maybe it’s about time I stopped.”


In a voice so quiet Maggie can barely hear her, she says, “I keep surviving and I don’t know why.”

Maggie sighs. She doesn’t get it, not really. She hadn’t run thousands of miles across the stars; she hadn’t watched millions of bodies burning. But she had endured her parents’ rejection, their betrayal. She had endured eighteen years in a town that despised everything that she was, and she had eventually got out; cracked but not broken, and strong, strong, strong enough to persevere even when the rest of the world wasn’t as perfect as she had envisioned it to be. Maggie had survived where not everyone in her same situation had. It hadn’t always been pretty, she hadn’t always been kind, but, somehow, she’s here still. And, despite everything, M’gann is too.

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when canon does not furnish you with enough knowledge of your faves

CONS: you have read and analyzed every sparse frame that contains the slightest hint of your fave at least one hundred times, maybe more. your fave’s wiki page is possibly a black hole that sucks in and mercilessly destroys all knowledge. you have stayed up 3 weeks in a row poring over the amount of content you have, which is just enough to fill a thimble if you squint and look away, to prop up your increasingly unhinged conspiracy theory-esque headcanons

PROS: there is no way to prove that you are wrong, so everyone who disagrees can suck your dick

Diana’s Daily Lines - “Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone” (Book 9)

#DailyLines #GoTELLTheBEESThatIAmGONE #Book9 #BackwoodsEtiquette #noitsnotfinished #nowherenear#butitsgoingfine #dontworry

My breath steamed white in the dimness of the smoke-shed. No fire had been lit in here for over a month, and the air smelt of bitter ash and the tang of old blood.

“How much do you think this thing weighs?” Brianna put both hands on the shoulder of the enormous black and white hog lying on the crude table by the back wall and leaned her own weight experimentally against it. The shoulder moved slightly—rigor had long since passed, despite the cold weather—but the hog itself didn’t budge an inch.

“At a guess, it originally weighed somewhat more than your father. Maybe three hundred pounds on the hoof?” Jamie had bled and gralloched the hog when he killed it; that had probably lightened his load by a hundred pounds or so, but it was still a lot of meat. A pleasant thought for the winter’s food, but a daunting prospect at the moment.

I unrolled the pocketed cloth in which I kept my larger surgical tools; this was no job for an ordinary kitchen knife.

“What do you think about the intestines?” I asked. “Usable, do you think?”

She wrinkled her nose, considering. Jamie hadn’t been able to carry much beyond the carcass itself—and in fact had dragged that—but had thoughtfully salvaged twenty or thirty pounds of intestine. He’d roughly stripped the contents, but two days in a canvas pack hadn’t improved the condition of the uncleaned entrails, not savory to start with. I’d looked at them dubiously, but put them to soak overnight in a tub of salt water, on the off chance that the tissue hadn’t broken down too far to prevent their use as sausage casing.

“I don’t know, Mama,” Bree said reluctantly. “I think they’re pretty far gone. But we might save some of it.”

“If we can’t, we can’t.” I pulled out the largest of my amputation saws and checked the teeth. “We can make square sausage, after all.” Cased sausage was much easier to preserve; once properly smoked, they’d last indefinitely. Sausage patties were fine, but took more careful handling, and had to be packed into wooden casks or boxes in layers of lard for keeping…we hadn’t any casks, but–

“Lard!” I exclaimed, looking up. “Bloody hell–I’d forgotten all about that. We don’t have a kettle, bar the kitchen cauldron, and we can’t use that.” Rendering lard took several days, and the kitchen cauldron supplied at least half our cooked food, to say nothing of hot water.

“Can we borrow one?” Bree glanced toward the door, where a flicker of movement showed. “Jem, is that you?”

“No, it’s me, auntie.” Germain stuck his head in, sniffing cautiously. “Mandy wanted to visit Rachel’s _petit bonbon_, and _Grand-pere _ said she could go if Jem or me would take her. We threw bones and he lost.”

“Oh. Fine, then. Will you go up to the kitchen and fetch the bag of salt from Grannie’s surgery?”

“There isn’t any,” I said, grasping the pig by one ear and setting the saw in the crease of the neck. “There wasn’t much, and we used all but a handful soaking the intestines. We’ll need to borrow that, too.”

I dragged the saw through the first cut, and was pleased to find that while the fascia between skin and muscle had begun to give way—the skin slipped a little with rough handling—the underlying flesh was still firm.

“I tell you what, Bree,” I said, bearing down on the saw as I felt the teeth bite between the neck bones, “it’s going to take a bit of time before I’ve got this skinned and jointed. Why don’t you call round and see which lady might lend us her rendering kettle for a couple of days, and a half-pound of salt to be going on with?”

“Right,” Bree said, seizing the opportunity with obvious relief. “What should I offer her? One of the hams?”

“Oh, no, auntie,” said Germain, quite shocked. “That’s much too much for the lend of a kettle! And ye shouldna offer anyway,” he added, small fair brows drawing together in a frown. “Ye dinna bargain a favor. She’ll ken ye’ll give her what’s right.”

She gave him a look, half questioning, half amused, then glanced at me. I nodded.

“I see I’ve been gone too long,” she said lightly, and giving Germain a pat on the head, vanished on her errand

All the spirits, all the places!

So I said these would not be 101 posts. I lied. At least about this one.

Why? Because people who start working with spirits need to know at least a few basics, or bad things will happen. Not just can happen, but will happen. Even if somebody has years - decades - of experience working with spirits, bad things can happen.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few things you should know.

  1. One spirit usually brings more. Really. A lot more. Dozens. Maybe hundreds. Not all of them are talkative, not all of them want to work with people, not all of them will interact. In fact, there’s a good chance that you won’t even notice they’re there unless you specifically ask.

  2. Being polite counts. Just like dealing with people, animals, or anything else. Spirits are conscious things. They have desires and feelings. They can be hurt. They can retaliate. They can be supportive. They can be a number of things, depending on your personal relationship with them.

    Much like a friendship or relationship with a human, something that is close enough for both parties to be comfortable with insults and rudeness as a form of affection takes time to build. Depending on the background of the spirit involved, it can take years, even decades. If you think the relationship is worth it, be patient.

  3. Having rules is a necessity. Set your boundaries, set your rules, set the consequences, make them clear, and stick to it. No deviance. 

  4. Be understanding, and patient, but firm. It has been my personal experience that many spirits honestly don’t understand how modern society works. They don’t understand modern interpersonal relationships, what is considered to be acceptable or unacceptable behavior, and have little to no concept of privacy or personal space. These are completely foreign concepts to them. Like an immigrant to another country who is making the effort to fit in, they often want to be taught, but need consistency.

    Other spirits do not understand, don’t want to understand, and actually thrive on causing chaos and trouble in a person’s life. Sometimes they understand perfectly and just don’t care. Sometimes they understand, know the rules, and break them just to be rebellious little turds. Stick by those rules anyway - and keep to the consequences.

  5. Use your resources. There are also spirits who understand modern society perfectly, and absolutely adore it. There are a couple of these types that stay with me as companions and often help to enforce the rules. Be aware that having relationships with these spirits can work well for you - but also be aware that many spirits keep score, and may ask something of you in return.

  6. Work out the details first. For those of you who watch Supernatural, you may remember this little tidbit:

    For those of you who don’t, that’s the demon Crowley and one of his contracts. Most spirits have them - written, verbal, or mental - and will generally stick to them. They may not literally be contracts, more like codes of conduct (complete with reciprocation procedures - I scare the neighbor’s chihuahua off of the lawn, and you keep shiny pennies in a jar), but it’s important to read the fine print.

    This is actually where a lot of people get in trouble. You have to be exceptionally clear about the details when working with spirits. If you’re not, bad things can happen.

  7. Double check your facts. When working with a spirit, make sure it is who they say it is. Spirits are like people. Some of them are honest to a fault. Others lie, cheat, and steal. They are manipulators. Double check your facts and be wary of traps.

Essentially, working with spirits is a lot like working with people… but not.

They are different. There are differences in the “rules” to follow. But as a general blanket thing, treat them like you would new people in your life that come from a different culture. Be sensitive to their triggers and needs. It can lead to interesting relationships.

Can i just say, any fic out there that has Victor taking a sleeping Yuuri’s glasses and putting them in his coat pocket or carry on or anything when theyre on a plane together so they dont get ruined automatically wins my heart. Thats the most sappy romantic shit to exist and i /love/ it

Speaking of ponds!

So you guys remember that chicken that the previous tenants abandoned at this house I’ve been helping my folks fix up?

Apparently someone traded me these goldfish for her.

I’d been feeding her and I saw her every time I was there but I kept debating about what to do with her. Wasn’t sure it was a good idea to introduce her to my two Nuggets since they are both about three time as big as her so I kept putting off bringing her home. She had a coop to get into and plenty of fresh water and food so she was doing well there. Even snuck into the house and laid an egg one day, haha.

The folks that left her also had a piss-poor excuse for a fish pond dug in the backyard that was full of tadpoles and minnows. We need to drain it because it’s ugly and a hazard so the most awesome @valkyrietears came over a week or two ago and helped me net all of the minnows and tadpoles out of it. There were hundreds of these tiny minnows, maybe more! Anywhere from a couple inches long to less than a quarter of an inch long. So I brought them all home and let them go in the pond out in my horse pasture where they’ve been thriving.

Hadn’t had a chance to drain that pond yet but it was totally empty of critters…

…until this weekend when suddenly at least four nice-sized goldfish appeared in it.

And my little chicken disappeared.

Apparently one of the neighbors around there traded me some goldfish for a chicken. Not sure how I feel about that trade. :/

Caught all the goldfish and brought them home today. That’s them going into my pond (where the rescued minnows, tadpoles, and the newts from my last post live!) in the above video. That red and white one was super pretty! There may still be one in the pond at the house but I ran out of time to catch him today.

Who knows what’ll be in there next time I go back, haha.


The first installment of my vinyl shares coming your way. Aesop Rock’s Impossible Kid Double LP (Neon Green & Hot Pink). Fucking amazing album for fans of the remarkably unique. The guy is the culmination of centuries of storytelling and the evolution of Hip-Hop. I’m not blowing smoke up unguarded asses here when I say that he is the absolute greatest lyricist every to script words over a beat. Granted, there are different aspects of “great”. Some (emo kids and delicate damsels) may take “great” to mean how an artist’s words “move” them. Okay. Roll with that. lol But that can’t be measured other than in volume, as in, “how many people the song has moved”, which isn’t a fair scale because of marketing. Duh. But I’m talking about unique talent. Originality. Complexity. Design. Creativity in the art of writing. Take it from a writer. This fucking guy is a freak genius. His lyrics are extraordinary. SO extraordinary that they leapfrog over most peoples’ perceptions. He won’t get the credit he actually deserves for a few hundreds years. Maybe more. But art schools and collage-course Creative Writing classes in the far future will be dissecting this guy’s words like they do Shakespeare’s now. They are that fucking amazing. And unlike most of his earlier albums, this one comes with the lyrics and it’s more decipherable in general. I don’t want to say dumbed-down, but maybe just more “clearly stated”. One of his most obvious critiques is that nobody can understand what the fuck he’s talking about (shocker lol). This one still needs to be studied to fully appreciate, but you can pick up a lot more from it just by casually listening than you could with his past works. 

The next two albums are Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic together as Hail Mary Mallon. Great albums for sure. The two make for a team unlike any that Hip-Hop has ever known. The vinyl is undoubtedly my two favorite pieces. The picture disc is some beastly fucking dark art (The album is called Beastiary. See what I…. nvm…that’s getting old), and the green marble has hand-etched art on side D. Just fucking beautifully artistic shit that compliments they’re style of unique Hip-Hop. 

Some favorite tracks on the 4 discs for you to get introduced to would be Aesop Rock’s Dorks and Mystery Fish, and Mallon’s Kiln and Garfield. -cc

"Study Break" (Sam Drake x Reader)

A/N: I wrote this tiny drabble for you @spookyscarypirateskeletons even though you told me not to 😜 I regret nothing 😆

Warnings: slight nsfw mentions

Tagging: @bizarre-mimo

Honestly why you ever thought going back to College would be a good idea was beyond you. The teachers were a nightmare and the workload was almost unbearable. I mean you did leave things until the last minute but hey, who doesn’t? The only thing getting you through all of the late nights and early mornings was your amazing boyfriend Sam Drake.

He always made sure that you ate properly and were getting at least a few hours sleep each night. He was of course your stress reliever too, in more ways than one. It wasn’t uncommon for him to give you a massage to calm you down.

As of right now you had a particularly long project to finish and time was not on your side. Sam was currently out so you were left to your own devices for a while. Fast forward three hours and the only thing you had to show for your efforts was a pretty crappy introduction.

Groaning you decided to call it a night, slamming your laptop closed with a few choice words. A few minutes later and you heard the familiar sound of the key in the lock. Great, Sam was home. Maybe he could keep you motivated to do more than a few hundred words.

“Saaaaam, help me please” you called out to him, sounding like a whining two year old.

“What’s wrong princess?” You could practically hear the smirk in his voice as he came and stood in the doorway to your shared bedroom.

Looking up from where you were planted face down on the bed you replied with an incoherent grunt. That was obviously enough for Sam to decipher what had you so exhausted.

“How’s the work going baby girl, nearly finished?”

“Umm no but I did manage to lose the will to live” you sarcastically stated.

“Well if you’re interested I have a few ideas for relieving some of that stress” he mused coyly while nearing the bed where you were now sitting upright, obviously interested in what he was proposing.

“Oh yeah, and what would they be?”

“Lie down and let me show you.”

The Summer (1/33)

The Summer (1/33) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight. Warnings at the beginning of each chapter | 300,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 8,456 Words

For reference, @phansdick is Dan, @insanityplaysfics is Phil.

(AO3) (Masterlist)

Warnings: Bullying, homophobia, sexuality denial

A/N: Hey guys! @insanityplaysfics and I have been working on this beauty for about two months now and it’s turned into a giant mess of 300k words! How the actual heck were we even able to write this much in such a short amount of time? I don’t know but I sure do love this, and I love Eliza so much. Anyways, our posting dates are on every Wednesdays and Saturdays! The chapters all start around 8k words but gradually go up in word count as the story unfolds. Title creds: The Summer by Citizen. Hope you enjoy the story because we sure did!

Chapter One

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i would honestly sell my soul for chicken saddlebag pets.. i want filip sunfield to say something like “these hens keep escaping and i think its because they want to get out there and go on an adventure. why dont you take some with you” or maybe  more in character with their behavior for just hundreds of chickens to appear in my home stable one day

Splinters of my soul - Chapter 8: Happiness is not always to be punished


“It’ll be okay,” he reassured him with a smile.

“Is that your psychic abilities or just you trying to convince me?” Nonetheless, he loosened his stance, his arms uncrossing.

“A little bit of both?” He carefully approached, mindful of not stepping on anything, and took his hands.

“Trust me, I’ve done this hundreds of times,” Merrill said, cheerful. “Well, maybe not hundreds, more like a few dozens, but still, many times, and nothing wrong ever happened. Except that time with Marethari, but it was an accident, I swear I didn’t mean to set her on fire.”

“You set someone on fire while trying to get rid of a demon?”

“I wasn’t the only one to blame, to be honest.”

“That’s… not very reassuring, Merrill.”

“Spare us of your experiences for the near future, if you please, or until I’m gone,” Morrigan added with an annoyed voice.

Cullen visibly thought the same thing. Merrill opened her mouth, but closed it at the look Dorian sent her.

Don’t you die on me!

requested prompt?: yes

Prompt: 37.“Don’t you dare die on me!” 38.“You’re out of your damn mind.” 40.“I’ll keep you safe.” with Jason

word count: 320

A/n: keeping these under 500 words!

warnings: mention of blood, killing (none is done) bullet wond?

tagging: @ti0261

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