or maybe a fiona apple song

anonymous asked:

ok maybe that fiona apple question was a bit loaded! but if you had to choose 1/2 songs off each album which ones would you?

I don’t know why you’re insisting on torturing me like this but I’ll try
Tidal: Sleep to Dream, Slow Like Honey
When the Pawn…: A Mistake, Fast As You Can
Extraordinary Machine: Extraordinary Machine, Not About Love
The Idler Wheel: Daredevil, Regret
this hurt me and I hope that you’re happy

I want to be able to hold a woman. I want to be able to touch every inch of a woman’s body in a beautiful manner and to make her laugh as I kiss her from her breasts to her inner thighs. I want to have the type of intimacy with a woman that they write love stories about. I want to be able to dance with a woman in the middle of the kitchen, while we’re both wearing dirty t-shirts and not-so-cute underwear. I want to be able to go on a trip with her and sing-a-long to Fiona Apple songs with her. I want to hold and kiss her hand. I want to run through the rain with her, hand in hand. I want to be able to meet her parents and for her to be able to meet my parents. I want to be able to have a love story with her and maybe one day our love story will inspire others to take a leap of faith and fall in love. 🌹