or maybe a brisk jog

Okay FUNNY ASS story with one of my Online Clients for Personal Training.

So I have him on a personalized Weight loss routine to get leaned up and so I tell him to pick a cardio of his choice. 3 days out the week. So he messaged me saying “I just got off work but I dont know what type of cardio to do”. So I jokingly say since he’s been talking to this girl. “you can jog, or brisk walk or hey maybe call that girl you been spending so much time with to get some cardio with a friend ” and I dont think much of it but 30 minutes later I get a message of him saying this 

“Lol yo bro i got the booty call. I told her my fitness trainer recommended it. Thank you for being a wing man, without even trying lol”

HAHA that confidence has skyrocketed with his improved physique so far hahahahaha