or mayb a different one for his different stages of appearance

AI theory

Just a theory I’ve been thinking about involving the AI.

I think that the AI fragments might represent different stages in the director’s life. The reason I started thinking about this was because for some reason Theta is portrayed as a child. So I was wondering if maybe under the armor the other fragments might appear to be at different ages. That’s what spawned this theory.

In order:

Before Allison: Theta and Delta

During Allison: Eta and Iota

After Allison: Omega, Gamma, Sigma.

And then Epsilon as the last one, for a reason I’ll explain when I get to him.

Theta is the Director’s childhood. Trust. 

He’s young, exuberant, joyful, and loves to learn and be useful. He wants a pet dog, and he likes to ride his skateboard. He’s also a prodigy. His ability to calculate difficult formulas and solve problems is far above other children. He trust everyone like a child would, without restraint.

Delta is the Director’s teenage years. Logic. 

He’s at a stage in his life where he cares more about Logic than being frivolous or excessive. He’s in one of the best colleges money can buy, and he’s in the top of his class, with a GPA to match. He doesn’t feel like he needs emotions, all he cares about are facts and evidence.

Eta is when the Director meets Allison. I believe that Eta is the AI of love. 

He meets Allison and falls in love. They get married, and they have a child together.

Iota is after Carolina’s birth, when Allison left. I believe that Iota is the AI of fear. 

Allison leaves to fight in the war. The Director is constantly afraid that Allison will die, that he’ll never see her again. He tries to stop her from going, but she doesn’t listen. “Don’t worry, you’ll see me again”.

(The reason I feel this way is because Eta is orange, according to the RT periodic table, and Iota is blue. Warm colour vs cold colour, good emotion vs bad emotion. I chose Love and fear because they came at the same time and from the same person, which is why they were twins. They also have a feeling of connection. Love, and the fear of losing the one you love. They tie in pretty well.)

Omega is the Director after Allison dies. Anger. 

He’s approaching middle age, and he’s angry at the world, at Allison for dying, at the army for letting her die, at the war for being the reason she was fighting. He has nowhere to direct his anger, so he takes it out on everything around him.

Gamma is the director when he’s Middle aged. Deceit. 

He becomes the Director of project freelancer. He gathers agents and carefully deceives them in order to test them, and turn them against each other. He incites South’s anger and envy, he feeds Carolina’s jealousy and her need for perfection. And this is when he gets the Alpha AI, and, as a result, the Beta AI. He doesn’t tell Beta what she really is.

Sigma is when the director has begun to grow older. Ambition. 

He tortures the Alpha AI in order to split him in to fragments. He needs to bring her back. He needs to do it RIGHT this time. He doesn’t care what he has to do to get what he wants, and he doesn’t care who gets hurt along the way. He manipulates his agents in order to use them as experiments, trying to get the best results, the best data. He uses a Huragok to drive Alpha to insanity, each AI less stable than the last. He doesn’t care, because if he tries just one. More. Time. Maybe this once, he’ll finally succeed.

Epsilon is a bit different because the stage of the Director’s life I believe he represents is actually the Alpha. This is why Epsilon is the only AI to be an exact copy of Alpha instead of a personality or a trait.

The Alpha is a copy of the Director. Epsilon is a copy of the Alpha. Memory. 

Epsilon is created when the Alpha finally snaps and is the last fragment. Alpha breaks off what is left of him in order to protect himself from the horror of what has been done to him. Epsilon remembers the Director’s life, and what happened to him up until that point, but he sees it from an outside perspective. He struggles to learn from the Director’s mistakes, because he remembers what the Director did. It’s like what Carolina said, “You’re past doesn’t define who you are, it’s just the starting point for who you’re going to be.” Epsilon uses the Director’s memories as a reminder, and they’re the “base” for who he’s trying to be. He lets go, he moves on, and he becomes determined to be “better” than the Director. It’s his duty to remember what the Director did, and make up for it.

So to summarize:

Theta: Childhood

Delta: Teen years.

Eta: Young adult, when he meets Allison.

Iota: Adult, When Allison leaves to fight in the war.

Omega: Approaching middle age, when Allison dies.

Gamma: Middle age, when he starts Project Freelancer and gains the Alpha AI.

Sigma: Approaching old age, when he is attempting to bring Allison back using the fragmentation process.

Epsilon: Alpha.

Idk, I was thinking about it and it felt like it followed some sort of pattern. Most specifically Theta and Sigma felt like two ends of a scale regarding the director, and the others fell in line pretty conveniently.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Unless proven otherwise this is my headcanon about the fragments.