or man it applies to them too

Don't Label Jin in BTS with Female Pronouns or Automatically Associate Him with Namjoon

Please, don’t call/or imply that Jin is a mom/wife/parent/princess etc.; claim indirectly that Namjin is the only Jinship; or automatically associate Jin with Namjoon as a default, because of these reasons:
1. Misrepresentation of Jin’s personality: BigHit restricted Jin’s personality because they wanted him to have a certain image as being cool, calm and collected until around 2016, when BigHit finally allowed Jin to act like himself. As you can see in recent videos, Jin is much more playful, outgoing, childish and loud. However, the label of mom still remains despite the fact that he doesn’t exhibit the stereotypical traits of a mom anymore. Cooking and taking care of the members does not automatically make him a mother. This is why I don’t want him to be called mom/wife/princess anymore, because you’re misrepresenting who he actually is. All the members say Jin ist the most childish.
2. “But the other members call Jin mom, and Jin has called himself it as well”: Yes, I acknowledge that this has happened; however, J-Hope and Jimin has also been labeled as moms. J-Hope especially have been referred to as the mother-figure much more frequently than Jin. Both J-Hope and Jimin have done actions that can be perceived as stereotypical mom-traits. Why does the label only stick to Jin? Plus they’re calling him uncle now.
3. The appropriate context: If you’re going to label someone as mom, at least it should be in a context where the member actually acts in a way that is stereotypically considered motherly. Instead often what happens is that Jin is labeled as a mother/wife no matter how unlike a stereotypical mother/wife he actually acts.
4. Double standards and hypocrisy: For example, Jin has nearly kissed Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook but this is still considered a son-mom-moment, with comments like “Mommy Jin, what are you doing trying to kissing your son?”, “Cute mom-and-son bonding moment” or “Stop cheating on Namjoon.” This limits our perception of Jin’s relationships, because they are all reduced to son-mom-moments. If near-kiss-moments had been between any of the other members than Jin, the interactions would not have been interpreted as a mom-and-son-moment. But just because it’s Jin, his interactions are judged differently. In other words, there is a double standard on how Jin is treated compared to other members. It is hypocritical that Jin is judged differently.
5. Limiting the way we perceive Jin’s relationships: It also limits the type of relationships Jin is allowed to have, both romantically and brotherly. The mom/wife label is indirectly forced on people like me, when people continue to comment things like mom/wife. When people comment that Jin is “cheating on Namjoon” or “Mom Jin and dad Namjoon taking care of the kids”, people implicitly make it clear that Jin can only be shipped with Namjoon (even if it’s just a joke), and when people, even if they don’t bring in Namjoon, call Jin mom they are indirectly reinforcing the ship and the role Jin has.
6. Shipping: Worse is when Namjoon or mom jokes are used to promote their ship. Saying that Jin is “cheating on Namjoon” or imply in any way that Namjoon or Jin are in an actual relationship, dismisses Jin’s other relationships with the other members. and implicitly reinforce that Jin can not be shipped with anyone than Namjoon. This often happens when people don’t want Jin to be shipped with anyone else than Namjoon, so they make “jokes” and misgenders him because they don’t want Jin to be shipped with anyone else then Namjoon.
7. Indirectly/Implicitly preventing shipping: Saying things like “You can’t ship mom and son, that’s incest” and “Everyone already knows that Namjoon and Jin is married”, is a dismissive gesture, that is implicitly preventing people from interpreting Jin’s relationships in another way than mom-and-son. People hide behind this “joke”, to prevent Jin from being shipped, brotherly or romantically etc., with anyone else than Namjoon.
8. Stereotyping of Moms: “A stereotype is a preconceived notion about a group of people.” By calling Jin mom/wife, people are indirectly implying that making food and taking care of the members, is how a mom should/and is acting.
9. “But it’s a compliment”: Maybe people mean it as one, but it’s still problematic to perpetuate a stigma about moms, and implicitly about gender roles.
10. Gender roles and heteronormativity: By stereotyping Jin as the mother and Rap Monster as the father, people are implying that there needs to be a “submissive” and “dominant” in the relationship, often in relation with “femininity” (female) and “masculinity” (male). Instead of just being a relationship with two men, people are indirectly strengthening the perception that there needs to be someone traditionally feminine (female) and someone traditionally masculine (male). Even though I don’t believe anyone is intentionally intending to be homophobic or sexist, this is still a case of unintentional and internalized sexism and homophobia, that stigmatize and generalize people. This is heteronormativity.
11. Misgendering: About the princess/mom/wife label, Jin once corrected a fan when she called him princess, he wanted to be called prince. This can be applied to the mom/wife label too.
12. “But we know that he is a man, it’s just a joke”: Jokes can be problematic and harmful, and as I mentioned before, it still misrepresents Jin’s personality, stereotypes him and limits how we view his interactions with other members.
13. “It’s still a joke. Calm down. If you don’t like the comments, just ignore them.”: People are entitled to their opinion, but don’t tell us not react or tell us it’s just a joke, because we understand that it’s just a joke, but we don’t find it funny. Stop trivializing our feelings, perspectives and experiences and blame us for implicitly for being “too sensitive” and “not being able to take a joke” when so many people do not like that Jin is called mom/wife/princess etc. Our feelings should be acknowledged. We should not be marginalized and overlooked, and we need to speak up, because if we don’t, people will continue to call Jin mom/wife/princess. Stop misrepresenting Jin’s personality; stereotyping him; being hypocritical about how you chose to interpret Jin’s relationships/personality as mom/wife/princess when you wouldn’t have done the same with another member; and limiting how we view Jin’s interactions and relationship with the members.

Side note: English is not my first language, so I’m sorry if I didn’t articulate myself well enough. I made a post about this before, but this one is much more organized, and I added several points.

They weren't perfect

Lily Evans didn’t like how pale her skin was. Every pimple, rash, dark circle or bruise looked hundred times worse on her skin and she couldn’t stand the sun. Instead of having a beautiful tan like Mary she turned red as a lobster as soon as she stayed in the sun a few minutes. She once got a sunburn… In January. She regularly used a lot of foundation to cover every redness on her face. Blush was her best friend.

Mary Macdonald didn’t like how thin she was. When she looked in a mirror she couldn’t help but stare at her bones. She could easily count her ribs without even tucking her belly. She looked fragile and delicate like if someone could crash her into pieces without problem. She once tried to double her food portions in hope to win some fat, but it only gave her a few pimples.

Alice Longbottom didn’t like her body. She took weight too easily. When she went to the restaurant and ate too much or when she was stressed her clothes wouldn’t fit her anymore. Her stomach wasn’t flat and she had more curves than the average girl. She once tried a diet which allowed her to only eat green things, but it never worked so she tried that one instead who said to only eat raw things. It didn’t work either.

Dorcas Meadows didn’t like her muscled arms. Sure she was proud of them, she had earn them by working hard and it was a must being a beater. However, girls talked. Some said it looked ugly. Some said it made her look like a man. Her crush once turned her off and told his friends he’d never go out with a girl who had more muscles than him. She was proud of them, but no matter how much she said she didn’t care about those comments she couldn’t help letting them under her skin.

Marlene Mckinnon didn’t like her face. Her lashes were non-existent. Her nose was too large for her face. Her mouth wasn’t big enough. She had acne on her forehead. She thought she looked ugly without makeup so every morning she took an hour only to apply some. No matter what, she never went out without makeup. Even her dorm friends had rarely seen her without it.

Remus Lupin didn’t like his scars. They were all across his body and no matter what anyone said, disgusting. Some were bright red, some had pus. He never took out his shirt in public. He couldn’t stand people’s face when they saw how ugly his skin was. Every time he saw his scars it reminded him of who he was and he hated that.

Sirius Black didn’t mind his appearance. He knew he was good looking and that wasn’t being arrogant it was simply a fact. He used his looks multiple times to get what he wanted or to get away with something. However, that didn’t mean he liked everything about himself. His family made him feel like if he’d never be worth or loved by anyone.

Peter Pettigrew didn’t like being average. That’s how he thought of himself. He wasn’t as handsome as Sirius or as charismatic as James. He wasn’t really ugly neither. He was just average. The kind of boy girls don’t pay attention to because there’s nothing interesting to see. He was just plain, normal, boring average and he hated it.

James Potter didn’t give a fuck about any of those things. At least that’s what he said, but actually he didn’t take criticism well. When someone made him a reproach or insulted him he couldn’t help but take it personal. He thought about it over and over again, trying to convince himself that person was wrong, but a little voice inside his head would never shut up. It kept telling him it was all true.

They were all insecure about something. They weren’t perfect.

anonymous asked:

If someone has an 'enhanced metabolism' that processes drugs faster, is it easier or harder for them to overdose? Wouldn't they uptake more of a drug quicker, therefor making it more dangerous? I see this a lot with Captain America and Spider-man and such, where the dose of various medicines will be raised and I'm not sure that makes sense?

…oooooh you sure have opened a can of pharmacokinetic worms here….

Simply put, whether the drug never reaches therapeutic blood levels, or exceeds them, depends on 1) how the character’s metabolism works, and 2) what kind of drug they ingested (skip to the bolded part at the end of the post to get the tl;dr).

When you take a drug, the following happens (this process is sometimes denoted as “ADME” or “LADME”:

  1. The drug must separate from the vehicle that brought it into the body (for example, a pill must disintegrate in the stomach, releasing the drug, or an IM or IV drug must separate from its solution): Liberation
  2. The drug must be absorbed into the bloodstream (for a pill this would mean getting absorbed through the lining of the stomach or intestine, for IM injections this means getting absorbed by blood vessels running through the muscle where the drug is): Absorption
  3. The drug must be deposited from the bloodstream into a location where it can be used: Distribution
  4. The drug must be metabolized (broken down or changed by a biologic process, creating different chemicals called metabolites): Metabolism
  5. The drug metabolites must be excreted from the body: Elimination

The first end of this process is largely driven by regular old chemistry. A pill has to dissolve to release the drug, and assuming that these characters have similar stomach/small intestine environments, this is not going to be different for them.

Absorption is mostly driven by a concentration gradient (substances like to be at the same concentration across membranes, so if there’s more drug in the small intestine than there is in the blood around the small intestine, the drug gets absorbed into the blood as the concentrations try to equalize), so this too is probably not going to be all that different. Even distribution is (mostly) driven by that concentration gradient, so, again, this process wouldn’t necessarily be any different from that of a normal human.

Now, the latter half of this process is a lot more dependent on a person’s specific physiology. When we talk about metabolism, we’re talking about how the body changes ingested chemicals into something excrete-able. For many drugs, this change involves enzymes in the liver.

About 6 different liver enzymes are responsible for the metabolism of about 90% of drugs. Each different enzyme is responsible for the breakdown of a different group of drugs.

Some people have genetic mutations that cause more or less of an enzyme to be produced. People who make more of an enzyme metabolize that group of drugs faster, while people who make less of them metabolize those drugs more slowly.

Through certain genetic tests, real life people can be designated one of the following for any given group of drugs:

  • Ultrarapid Metabolizers have the genetic wiring to produce way, way more copies of an enzyme than the typical person, and metabolize the corresponding drugs very, very quickly
  • Extentive Metabolizers produce more copies of the enzyme than most people
  • Intermediate Metabolizers produce an average number of copies
  • Poor Metabolizers produce significantly fewer copies than average, leaving them unable to metabolize the drugs normally

Now, remember how I said it also has to do with what kind of drug it is? There are two different kinds of drugs I’m talking about: Active Drugs and Prodrugs. Active drugs are able to be used by the body as-is. Prodrugs only have an effect once they’ve been metabolized by the body into a different substance.

Say someone is an ultrarapid metabolizer of an active drug. They take the drug, it gets absorbed and distributed like normal, but they rapidly metabolize it into inactive substances and excrete it. This person would either get no effect from a typical dose, or only a very slight one, because the drug is never allowed to build up to effective levels in their blood before getting metabolized.

But say that same person is a poor metabolizer of a different active drug. They take the drug, it gets absorbed, but they only very slowly are able to metabolize and excrete it. The drug ends up building up in their blood and staying there longer, possibly causing an overdose of the drug at a typical dose.

The situation would be reversed if the drugs were prodrugs instead. An ultrarapid metabolizer of a prodrug ends up metabolizing too much of the active substance too quickly, possibly causing overdose, while a poor metabolizer of a prodrug maybe never metabolize enough to get effective concentrations of the end substance (check out this post on the prodrug codeine).

Finally, applying this real-life precedent to Captain America, or Flash, or Spider-Man canon evidence, you would have to assume that due to their respective super powers, they all produce a metric sh*tton of liver enzymes capable of metabolizing drugs super fast and hella effective kidneys for excreting them. Typical doses of active drugs would barely work on them, while prodrugs might have a short, but incredibly strong effect on them.


Pourquoi le ciné et la télé doivent arrêter de faire coucher des lesbiennes avec des mecs
Comme récemment dans la série Dix pour cent, il arrive régulièrement que des personnages introduits comme gays ou lesbiens couchent finalement avec une personne du sexe opposé... au plus grand regr...
By Marie Kirschen

Remember that French TV show (Dix pour cent) I told you about, that made their lesbian main character sleep with a man? Now that character is pregnant with him of course, but the creator of the show Fanny Herrero (a straight woman) has a very good reason, don’t worry!

“Andréa is gay but she’s liberated enough to, on a one-night-stand, have sex with a man and not have a problem with it, because her sexuality is mature and fulfilling enough that she doesn’t ask herself questions. From the beginning, I knew that this character would have a very rich, complex and liberated libido, and for me that goes beyond sleeping with women. I think Andréa is more modern than that.”

Did you hear, ladies? A modern woman with a rich, complex, fulfilling sex life = a woman who wants to have sex with a man! How progressive!

Anyway, for once a Buzzfeed article about lesbians isn’t completely awful, so @sespursongles and I translated it in English :

Why movies and TV have to stop making lesbians sleep with guys

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EXO Reaction to: Their S/O Having ADHD

Anon: EXO reaction to their s/o having ADHD?

Xiumin: The one who will be most strict when it comes to your homework/work. He understands that your ADHD gets in the way of that so he wants to help you do your best, whether it’s in or outside of school.

“Jagi, stop messing around with these idiots and let’s go ~ You’ve got work to do, remember?”

Originally posted by mminseok

Luhan: Does get a little annoyed if your fidgeting is really bad, esp. at night. He can’t sleep well if you’re not sleeping well. This leads to many late night movie nights and warm tea, until you both pass out on the couch.

Originally posted by dawnlus

Kris: Raises awareness of ADHD, and how most teachers are unequipped to deal with kids like this. He wants to create an equal learning environment for all children. This leads to him helping out at the school in his hometown and patiently playing with the kids with ADHD and helping them learn.

Originally posted by fuckyeah-wuyifan

Suho: He’s the most embarrassing bf ever. Will work to raise awareness about ADHD and break misconceptions, trying to do a photo shoot with you for the campaign but just being gross cute instead. He cuddles and snuggles you the entire shoot even though the boys are teasing you and even the camera man is giggling asdfghjkl someone stop this nerd

Originally posted by kaidotkr

Lay: He struggles too with not paying attention so you’re labelled as an “air-headed couple.” But when he really applies himself, he’s the most hardworking man you’ve met. So he tries to help you do likewise, focusing on stuff you need to do. Can get frustrated sometimes but a giggly frustrated.

“If you just do this then you’re finished! Why aren’t you focusing?”

Originally posted by getlayd

Baekhyun: A ball of sunshine who will play along with your energy and finds your constant movement cute. He’s also extremely patient when it comes to you, so he’ll wait up when your constant fidgeting keeps you up at night.

“Do you want some warm tea? Will I massage your back?”

Originally posted by ohhsenshine

Chen: This hyper puppy is also able to keep up with your energy. But there are times when you need to focus and not fidget so those days, he’ll hold your hand to stop you moving and spend hours with you, helping you do your homework or stuff for work.

Originally posted by dayafterdae

Chanyeol: As an energetic person, he doesn’t struggle to keep up with you. And those times when you can’t pay attention are cute to him, instead of frustrating. Although he’s not entirely sure how to help you focus, he tries his best, even if doing your assignments/desk reports takes hours, he makes sure you get there in the end.

Originally posted by parkchny

D.O: Admittedly, he can loose his cool when you don’t pay attention to when he’s talking. He knows that’s not on purpose and his annoyance only lasts a second, but repeating himself can be tiring. Those moments are the only times when he struggles with your ADHD. He’s actually very patient, knowing how to calm you down when you’re frustrated and trying to help you concentrate.

Originally posted by dyoru

Tao: Those days when you can’t stop moving and won’t sit still, he’ll take you out shopping. The hours spent walking around with him always manage to tire you out and you sleep really well those nights.

Originally posted by littlehailang

Kai: When you simply can’t stop fidgeting, he’ll either ask you to dance or go for a walk with you and his dogs. He’s trying to expel your extra energy so you can hopefully calm down a little and focus on you work/homework.

Originally posted by fy-kimkai

Sehun: Tbh he sometimes doesn’t know how to deal with you. If you’re acting unruly or just overly active, he’s not sure how to calm you down or what to say. But he’ll never complain. He can be a brat but when it comes to you, he can never find you a hassle or annoying. Although he mightn’t know the right thing to do, he tries. 

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NCT MTL to prefer a chubby S/O

Request: anon: Nct and sf9 mtl to date a chubbier/bigger girl

Author’s Note: (I changed it from “chubby girl” to “chubby S/O” so it can apply to non-female fans, as well!) And if I’m being completely honest, I genuinely think any of them would date a “bigger” person. The size of your body doesn’t compare to the size of your heart I sound so cheesy wtf… But you get what I’m saying.


















Johnny, Ten & Mark: I can’t be the only one who see’s these three with a thicker S/O. Johnny, oh man. I don’t know if it’s because he’s more westernized, (so he’s used to curvy people still being portrayed as beautiful), or what, but something in my gut correlates Johnny with a fuller S/O. Ten, too! I can’t explain it… I just have this imagine in my head of Ten lying in bed with said S/O and randomly placing soft pecks on their thighs omg kill me. Also, he is dating the thickest baddy of all, Johnny, so I mean… And Mark, like Johnny, grew up in a place that characterized fuller people as beautiful. Tbh I feel like he’s very open minded when it comes to this kind of thing. He is the one member who focuses the most on personality, rather than appearance.

Yuta, Doyoung & Donghyuck: These three are seriously identical to the previous three, but I mean not everyone can be on top so… All of these guys would use the cliché, “It’s just more of you to love !!1!!¡1″ Lil shit Yuta is just as greasy as Ten. He’d be the type to praise/kiss the parts of them that are a little chubby, and constantly gush over how cute they are. Doyoung bless his soul is so underrated in this matter (and overall, but that’s beside the point…) Have you ever noticed how he’s always the one to point out a members perfections when everyone else is pointing out their flaws? And how he’s always the one to make sure the teasing/joking around isn’t taken too far? He genuinely looks out for the other members feelings - even if they are just joking around. He seems like such an accepting person, and I can definitely see him with a curvier S/O. Donghyuck has fuller, more muscular thighs compared to most of the other members. He’s also admitted that, to him, his thighs/legs are his best feature. I can without a doubt see Donghyuck going for more of a thicker person. He doesn’t see their fuller figure as unappealing, he see’s it as just another small part of them that he loves along with all the rest.

Jaehyun, Chenle & Jaemin: Again, I seriously see these guys with a thicker S/O! Jaehyun is such a sweet person, and honestly, just a lover. I can definitely see him being attracted to curves. He honestly just loves to hold onto said person, and run his hands up and down their sides, appreciating their curvy physique. Chenle, omg. I can’t even explain this one. I know he’s a tiny little baby, but can’t you just picture him holding hands with an equally tiny, fuller looking S/O? My heart !!! And finally, Jaemin, like Jaehyun, really just likes to hold his S/O. They’ll be laying in bed, and he’s lightly tracing his S/O’s side with his finger, mentally gushing over their adorable frame.

Taeyong, Taeil & Jeno  These three are all equally hard to explain… I can honestly see them all with a chubbier S/O, too - just not as much as the previous members. Taeyong also seems like the kind of guy who would lay next to his S/O and hold them close to his body. He constantly has a hand on their thigh or stomach, rubbing gentle circles into their skin with his thumb. Taeil seems like one hell of a laid back dude lmao. Because of this I don’t see him as being very picky in regard to appearance. He just wants someone that’s there for him! Jeno, like Taeil, doesn’t seem very picky. But rather than preferring a thicker S/O like some of the other members, I think he kinda leaves it to fate to bring him someone who cares about him.

WInwin, Renjun & Jisung: These guys aren’t at all against dating a curvier S/O, but it’s just not their “ideal type.” Winwin is honestly hella difficult to read… He has absolutely nothing against dating a thicker person! But I feel like if his S/O was stronger than him (since he’s honestly pretty smol), it might cause a little lack of confidence. They can pick him up like it’s nothing, but he struggles to just barely lift their feet off the ground. He’s supposed to be the one carrying you around, not the other way around. I feel like Renjun would be very similar to Winwin. By no means would he turn someone down because they looked a little thicker, but I don’t think he would be searching for someone of that kind. He wants to be manly in his S/O’s eyes, so if they’re continuously beating him in arm wrestling and fake fighting, his self-confidence might be shredded. And finally, Jisung is such a smol baby. He’s very young, and still growing and maturing. Because of this, his brain and other things alike haven’t fully developed. It’s only natural that a boy that young isn’t completely accepting of a lovely, full figure that he’ll probably grow up to appreciate later in life. Boys his age typically create an unrealistic, perfect S/O in their mind, not paying much attention to people that don’t fit that exact ideal selection. That doesn’t mean he’d shut down every person with curves that showed the slightest interest in him. It just means he’d have to get to know them and their personality to realize that they’re more than just a fuller figure.

Reminder: These are all mere speculations. They are in no way accurate to how the boys themselves think. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways, no matter your shape or size!

I wish cis women understood that trans men/masc/male aligned people have experiences with misogyny too. And its not by being on the privileged side of it.

Like y'all can say we magically receive privilege upon discovering our gender all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’ve lived my life fearing predators, knowing I’m vulnerable appearing, knowing that I’m JUST as likely to become a statistic (if not MORE) than any woman.

Standing alone with a man in an elevator sends a thrill of fear and wariness up my spine every time. I can’t walk alone in the dark in public. I still know I’m less likely to get hired when I apply for jobs. I can’t ever tell why I receive dirty/threatening looks, but I know I get them every time I go out.

And yea, we aren’t women, so maybe you can’t call it misogyny, but we experience these things too and where is that mythical fucking privilege y'all are apparently gifting us?

Normal Day

This week’s WWM Flash Ficlet prompt was:

Today is like any normal day. Except you keep seeing the same stranger at random times and every where you see them, little things begin to change.

I’m barely scooting in under the wire, but all my editing time got eaten this week.


Cas doesn’t think about it too hard when there’s a stranger in his usual seat on the bus. It’s late July and all the college kids are moving back to town, some changeover can be expected in his morning commute. But he’s also uncaffeinated, so it’s not worth fussing over. Cas claims a seat closer to the back, plugs his headphones in, and goes back to ignoring his fellow passengers.

Or he tries to. The stranger stares at him the entire ride from his apartment complex to campus. It would feel creepy if Cas wasn’t also contending with a hangover washing over him as the bus moves. Briefly, he wonders if he’s coming down sick, a single beer with a burger and fries shouldn’t give him a hangover, and even if it did… He woke up this morning feeling fine. But then, his hand is aching, throbbing in time with the pounding in his head. Maybe he had more to drink than he remembers, or finally accepted his downstairs neighbor’s invitation to come relax.

There’s a flash when the bus pulls up to his stop, sunlight glinting off of a windshield, that briefly dazzles him. The fabric on the seat where the stranger sat is different when he glances at it, trying to get his eyes to refocus, wood instead of garish blue. But then it looks normal after his eyes flick away for a moment.

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Discovery of Self

Prompt: superman one where you’re his daughter and you love playing the piano and music and stuff but because of his hearing he can’t listen to you play and so you get really sad about it and you get a surprise scholarship to a music school abroad and you kind of leave him and he doesn’t really know what to do???

AN: Let’s just talk about this little prompt right here … This turned into something that I love. Hopefully you guys enjoy it too. Thanks to my beta’s for plowing through my stories

Words: 1144

          You wait for him to come home. You just sit at the kitchen table and wait. You’re reading in your chair when the door finally creaks open, and he walks in. Those stupid glasses are on his face, and you don’t understand how they hide anything.

          He doesn’t even pause, he just walks straight to the fridge, pulls out the carton of ice cream, and two spoons and sits down. You both take a few bites before he finally asks, “Okay, what’s up kiddo?”

          You prepare yourself to tell him, but instead you ask, “Were you able to save everyone?”

          He smiles, as he takes off his glasses, “Yeah, your brothers and I were able to get everyone to safety. The rest of league was tackling a tsunami.”

          There’s another moment of silence before you say, “Mom called from Milan, the story is taking longer than she thought, she’s going to be another three days.”

          He just smiles. “Excellent, she’ll make it back in time for the cookout this weekend, everyone’s going to be there. Grandma and Grandpa Kent are driving in, your brothers are flying in. Your uncle Conner and Aunt M’Gann are coming in too. I even convinced Bruce and Damian to come, you and Damian get along right?”

          You shrug. “I haven’t had all that much contact with him, to be honest.”

          He nods, “I suppose that’s true, but he’s a good man, I think that you two would…”

          “I’m moving to London!” The words come out without your consent, and the look on his face makes you almost wish you could take them back. Almost.

          He stares at you. “I don’t understand.”

          “My college acceptance letters came in a few weeks ago. I got in everywhere I applied.”

          The smile that lights up your father’s face makes your heart break even more. “That’s amazing sweetheart, spectacular, but I don’t understand why you would say you were going to London when that’s the case. And why wait several weeks to tell us?”

          You take a deep breath. “Because I applied to a music school in London. Very prestigious, only five percent of applicants get in, and I managed a full scholarship.”

          Your dad’s eyes narrow. “But that’s not what we discussed, you were going to attend one of the three schools your brothers go to, so that there was someone to watch over you. Keep you safe.”

          You take a deep breath in an effort to stay calm. “Dad, the guys go to some amazing schools, but none of them have the kind of program I need if I want to play professionally.”

          He just crosses his arms and says, “But we agreed that you weren’t going to play professionally.”

          Your voice steadies. “No, you decided that. You and the boys, and the league decided to keep me in this little protective box where I can’t be used against you, because I am apparently helpless.”

          Your dad just sighs. “Y/N we’ve been over this, you’re in a vulnerable position because of who your family is.”

          You meet his gaze, “Don’t you mean because of who I am?”

          “Y/N …”

          “Four kids, and I’m the only one without powers. I can’t fly, I’m not bulletproof, and I can’t shoot beams out of my eyes. Heck, I’m not even an investigative reporter, like mom. I’m the normal one, but there is absolutely nothing normal about my life. You’ve kept me in a box, like I’m veal. I always have to have someone watching me, heck, I’m eighteen and I still have to check in with you and mom, or my older brothers.”

          Your dad’s voice raises, “You’re in constant danger because of what our family is…”

          “I AM NOT A PART OF THIS FAMILY!” The statement takes both of you by surprise, and your dad’s expression turns to one of horror and sadness. You clear your throat. “I’m the only one without powers, I have spent more collective time with my grandparents than with my parents. You and mom have always been gone, trying to save the world. And when the boys started showing signs of powers you put all your time and energy into training them. I became an afterthought …”

          Your dad moves forward to hug you, and you step back, out of his reach He whispers your name, “Y/N …”

          “You know nothing about me. You’ve never even heard me play. And it’s not just you dad, the guys have never heard me play, and mom, well mom is always traveling now.” There’s this silence before you say, “I love you guys, I really do. I understand why you do what you do, and why the world comes before me, but at the same time, I have needs too. And I need this. I need this school, and this opportunity. An opportunity to find out who I am, and what’s best for me.”

          You take another few steps back, “Grandma and Grandpa Kent already know, I told them months ago, and I’ve sent an email to mom. And I have no doubt that you’ll tell the boys.” Your phone buzzes in your pocket, and you know what that means, “My flight leaves in three hours, and it takes an hour to get to the airport, which means I have to go.”

          He takes a step forward and you take another back, distance is your friend right now. “I have to go to the school early to start setting things up. My dorm, classes, set up reservations for the piano, things like that.”

          “So this is it? You tell me and run?”

          You nod. “You forget dad, I was never the superhero, I was never the brave one, I was never the strong one. I knew how things would go. The entire family would converge and try to keep me from going, and I would give in. But I can’t, because I need this.”

          You allow yourself to walk towards him now and in that moment, your father, Clark Kent, Superman, looks smaller than you’ve ever seen him. You simply kiss his cheek and say: “I’ll email you to let you know I’m safe. I love you daddy.”

          You don’t look back, and when you get to London you throw yourself into school. You throw yourself into figuring out exactly who you are. You exchange sporadic emails with your family, and not one demands your return. And for that you’re extremely grateful. On the night of your end of the year recital, you walk out onto the stage to take your place, and when you look out into the audience you see your family. You can’t help but smile as you sit down and play. And as your fingers glide across the keys, who you are shines through.

I think women should entertain all the men in their lives simultaneously until we find 1 who wants to be with us monogamously and who we want to be with in that way too. And I mean have sex with all the ones you want, suck all their dicks, go on dates with all of them. Slut shaming teaches women to cut off all other men as soon as one man gives us attention and that’s stupid a f. It’s like stopping to apply to other places just because you got the “We’re reviewing your application” message.


On February 5th 1941 a young man was combing a beach in South Uist when he saw a ship in trouble and beginning to list, the captain fought a valiant struggle with the stormy sea to keep his ship on course but it was futile, his ship came to rest on sandbanks off the Isle of Eriskay where she began to flood.

This ship would go down in history and would arguably become the most famous shipwreck in the Hebridean islands primarily because of it’s cargo, amongst other things 260,000 bottles of whisky, the ships name? The SS  Politician.
Unfortunately as the ship had veered off course an incorrect location was given to the lifeboat crew on Barra. Local islanders were roused and they set forth in a sailing boat to offer assistance to the crew. The lifeboat finally reached the ship and all the crew were rescued.

When the locals learned from the crew exactly what the ship was carrying, a series of illegal salvage operations took place at night, before the customs and excise officials arrived. The islands supplies of whisky had dried up due to war-time rationing, so the islanders periodically helped themselves to some of the 260,000 bottles of whisky before winter weather broke up the ship. Boats came from as far away as Lewis as news of the whisky travelled across the Outer Hebrides. No islander regarded it as stealing, as for them the rules of salvage meant that once the bounty was in the sea, it was theirs to rescue.

This of course was not the view of the local customs officer, Charles McColl, who was incensed at the blatant thievery that was going on. Not a penny had been paid in duty for this whisky so Mr McColl whipped up a furore and made an official complaint to the police. Villages were raided and crofts were turned upside down. Bottles were hidden, secreted, or sometimes drunk in order to hide the evidence.

On 26 April at Lochmaddy Sheriff Court a group of men from Barra pleaded guilty to theft and were charged between three and five pounds. Mr McColl was furious at the leniency of the men’s sentences, but the police, being mainly locals themselves, were tired of the bothering the locals who had not, in their minds, done such a bad thing. However, Mr McColl continued his crusade against these illegal salvagers and some of the men were sentenced to up to six weeks in prison in Inverness and Peterhead.

Back at sea, the official salvage attempts were not going too well, and it was eventually decided to let the Politician remain where she was. Mr McColl, who had already estimated that the islanders had stolen 24,000 bottles of whisky, ensured that there would be no more temptation. He applied for, and was granted, permission to explode her hull and as one islander, Angus John Campbell, commented: “Dynamiting whisky. You wouldn’t think there’d be men in the world so crazy as that!”

In 1987 Donald MacPhee, a local South Uist man, found eight bottles of whisky in the wreck. He sold them at auction for £4,000.

The wreck of the SS Politician still lies off the coast of Eriskay, although it is below the water line as winter gales have destroyed the deck and cabins. In 1988 the island got its own ‘legitimate’ pub, named ‘Am Politician’.

The events surrounding this ship were immortalised in the “fictional” book and a year later film Whisky Galore. The pic of the bottle is an original salvaged from the wreck, it is on display in the pub on Eriskay, you can pick up decanted bottle for as little as £70, not bad for a piece of history.

The importance of Jaime and Brienne

Usually I try not to get too caught up in shipping wars, but I just get so angry when people insist Jaime and Brienne don’t love each other.

There are so many romantic stories out there that feature a beautiful girl who learns to love an older, ugly, scarred or damaged man - but how many stories feature a beautiful man who learns to love an ugly woman?

How many of those heartwarming stories about ‘beauty being on the inside’ apply to women? How many stories tell women they’re worthy of love and romance no matter what they look like, that their beauty comes from inside them anyway? When you’ve got the gorgeous Gwendoline Christie playing her, it can be hard to remember Brienne really is ugly. It’s not that she’s just unconventionally attractive or pretty if you squint. Physically, she is ugly. She’s too tall, too big, too strong, too mannish, with missing teeth, disfiguring scars, blemishes, an ill-set face and drooping lips. People recoil when they see her. At first sight she is monstrous and she has been persecuted all her life for her appearance.

And yet, the most beautiful man in Westeros falls in love with her.


Because she is kind and strong and loyal past the point of sense. Because she is selfless and courageous and unwilling to compromise on her moral integrity. Because she is pure and innocent and naive and idealistic. Because she has endured immense pain and suffering and abuse and never once let it taint her. Because she represents everything he once wanted to be. Because she represents everything he could be. Because she sees him for who he really is. Because he would risk his life to save her. Because she would die to protect him. Because what she looks like doesn’t matter. Because in his eyes, she is beautiful.

This is the story of a handsome man who falls in love with an ugly woman. This is the story of a woman whose worth and desirability comes from her personality, not from her appearance. This is the story of a woman whose beauty is found within. George RR Martin himself said that the story of Jaime and Brienne is like Beauty and the Beast with the genders reversed.

So no, I will not accept a platonic reading of their relationship because this particular love story and all the messages it endorses are simply too important. Jaime and Brienne are in love. End of discussion.

Kitten (Part 28)

Note: This was written on my phone. I’m probably going to hold off on anymore updates until I regain access to my computer after Mother’s day, because this is a painful way to write.

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If Keith was holding onto his flesh hand, he’s certain the tight grip would have begun to hurt by now. As he’s not, Shiro just rubs soothing circles into the back of Keith’s hand.

“We don’t have to do this now, if you want. The equipment’s not going anywhere.” Last night, Keith had hidden under their sheets and admitted quietly that he wanted the brand Kuro had given him gone.  He didn’t like being unable to take off his shirt without having a stark reminder of what happened. Shiro could relate. If only his own were so easy to remove.

“No, I want to get rid of it today,” Keith looks over to were Coran is standing beside the medical cot and nods, “Go ahead I’m ready.”

“Alright my boy, this will sting a bit.” The needle Coran is wielding is wickedly pointed. He feels a people as advanced as the Alteans should have found some better way to administer numbing agents, but then again, the Galra hadn’t either. Their needles looked like something out of a horror movie. No, bad thought. Especially in this setting. He needs to be the reassuring one right now.

He watches Keith’s face for signs of discomfort while Coran works. Still nervous, but the needle isn’t the cause. If he has to guess, Keith is worried about the scalpel gleaming off to the side. That disturbs him as well. He’s not going to be able to watch as Coran removes the scarred skin. Not without going places he really shouldn’t.

“We’ll leave that for a few ticks, and then we can start. Now you need to tell me if you feel anything.” Keith nods in answer.

Shiro catches his eyes and smiles, “All be over soon,” He squeezes Keith’s hand.

Keith squeezes back, “Can’t wait,”

Coran’s picking up the scalpel now. It’s sharp, the shape, the curve looks like the same kind the druids used. Without the anesthetic the thing would probably hurt the same. He forces himself to look at Keith’s eyes instead.  Purple the color of rare jewels instead of magic filled labs of pain. “Shiro? Are you okay?”

“Fine,” He’ll be fine, this isn’t about him. Distraction will help though, “Just thinking about what to do after. I was thinking about borrowing Pidge and Lance’s game station. What do you think?”

Keith’s looking at him far too closely. He’s been growing more aware recently. More observant of Shiro’s own moods. That’s good, means he’s healing, but also bad, as he becomes more and more conscious of where Shiro is wearing thin. He has to work harder at keeping himself in check. He can’t slip back into using the younger man as an emotional crutch.

There’s no more words between them. Coran works quickly and efficiently, and Shiro tries to pretend he can’t see the raw meat revealed.  Keith stares him down the entire time. Coran carefully applies a bandage, no healing pods for what has become an obvious reason, and gives a cheerful, “All done!” The white covering the wound makes the constriction in his chest ease. Everything is okay, this is real medical treatment, not let’s poke him to see what makes him scream loudest.

“Playing a game sounds nice,” Keith says.

“What?” Game? What game? Oh right, the console, he’d asked him about that. Keith has a little frown on his pretty lips, “Right, I think they own one of those racing games. We could go a few rounds.”

“Sure,” Keith sits up, hops off the cot, and tugs Shiro towards the door. Damn it, he’s slipping worse than he thought, they’re nearly at the door before he realizes that Keith is leading him away from a source of panic. He needs to do better.

Allura’s waiting for them outside the room. “Do you have a moment?”

Keith answers “Yes,” before Shiro can make an excuse. She has her serious face on. The one when she’s about to deliver important or bad news. He would have appreciated if she’d waited until she could catch him alone to bring whatever this is up, but Allura was one of the biggest proponents of bringing Keith back into the loop. She’d most likely chosen now on purpose. Keep him from hiding whatever she had to say from Keith.

“Pidge and I have discovered how Kuro managed to circumvent the Castle’s defenses.” Keith’s back muscle go tight and still. This is exactly the sort of thing he’d prefer to have run by him first. Allura continues, “We have also determined he can not do so again using the same method.”

Shiro wraps his human arm around Keith’s shoulder and pulls him close. Reassurance by presence. Then he looks up at Allura, “Explain,” He curtails the harshness he wishes to put in his voice. Letting anger show won’t help.

“The spell used to create him was placed on you.” She looks at Shiro, “Likely started while you were still in captivity,” That’s to be expected, Kuro had displayed enough of his knowledge that he had to be a part of his creation, “It takes time and quintessence to execute, you escaped before they could finish.” That makes a terrifying amount of sense, his act with Matt had only worked so long. The guards had quickly realized that his persona in the ring wasn’t real. Someone must have wanted a real ‘Champion’, “Sometime recently, Haggar must have gotten close enough to order the spell to finish. Kuro was created inside the Castle.”

Only one question, “Can they make another?” He will leave right this instant, if there is even the slightest possibility of him being the source of another Kuro. None of his team will ever be hurt by that monster again.

“Not without recapturing you. The spell is spent. There will be no more Kuro’s.”  Allura hesitates for a moment, then adds, “We are all safe.”

“Thank you for letting us know,” Shiro says in a clear tone of dismissal. Keith is still stiff by his side. They need privacy, so he can check on him.

They say their goodbyes and go their separate ways. Shiro makes an executive decision and heads for their bedroom instead of the common room with the others.

Keith lets out a huff of what he thinks was supposed to be laughter when they go inside. “I’m fine,” Keith says before Shiro can ask.

“You don’t have to be fine,” Keith glares at him. That’s one of the lines he used to like to use on Shiro, “You went through a lot.” He adds.

“Lance nearly died, and you don’t see him hiding in his room over it.” Lance also doesn’t remember that happening.

“How about me?” Keith had spent hours curled around him after a nightmare, whispering sweet nothing until sleep finally over took him again. If he could do that for Shiro, as bloody as his hand were, couldn’t he do it for himself?

Keith looks away, he remembers all those times just as well as Shiro does. Probably better considering the hazes of some flashbacks. Shiro cups the back of Keith’s head, pulls him in to nestle against his chest, “These things take time, and no one expects you to stop being hurt.” Keith’s arms find their way around him too, and they just stand there, soaking each other in.

“Can we call it an early night?” Keith’s deflecting. Trying to get out of Shiro’s flawless logic.

“Sure,” He lets him. He’ll try again later, and then again, and again. Until Keith finally believes him.

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Woah - Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested-“Hi! Would you be able to write a Daryl x reader where it’s the Alexandria ‘welcome’ party & the reader is anxious about going- but she decides to go and she looks AMAZING and the whole family compliment her but she leaves early & bumps into Daryl and he is blown away (but they aren’t together)”

Word count: 1476

Warnings: mild swearing, 

Note: thank you for 500 followers!! this is awesome guys!! :)


Parties weren’t your thing. Anymore, that is.

Before the walkers, you were used to going out every Friday. You owned countless party dresses, all of them beautiful.

But now you killed the dead. The party dresses left in your burned down home, fire consuming them and everything your life used to be. You hardened, becoming closer to the small group of budding survivors you called your family.

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Sunny Days- chapter 4

Sunny Days Masterlist

Summary- The date (part 1)

Word Count- 2808 

Warnings- language, fluff (way fluffier than I intended), light smut

Author’s Note- Still not beta’d. Let me know if you want to be tagged. I hadn’t planned on splitting this into 2 chapters,but I have’t posted in a while and this was going to get ridiculously long.

Tags- @ali-pennell @andrealind24 @ericuhlorain @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @flissworld @loliftingg @negans-dirty-girl @negansbby @negansxlucille @negans-network @rune-skyjumper @shinydixon @unicorn-blood-splatter @vendekk (sorry if I missed anyone…just remind me if you want a tag…a lot got lost in the shuffle of holiday travel)

Negan arrived at The Sanctuary and started barking orders at his men as he made his way to his room. He needed to keep up appearances. Sunny was his. Her house was his. He wasn’t about to let any of these dumb fucks know what a god damned gold mine he found.

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Summary: John heard all the guys talking about you, and staring and he gets jelaous and yells at you.

 Ch: Johnxreader 

 Warnings: yelling, cursing, fighting, some explicit sexual word. 

 John knew he’d hate this. Watching all the guys crowd around you as you sang. For some stupid reason, as John says, Tommy thought it would be a good idea to now hold entertainment at the Garrison, where he hired you. Due to your love of dancing and singing you agreed happily. “ I’d love to bend her over.” An old drunk snorts, located on the table to the left of him. 

John’s nose wrinkles, as he’s about to get up the sudden change of music caught his attention. His veins turned to ice, with anger seething its way through them. The way you so sexily moved across stage, bending down slowly, and shaking those fucking hips of yours.

 “Show us some more!” One man shouts. “She’s not a bloody stripper!” John growls at him, face now depending into a rose pink, spitting his tooth pick on the ground. “She might as well be.”

 The roaring of laughter set him off and before any one could process what was going on John was on top of the guy, punch after punch until his knuckles bloody

. “John!” You yell forcing him off the poor, beaten man. “What in the ell is your problem?!” John didn’t answer, only grabbed you by the wrist dragging you to another room.

 “Oi, you going to explain yourself or just fucking sit there like an idiot?” “Watch your fucking tongue!” He roars, wiping the blood from his face. He stood his white button down covered in blood and sweat. His scarlet chest heavies, cheeks red, body bloody. 

“You’re not going back on that fucking stage, all you’re doing is showing yourself off like some damn whore!” Your breath hitched, the lump in your throat not allowing you to swallow. You were not some prostitute, or stripper. You loved to sing and dance and that was it. Before you could answer he continued, “I’d be damned before my girlfriend showed her fucking muffin before the whole goddamn village.” 

 “You think this fucking low of me? Fuck off John.” John growls, taking a cigarette from his pocket lighting it up, and taking a long drag. “I think it’s time we go home. ” 

You laugh, as his face turned into a confused twist. “I’m not going anywhere with you. I will not repeat myself, you think this low of me, fuck you John.” Before John could speak anymore you continued, “I am not your wife! I was faithful to you for six months now John, but I am fucking done with you. Maybe I can go be a whore now” 

John stood udderly stunned, he never anticipated on any of this happening, he watched you walk away, not being able to move or speak as his heart sank to his stomach. Days passed since you’ve seen each other last, You continued to preform, and John just sat sick in his home, drowning whatever booze he had. Tommy would often come by, but he knew it wasn’t easy to fix something so broken, it took time.

 Finally a whole week after, John got up, took a bath, and dressed for the way. Today was the day he would talk to you after spending all night deciding if he should, he knew for the sake of this hanging heart it need to be done. Today you didn’t feel like getting ready due to the hole in your chest. You loved John, but secretly knew a man like him could never feel the same. He was too obsessed with his need to control and lash out before even talking. You applied a little bit of make up this morning before heading to the Garrison for your shift, the morning was easy only a few men came in to drink, serving them wasn’t hard and you actually got some time to yourself.

 “(Y/N).” Sent shivers down your spine but you ignored it, continuing to polish the bottles behind the bar. “Please talk to me.” 

 His voice sounded so horse, so tired as if he hasn’t talked in days. “Please.” You never knew John to be a man to beg as his ego was too big to even consider it. Slowly you turn, leaning against the bar.

 “Can I get you something?” John shakes his head, “I just want to talk.” You nod, finally meeting those baby blues that made you weak. “I-I was wrong.” He admits, “I was jealous, I don’t like when other men look at ya, and I lashed out.”  

You nod, playing with the tips of your thumbs, looking down to your feet. His apology didn’t make you feel any better. Two fingers slid under your chin, lifting your eyes to match his own.

 “I keep forgetting that I don’t need to look after you. I’m sorry I’m so used to it.” Referring to his last wife, his hand falls to your cheek, caressing with the pad of his thumb. 

 “You’re independent, beautiful and I don’t need to look after you because you are strong enough to look after yourself because you’re you darlin’” You smile, tears forming in your eyes, as John leanings over the counter, his lips softly pressing against your own.

 “I love you and I’m sorry.” You answer back by kissing him again, John Shelby did truly own your heart.

Genji and Mercy thoughts

OK,  this is only my opinion on this ship and Genji. I don’t want to force you to change your mind on anything. 

We all see how Genji looks like in newest comic. He’s body is, let’s say 98% cyborg. He has no legs, no right arm, we can see a lot of wires on the back of his head even. And look at his eyes - glowing red. He’s not human inside. He’s cyborg, his brain was damaged and now is working thanks to all those wires and robot stuff. He’s not human anymore. I think his voiceline “You are only human” says he’s aware his more than human now, or simply not human. 

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EXO reaction to their friend (the reader) confessing after they get a scholarship overseas but the EXO member already has a girlfriend

We hope you like it <3 


As soon as you found out you had gotten a scholarship overseas you had to tell your best friend Xiumin who you had liked as more than a friend for a while now and today was the perfect time to tell him you liked him more than a friend as if everything went wrong you were leaving anyway. 

 You arrived at his dorm and quickly told him your news 

Sooo Minseok I have a really big surprise to tell you well 2 surprises actually!

Ok, well go ahead

Well first I got accepted into the university in America I was telling you about! I’m leaving in a couple of days!

Oh really? When did this happen?” he said kind of sadly 

I just found out this morning!” You paused “Aren’t you happy for me?” 

No I am! I just I’ll miss you a lot” 

I’ll miss you too but this is my future and it’s gonna be great!” 

Yeah I guess, so what’s the second thing you wanted to tell me?


Just as you said that the dorms front door opened and a girl walked through the door and KISSED Xiumin!! You stood there awkwardly as they kissed when Xiumin finally broke the kiss

Sorry Y/N this is my girlfriend G/F/N

Oh” was all you could say 

So anyway what did you want to say?” 

It doesn’t matter now don’t worry” You said defeated

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When you told Luhan you had gotten your scholarship overseas he seemed genuinely happy for you, he was so excited for you! He helped you pack and everything, you felt sad about how excited he was about basically getting rid of you when you loved him. He drove you to the airport on the day you were leaving and just before you had to go to security you decided to tell him 

Lu there’s something I have to tell you and I know this isn’t great timing and stuff but I have to tell you before I go” 

OK Y/N what is it?” 

I love you Luhan more than a friend and I had to get it off my chest” 

He looked down at you with you head looking down at the floor 

I’m sorry Y/N, I hope you didn’t misunderstand our relationship but I only see you as a friend and also…” He paused 

Yeah” you coaxed him him

I have a girlfriend” 

Those 4 words shattered your heart to pieces 

I’m sorry Y/N” 

No, no it’s fine, I should have guessed that you didn’t like me back anyway I better go now, bye Luhan

You turned and walked away as Luhan called your name but you kept walking forward.

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When you found out you got accepted into the university of your dreams on a FULL SCHOLARSHIP you got hella excited and told your best friend/crush Kris immediately and as soon as you told him you could see his face fall in sadness, he also loved you back but he tried to get over it by getting a girlfriend that you didn’t know about so when you had a dinner to celebrate your achievement you were a bit shocked when Yifan walked in with a lady,

So Kris, who is this?” You questioned him motioning towards the woman by his side

Oh,I almost forgot, this is my girlfriend G/F/N

“You have a girlfriend and didn’t even tell your best friend?” 

No, I didn’t Y/N because you were too busy with getting the scholarship to even hang out with me” 

The argument quickly escalated with you finishing it off, 

and to think, I actually loved you” 

He quickly realised he had been an idiot and he ran out to find you to apologise and tell you how he felt but you were no where to be seen and he then realised he had made the biggest mistake of his life knowing he wouldn’t see you again for years.

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You had found out a couple days ago to that you had received a scholarship to one of the most prestigious universities in the world and you invited Suho over to tell him your wonderful news, he asked if he could bring a friend along and you accepted thinking it would be one of his members but when they arrived you opened the door to see Suho and a woman, he introduced her to you as his girlfriend and you died a little inside as you have had a crush on Suho for a long time and now finding out he had a girlfriend wanted to make you cry a little but you held it in as you told him your news and they both seemed so happy for you although when Suho thought you weren’t looking you saw a hint of sadness in his eyes. They hung out at your house for a couple of hours until they decided it was time to leave. As soon as you closed the for behind them you burst into tears thinking about how the man you loved was never gonna be the man you end up with.

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As soon as you told your best friend Lay that you had been accepted into an overseas university he got really confused as he didn’t even realise you applied even though you had told him multiple times. He also didn’t realise you had a massive crush on him even though it was pretty obvious, you decided to tell him after you told him about the scholarship 

So I like you, a lot

I like you a lot too” 

More as a friend Yixing” 

I have a girlfriend Y/N sorry.” he said as he pulled his ‘girlfriend’ close

Yixing that’s Baekhyun…” 

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You gave your best friend Baekhyun the letter about you getting a scholarship to an overseas university and he was looking over it with his girlfriend who was also your friend, she seemed really happy for you while Baekhyun seemed more reserved which was unusual for him, 

So are you guys happy for me?” 

Of course we are Y/N!!” G/F/N told you, Baekhyun just hummed in agreement, you and hum had been best friends for a while and you had started to develop feelings for him which was stupid because he was already in a committed relationship. His girlfriend had to leave to go to work and you thought this was a good time to tell Baekhyun about your feelings as you’re leaving soon, 

So Baek, I have something to tell you

“What is it Y/N? Are you ok?”

Yeah, it’s just I’ve liked you for the longest time now, not just as a friend but as someone I love. I love you Baekhyun” You rapidly left his house after realising you might have just embarrassed yourself.

He was speechless.

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When you told Chen about your Scholarship he was really happy for you and so was his girlfriend. You had a big crush on Chen and seeing him so happy with his girlfriend was bittersweet to you. On one had he was really happy but on the other it was with another girl. As you were packing to go to University he came to help you and wish you luck

Y/N please don’t forget about me ok?

How could I forget about you? You’re my best friend and… I lo- I love you

Y/N, now’s not a good time ok?

Yeah, I know

I mean I have a girlfriend and you’re leaving.

I know

Maybe in a couple years when you come back maybe we can do something ok?

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Chanyeol was shocked that you got the scholarship, not that he doesn’t think you’re smart or anything but that you applied for a university in another country. He was going to miss you so much but he had his girlfriend’s shoulder to cry on so the pain of losing his best friend wasn’t unbearable. He offered to drive you to the airport which you definitely didn’t pass up as you got closer to the airport you finally realised just how much you were leaving behind and realised that you in love with Chanyeol. You started to cry as you neared the airport so when you go to the airport he pulled you in for a hug

Listen Y/N I know this is tough but you can do it ok? I believe in you!

I know but I’m leaving so much behind and so many things unsaid

Like what?

You waited a bit before answering him “Well, I love you, more than a friend” 

Just as so you said that you heard the intercom saying that it was the last chance to check in for your flight so you left him there but heard him shout

I love you too Y/N

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D.O decided to throw you a party after finding out about your scholarship he was so proud of you and wanted to celebrate your achievement. Kyungsoo said he had something to tell you too and you were kinda hoping that it would be that he loved you, you’ve loved him for a while but had been too worried to tell him. 

So Kyungsoo, you wanted to tell me something” 

Yeah, I um, I, I got a girlfriend

A girlfriend?” You asked as all of your hopes and dreams were crushed 

Yeah, I had to tell you, we wanted to keep it a secret but your my best friend so I had to tell you” 

I’m glad you did tell me so now I won’t make a fool out of myself” 


I was gonna tell you I liked you but I dodged a bullet there” 

You walked away as he fell silent.

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Cries as he realises he lost you in more ways than one by telling you he had a girlfriend

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After you told him about the scholarship and the fact that you liked hum he’d be hurt. He’d be hurt that you were leaving him and hurt by the fact that you were hurt. You liked him but he has a girlfriend which broke you inside and seeing you hurt like this wasn’t nice for him but he knew that your future was important so he got over the fact that you were leaving and made himself feel better by saying that you don’t need a relationship in the midst of studying.

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You were his best friend and he wasn’t sure why he was upset that you gotten a scholarship to such an amazing university. Maybe it was because you were going half away across the globe and you might forget about him and replace him with a new best friend or maybe it was because you might get a boyfriend and that made him angry. He confronted you before you left about how you can’t replace him ad he told you that you two should face time every night, which made his girlfriend who was standing right next to you two jealous. Before they started dating people had been suspecting that you and Sehun had been an item but you both always declined it which broke your heart because you really liked him. There was a send off party for when your taxi arrived which Sehun and his girlfriend were apart of so as you were driving away you shouted out the window “I LOVE YOU SEHUN LIKE A LOT

He just stared at the car confused, confused as to why you shouted it put of a car window, confused as to why you didn’t say it sooner and confused as to why you were still leaving when you two could have been together.

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We hope you like it, it took us like almost 4 hours to do <3