or make guacamole


First of all, thank you @empresstress13 @ellstersmash @dragynfox @thema-sal-shiral @knights-of-rae @buttones @sirinial and @galadrieljones for sending this to me! It’s very kind of you! And I send the sentiment back towards you!

However, there is no way I can think of that many things I like about myself soooo…I’m just going to list 5.

1. I really like my eyes and always have. I think they’re pretty.

2. I like that I can do pretty much anything that I set my mind to.

3. I’m good at baking delicious sweets (especially gourmet brownies from scratch) and making guacamole.

4. I’m a good listener (or try to be most days).

5. I’ve recently become much better at setting boundaries which is a HUGE achievement for me. It’s usually easier for me to be a doormat than to stand up for myself but I’ve made progress in that area which I’m proud of.

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When you open them the oxygen can turn them brown faster than an apple like say if you make guacamole but if you leave the pit in the guacamole or squirt lime juice, lemon juice may work as well then it should stay fresh longer

Seriously people don’t just sit and eat an entire thing of guacamole or an entire avocado? *whispering to self* Holy shit maybe this is why I’m fat.

log off. close ur laptop. delete ur tumblr app for a little bit. walk ur dog. pick ur nose. make ur bed. organize ur movie collection. go on a hike. read a book. download the headspace app bc that helps me clear my mind. play paper.io. catch up on the news. find out a way to better ur grades bc theres always room for improvement. get on stardoll. watch chalkzone. look at kim k’s instagram. listen to some classical music. fluff ur pillows. make some guacamole. smoke some weed. organize ur makeup. take a shower. doodle on ur homework. take a bubblebath. find out if u can make home made BATH bombs. stop n smell the roses. watch something narrated by morgan freeman bc u can’t deny is velvety voice. brush ur cat. change the sheets on ur bed. throw out expired food in ur fridge. smile in the mirror. or cry. create a plan for whent he apocalypse comes. have a talk with jesus. make ur mom a card. look at hair color ideas on pinterestbc change is always a stress reliever. just settle down for a second and stop giving a fuck about ppl who shouldn’t be on ur radar. i say this with zero malice .. relax. 

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To me, avocado is kinda bland, but so delicious at the same time. I never used to eat them until my husband’s mom made me make guacamole one day (and part of being the maker means taste-testing, and now I love them). I usually mash it into a paste, sprinkle in some salt and pepper, spread it on toast, and make a sandwich with turkey-ham and muenster cheese and mustard.

Why you gotta be posting this stuff at lunch time. What did I ever do to you.
But no actually that sounds delicious!

RFA/Minor Trio & Avocados

I know it’s a really random headcannon  but I just remembered my decade-long inner battle of Avocado: To Eat or Not to Eat? and I wondered what these dorks would think of them…hopefully I can entertain you but this is my first time writing headcannons so I may disappoint



- he has a sixth sense for avocados, somehow can tell at the grocery store which one are the most fresh and how many days until they’re ready to eat

- seriously this kid knows exactly when they’re ripe, and will s c r e a m if they’re not used in time because we all know an avocado’s edibility window is like 3.5 minutes

- makes killer guacamole for when they have taco nights

- he’s just basically an avocado god

- tried to plant an avocado seed once but no matter how long he waited nothing ever grew bless his soul


- n O

- “But Zen, they’re really good for your complexion.”

- goes on and on about how his skin is already perfect and he doesn’t need any of the extra vitamins avocados carry

- just highkey doesn’t like them

- “They taste like nothing and turn to mush if you so much as blow on them” Zen no not really

- Loves Yoosung’s guacamole though

- But that’s because he didn’t know what guacamole is made of baby how could you not know it’s fkn green and chunky did you think it was lettuce???

- Once he found out he kind of wanted to cry because ew avocados but at the same time Yoosung’s guac is so magical so he was really confused 


- Neither for not against, but rather appreciates the presence of fresh avocado in her sushi (when she actually has time to eat a proper meal Jumin give this poor girl a break)

- also likes Yoosungs guacamole that shit is delicious so whenever she’s super stressed Yoosung makes her some and she eats tortillas and guacamole while watching some of Zen’s performances

- once kind of overdosed on guacamole and had a dream about licking some off of Zen’s abs tbh who hasn’t 


- He’s the old person who always goes around saying how you could basically live off avocados if their nutrients were balanced

- “My nutritionist is always telling me about the benefits of avocados for your health and I want to find a way to share these benefits with Elly.”

- Tried to feed some to Elly once but she stepped in it and trailed avocado mush around his house

- Taking is as a sign that she didn’t like it, he toyed with the idea of making hybrid avocados more suitable for cats

-Jaehee had a mental breakdown and required the intervention of Zen and Yoosung to put a stop to his idea


- this B O i

- he’s a genius and actually has left his bunker before so I’m pretty sure he at least knows what an avocado looks like

- hates them with a passion

- never actually ate one though

- “It just feels so weird.”

- “Seven I thought you were more the ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ type.”

- “Yeah but this is like I’m touching someone’s intense goosebumps and it gives  me goosebumps.”

- still, avocado puns all day every day

- once handed an avocado to a blind person and asked them to ‘translate’ for him

- “Please, I found this ancient relic while trekking through the forest the other day, and so far nobody has been able to translate the text…may you provide me with some guidance?”

- ”Is this…an avocado?”

“No it’s an ancient relic.”

- “sometimes will chuck an avocado at Vanderwood if he’s being annoying or just because he feels like it


- What’s an avocado?

- feels the same way as his brother until he tries Yoosung’s guacamole I swear his guac cures everything

- now he loves them

- if Saeyoung is annoying him he’ll clean out avocado shells and leave them lying around the house

- giggles when he hears sudden yelps from Seven over the next couple of days when he finds shells hidden in his Honey Buddha stash or in his underwear drawer


- For some reason I can totally picture him being super allergic

- Still encourages others to eat avocados because he doesn’t want to hold others back because of his own ‘issue’ baby no it’s okay we don’t want you to die

- Once he voiced his disappointment at being unable to taste Yoosung’s infamous guac, so Yoosung grudgingly made him his own bowl of salsa

- V’s smile was the brightest thing in the room 


- Never bothered to actually try one, but because of Saeyoung, he now usually carries a couple of avocados on him whenever he goes around to visit

- avocado fights that leave heavy bruising 

- Teams up with Saeran and together they take over the world  it upon themselves to find as many ways as possible to bother Saeyoung using avocados

- will not hesitate to kick you in the face if you so much as mention avocado puns

- one time Vanderwood spilled a bit of coffee on himself, which incited an offhand “Oh wow, bravocado,” from Saeyoung

- the avocado that whizzed at the tomato’s head flew with enough force to make a dent in the wall


I spent an hour of my life writing this and I enjoyed every second of it, so I hope you also enjoyed reading my word vomit??

If you have any requests please feel free to ask me!

theresa how in fcuk does your microwave work it literally makes absolutely no sense why do i have to press down for 8 years just to get the right settings to pop a snack bag of popcorn. also why in gods name do you have a microwave OVEN??? why in gods name do you need that how often are you toasting bagels. get a goddamn toaster you rich son of an energy efficient car and get the dUCK out of here with the fruit you get. avocados? really??? jesus christ honey no you are not making guacamole on a daily basis you don’t need 6 avocados. and put your goddamn bananas in a bowl instead of letting them just lay there on the counter like a savage. and get some non glass cups theresa because i have nO TIME for glass. it breAKS??? and i don’t want to have to use the cups your daughters use??? i am way too old for Elmo cups honey. glass is tacky and so are you. for the sake of my sanity fix your motherfckuing kitchen, theresa

DINNER PLANS 😜 Actually, the steamer is full of potatoes right now and I’m about to make guacamole! So this is yesterday’s dinner but it was so pretty I just need to share it. 😍😍 I love the colours of sweet potatoes and beets! 👌 And thank you so much for following me! I’m happy to connect with so many vegan foodies. 👋 9k on Instagram today! 😳😱😎 Wow! 💕

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Hi!! Mi birthday is March 31st! I would love a dribble in the wilderness universe... Maybe dome cute pregnant werewolf sutt?? Thanks!

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Wishing you the happiest of birthdays @jobanana7! To help you celebrate in style, the lovely and generous @chele20035 has written this perfect little drabble, just for you! Enjoy

Another Piece of Their Happily Ever After… a Wilderness Drabble

rated M

“Oh,” Katniss moans. “Your fingers have to be magic.”

“You say that every time,” Annie chuckles. “You just want me to keep massaging.”

Katniss sighs, “You never should have told me that you were a therapist.”

Her stomach ripples at the sound of their voices. Katniss scratches where what could only be an elbow, or maybe a foot is poking out while Annie offers, “You were the one who was asking the questions for your new book. I can’t help it if my wolf won’t let me lie to my Alpha.”

Katniss looks up at her friend. “I’m not your alpha.”

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"Confuse My Muse" Sentence Starters

- “You dropped your pocket.”

- “I told you, the appointment is on the next Wednesday before today’s date.”

- “Wow, look over there!”

- “Did you see that?”

- “I know you are, but what am I?”

- “But the question is, does Pi actually
have an ending?”

- “Are you from Universe A or E?”

- “We’re in Universe E. I mean, A.”

- “Why do men have nipples??”

- “String theory”

- “They’re coming.”

- “If avocados and tomatoes are fruits, does that make guacamole and ketchup ‘jams’?”

- “Do you know about… the word?”

- “How do you not know what a bogel is?!”

- “Your sock’s untied.”

Ten things about Reina Castaneda

1. If you pushed her on what her biggest, most secret fear is, it’d be that she’s not… exciting enough. Good enough. Weird enough for Acacia. I mean everyone in Gravity Falls knows about those wacky Pines and they’re all larger than life and she’s just… Reina Castaneda, born to a boring set of parents, moved to Gravity Falls halfway in school, is a fucking accountant for pete’s sake-

2. She loves Acacia to distraction, but honestly- the eyeball trick thing? Getting a little old.

3. Oddly enough, it’s Reina who is the Fun Parent (there’s always one) and Acacia who is the Strict Parent.

3.5. If you asked Acacia, it would be because she knows their little hellions and the tricks they get up to and-

3.75. If you ask Reina, she would tell you that Acacia is reading way too much of her own misbegotten youth into their own children who are perfectly good thank you very much.

4. The wildest thing Reina has ever done, in her eyes, is pose nude for Acacia to paint. Actually, more like things since it basically happens once every two or three months. (Reina is 44 years old and still hasn’t quite told her mother that there are essentially nude pictures of her out there floating around in the art sphere)

5. Acacia never got the point of pets, but Reina has throughout their relationship kept a series of pet box turtles. She loves how patient turtles are… also that her MIL knits little outfits for them which makes them even more fucking adorable.

6. It’s Reina who does the handiwork in the trailer. Partially because Acacia doesn’t have the patience for anything that can’t get fixed in ten minutes or less. But mostly because for all of the genius and fine motor skills her wife exhibits with the pen, the brush, the pencil, completely disappears the second she tries to do anything 3D.

7. Nito was named for Acacia’s uncles. His twin, her Josefa, she named for her Bisabuela. She didn’t remember much about Bisabuela, but she did remember old old hands holding hers, helping her shape numbers on the page for the first time.

8. Reina is patient, calm, cool, collected. She doesn’t like to hurt people or even think about hurting people; it’s Acacia who has that fire, that temper, that power. It drives her wife to distraction sometimes, when she mentions self defense classes or boxing lessons and Reina shakes her head no. She knows Acacia doesn’t understand; they lead dangerous lives (no, Acacia does) and Reina needs to be able to defend herself. But Reina knows, even if its dumb and foolhardy, that Acacia will come to rescue her. Always.

9. Reina likes Dipper well enough, but honestly? She doesn’t really have strong feelings towards him. He’s family, and he means a lot to her wife and her children but eh. He’s a little much for her.

9.5 Dipper thinks it’s because he’s a demon. Reina would point out that she finds that he tries like, way too hard and she’s thought that since she first met him.

10. Reina is allergic to avocados. The day she told the Pines family, Mabel declared it a day of mourning and spent the rest of the week trying to make a guacamole fascimile for Reina.

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Hey, totally having a moment over here and I need your help. I've been thinking, what if our sweet little Sammy has an absolutely filthy mouth in bed? Any way you could write that? And have a mentioned that I adore you? :D <3

I took a few liberties with your request. I hope you don’t mind. 

Sam x Reader

Warnings: Smut. 

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Sam’s been sending you messages while he’s on the road. 

The first message takes you off guard, you’re squeezing avocados in the grocery store, on a mission to make homemade guacamole and slip into pajamas, when your phone makes the tell-tale *ding* customized for his messages.

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I mean, I am reminded that I was born on the Gen X/Millenial “cusp” (and in Texas) because I am genuinely appalled that The Youth’s favorite snack is guacamole minus most of what makes guacamole delicious (flavor and tortilla chips).  But Jesus Christ, I’m pretty sure it’s the fucking gig economy that’s ruining you all’s financial futures and probably also behind why you think bland guacamole on bread is a tasty treat.


Drinking a Sofie, making guacamole, and listening to Perfume Genius at the Beckahs.

Get yourself friends who feed you tacos and guacamole and your favorite beer on a random Monday evening.

Truly the best.