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one of these tiny au things for jeon wonwoo (ma man ma main man) please!!!!! THANK U so much i <3 your blog im

  • book club!au with wonwoo 
  • he always shows up in the most comfy oversized cardigan and glasses slipping down his nose and tired, black circles under his eyes which you think are really r e a l l y adorable
  • doesn’t really comment that much during discussions, just listens to what others says and nods
  • got asked out by like every member at least once and he’s used the same excuse which is “im sorry, but my friend mingyu asked me to tutor him that day-”
  • fell asleep during one meeting so you carefully poked his side with your pencil so he’d wake up and not get called out
  • was staring at someone while they were talking and the person was like ‘i-uh-um-uh wonwoo are you mad at me????” and he perked up like huh what no why
  • and the person was like,,,,,,,,,sorry it just felt like you were burrowing a hole through me with that look on your face
  • wonwoo getting embarrassed: sorry,,,,,it’s my default,,,,
  • you’re reading one of your favorite books in the club and apparently it’s just come out as a film and everyone is super excited to go and see it
  • but when you all do, you end up hating it and the only other person who agrees with you on how shitty the producer did is,,,,,wonwoo
  • and you’re like “i don’t get how he ruined,,,,,,such an amazing piece of literature” and wonwoo adjusts his glasses and shrugs and is like “all movies,,,,,don’t really ever do justice to the book do they?” and you’re like RiGht,,,,,,,it’s just you can’t get 500 pages into two hours
  • and you and wonwoo both admit that harry potter flopped in comparison to the books 
  • and somehow you get to chatting more and you leave the group at the movie theater to find a cafe and wonwoo is showing you his reading list on his phone and you’re telling him about a new author you’ve just discovered
  • and he moves his seat so you’re basically shoulder to shoulder, huddled close with your cold cups of coffee
  • and ,,,,, to everyone you look like a couple ,,,,, you guys just don’t notice it hehe
  • but when you look up and see wonwoo’s eyes through his frames, you turn a bit pink and stutter over what you’re saying and he fiddles with his fingers because your eyes met,,,,
  • and when you both decide to go wonwoo shyly asks if you’d like to give him your number,,,,,,to talk about books you know,,,,,,,and you gladly give it
  • and you’re both smiling to yourselves as you walk in opposite directions,,,,,,,,
  • the bookclub demands to know how your first date went the next meeting and you and wonwoo both melt at the word date LOL

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Not related to ts or prinxiety but my parents are calling me "a fat fucking disgrace of a daughter (I'm a smol trans boi) that should never have been born". What do?

oh man, i’m not really good at advice and i’m not sure what your living situation is like but please don’t listen to them they are fucking scum and you deserve better. if you are able to talk to anyone irl about this whether it’s a friend, counselor, anyone, please please do. just please take care of yourself and try not to listen to whatever they tell you, they’re full of shit. 

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the straights after seeing mila and sara on the calendar: wow what pals. just gals being pals haha #friendgoals! lol i bet they're talking about their guy crushes :))) wow i want a girl-FRIEND like that. (I shit you not my best friend said something along these lines and I could not HANDLE)


takes ur best friends hands and clasps them in mine…. honey…. listen….. theyre gay

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(1/2) no but can we talk about the show where they mention lamb skewers for the first time like?? why did yg get all stuttery?? why did jimin ask "what kind of question is this?"? why did jk have to reassure him that it was because of lamb skewers? but most importantly: does jk keep bringing the joke back just to tease yg for getting flustered??

(2/2) heres the link if you haven’t seen it, starts around the 23.10 mark: dailymotion. com/video/x3273qp_eng-150521-bts-jung-joon-young-s-simsimtapa-2-2_music also youre one of my favorite people on this site~


i’ve talked about this moment before with a friend, like it was an innocent question but the way they paused after “we asked jeongguk” and the way they like chuckled before continuing “with suga” and jimin’s “what kind of question is this?” cause they kept pausing and laughing made it seem like they were gonna ask something different from “if you were going to spend a one day vacation with suga” (also the way the members react) and yoongi literally gets so flustered and he literally stutters and then jeongguk’s just like “hyung i wrote the answer that you’re thinking of” and immediately yoongi looks so relieved 

like omg that moment… he was literally stuttering i’ve never seen yoongi react like that before  

but yes i question this all the time jeongguk brings up lamb skewers, like wHY why does he keep bringing it up, what happens when they go that jeongguk never shuts up about it  

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I broke down in front of my mum on the weekend. I ended up saying some stupid things I'd been thinking about and that included some talk about suicide. Yesterday we went to the doctor to get a referral to a psychiatrist and tomorrow I'm seeing him. Mum wants to get antidepressants for me. I need to talk to someone but I feel like my friends and family would just do the pity thing and pat me on the back and send me off with a "well there's nothing I can do" and I don't know who to turn to anymore

First of all, I want you to know that anything you think or feel is not and never is stupid. You are important and everything you say is worth listening to. It sounds like your parents are concerned and just want to help you, which is understandable for any parent who loves their child. Remember they are doing this with the best intentions of what they feel is best for you.

I know you need someone to talk to, so I do believe seeing a professional is the best decision for you. They are there to listen and to help you get through this, that is, if you let them.
Another important thing is you don’t have to take medication if you don’t want to. That’s completely up for you to decide. It’s your choice. (If they start forcing you, demand a different psychiatrist)
So even saying that, taking medication is not a bad thing and could help you immensely. I’ve taken antidepressants when I needed them and there is no shame in doing so. Sometimes there are certain points in your life when you need help, and it’s okay to ask for it. Your mental health is the most important.

I know things are tough right now but I promise you things will get better and you’re going to be okay. Just hang in there ✨

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i got such a beautiful story for u listen ok so,, like,, one day i was being bitter, as always, abt hunk's treatment. and then this beautiful lovely was p much like "yo i so agree hunk's treatment is fucking crap >:/" and i was "!!!!!" bc u know im v passionate abt this issue. and then me and this cool as fuck lovely started talking and now we friends and i fucking love that lovely so much!! i hope they know that :'o they are my bitter bestie and i love them!

wow… melly… this is such a good story thank you…. i can confirm that this bitter bestie of yours loves you very much…. like, as much as hunk and that’s a lot

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rtmi: my friend is going through a really really horrible time and while i was talking to them about it i internally thought "i wish they would end the conversation so i could get back to the movie i was watching". i immediately caught myself and felt bad for it. i've been thinking about it all day. i'm a bad person and i dont know where to start with myself. i'm a mess my dude.

hey don’t feel bad for it, it can be emotionally exhausting to listen to stuff. shit like depression gets you apathetic even when you don’t mean to be. ain’t your fault, doesn’t mean you don’t care about your friend

Hi 🌸
My name’s Giuliana, I’m Italian and I’m 17.
I’m feminist, my interests include reading, tv shows, movies and listening to music (my favourite band is My Chemical Romance). I love all kinds of art, and I’m currently starting to get interested in musicals (tbh at the moment I only know like two of them, Hamilton and Les Mis, but I found out I really like them so I have a to watch list).
I’d like to find some good friends, someone to talk about everything that comes to mind, from the most stupid thing of our day to our interests and more serious things!
I don’t care about your age/gender/sexuality/nationality, but if you are sexist, homophobic, racist and close-minded in general, please don’t talk to me, we would not get along.
My tumblr is breakingathenahale :3


I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me | a Jules Thomas fanmix

01. so who’s scary now? / 02. and I can’t sleep at night, I’m not afraid, I’m terrified / 03. if little girls are made of sugar and spice, I’m made of other things now, they aren’t very nice / 04. I used to pray like God was listening, I used to make my parents proud, I was the glue that kept my friends together, now they don’t talk and we don’t go out / 05. better men have hit their knees and bigger men have died / 06. well nothing hurts and nothing bleeds when the cover’s tucked in tight / 07. you’re scared, and you’re sure that your spine will dissolve, you will fall to the floor / 08. way back then when I hadn’t seen half them things I’d never thought I’d see, become someone I’d never thought I’d be / 09. no one knows that you cry, but you don’t tell anyone that you might not be the golden one, and you’re tied together with a smile, but you’re coming undone / 10. who I am isn’t who I used to be / 11. I called myself survivor, but I did more than just not die / 12. when the fire’s at my feet again, and the vultures all start circling, they’re whispering, “you’re out of time,” but still I rise / 13. this is my fight song, take back my life song, prove I’m all right song

[ L I S T E N ]

How I relate to Hamilton Songs

Me: I am not throwing away my shot
Also me: *throws crippled paper* *misses* Gdi.

Me: *should be doing essay*
Me: John Jay got sick after writing five….
Me: Same.

Me: *looks at Daveed Diggs*

Me: I should listen to other music now….
Me: *looks at Hamilton Soundtrack*
Me: Lord, show me how to say no to this.

Me: *cooking*
Me: I hope that you burn.

Me: *goes on hiatus on roleplay blogs*
Me: *comes back* WHAT DID I MISS

Me: *looks at grades*
Me: B?
Me: I will never be satisfied.

Friend: *talks about basic shit*
Me: *puts hand on her lips*
Me: Lemme offer you some free advice.
Me: Talk less, smile more.

Me: *during Confession*
Priest: What sin have you done, child?
Me: First of all, bear in mind….
Me: Hate the sin, love the sinner.

Friend: *makes stupid decision*
Me: You must be out of your G O D D A M N  M I N D

pidge and lance are the type of friends that will joke around with each other constantly and get into all sorts of trouble together and playfully make fun of each other but they’re also the type of friends who text each other randomly to say “hey did u kno ur great and i love you” and if something is wrong they’re always ready to listen to each other

Platonic fluff meme!


“I know you’ve been feeling down lately, so I thought I’d keep you company for a while.”
“Do you wanna talk about it or should we just snuggle?”
“Listen… I’m here for you.”
“Hey, guess who loves you? It’s me!”
“I love you more than I love [favourite thing].”
“I could hug you all day.”
“Nobody fucks with my friends. Except me. But that’s different.”
“Hey, I bought you something.”
“Hey, I made you something.”
“You did this for me? Thankyou!”
“You’re my friend, I’m not going to leave you.”
“I’m not just here for good days. I’m here for the bad ones, too.”
“They don’t like you because they don’t know you like I do.”
“Don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of it.”
“You’re my favourite person.”
“Have I ever told you how great you are?”
“Do you want to do something together? To take your mind off of it?”
“Look, even my parents love you. You’re amazing.”
“I’m freezing, hold me.”

Humans are weird

Imagine aliens finding out some humans keep plants as friends. Like they interact normal with all other plant life but they have a few special plants that they keep in their room and they name them and talk to them.
“Human Rebecca, why do you require this plant in your sleep quarter? Does provide nourishment?”
“What? No, Sammy’s my friend.”
“It does not appear to being communicating. Is it hurt?”
“He doesn’t talk, K'ran. He just listens. He’s a special plant.”
“It appears like any other plant.”
“Its complicated”

Something I wish Inquisition had given us: the option to just hang out with our friends.

We have friendly rooftop time with Sera and it’s wonderful. But where is my option to spar with Cassandra? To ask Blackwall to teach me woodworking, or Solas to teach me painting? To ask Bull if he wants a drink? To sit in a corner and read with Dorian? To wander Skyhold with Cole looking for hurts to help? To listen to Varric tell a story? To discuss fashion with Vivienne? To play more chess games with Cullen? To have another long balcony talk with Josephine? To pray to the Maker with Leliana if faithful, or to just persuade her to take a five minute break to chat if not?

Non-romantic time spent together. Give it to me.

  • What Otabek Says: I'm fine
  • What He Means: Yuri Plisetsky has the unforgettable eyes of a soilder and I've been in love with him ever since we were kids. I finally got the courage to talk to him and be friends, I can listen to him talk for hours on end. Then he told me davai when I was about to skate and that meant so much to me and then I told him davai and he skated so beautifully I didn't even care that I lost because look at my friend winning gold! Now we visit eachothers homes and listen to music together with red headphones like the red string of fate and he had the most beautiful smile when I tried Katsudon. Also he got this egg, painted my face on it and looks like he is going to eat it and I am blessed~

“ooh touchy touchy.” Cheryl grinned, eying you go into the behind scenes cinema area Jughead worked in. “looks like our Jughead has a lady friend.”


“Jughead stop, talk to me.” Archie said, “Stop avoiding my questions.”

“you’re asking if i have a girlfriend and i said no.” Jughead stated.

“but are you talking to a girl? i had to hear it from Cheryl.” Archie sighed.

“so what if i am? im a teenager i can do teenager things.” he turned and whispered “at least she’s my age.” under his breath. thankfully Archie wasnt listening.


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