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So there’s a Harry Potter AU Victuuri + Durmstrang student Victor Nikiforov trend going on twitter and I hopped onto that bandwagon as soon as I could CUZ I AM TRASH FOR HARRY POTTER AU

Some important terms used by Roleplayers

Muns are the writers, who write back and forth each describing the actions and words of their of the character they have chosen. I’m going to use an imaginary person named Sue as the example of a mun.

Muses are the characters being written about by the muns. Sometimes people prefer to use character to refer to a muse, but muse seems to be the one I see the most often. In this case I’m going to use Spider-man as the muse example.

Threads are the stories written back and forth by two or more muns about their muses. Let’s say Sue has met Paul who has Batman as a muse. They write a thread together, which involves a scenario in which Batman gets bitten by a genetically augmented bat and Spiderman teaches him to use his new abilities.

Canon is the official storyline of a show/film/book series that people pick a character from. So in canon Batman never gets bitten by a bat, and isn’t trained by Spiderman.

AU is short for Alternate Universe. In our example Sue and Paul have created an AU where Batman has actual bat-related powers and fights crime alongside Spiderman.

Verse (or universe) “AUs or places in a timeline where threads which might take place that are common enough on the blog to be established things” thanks to @chieftess-of-the-haladin for commenting this on the original post, I had completely forgotten about this one, and it’s definitely important

Starters are the first post of a thread, which set the scene for the thread. This blog contains sentence starters, which are things muns can send to one another via ask to start a thread with. In this case perhaps Paul sent Sue an ask with “It bit me” which started the entire alternate universe they have that thread in.

OC is short for original character, and these are another type of muse people have. In this case we’re going to use the example of another person named Jude. Jude has created an OC for the Batman universe named Kevin who is a guard at Arkham who often ends up in trouble for some reason or another.

Three person Rp (sometimes called Three-person thread) this is the last one, because now we’re getting into the more complicated things. If Jude, Paul, and Sue got together and all wrote a thread it would be one of these, and it can allow for interesting character development.

Retrace, Remake

crimsiscarlet submitted:

Okay, so, I don’t know if you got my ask, my internet connection has been very messy today, so I’m just gonna give this to you know where I can actually get it to you. 

About them bad endings … http://archiveofourown.org/works/11276193

This… this is legitimately horrifying.  I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.  Holy shit.

BEAUTIFULLY written.  Ten outta ten.  But… good God, now I need something happy!!  This is TERRIFYING!

my friend often asks me for my opinions about guys she’s into, and i’m thinking she actually likes my brutally honest lesbian opinions??
and if ever i comment on a man being gross or inconsiderate or even something as simple as having low standards for cleanliness, all she says is “well he’s a straight guy, what do you expect?”

ah, yes, silly me. i forgot straight men were incapable of being conscientious and thoughtful of literally anything. what a ridiculous concept


the way she said “what kind of god do I serve” 😂

Hey, uh. Don’t demand stuff from me. Especially from my own au’s. Thanks.






Syaoran’s disappointed politeness is the funniest thing to me.


I’m also laughing really hard because the copy of Tsubasa I have in my hands uses the word “Hunde” and I have no idea what that means - but the version here on screen uses the word FUNT. 


Meanwhile I would almost like the name ‘Soldart’ if it didn’t sound like ‘Rondart’ and then immediately ruin my fun time.

my manager is 49 yrs old and will srsly try to have conversations w me abt her sex life and how she’s hooking up w this guy that she strictly refers to as “The Cowboy” and literally every time she tries to rope me n my coworkers into this discussion i srsly start thinking like “you know what? it’s been more then a year since ive engaged in That behavior and i could easily go the rest of my life w/o getting laid, as a precautionary measure to ensure i never fuckin act like that”


This is 

quite possibly 

the funniest thing they have ever done.

I can’t get over it.

This is what I live for.

Wait it got better.

I was right. I wasn’t supposed to live through this chapter.

It’s too much for me to deal with.

So, I wanted to play around a little with my colored pencils, try out some stuff, see how coloring over a light sketch would work out. I also recently discovered that @askgasterfamily ‘s Dr. Bowers is really really really adorable – but also has a really simple body shape and color scheme. So here’s a happy monster with a bow tie and a doctorate! :D

(Shameless self-promotion of my own Gaster ask blog, Ask the Living CORE, goes here. Which I should really get back to drawing responses for. x3; )

In the 70s: The Sari

In my opinion the sari is elegant in a very easy way in this decade. Very no fuss, hardly any pinning, tucking of loose ends etc and just a drape that flows well. The brief blouses hark back to the choli but the matching blouse and light fabric make it of the time and an unobtrusive complement to the sari.

Rather obviously the decade loved prints and textile brands seem to have offered every hue and design.  As Femina copy of the time says, “It’s print that makes a colour come alive, that stamps a character on a fabric.”  Plenty of voiles - which contribute to the easy-breezy, low maintenance look of the time - but also polyesters and cottons.