or like tell me a story of how you confessed

I'll start with a confession of my own...

I’m Sara. Hi! And my blog is about confessions that make me horny.

I have an aunt who is younger than me (I guess my grandparents really like sex :p). When I was a teenager (don’t ask me how old!), I babysat her and we masturbated together. I showed her how to rub her clit and we tasted each other. We still make out from time to time.

That’s one of my favorite stories. Now you tell me yours!

“And it’s like, I’m embarrassed to miss him,” she confessed. “Because everyone expects me to be okay by now. They roll their eyes when I say his name, or tell a story of our time together. So now when I cry, I have to cry in secret. When I hurt, I have no one to tell.” She shook her head, feeling helpless. “They expect me to be okay, and so I hide how much I’m hurting. But I’m not okay. I’m not okay and it’s time someone knew.”

All I could say was, “Then I’m glad you told me.”

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #21

**What did I do? Cleary I enjoy death because I’ve passed away several times while writing this.**

Warnings: smut, language

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Part One | Part Two

“Tell me you want me.”

His lips brushed against yours and you inhaled sharply. “No.” You felt his lips turn up in a smirk and he pursed them, causing his lips to push against yours, “Tell me you want me and I promise it’ll be worth it.” He was standing too close for comfort. You weren’t about to admit to your best friend that you’d fantasized about this very moment several times in the past few days. You’ve heard stories about things like this, people who are supposed to be friends crossing the line into something else. More often than not though, the story was about how they both realized that they were madly in love with each other and finally decided to confess their feelings. This was not that kind of story. This was a story about how your best friend in the whole wide world had caught you masturbating in his room while you waited for him to come home, his name falling from your lips in pleasure-filled pants. This was a story about how instead of shunning you or turning you away, he’d come closer. This was a story about how instead of your own fingers pushing you in to an orgasm, it was his. This was a story about no matter how much you denied it, you really wanted him. Not because you loved him. Not at all. You did love him, but you weren’t in love with him. No, this was about the need to have him make you scream. This was about the insane amount of sex appeal he had that was more than tempting. This was about the fact that regardless of how hard you tried to push away the urges to open your legs to him, you failed.

You brought this on yourself really. 

Jackson had invited you over to his place and when you’d gotten there, he had just gotten out of the shower, body wet and dripping, the towel hanging loosely around his hips. You’d seen him like this numerous times and wasn’t affected by it, not in the slightest. Maybe it was because you were slightly buzzed from the drinks you’d had with your girls, maybe it was the tiny little make out session you had with a stranger in the back of a taxi on your way over to Jackson’s place, maybe it was a combination of all of those things. You weren’t exactly sure what made those deliciously tempting thoughts cross you mind, but what you were sure of was that you wanted to act on every single one. “______, are you going to come in or stand there looking like an idiot?” You snapped to attention, licking your lips and swallowing, hoping that your lustful thoughts weren’t obvious. If they were, Jackson, always the gentleman, didn’t let on. “My bad, I’ve had a little bit to drink.” You replied, hoping he’d take the bait. He knew you were a little spacey when you drank, so it wouldn’t have been that hard to believe. You still stood there in the doorway, like an idiot. He reached out fingers dipping into the neckline of your dress, yanking you inside and shutting the door behind you. “Do you want some water?” He asked you as he padded away on slippered feet. “Yeah.” You choked out. Your mouth was impossibly dry and if you didn’t get some kind of hydration soon, you’d die. Or at least that’s how you felt. He’d brought you a glass and sat down next to you, throwing his arm around the back of the couch. You held on to the glass with both hands, afraid your hands would shake too much if you lifted with one hand. “Since you’re here, you can wash my back for me.” An image of you running your hands along the muscles of his back flashed in your mind. You inhaled, causing the water to go down the wrong way. You choked out a response, hoping to God you wouldn’t die there on the couch. He patted your back, trying to help you out, but it only made things worse. “Stop touching me.” You wheezed. He backed away with his hands up in mock surrender, “I was just trying to help, my bad.” You shoved the mostly empty glass at him and stood up, pulling the bottom of your dress down over your thighs. “You know where the bathroom is, I’ll be in there in a second.” He nodded in the general direction of the bathroom and he left you to walk down the hall by yourself. You hopped up on the sink, several different scenarios flashing in your mind at once. All of which included you on your knees in front of him, taking him as far as you could get him. When he appeared in front of you moments later, it took every ounce of willpower that you had to keep from doing exactly what you’d envisioned. Your mind hadn’t been the same since then.

“________, tell me you want me.” He wasn’t letting this go. If only you’d resisted the ever growing need between your legs, you could have forgone this entire situation and would have been free to lust after him in private. You pushed against his chest, creating a small space between the two of you. “Jackson….you really don’t want to go down this road with me.” He cocked his head to the side gaze flickering down to your chest for a moment, “What makes you think I don’t?” He stepped up to you, and you put your hand up, stopping him from pressing his body against yours. “This….a mistake…we can’t..” You whispered, making no sense whatsoever. “You weren’t thinking it was a mistake the other day when I found you in my room.” He put both hands on either side of your head, trapping you against the wall. You swallowed again, mouth going dry. “We’re friends.” You whispered. “Friends can’t fuck each other?” His voice was impossibly husky sounding in your ear, stirring something deep within your core. “J-Jackson…” You breathed. “_________…” Your name coming from those beautifully full lips when he was standing so close to you was almost too hard to resist. He had you. You wondered if he knew you were weak to your desires. You wondered if he knew just how badly you wanted him to take you. He had to have had an inkling of how much you entertained the idea of the two of you going at it. He’d caught you finger fucking yourself only a few days ago. He had to know. He moved his hands to hold on to your hips, pulling your hips forward. You could feel him straining against his jeans and your legs almost gave out. He lifted your thigh to his hip, holding it there, making his bulge press against your core, “I know you want me, _________. All you have to do is admit it and it’s yours.” He breathed, leaning his forehead against yours. Your mouth fell open as he rolled his hips up, his clothed erection pressing into your core, making you dizzy. “Cop to it and I’ll give you what you want.” 

Was he always this hot? “Tell me you want me.” He kissed you then. Pressing his unbelievably soft lips to yours. Although his lips were soft beyond belief, the kiss was not. It was demanding and desperate, fulfilling but left you wanting more. He pulled away and your lips followed after him as if they had their own will. You licked your lips and opened your eyes slowly. The air between you was thick and hot. You stared him down, the fire in his eyes mirroring your own. Do you admit to everything and finally pass the point of no return? Or do you deny it and miss out on something that could potentially change the course of your friendship forever? 

Your lips turned up in a mischievous smirk, “How will I know you’re not just talk?” Your smirk grew into a smile. He reached out, fingers dipping into the neckline of your t-shirt, pulling you towards his bedroom, “We’ll just have to find out, won’t we?” 

I cannot.

Imagine: How would they confess


“i like you” *looks down embarrassed + shy*

Junhoe would plan his confession somewhere where you two are alone, since you’re the only one who is allowed to see him being flustered and shy. It would probably be at night, when you’re walking home after going out. There would be silence because he actually feels pretty nervous confessing to you. After a short moment of silence, he would directly tell you that he likes you; simple but cute because Junhoe really isn’t the cheesiest person.


“so, do you like me too” *cute/nervous smile*

Hanbin would call you over to listen to one of his songs he was composing recently. At the same time he would tell you the story of the song, how it is about a girl, etc., who is obviously you. After the song he’d have that cute shy smile on his face, making it a little obvious that it’s you who the song is about. Then it’s just him waiting for an answer, nervously looking down and hoping for the best.


“i like you” *laughs*

Bobby is petty honest and brave about most things. If he likes a girl, he would be himself and not act any different. So after a usual “date” or  simple walk with you, he’d just let it happen when he gets the chance to. Which means if it’s the right moment and the right time, he’d spontaneously confess or even kiss you if he feels like you want to as well. After the kiss, he’d quietly whisper that he likes you.


*reads letter about how much he likes you and realizes how cheesy it is*

Donghyuk would want his confession to be perfect and as sweet as possible. He would put a lot of thought into it and out of all the members he would be the person to be a litte cheesy. He would write you a letter, every little detail of his affection towards you included. Along with some sweets or anything you like, he would hand it over to you after taking you out on a date and even read it out loud (though embarrassed) if you want him to.

- moyo

Sister Wanda

Bucky x Reader x (Sister)Wanda

Imagine request: HEEEEY! Soooo.. Um, can you make a onde shot where Bucky and reader are loving each other but they didn’t confess and when Wanda descovered, she tries to make them stay together? (Sorry if wrote something wrong, I am learning English yet)


Warnings: None

Note: Wanda being your best friend would be the besssssst. I switched up the story a bit, if you don’t like it tell me, I’ll write a new one.

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Your P.O.V


Oh how you loved her, she was like a sister.

You guys talked and watched movies and made so many memories. As you got closer, you told her one rule, the rule only about the friendship.

Stay out of your love life.

And she did quite the opposite of that.

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It makes me sick how normalized child abuse is amongst our community. Everybody acts like it’s all a big joke but I don’t find it funny at all when people tell stories about the times they’ve gotten the shit beaten out of them by their parents (their mothers specifically). I’m disgusted with the amount of black folk that genuinely believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with beating their children until they are literally black and blue. Yes, I believe that you should discipline your children but I think that beating your kids with various household items and/or until they’re covered in bruises and welts is fucked up.

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Happy Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day

I’m making this post to say THANK YOU to such amazing people who have the gift of weaving words together and making us feel something over and over again. You’re all awesome, incredible people. Thank you for sharing us your fiction. ❤❤❤❤❤

modestlydreaming she knows how much in love I am with the Wolf Au esp Xiumin but chanyeol’s CONFESSION got me hooked. I love how you actually put the convo as the story telling style & I even praised you for it- I was on anon back then but never anymore.

keypea Sam lead me to you but your TFLN series got me big time! Now potion maker min is casting his spell on me! not to mention those drabbles that always seem to hit me- like always!

duizhangdeluxe rockel yeol brought me here but I’ve found a kindred spirit with love for Kris & plushies! Plus she’s 1 of the most accommodating people there is. I avoid messaging her when it’s night so she won’t stay up late coz of me. She’s that nice!

causekpop I keep trolling her page before but I had to follow her when she had CEO luhan. And she at times write for super junior, how can I not adore her.

cnsarangkiseu how she weaved together separate stories of 12 men that lead you to THE ONE, I will never know. That was one incredible journey that I revisit often.

thereaderwriter I love love love her office Au but Dénouement made me believe that every single one of her creations is something to behold every single time.

peachjuiceglow I was never a kyungsoo stan but she’s making me ponder it otherwise. Between Us got me here. Her unconventional wolf Au hooked me. Plus her stories just keep getting better.

thesammtimes I saved for last since she brought me to most of them. Most appros, my guilty pleasure of romance novels brought me to her Guilty Pleasure page, to her Romance novel and it’s been awesome like forever. You’re still the mother of all evil, Gangster Big Momma & Den mother extraordinaire and constant life ruiner. Awesome!


I used to like school. I wasn’t like the other kids in kindergarten or middle school but I thought it would change once I got to high school. Once I got there I realized that they don’t tell the whole story in history books. Especially African American History. At first, I was very defensive and always wanted to point out the lies. The teacher isn’t even black, he’s Jewish. How can you send another race/ethnicity to teach a culture/ethnicity they know nothing about. People would make me feel inferior and tell me I need to just let it go. But why should let go of something that is apart of me?