or like even


“I dare you to hook up with him.”
“What? The blonde guy?”
“Yes, the blonde guy.”

—  I would do it again by @cuteandtwisted


“You made a mistake.”

@florbe-triz‘s delinquent AU is pretty neat if you ask me.

A very fast finish! And thankfully in time for the eclipse itself– cross your fingers, I may get to drive down to see it in its totality! I’m so excited, it’s going to be a Significant Astronomical Event, and I just live for every possible sort of those. And I’ve got the pattern up, too, for anyone else who’d like to make one. 😊 

goddammit i’ve got the house to myself for the first time in over a month and

with the kids back at school, the H at work, the in-laws who’ve been here since mid-July at last enroute back to their home – I could be writing, or cleaning that disgusting fucking bathroom, or starting The Bold Type or working the fiendishly difficult jigsaw puzzle on the dining room table or day-drinking or masturbating freely and without restraint – but here I am, with y’all, fighting off a spiral. This is my life now. There’s no way out.  

Guys, do you ever just like…Ezra is taller than Colin and that makes me so happy I love tall Credence who finally stands up his full height and Graves just can’t help but look up at him, and love him, and when they kiss he has to tilt his head up and Credence doesn’t even understand how much Percival loves that.

Percival Graves and Credence Barebone admiring everything about one another is my number one kink.

“Come in, the water’s just fine” – Becca 

(preview to an upcoming fanfic ahah)

New to digital and welcoming any and all feedback/critiques :D