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How to Be a Femboy: Starting On the Right Foot

Starting out as a femboy is something that is very easy to make overly complicated. Any closeted femboy who has finally decided to begin dressing more effeminate wants to immediately look as cute, sexy, girly, and beautiful as their hearts desire. You want to spread your wings and take flight. But rushing into something new without experience doesn’t often result in desired success. Becoming a unique and beautiful femboy doesn’t occur over-night. It takes time, experimentation, research, and often plenty of courage. But there are easy ways to start out on a good foot. Here are six basic steps I followed while starting out.
1. “Positive and Realistic Mindset”. The first thing to do, is throw away everything you think you know about femboys. This specifically means common stereotypes. Like having to dress or act like trap. Or you must be gay or bi. Or that you need to be skinny and hairless and in your teens. Etc ya’know. Well all o dat jank, get it out of that adorable little head of yours. Really, just be honestly realistic. You don’t have to do or be anything you don’t want to. You also don’t need to dress like other femboys. In fact you should strive to be unique. Honestly being a femboy isn’t about needing to do things. It’s about being happy. And that’s the real first step. Realizing you are doing this to be happy. Kay?
2. “Incorporate Gender Neutrality” Now once you’ve got a clear and positive mindset, you can move onto the next level; How to change your appearance. This is a very gradual process (Seriously, do not rush it unless you are 1007.2% sure you know what you are doing). The best way to start out is simple. If you have a preferred style or even color, grip onto it. Start incorporating little things into it. Wear more form fitting pants. Try out some baggy sweatshirts. Buy some sock caps. Get some unique shoes. Etc (I should add that you can find all of these things in the “guys section” of about every store). Dress normal. Ease a little androgynous or gender neutral into it. You don’t have to start dressing like a girl right off the bat. In fact you should definitely avoid doing so. At the same time you should do your best to take care of your skin. Daily washing and moisturizing is important. Try growing out your bangs a little too. Just keep your skin, hair, and overall body healthy(I don’t necessarily mean skinny!) and you’re good. Eventually, you should start looking up makeup tutorials. Eyeliner, mascara and a little lip balm is all you really need. Once you’re this far, you should have a decent idea of what you want. Trust your gut. You want to be comfortable.
3. “Get a Public Feel” If you haven’t already, try going out with makeup and gender-neutral-type clothes. This step is important because it boosts confidence and grants you some experience to know what you are going for. Most importantly, it eases you into a feeling of femininity or androgyny in public. Go to the mall or movie theatre on your free time. Have fun! Once you are able to go out like this normally and feel comfortable, you’re ready to move on.
4. “Check Out the Other Half of the Store” Next, try browsing the girls sections of stores. You don’t have to buy or try anything on, but get a feel for it. Look and see what you like and don’t like. Once you feel ready, start trying new things on. This is necessary. Trying something on not only let’s you size it up and check for fit, but it lets you see wether or not it suites you. If you find something you really like, get it. Just walk up to the counter, place it down, be normal, and don’t act like its a big deal. If you’re still nervous, grab a few other plain things to buy it with. They usually won’t say anything about it anyway. And if they do, just go somewhere else. If you are still a little wary of this part, you can simply ask a trusted female friend of yours to buy clothes for you instead. But it’s important that you have enough confidence to buy you’re own clothes. Just remember that you aren’t doing anything wrong. No need to be embarrassed.
5. “Figure Out an Outfit”. Now that you have materials, make a masterpiece.The only stipulation to this step, is that you are aiming to look good. Being a femboy is limited only to the one rule that you dress to look good. Some fashion sense is required. But by now you should be able to match colors and textures nicely. Remember, when you play games like tf2, or bf4, or sumthink, you want you’re loadout to be awesome right? Same thing with an outfit. Make that stuff look sexy-awesome!
6. “Try it out”. The final step is the one that takes the most thought and consideration. By this point, you need to be confident enough to look at least a little feminine in public, browse through and buy girls clothes comfortably, and know what you want to look like. So now’s the moment to let fly. Once you’re absolutely sure you’re ready, toss on that outfit you’ve been dying to wear, put on your best eyeliner, fix your hair up super cute, and walk tall with your head held high. Go somewhere you like and know. Maybe invite a supportive friend. Ignore the occasional stare.Treat yourself to something sweet. Just do what you always do. Be normal. Be yourself. The only thing that’s changed about you is how you look on the outside. And be happy! You’re expressing yourself in one of the most beautiful ways possible. If you can return home feeling comfortable and without a notion of regret in your mind, you did perfect. And you can safely say, that you are now a proud and unique femboy. Remember: patience is virtue, mistakes are fine, doubting yourself is normal and can be overcome, this may take a long time, and all that really matters is that you are happy. And don’t forget, you’ll do great.
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My apologies for it being so late. And long. I tend to ramble. Anywho, I’d like to thank everyone who requested this and reminded me to finish it. Talking to all you sweet little anons out there! Have questions? Ask me! There will definitely be more to come. And remember. You’re awesome-sauce. -(^u ^ -)