or like a simplified version

Apologies for the messy lineart - this is a scan of a pen drawing - but I decided to do a redesign of Eternal Sailor Moon, the uniform that would be palette-swapped for the other Senshi and the Sailor Starlights (because what even was that unattached collar?)

I swapped out the cardboard wings for a cape that would transform into wings (not sure what they’d look like, but probably Queen Serenity’s faerie wings). I also changed the weird ball sleeve things into a fluttery loose layered cap and altered the shape of the skirt as it goes over the hips, because that always bothered me. As well as simplifying the brooch because I kinda liked the idea of wings in place of a bow, I put back the underbust border. I liked the pattern of it so I turned it into a motif. I tried to kinda emulate the patterns on Princess Serenity’s gown.

The more standard Eternal uniform is kinda like a simplified version, and I modified the Stars top to look like it would actually offer some… you know, support. Redesigned the shorts to look a bit more naval/sailory but I mostly kept the gloves and boots as they are because I don’t dislike them that much.

The most significant change, I think, is in the boots of all of them. Pointed toe shoes are uncomfortable at the best of times, but in COMBAT?! Plus lower/thicker heels.

If you’d like to see the coloured version, let me know and I’d be happy to provide!

Awesome sis!. You’re really talented!

Would love to see the coloured version as well!!.

I’m about halfway through Thief now and still really digging it. Referenced some parkour for this lunch time draw!

anonymous asked:

Are there any textbooks that teaches hanzi only? I have many books for grammars, i want to own a textbook that focus on teaching Chinese characters.

I don’t know many the

  • Chineasy: have nice graphics and has over 400 characters. 
  • Remembering Simplified Hanzi [ 1 & 2 ]
  • Remembering Traditional Hanzi  [ 1 & 2 ]: Remembering Hanzi covers 1500 characters in volume 1 and another 1500 characters in volume 2, so there are about 3000 characters. This book has hand-drawn characters in their order of appearance with Chinese pinyin pronunciation at the index page. I have the traditional version so I’m not sure what the contents are like in the simplified version, but I think they are pretty much the same just that one teaches simplified and the other teaches traditional.

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People want simplified versions of things like “sex sells” and if you get more into detail about why the objection of women and infantilizing them *sells*, then you’re just digging too much into it and not allowing everyone else to bask in the ignorance society created for them.