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Glitchtale “Geonocide continues” theory

Ok, so to start off, the “Geonocide continues” or “Gc” theory is going to focus not on how plot progresses, but mainly on “How the game works from programming aspect”.

You may think that Camila wouldnt do something as “Advanced” as that, and you may think something like “Camila is animator, not a programmist DUH”, but let me prove you wrong.

In this case, she has basic knowledge on how game would behave, so lets continue.

Now, lets talk about how the game would behave.

Undertale save works as a text file, that game can read, for example, if you didnt kill papyrus it would look like that (simplified version)

Papyrus killed = 0

And in this case, “0″ means null, he was not killed.

Lets talk about how reset works.

It basically erases current variables all to “0″, but Undertale was programmed to remember some things.

Now, lets see how would it look if you had killed papyrus .

Papyrus killed = 1

And after reset it should have been something like that

Papyrus killed = 0


Yes, but with one exception, it would create ANOTHER variable, so the thing would look like this

Papyrus killed = 0

Papyrus REMEMBERS being killed = 1

And that is basically how undertale behaves.

Same works with routes, and as we know, Frisk had completed every possible route (seing every line of dialogue means beating every neutral version, because of unique Sans’ dialogue at the end), up to the Megalomaniac when they fail to complete Geonocide route.

Now, in healthy condition after resetting it should make save to something like:

Geonocide = 0 

But as we know, after Frisk had escaped they have created first glitch, allowing them to reset mid-battle.

Now, we’ve seen more glitches after resetting, meaning that something went wrong with “Reset” option.

And quickly we can come to conclusion that it didnt reset values, but created two values that cannot co-exist.

for example you can’t have values like

Papyrus killed = 1

Papyrus killed = 0

At the same time, because the game will not know what to do, creating more and more glitches after resets, as resetting adds false variables to the save file.

In Glitchtale, it eventually came to point where ONE MORE false value in save file, will make timeline (in this case save) to erase itself.

At this point in time, we know that we are on hard mode, because in “Yet darker” we saw the file being named “Frisk”

And as it is hard mode, game GAINS the ability to SPAWN objects, for example it can spawn final froggit in ruins.

But what if it can spawn something to fix itself?

As it is spawning more things, it also gains ability to create new “stories”.

The game is smarter than we thought.

What if the game was to create one powerfull being, so that it can fix the game itself?

And you are right, the game did that, and so the game created Betty.

Now, for some of you being like “But it was bravery who created her!”

I need to say one thing, the bravery, twins, and whole story is STILL inside the game, it is still INSIDE the window frame.

Meaning that game could “create” story for Betty to make it look less, well, suspicious?

How would Betty work by then?

Well, Betty would be just a “Eraser tool” to erase every false value to point it was last time the game was ok, and this last time was Geonocide run.

By that, it means that from these two values:

Papyrus killed = 0

Papyrus killed = 1

Betty would have erased “ Papyrus killed = 0 “, leaving him killed as it originally was on the Geonocide route before Frisk decided to glitch.

And what’s the order of killing?

Everything in the game needs to proceed with some sort of “order”.

And get ready for your mind to get blown,

The game thinks we are inside “Pacifist” route, but with Geonocide value, meaning it would take ONLY order we see in Pacifist route, and let Betty kill them by it.


That is right!

We dont get a chance to see anything other in normal pacifist route in game, so the Game itself took the only order it could find.

The core starting point is Frisk, and the nearest ones to stand by them will die first.

For example, Sans And Alphys are standing RIGHT next to frisk, and they died first, the next one in order would be Undyne, but she has the thing.

After some calculations I’ve come to this order:

- Sans

- Alphys

- Undyne (She will loose her whole determination but not die just now)

- Papyrus

- Undyne (Now she dies, no determination =D )

- Toriel/Asgore (it is hard to tell which one)

So as we came to the conclusion,

The villain is the game itself.

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked my theory, and remember, it is ONLY a theory, meaning it can be wrong with some things, or with everything or it can also be 100% accurate!

Feel free to voice that on YouTube, just say that it is MINE theory and put my name on screen and in description of video.

Don’t copy-paste theory, just reblog it.

why do people get to upset about animation memes and act all High and Mighty for hating them or not doing them like i get they can be a bit repetitive but like?? who the fuck cares??

“they’re lazy! they’re just the same animation with different characters!” u realize that’s like. what a lot of animation practices are. right. animation memes are pretty much like the simplified version of walk cycle exercises or working on lip syncing as practice they’re great for learning fluidity and timing and even a lot of the time composition and video editing and colouring. not to mention following guidelines for projects and taking on limitations which in itself can be a huge skill to work on. i get seeing the same meme over and over again might be tiring but get off ur own dick it’s people having fun and gaining actual necessary practice and experience so shut uppppp

I’m about halfway through Thief now and still really digging it. Referenced some parkour for this lunch time draw!


So guys, I did another redesign, and this time it’s Winza Corundum Garnet, Ruby and Sapphire! This Garnet’s colours change from day to night. Also Sapphire’s eye is like staring into the universe now, (Both the close up and the simplified version for animating).

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Here’s an idea I had a couple months ago but forgot to post about! I’ve thought about how the lesbian flag is becoming increasingly popular with lesbians as opposed to the rainbow flag, but I’ve noticed sometimes problems come up due to it’s design. It has 7 colors, and several of the colors are very similar in hue, so people have trouble making merchandise for it, like flags, bracelets, scarfs, hats, and so on. Also, on some pride buttons, the top and button colors get cut off!

So I made these simplified versions! I made one with five bars (like the trans, aro, genderfluid) and one with three (like the sapphic, achillean, genderqueer pan, bi, and ply flags). I just evenly mixed the colors together! 

I personally really like the five colors version! Any thoughts followers?

-Mod Sapphire 

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Hey Ursula >.< I'm trying so hard to learn how paint using my Wacom. I'm using Corel Painter Essentials 5 currently but it's not going so well. I've used paint tool sai before but only as a trial version. Do you have the link to where I could actually buy it or any other program suggestions to paint with >.< preferably under 30 dollas please Thank you for readingggg and for blessing my eyes with your OCs >.<

Hi ^ U ^ thank you! woo getting started with digital programs!
Paint tool Sai is awesome because it’s like a simplified version of Photoshop
you can buy Sai here https://www.systemax.jp/en/sai/  all the way at the bottom
I suggest using PayPal to purchase since the price is in Japanese currency :
it is 5400 Japanese Yen and that comes out to $48.00 USD
so that’s a little over your budget
 buuuuuuuuuuut luckily you have other options!
Photoshop is pretty expensive but you can actually pay monthly like a Netflix sub haha that’s what I do  it’s $9.99 a month and you get the newest version of Ps  and you can get that here  the “photography” option

[Book Review] - McGill Korean 1

You guys, I am very excited to be reviewing this book! I first started learning Korean about seven years ago as a first-year student at McGill University. I loved my Korean classes and was so happy to go to class every day, largely thanks to my awesome professor at the time, 김명희 교수님. Well, we still keep in touch, and today I am reviewing a textbook that she wrote and recently got published! So here are my disclaimers for this review: I received my copy of the book for free, as my professor asked the publisher to send me a copy, but I was in no way contacted by the publishing company to review this, and my professor did not ask me to review it either. Rather, I said that I would review the book and post about it here—before she even offered to send me a free copy; I was set to go out and buy it myself—because I like reviewing books and helping you guys find good study material! I will review this book as objectively as possible!

And now, let’s get into it!

Honestly, I love this book. I have a few little gripes about things here and there, but over all, I think this is a great beginner resource. The book is written for classroom usage, but it is structured and written in a way that is very friendly to self-studiers as well! It’s a thin book at just over 200 pages, but it packs in a large amount of information in that space. Also included are accompanying audio files for the book, which must be downloaded from the publisher’s website.

“McGill Korean 1″ starts with a short intro to Hangul that, blessedly, doesn’t use romanization—sort of. What it uses to represent the sounds of the characters is like a simplified version of IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), and either way, it is only seen on those few first pages and never again in the entire book. That is, you must rely on the audio files to develop an ear for the sounds and use that to guide you. The Hangul intro chapter ends with a listen-and-repeat exercise with a fairly large list of words to get you used to hearing and producing the sounds, and then you’re on your own!

The structure of each chapter is generally: Dialogue, related grammar, dialogue 2, related grammar, exercises, and a vocab list. Some chapters even have three dialogue + related grammar sections. The dialogues read smoothly and have accompanying audio files, and the related grammar—there’s a lot of it—is explained clearly and concisely so that even self-studiers should be able to understand. As for the practice exercises, I was surprised by just how many there are! Especially toward the end of the book, as the grammar gets more complicated, you’ll find chapters with three or more pages of practice problems, ranging from listening exercises to fill-in-the-blank, sentence writing, and more. There is an answer key in the back of the book for when you’re done with the problems.

If I were to gripe about anything about this book, it would be that the large majority of the example sentences that accompany the grammar explanations do not have translations. All of them use grammar and vocab that has already appeared in the book and are fairly simple to understand, but I’m sure some people would like having that translation available to make sure that they’re interpreting the sentence correctly. Of course, in a classroom setting this isn’t a problem as one could simply ask the teacher. 

Overall, this book is an excellent beginner resource! With a large amount of useful grammar, clear grammar explanations, and a lot of practice exercises all laid out in a visually appealing package of bright colors and cute illustrations, “McGill Korean 1″ will get you to a solid high beginner level, enough to have simple daily life conversations with people around you.

Apologies for the messy lineart - this is a scan of a pen drawing - but I decided to do a redesign of Eternal Sailor Moon, the uniform that would be palette-swapped for the other Senshi and the Sailor Starlights (because what even was that unattached collar?)

I swapped out the cardboard wings for a cape that would transform into wings (not sure what they’d look like, but probably Queen Serenity’s faerie wings). I also changed the weird ball sleeve things into a fluttery loose layered cap and altered the shape of the skirt as it goes over the hips, because that always bothered me. As well as simplifying the brooch because I kinda liked the idea of wings in place of a bow, I put back the underbust border. I liked the pattern of it so I turned it into a motif. I tried to kinda emulate the patterns on Princess Serenity’s gown.

The more standard Eternal uniform is kinda like a simplified version, and I modified the Stars top to look like it would actually offer some… you know, support. Redesigned the shorts to look a bit more naval/sailory but I mostly kept the gloves and boots as they are because I don’t dislike them that much.

The most significant change, I think, is in the boots of all of them. Pointed toe shoes are uncomfortable at the best of times, but in COMBAT?! Plus lower/thicker heels.

If you’d like to see the coloured version, let me know and I’d be happy to provide!

Awesome sis!. You’re really talented!

Would love to see the coloured version as well!!.

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How old is old enough to understand trans people? I'm legitimately curious, not implying kids can't understand it, but a 5 year old for instance probably won't.

You’d be surprised. I’m actually sure a five year old could understand it. It’s not a difficult concept for children to grasp at all, people so often underestimate kids. All you say is that sometimes people are born and the doctors say they’re girls or boys, but that they don’t *feel* like girls or boys on the inside, and that’s okay. It’s a simplified version, sure, but I think people don’t give children nearly enough credit. They understand better than adults most of the time.

I’ve already thought on how I’ll explain my unusual situation to Julian. Just that when I was born the doctor thought I was a girl, but I knew on the inside that I was a boy. And that even though I was a boy, I still had what people think of as ‘mommy parts’, and we wanted to have him so much that I grew him in my tummy like other people’s mommy’s do. Simple. When he’s older I can explain the finer details and correct the problematic elements of that description. But it’s simple and I’m sure he’ll understand.

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hey, you answered one of my posts about reading/writing chinese, and you mentioned studying radicals. why is that? (my guess would be for mnemonic purposes and maybe using a chinese dictionary?) thank you!

Hi! Radicals (and just common parts of characters in general) are really helpful for learning to read and write Chinese. Chinese characters are usually constructed with a rhyme and reason, with parts that lend meaning and parts that lend pronunciation. Familiarizing yourself with radicals can sometimes help you guess meanings of new characters while reading and can also help you decide which of a set of similar-looking characters is the correct one to choose.

Let’s take a radical as an example. I like the radical 讠(the simplified version of 訁, which comes from the character 言 yán, meaning “speech” or “words”). Here’s a bunch of characters with that radical:
语 yu3 - language
话 hua4 - speech; dialect
说 shuo1 - to say; to speak
诗 shi1 - poem
讲 jiang3 - to talk
谢 xie4 - to thank
课 ke4 - class; lesson
词 ci2 - word
请 qing3 - please; to invite
读 du2 - to read
讽 feng3 - to satirize
谅 liang4 - to show understanding; to excuse
议 yi4 - to comment on; to discuss
谓 wei4 - to say
谈 tan2 - to discuss
This is by no means an exhaustive list, and some are more of a stretch than others, but see how these characters all have something to do with words or speaking? So knowing some radicals helps associate meaning with an otherwise fairly arbitrary character, and can help you guess at new words when you’re in a pinch.

And the more Chinese characters you get familiar with, the more you’ll find that radicals aren’t the only parts they can share. There are many characters that remain the same with only the radical switched out, changing the meaning but keeping the pronunciation similar or even exactly the same. Let’s take, for example, 里 li3:
理 li3 - logic; to pay attention to/to manage
哩 li - (final modal particle)
厘 li2 - one hundredth; centi-
狸 li2 - fox-like animal
鲤 li3 - carp
锂 li3 - lithium
俚 li3 - rustic
娌 li3 - (used in 妯娌 zhou2 li to mean sisters-in-law)
浬 li3 - nautical mile
So you can take 里 and add different radicals to it and still have it be pronounced like “li” (though sometimes with different tones). This gives you a fair chance at guessing pronunciation when reading new words aloud, and it gives you a familiar base to build from when learning new characters - you don’t really need to “learn how” to write it so much as just remember what parts go together. Occasionally you may come across an exception (for example, 埋 mai2, meaning “to bury”, which sounds nothing like “li”), but generally speaking, you can usually get close.

Of course, this kind of familiarity is something that comes with time, so try not to overwhelm yourself with it. I’m still learning myself and did a fair amount of dictionary-checking while writing this response. Take it a few radicals at a time, and also don’t feel pressured to learn every character you can find with a given radical, especially if you’re using an online dictionary or dictionary app - Some of the characters you find there may be obscure or archaic and won’t be of much use to you.

I hope this helps! Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!

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How do you come up with the old languages? Like for sword and stuff?

Oh boy thank you for asking this

Coming up with languages has always been a hobby of mine, something I love to do. So I hope you don’t mind if I get a little deep into it!

First things first: A language needs letters. Most languages have letters that originally come from the environment. For example, one many people know, the letter A came from oxen. How? let me show you!

Here’s an ox! But that doesn’t look anything like an A, unless you start simplifying.

This is a pretty simplified version of an ox, wouldn’t you say? All you have to do is flip it upside down, and it becomes an A. (Which is what actually happened. The Greek Alpha is just a flipped ox. That’s the weirdest sentence I’ve ever typed)

So for Glyphe specifically, I did the same sort of thing. 

There you have it, the Glyphe alphabet. (The origins, in case you can’t tell, are Bear, Deer, Bird, Fruit, Moon, Feather, Tree, Valley, Snake, Waves, Stick, Foot, Owl)

So that was the origin of the “letters”. Then, I decided that it was far more interesting, rather than just putting the letters in order to make words, to instead combine them together to create words. 

So the above words can be “romanized” into:

Balweg, Glyfvse (actually written in-canon as Glyph), Sowa

I make the words by combining letters with similar meanings. For example, the “bear” letter represents strength, the “owl” represents fear, the “stick” represents pain, and the “bird” represents wildness. Balweg is the Glyphe word for death, combining all of those letters.

So, like, I can make up a word right now. Let’s say I need a word for “Door”. I’ll probably combine “tree” (stability) “foot” (security) and “fruit” (openness). So Door would look something like this:

And it would be romanized sort of like this: “Mirich”.

Whenever I need a new word, I just make it up following these rules. It works pretty well for me! 

(Of course, that’s just Glyphe, which is the language I spent the most time and effort on. Other languages, for example those I just use english letters for, are much simpler)

(PS I’m not a linguist I just like languages)

Thanks so much for the question! As always, if you have any more questions, go right ahead and ask them because I thrive on the attention Triple Star gets

My take on the multiverse theory and how it relates to otherkin/d.

Alternate title: “Why I’m confused about people being upset over doubles but it’s whatever.” This post has more to do with fictionkin since that’s the people I’ve most often seen this with but go ahead and read if you want to.

Disclaimer: This is not an attack or anything, just my own views on how I think things happen, yadda yadda yadda. I can be absolutely horrible sometimes at saying things the way I’m thinking them. Please don’t bite my head off over this, thanks.

Here’s a read more link because of a potentially long post.

Keep reading