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Glitchtale “Geonocide continues” theory

Ok, so to start off, the “Geonocide continues” or “Gc” theory is going to focus not on how plot progresses, but mainly on “How the game works from programming aspect”.

You may think that Camila wouldnt do something as “Advanced” as that, and you may think something like “Camila is animator, not a programmist DUH”, but let me prove you wrong.

In this case, she has basic knowledge on how game would behave, so lets continue.

Now, lets talk about how the game would behave.

Undertale save works as a text file, that game can read, for example, if you didnt kill papyrus it would look like that (simplified version)

Papyrus killed = 0

And in this case, “0″ means null, he was not killed.

Lets talk about how reset works.

It basically erases current variables all to “0″, but Undertale was programmed to remember some things.

Now, lets see how would it look if you had killed papyrus .

Papyrus killed = 1

And after reset it should have been something like that

Papyrus killed = 0


Yes, but with one exception, it would create ANOTHER variable, so the thing would look like this

Papyrus killed = 0

Papyrus REMEMBERS being killed = 1

And that is basically how undertale behaves.

Same works with routes, and as we know, Frisk had completed every possible route (seing every line of dialogue means beating every neutral version, because of unique Sans’ dialogue at the end), up to the Megalomaniac when they fail to complete Geonocide route.

Now, in healthy condition after resetting it should make save to something like:

Geonocide = 0 

But as we know, after Frisk had escaped they have created first glitch, allowing them to reset mid-battle.

Now, we’ve seen more glitches after resetting, meaning that something went wrong with “Reset” option.

And quickly we can come to conclusion that it didnt reset values, but created two values that cannot co-exist.

for example you can’t have values like

Papyrus killed = 1

Papyrus killed = 0

At the same time, because the game will not know what to do, creating more and more glitches after resets, as resetting adds false variables to the save file.

In Glitchtale, it eventually came to point where ONE MORE false value in save file, will make timeline (in this case save) to erase itself.

At this point in time, we know that we are on hard mode, because in “Yet darker” we saw the file being named “Frisk”

And as it is hard mode, game GAINS the ability to SPAWN objects, for example it can spawn final froggit in ruins.

But what if it can spawn something to fix itself?

As it is spawning more things, it also gains ability to create new “stories”.

The game is smarter than we thought.

What if the game was to create one powerfull being, so that it can fix the game itself?

And you are right, the game did that, and so the game created Betty.

Now, for some of you being like “But it was bravery who created her!”

I need to say one thing, the bravery, twins, and whole story is STILL inside the game, it is still INSIDE the window frame.

Meaning that game could “create” story for Betty to make it look less, well, suspicious?

How would Betty work by then?

Well, Betty would be just a “Eraser tool” to erase every false value to point it was last time the game was ok, and this last time was Geonocide run.

By that, it means that from these two values:

Papyrus killed = 0

Papyrus killed = 1

Betty would have erased “ Papyrus killed = 0 “, leaving him killed as it originally was on the Geonocide route before Frisk decided to glitch.

And what’s the order of killing?

Everything in the game needs to proceed with some sort of “order”.

And get ready for your mind to get blown,

The game thinks we are inside “Pacifist” route, but with Geonocide value, meaning it would take ONLY order we see in Pacifist route, and let Betty kill them by it.


That is right!

We dont get a chance to see anything other in normal pacifist route in game, so the Game itself took the only order it could find.

The core starting point is Frisk, and the nearest ones to stand by them will die first.

For example, Sans And Alphys are standing RIGHT next to frisk, and they died first, the next one in order would be Undyne, but she has the thing.

After some calculations I’ve come to this order:

- Sans

- Alphys

- Undyne (She will loose her whole determination but not die just now)

- Papyrus

- Undyne (Now she dies, no determination =D )

- Toriel/Asgore (it is hard to tell which one)

So as we came to the conclusion,

The villain is the game itself.

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked my theory, and remember, it is ONLY a theory, meaning it can be wrong with some things, or with everything or it can also be 100% accurate!

Feel free to voice that on YouTube, just say that it is MINE theory and put my name on screen and in description of video.

Don’t copy-paste theory, just reblog it.


So guys, I did another redesign, and this time it’s Winza Corundum Garnet, Ruby and Sapphire! This Garnet’s colours change from day to night. Also Sapphire’s eye is like staring into the universe now, (Both the close up and the simplified version for animating).

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Apologies for the messy lineart - this is a scan of a pen drawing - but I decided to do a redesign of Eternal Sailor Moon, the uniform that would be palette-swapped for the other Senshi and the Sailor Starlights (because what even was that unattached collar?)

I swapped out the cardboard wings for a cape that would transform into wings (not sure what they’d look like, but probably Queen Serenity’s faerie wings). I also changed the weird ball sleeve things into a fluttery loose layered cap and altered the shape of the skirt as it goes over the hips, because that always bothered me. As well as simplifying the brooch because I kinda liked the idea of wings in place of a bow, I put back the underbust border. I liked the pattern of it so I turned it into a motif. I tried to kinda emulate the patterns on Princess Serenity’s gown.

The more standard Eternal uniform is kinda like a simplified version, and I modified the Stars top to look like it would actually offer some… you know, support. Redesigned the shorts to look a bit more naval/sailory but I mostly kept the gloves and boots as they are because I don’t dislike them that much.

The most significant change, I think, is in the boots of all of them. Pointed toe shoes are uncomfortable at the best of times, but in COMBAT?! Plus lower/thicker heels.

If you’d like to see the coloured version, let me know and I’d be happy to provide!

Awesome sis!. You’re really talented!

Would love to see the coloured version as well!!.

I’m about halfway through Thief now and still really digging it. Referenced some parkour for this lunch time draw!

aspiringpolyglot  asked:

hey, you answered one of my posts about reading/writing chinese, and you mentioned studying radicals. why is that? (my guess would be for mnemonic purposes and maybe using a chinese dictionary?) thank you!

Hi! Radicals (and just common parts of characters in general) are really helpful for learning to read and write Chinese. Chinese characters are usually constructed with a rhyme and reason, with parts that lend meaning and parts that lend pronunciation. Familiarizing yourself with radicals can sometimes help you guess meanings of new characters while reading and can also help you decide which of a set of similar-looking characters is the correct one to choose.

Let’s take a radical as an example. I like the radical 讠(the simplified version of 訁, which comes from the character 言 yán, meaning “speech” or “words”). Here’s a bunch of characters with that radical:
语 yu3 - language
话 hua4 - speech; dialect
说 shuo1 - to say; to speak
诗 shi1 - poem
讲 jiang3 - to talk
谢 xie4 - to thank
课 ke4 - class; lesson
词 ci2 - word
请 qing3 - please; to invite
读 du2 - to read
讽 feng3 - to satirize
谅 liang4 - to show understanding; to excuse
议 yi4 - to comment on; to discuss
谓 wei4 - to say
谈 tan2 - to discuss
This is by no means an exhaustive list, and some are more of a stretch than others, but see how these characters all have something to do with words or speaking? So knowing some radicals helps associate meaning with an otherwise fairly arbitrary character, and can help you guess at new words when you’re in a pinch.

And the more Chinese characters you get familiar with, the more you’ll find that radicals aren’t the only parts they can share. There are many characters that remain the same with only the radical switched out, changing the meaning but keeping the pronunciation similar or even exactly the same. Let’s take, for example, 里 li3:
理 li3 - logic; to pay attention to/to manage
哩 li - (final modal particle)
厘 li2 - one hundredth; centi-
狸 li2 - fox-like animal
鲤 li3 - carp
锂 li3 - lithium
俚 li3 - rustic
娌 li3 - (used in 妯娌 zhou2 li to mean sisters-in-law)
浬 li3 - nautical mile
So you can take 里 and add different radicals to it and still have it be pronounced like “li” (though sometimes with different tones). This gives you a fair chance at guessing pronunciation when reading new words aloud, and it gives you a familiar base to build from when learning new characters - you don’t really need to “learn how” to write it so much as just remember what parts go together. Occasionally you may come across an exception (for example, 埋 mai2, meaning “to bury”, which sounds nothing like “li”), but generally speaking, you can usually get close.

Of course, this kind of familiarity is something that comes with time, so try not to overwhelm yourself with it. I’m still learning myself and did a fair amount of dictionary-checking while writing this response. Take it a few radicals at a time, and also don’t feel pressured to learn every character you can find with a given radical, especially if you’re using an online dictionary or dictionary app - Some of the characters you find there may be obscure or archaic and won’t be of much use to you.

I hope this helps! Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions!

Daredevil 101: Fall from Grace

And we’re back! It’s time for the death of Matt Murdock (again). Also, a lot of 90s-style grimacing. Most importantly, ELEKTRA RETURNS!

Content Warning: Some extremely racist (specifically, anti-black) imagery behind the cut.

When we last left our hero, he had returned to New York, regained his memory, and patched things up with Foggy. And aw, they’re being so cute:


Now up there I mentioned 90s-style grimacing, and I just…I feel like if you’re not familiar with the aesthetic of comics in the 90s nothing can really prepare you, but basically, picture a lot of veins and teeth, flowing hair, everyone wearing armor and wielding two swords and six guns, POUCHES, and very questionable anatomy. This cover is a pretty good example:

No, I cannot explain anything that’s happening here. Just accept that the next few posts are gonna look like this until we round the horn into the late 90s. We’ll get through this. It’ll be okay.

(That art, by the way, is by Scott McDaniel, who is responsible for most of this post. The writer is still D. G. Chichester.)

Despite that cover there’s not a lot of Frank in here, but I do have something behind the cut for the Fratt fans:

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Bonus bonus: it all spirals downwards until it's like a simplified version of D&D but Terezi and Vriska keep doing crazy shit because it's not technically against the rules


Dave: god damn it are we ever going to finish this fucking story it been like 3 and a half weeks

John: im with dave. so far, you two have just been trying to wrap this whole thing up after trapping yourselves into a corner with that bs retcon stuff

Vriska: Well, duh! How else were we supposed to get the good ending if we didn’t fix all of your mist8kes?

Calliope: *sigh* roll for it, and yoU better roll well or i’m melting yoUr brain and ending this early


Everyone but Vriska and Terezi: *sighs*

Jane: When do I get to fight the Batterwitch?

Jake: And when do i get to use my established “hope powers?”

Roxy: when do I get my heart-to-heart with rose?

Dirk: And when are Jake and I going to talk about our issues and resolve our relationship problems?

Calliope: honestly, i don’t fancy that’ll be happening any time soon U_U

Everyone but Terezi and Vriska: FUCK

xiǎo qǐ'é, měi zīzī,
lǚyóu chuān jiàn hēi guàzi,
chū mén wàngle jì kòuzi,
lòuzhe báibái dà dùzi.

The Little Penguin

I like this one, or really I like thinking about a penguin bumbling around. The simplified version isn’t all that different so I just included what changes with the vocab:

  • 企鵝 (企鹅) qî'é - penguin
  • 鵝 (鹅) é -  goose
  • 美滋滋 měizīzī  -  happily, pleased with oneself
  • 滋 zī - to grow, to multiply
  • 旅遊 (旅游) lǚyóu - travel
  • 褂子 guàzi - Chinese-style short jacket
  • 繫 (系) jì / xì - to tie, to button up, to fasten
  • 扣子 kòuzi - knot, button
  • 扣 kòu - to button up, to buckle
  • 露 lòu - to show, to reveal
  • 肚子 dùzi - belly

Also not really any exciting grammar, although heyy there’s a 著~

anonymous asked:

How do you come up with the old languages? Like for sword and stuff?

Oh boy thank you for asking this

Coming up with languages has always been a hobby of mine, something I love to do. So I hope you don’t mind if I get a little deep into it!

First things first: A language needs letters. Most languages have letters that originally come from the environment. For example, one many people know, the letter A came from oxen. How? let me show you!

Here’s an ox! But that doesn’t look anything like an A, unless you start simplifying.

This is a pretty simplified version of an ox, wouldn’t you say? All you have to do is flip it upside down, and it becomes an A. (Which is what actually happened. The Greek Alpha is just a flipped ox. That’s the weirdest sentence I’ve ever typed)

So for Glyphe specifically, I did the same sort of thing. 

There you have it, the Glyphe alphabet. (The origins, in case you can’t tell, are Bear, Deer, Bird, Fruit, Moon, Feather, Tree, Valley, Snake, Waves, Stick, Foot, Owl)

So that was the origin of the “letters”. Then, I decided that it was far more interesting, rather than just putting the letters in order to make words, to instead combine them together to create words. 

So the above words can be “romanized” into:

Balweg, Glyfvse (actually written in-canon as Glyph), Sowa

I make the words by combining letters with similar meanings. For example, the “bear” letter represents strength, the “owl” represents fear, the “stick” represents pain, and the “bird” represents wildness. Balweg is the Glyphe word for death, combining all of those letters.

So, like, I can make up a word right now. Let’s say I need a word for “Door”. I’ll probably combine “tree” (stability) “foot” (security) and “fruit” (openness). So Door would look something like this:

And it would be romanized sort of like this: “Mirich”.

Whenever I need a new word, I just make it up following these rules. It works pretty well for me! 

(Of course, that’s just Glyphe, which is the language I spent the most time and effort on. Other languages, for example those I just use english letters for, are much simpler)

(PS I’m not a linguist I just like languages)

Thanks so much for the question! As always, if you have any more questions, go right ahead and ask them because I thrive on the attention Triple Star gets

dawniel  asked:

i checked your art advice tag but i haven't seen any tutorial on backs (slightly seeing the face?) can you please help once again? thank you very much for helping :))

Honestly I’m still learning how to draw the back myself. We only learned back muscle anatomy in the last few weeks of life drawing, and it’s confusing AS HECK. You obviously don’t need to draw all the muscle groups, depending on the buff-ness of your character. Below is a diagram I drew during class. It’s not super clear so I would highly encourage studying other references. 

Here’s a more simplified version, with the face slightly showing, like you asked: 

Remember to shape everything out first before adding detail!! 

Why the “Bad Ending” of Life is Strange Isn’t That Bad

The Dark Prince: What now then? Gather up enough sand and perform another grand rewind? Or return to the island and travel back to a time he might still be saved? Maybe even save a damsel in distress along the way!

The Prince: No! You are right, I have been like a child: naive and arrogant–always rushing to undo my mistakes. Never facing the consequences of my actions. No more. I accept what I have done, and all it implies.

-Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

I sort of went on a twitter rant on this subject last night, fresh from completing the final episode of Life is Strange. Over the course of the last few months, I’ve experienced one of the most adult, nuanced narratives I’ve ever seen from a video game. It’s really affected the way I think about my own life.

It’s not a game without its flaws. The graphics aren’t the greatest, but the unique art style still makes them pop. Some of the voice acting, especially from secondary characters, sounds weird, and the lip syncing is basically non-existent. Some of the dialogue sounds ridiculous, though to me that’s part of its charm. Objectives are occasionally obscure enough to require a walkthrough. And of course there are some of the usual time travel cliches.

But it’s also a game that confronts topics like abuse, bullying, loss of a parent, abandonment issues, depression, gun safety, slut shaming, teen pregnancy, suicide, and a host of other teen issues without feeling like you’re being preached at. I haven’t been a teenager in over eight years, but the game has reached a large teen audience because of all this. It never feels like an after school special because it lets you make your own choices, and doesn’t clearly define which ones are “good” or “bad.” You make that judgment yourself.

With that in mind, let’s discuss the ending, and the final choice.


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anonymous asked:

Mind if I submit two characters? Ichigo Kurosaki and Edward Elric :)

You got it! And omg, this is going to be fun!~


(First impression) - Wow he has no chill, look at him go. And kicking people when I think they’re robbing me is my new meme. (I was in 5th grade when I started watching Bleach. I remember laughing a lot whenever he flipped his shit.)

(Impression now) - Grumpy ass idiot who doesn’t take two shits from anyone with a heart of gold. Set him off and watch gleefully as he creates chaos just by being himself, mwahaha.

(Favorite moment) - Whether how he met Rukia (that’ll never stop being a fond moment for me) or honestly the whole Invading Soul Society arc. That will never stop being epic and fantastic.


(Unpopular opinion) - I honestly don’t want him paired with anyone. At all. And if I ever did, it would be with Senna from Memories of Nobody cause I am convinced he was developing a crush on her the entire movie. Just, how he seemed almost struck dumb when she first appeared all badass is like an instant crush moment to me. And just, how quickly he grew attached to her, how mournful he was when she died is just, gah.

“I can still hear her voice.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

and the, “If there’s no world, you’ll be gone, too… I don’t want that.  I don’t want you to die instead of me!” Like are you serious. (slaps forehead)

Rukia as his BFF honestly fits better than a romantic relationship, and I cannot for the life of me see how he got paired off to Orihime. I mean, I can understand, but I’ll never be on board with that ship, sorry. Just not my cup of tea.

(Favorite relationship) - Rukia and Ichigo. The dynamics, the bickering, raising each other up when either one of them is sinking into despair. They’re stronger together and are independent beings who don’t use each other as crutches. Helping when they need to, yelling encouragements. This is my ideal friendship, okay? I just love the bond these two share, their quiet understanding that doesn’t have to be spoken. I really really love them.

(Favorite headcanon) - Ichigo and Isshin having an understanding. People seem to want to tear Isshin down or turn him bad, but I just don’t get it. Like, what if Ichigo asked Isshin in the first place to train him after Masaki’s death? Waking him up in the morning enthusiastically by literally attacking Ichigo and improving Ichigo’s reflexes. A measure of their days even, and it’s a part of their routine and Ichigo wears irritation like a protective cloak. Isshin didn’t really raise Ichigo, he’s too independent for that, but they agree that it’s for the better. Ichigo doesn’t like being chained and Isshin helps when Ichigo lets him, doesn’t force his way in and is a steady rock despite his flamboyant antics.

Or just, Ichigo cooking cause Isshin is hopeless at it, though he makes sure Ichigo doesn’t burn himself or slip off his stool. Isshin woks at the clinic, while Ichigo takes care of his sisters and takes them to school or sign up Karin for soccer. Coexisting with each other and doing chores until Yuzu decides she wants to help, eager to unload the workload. Karin grumbles but does the same, hiding her heart and way too similar to Ichigo, which he worries about. Just, Isshin and Ichigo being co-parents.

I really don’t like dissing characters or making them straight-out evil. Characterization that actually fits, understanding motivations and following that line of thought to make them human, not an obstacle or ‘the enemy’ mindset.


(First impression) - His temper is ridiculous and he has an evil streak a mile wide. Sold.

(Impression now) - My role model. I’m actually quite serious. His philosophies and ability to forgive and sympathize with people including beings like the homunculi is astonishing and his determination to keep moving forward despite everything he’s faced and finding all life precious is inspiring. I was in a bad place in middle school, and very bitter about people in general. He gave me hope in the idea that people are worth fighting for, and despite the sinful nature of human beings, there’s a united goodness. That we can overcome our faults, work together, and stand proud. He taught me no matter how bad it looked now, it can get better, and that dying is easy. Life is precious, don’t throw it away.

(Favorite moment) - Without doubt, when he first met human Alphonse at the gate when crossing to get out of Gluttony’s stomach. That was the most incredible thing ever. Kicking down the gates and snarling out to Alphonse to wait for him, that he’ll be back. Fucking amazing.

(Idea for a story) - You do not know how much I would like to see Edward Elric entering in a parallel universe where he doesn’t exist. Alphonse does, and he DID NOT do human transmutation, which’ll cause a lot of grief to Edward cause it means if it weren’t for his pushing, things wouldn’t have happened the way it did, that it really was his fault. And just, creating chaos and taking down the homunculi and meeting Mustang. (Preferable if Edward is older, maybe in his 20′s. AND NO PAIRINGS, PLEASE NO.) I really just want straight up Edward kicking ass and taking names and confusing the hell out of everyone else.

(Unpopular opinion) - Can we just, I don’t know, not do pairing wars? I don’t know if this is unpopular or not. It seems everyone wants to pair Edward with Roy, or Roy with Riza. Like, I honestly just want respect for both pairings? I honestly do not give a crap at all, and actually prefer strict professional relationship with Riza and Roy, respect inbetween them with a history that will bond them together probably their entire lives. And Edward just travelling and bickering with Roy and NOT parental feels. He was his commanding officer, they’ve used each other and are aware of this. Just, being friends who don’t want to admit they’re friends? Seriously, just, no pairings. Nope. What’s wrong with lifelong friendships? Does there have to be a romance? Like, why?

(Favorite relationship) - Ling and Edward. They are the comedy duo and have the best broship to ever exist. I love these two idiots, okay? I really really like Ling’s character and how much it can contrast against Edward’s, yet they still respect and just get each other. They have their own goals, but help one another and start to care about each other’s business when they don’t have to.

(Favorite headcanon) - Edward visiting Ling all the time and horrifying the people of Xing with his crassness and general rudeness towards their emperor. And Ling breaking the hierarchy, NOT marrying multiple people. Ling supporting ALL FACTIONS, creating charities, sending ambassadors to Amestris. Basically, flipping the bird to bullshit traditions that honestly don’t make sense and after having Greed inhabit his soul, his greed has shifted more in the direction of people instead of riches? And Edward helps along, sitting around and complaining about how stupid old counselors are and why don’t you just fire them already? And Ling is just so happy and amused that someone talks back at him. Edward buried in books in the library, always muttering and taking notes and quickly learning the language, much to everyone’s shock.

(It’s Chinese. Do you have any fucking idea how many characters there are? Maybe Ling even creates a simplified version for the common people to learn, like how Koreans did in reality? Seriously, Korean is really really easy to learn and was created for the people. Before that, Koreans used the Chinese writing and it made it difficult for people to take positions and have jobs, only upper class who properly learnt Chinese writing. Rigged system from the start until the King realized this and literally created a whole alphabet just so lower classes can actually have an education.)

Anyway, just, Ling and Edward working together to create a better country that Ling can run, cause Edward just can’t stand how weird monarchy is. He has an urge to fix everything.