or life

I think it hurts the worst when you get your hopes up for something, get them up really high to the point where you think it actually might happen–and then it doesn’t. And you’re left sitting there, under the weight of your disappointment, with concrete in your chest and tears lining your eyes, and what do you do after that? Nothing. All you can seem to do is sit there and listen to the echoing sounds your body makes in all of its emptiness.
—  MC

I want to feel you.
Your words in my breast,
your thoughts in my head,
your breath on my skin,
your laugh in my eyes.
I want to feel you,
your heart,
your soul.
Your body.
Every part of you.
I want to feel you,
your hands.
Every inch of us should blend
like the night sky blends in with the sunrise.
I want to feel your strenght,
when you’re holding me.

I want to feel you.
Every part of you.

—  zx-a
I love talking to you but we should stop. Because you’re always happy and it makes my heart hurt every time you smile at me because you have the best smile I’ve seen in a long time- possibly ever- and the world can’t afford to lose it. But you need to stop because all I can think about when you look at me like you love me is how much I really really don’t want to hurt you and how much I’ll hate myself when I do.