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I'm the one who sent you the V ask. You did a great character analysis and explained it really well. I think that V should not have been killed off. If he survived the secret ends, he could have properly apologised and maybe even Yoosung would have properly forgiven him and come to realise that Rika was not an angel. It would have been interesting. Moreover, would V have sided with Zen and Yoosung in sending Rika to Alaska? Or maybe he would have sided with Jumin and Seven in (1/2)

(2/2) interrogating Rika and finding the full extent of Mint eye’s operations. I really wanted V to forgive himself and move on. Furthermore, I would have loved to see what would have happened with his relationship with Jumin. Jumin would have been angry and even disappointed. I also wanted V and Saeran interaction and Saeran realising that V was not the monster Rika made him out to be. If he were alive, that would have also given us more chances of his route as well. 

(๑ ́ᄇ`๑) I am so not awake for this and I apologize aaaaaaaaaaa

I think if V hadn’t have been killed off, then Rika wouldn’t have realized exactly how she had been taking him for granted and abusing him. His death was the catalyst for her kinda realizing what her actions had led to, and her shock.

If he had stayed alive, then it’s more than likely she wouldn’t have the realizations that she did. She wouldn’t have gotten better for a long time, and V would continue to bend towards her will, even with people trying to tell him what he’s doing was wrong. It would take ages for any progress to be made. He would need therapy, and his relationship with Jumin may fail.

Because Jumin never approved of V acting ‘stupid’. He hates that he won’t get the surgery, he hates that V hides so much stuff, but he loves him so he isn’t as harsh as he usually is until it becomes something like the Christmas DLC.

Jumin…Would probably be very upset with him, and their relationship would need a lot of work…maybe…

As for Saeran….I truly, do not think it would be beneficial for them to interact. While V may not have known the extent of Saeran’s brainwashing/conditioning, once he did find out..We don’t have a lot of evidence that he actively tried to stop it (not that I remember, anyway). He felt guilty, yes. He felt so guilty, but he continued to do what Rika wanted.

Trying to interact with V would mess with Saeran horribly. For one, I really think Saeran saw V as an enemy for a while. Not only because of the ‘traitor’ business, but because Rika loved and adored V (albeit in a very fucked up way). I think in a very unhealthy way, Saeran (in his brainwashed state) loved Rika. Idolized her, wanted her for himself. 

(….I don’t think theres anything, or much supporting that, so thats a big personal hc of mine, so take that with a grain of sand.)

V, on a whole, would def need to stay away from the twins, if he was still alive. Because he fucked them up so much, he helped fuck them up, and I think it would take years until they tried to forgive them, but even then I don’t think they would have too. I wouldn’t blame them if they did.

As for Yoosung, we get a glimpse of what it would be like if V was alive and able to be forgiven, in Yoosung’s own route, but…He would need a lot of time to process that. I think in the real ending he kind of knows that she’s not someone to idolize anymore, but instead opts to be someone she can seek help from. I guess trying to turn the tables? Poor baby is probably stressed as fuck trying to take responsibility for her ;;;;

V being alive, he would just. Not know what to do. He’d want to blame someone, but the events are so confusing he wouldn’t know how to react.

Oh! And…V might side with them to send her away, but we gotta keep in mind RIka wouldn’t be in full shock at this point. She’d probably be very screechy and demanding and acting very uncontrollably. Her world would have been *ruined*, so she would most likely be angry and losing it. So, V would be still wanting to bend to her will, and the others would probably have to forcibly separate them and get him into some sort of therapy before he could make any rational decision. 

…As much as I love him, for the sake of everyone else, it was probably better that he died. Even though it hurt so many people, if he had stayed alive, it would have been much much much worse.