or let me win the lottery

I had to make a phone call I was dreading to discuss an outstanding medical bill and set up a payment plan and the two billing department people I had to talk to were super non-judgmental of how tight my finances were and let me get on a payment plan that will literally take over two years for me to pay off the bill. I’m so grateful they were so understanding and made that awful process a little bit easier.

The day I win a multimillion dollar lottery is the day I fly to Korea and slam millions on CEO Pledis desk and say Let me run this place

Aries & Pisces
  • Pisces, hugging Aries:
  • Aries, surprised: Are you okay? Why are you hugging me, did something happen? Is it my birthday already? No- it's close to your birthday, right? We're March babies right? Did you win the lottery? Or maybe you got a good grade on that history test last week? Or maybe-
  • Pisces, covers Aries' mouth:
  • Pisces: Just shut up Aries and just let me hug you
Random Starters
  • “I may have just drown a fish…”
  • “Wait, how did you manage to do that!?”
  • “Teach me how to douggie.”
  • “I have an idea… Let’s start a twerk team!”
  • “I have some bad news…”
  • “When were you going to tell me you were a vegetarian?”
  • “So, what you’re saying is that we kill everyone?”
  • “How do you tie a knot with a cherry stem?”
  • “I heard a rumor…”
  • “Did you hear!? ____ ended up winning the lottery!”
  • “Well, this sucks.”
  • “And tell me why I agreed to do this?”
  • “What were you thinking!?”
  • “How about no.”
  • “Let’s bake something!”
  • “I challenge you to play children’s card games with me!”
  • “Y-you’re awful!”
  • “Knock it off!”
  • “Stop poking me.”
  • “I will rip out your vocal chords if you don’t stop talking.”
  • “Aw! Look at how cute this is!”
  • “Does this dress make my butt look big?”

heyyyy i was tagged by @beebeecee  (completely willingly i did not convince her to tag me at all), i already did the firsts ones so i’ll answer her questions!

1. What do you call a carbonated beverage like Coca Cola where you’re from?

Its in spanish and we call it gaseosa! 

2. Recommend a song to your followers?

made a post with the lyrics yesterday so i might as well recommend this song 

3. Favourite animal?


4. An interesting fact about yourself?

i love dancing but im not good at it, still i never let that stop me lmao

5. If you had to convince someone to stan your ultimate bias, how would you do it/what would you say?

ur welcome

6. Favourite Block B performance?

I would die for this

7. You win the lottery, what do you do first

Pay all of our debts and then go on vacations with my mom and my sister

8. Best holiday?

i love christmas, i love the food

9. Favourite childhood memory?

going to swim to the river with my family and then going to this bakery to eat bread fresh out of the oven

10. What is your specialty dish/what thing can you make the best?

i cant cook, i would starve to death if i had to cook for myself, the only thing i can make are sandwiches but they are very good sandwiches if i do say so myself

What this picture says to me : Look at the way Sheldon’s eyes are shining. There is pure joy radiating through. He may be nervous, but he isn’t scared. True love casts out all fear, and all that is left behind is anticipation. His eyes lower and take her in, admiring how lovely and virginal she looks. (Just like him.)

He’s glowing, as well. I joked on someone else’s post that he looks like he just won the lotterly. The sweet, gentle way his is gazing at her, like he DID just win the lottery, is so telling of how deep his love is. He is not lying there with a terriied look on his face, or an annoyed look like ‘let’s get this over with’. Not only does he WANT this, he wants to make it good for Amy. He thinks she looks beautiful, and it shows in the proud and serene way he is looking at his Vixen.

And the most important thing to me, is how RELIEVED he looks. This look says thank you for waiting for me to come to my senses. Thank you for waiting for me to figure things out. Thank you for waiting, period. It WASN’T just about sex for you all this time. It was about loving me. Wanting me. Needing me. Now, I realize how much I love, want, and need you too. Thank you for not sleeping with anyone else and sullying what we have. I knew I could trust you. I knew I could trust you with my heart. And now, I want to totally give you mine.

THAT is what this look says to me. Is it December 17th yet?


I whistle, picking up my newspaper. You see, this one is a funny one. It’s not your average newspaper. It’s from tomorrow. I’ve been receiving it for the last ten months and it never disappointed me. Basically, I quit my job and started playing on the stock market and sometimes pick the winning lottery numbers. Amazing live I have, ever since I moved into this fancy, rich neighbourhood.

Crap. The headline.


The picture. It was the house next to mine! Where Stan and Francine live.

I couldn’t let this happen. I couldn’t let Francine die like that. It was just gruesome. So I made my plan.

It was 9 PM and I silently watched as Francine’s car left the driveway. I knew she always left a copy of their keys on one of her bushes, she was always forgetting her keys at home. Checking that I wasn’t being watched, I made my way inside, sitting on the living room, silent. I didn’t even bother to turn the lights off, I knew she forgot to turn them off, always forgetting things, that silly Francine.

Hours passed until I heard a sound. “Wait here…” a voice whispered, as I reached to the front door, able to listen to them. But I was smarter. I had brought my own gun as…

Well, he hadn’t time to move before I fired three shots into his chest.

Francine shrieked in horror, the police arriving not even half an hour later. I tried to reason with them, explain to them what would have happened hadn’t I been there. I even allowed them to cuff me as they agreed to my request, following me into my home.

They didn’t seem too moved as I watched in horror, the newspaper headline reading “MAN BREAKS INTO NEIGHBOUR’S HOME AND OPENS FIRE. ONE DEAD.”

Much in the way you change the channel on TV, imagine changing to a parallel reality where it is inevitable you live or experience your desire. Place importance on what having it now feels like, and remember that you’re creating that frequency in the present. Then let it go and go about your day with the knowing and awareness that you are already in the reality where your desire will come about.

Using this method I have

-Gotten a new way better paying job. I told myself that I’d like to be able to spend money without having to look at my bank account. That’s what I’m experiencing now.

-Won lottery money and raffles. I imagined myself walking from one reality to another where me winning was fact. I don’t care much for raffles or lottery, but knowing I can manifest winning is fun.

-A new dryer. Our dryer has been putting mysterious stains on our clothes and ruining many of my shirts. A neighbor is about to give us one for free.

-At work we have a script to read while on the phone with customers. Customers call in already pissed off ready to cancel accounts with us, and we had this 3 or 4 page script to read when I initially started, which I thought further pissed customers off. I wanted a shorter script that was to the point and didn’t antagonize customers. This past Monday we received a new one page script.

This is a technique I made up inspired by Bashar’s information regarding parallel realities. And also information from Seth/Jane Roberts about how every moment we’re in front of infinite probable realities, and based on our beliefs and frequency, we choose which probabilities to follow moment to moment. Seth says we can consciously choose which probabilities we will bring forward.

There are various techniques out there, and this is one of many that you can use if you choose

[150911] Dino’s Twitter Interaction with Fans

Intro Tweet: Everyone, let’s do #Mansae!!! Dino has come ><

Fan: Dino-ya!!!!!!!! Have you eaten??
DN: Of course, I did~~ *laughs*

Fan: What should I do if I miss Chan-ie.
DN: You can come to fansigns~

Fan: Do you like tea or do you like coffee?
DN: Coffee is very bitter, so tea… *laughs*

Fan: I must win (the lottery to get in) the fansigns. (determined) I must see you in fansign events *cries*
DN: We must see you!!

Fan: Who cut our Dino’s bangs? Why is he this cute!!
DN: *laughs*

Fan: Call me noona once. *cries* I want to hear Chan call me noona, it’s my wish. *cries*
DN: Noona~~~~

Fan: Sometimes, I miss Chan so much, I cry…
DN: I’m now here, so don’t cry. *cries*

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[TRANS] 150311 K-POP! Now “UKISS’ LOVE on This” - If you win the lottery

All: Hello, we are UKISS! Happy White Day!
Eli: Happy birthday, Soohyun!
All: Happy birthday!
SH: Thank you
KS: Please give me presents
SH: Kiseop you..
KV: How old are you?
HN: Aren’t you 27 this year?
SH: This year..after my birthday I’d be 26
KV: *gasp*
HN: That’s in Japan, right?
Eli: In Korea you’d be 27~
SH: Shut up!
HN: You’ll be turning 30 soon!
KS: You’re almost there!
SH: Shut up!! I’m must proceed with the show!
KV: Almost there~
SH: Let me continue!
HN: You’re 30!
SH: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! 
SH: Okay, this week’s topic. If you win the lottery..you know lottery right?
HN: Yes, we know
SH: If you win the lottery, who would you tell about it?
HN: To whom? x 3
SH: Isn’t there a lot? Like your family..
KV: I would tell my members!
SH: Ohhhh
KV: We’ve been working very hard together, so we can..
SH: Travel around the world~
KV: Let’s travel around the world!
SH: Yeahhh
KV: I love traveling
SH: Hoon’s answer would probably be different
HN: I wouldn’t tell anyone
All: What??
SH: You’re awful
HN: That’s not it..
Eli: Because it’s dangerous
HN: It has other meanings
SH: What is it?
HN: Though I wouldn’t tell anyone, I wouldn’t use it all by myself..I’d give the members tons of presents..
KV: Ah presents!?
KS: But when we get the presents we might think, “Wait, where did you get the money from?”
HN: Umm…I would tell you that…I opened a ramen shop..
KV: Such a liar~
SH: You run a ramen shop..
KV: Liar~
HN: Yeah, I’d be telling the members about it that way, and give you guys presents properly as well as all the KISSmes
SH: How about you, Eli?
Eli: I’m the same as Hoon
SH: You wouldn’t say anything
Eli: Yeah. It’s a bit dangerous [to let people know]
SH: People can be very greedy
HN: Yes, true
Eli: So I’d go to the bank alone, get the money, and fly to America *laughs*
KV: Without telling anyone!?
SH: You run away!
Eli: And after I go to America, I will buy plane tickets..
HN: You’ll give them to the members?
Eli: And tell you guys come to America..
SH: Ahh we follow you!
KV: Okay!
SH: Lets go to America!
SH: Everyone, please try to win lotteries
All: This was UKISS! See you next week!