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BLJ May 2008 099_2.jpg by Jeff Marcus

White Demon Joker X reader

We were cruising down the highway leading to Gotham after a full day of business negotiations just down the river. The sun was setting turning the sky an orangish-pink color that seemed to widen your eyes every time you looked to the sky. I let me float out the window being carried up in down by the wind; moving it like the oceans wave. I cast my attention from my lazy hand to J who was staring at the road in front of him- his face resting in his usual scowl, the sunlight seeping into the little pockets that dotted the inside of his eye lighting them up like a fire was burning through them. I kissed him gently on the cheek- the only acknowledgement to it being the tired side smile he shot me. “Baby what’s wrong?” I asked frustrated with how he had been acting. He looked out on the ocean. “Oh nothing kitten, I’m peachy as ever” He laughed but it was fake, something I never thought he could do. “You sure?” I nudged his thigh with my bare foot. A deep growl came from his throat which worried me. “I have been thinking kitten…”

 He moved his head from shoulder to shoulder laughing suddenly. I became a little tense at his words. Was this the part he stuck a gun to my head, pulling the trigger splattering my face all to hell. “Wa-what do you mean honey?” I said innocently. He had stopped laughing and only grunted seeming to be… nervous? He would let out random laughs never looking me directly in the eyes. “Well as you know I am the King of Gotham and naturally…” He erupted into horrible laughter yanking the wheel so the car sped to the side of the road. 

J slammed on the breaks putting the car in park. He looked a me his wide chrome smile staring me in the face. “Look at me doll” he said pulling my attention away from his teeth. “So naturally these peasants need a queen!” He exclaimed hoping up standing steadily on his seat.His pale tattooed hands began digging around in his pockets until he pulled out a little purple box. I gasped. “You want to get married!!” 

He furrowed his non existent eyebrows shushing me loudly. “Now darling don’t spoil anything or daddy’s not going to be happy” I put my hand over my lips remaining quiet for the rest of his speech. He cleared his throat. “Now doll please accept this ring-” he threw the box at me landing roughly in my lap. I giggled until he put his pointed finger over his mouth. “As a token of my eternal… attention. I will be there to protect you as well as tend to your girlish dreams, anything you need I will give. If you accept this you will belong to me and only me, being my partner in crime.” he paused shortly while I was swimming in his words ready to hug him and say yes but he continued on taking out his gun. “If you decline this offer you will be taking the bullet train out of Gotham:” he began laughing. One thing he does well is crack himself up as well as ruin special moments. “So whadda ya say doll?” He smiled at me holding out his hand. I smiled skipping his hands and going straight for his lips. “Yes baby” He laughed at my words shaking his finger at me. “Smart girl.” 

We continued on the road the beautiful sunset before fading into a darker sky. I sat leaning up against J listening to the loud rap he had blaring. I turned it down getting his attention. He hated when I touched the radio. “Did you really think I would turn you down?” He grinned taking his dear sweet time to answer. “Oh no it was all for show dear.” I kissed his cheek rolling my eyes knowing that he may have been genuinely afraid I would turn him down

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