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can’t believe I’m only seeing these now hahaha :(( anyways, I got time to answer so why not? so here we go:

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Last movie I watched: Wonder Woman I think?
Last song I listened to: Mom Jeans album 👌👌
Last book I read: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (still not done yet wheeze)
Last thing I ate: Chicken w/ rice and veg 😬😬
What time period would you want to travel to: idk?? :’u
Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: Christine Caniglia from Be More Chill!!! or maybe gudetama (lazy egg) _(:3 J)L
If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: anywhere but here (woah deyr; but srsly tho)
Current fandom obsession?: Be More Chill is def one of them :3c

not gonna tag anyone but if you guys want to answer, go ahead! 😁😁


GQ Japan: NO MORE IDOL BEHAVIOR feat. Yamamoto Sayaka requested by anon

Lazy Sunday (fluff)

Summary: Hoseok is finally home with you for a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

Count: 652 

 My first fic so please be gentle. Please enjoy!!!


 The two of you lazed around on the couch, his body between your legs and head resting on your stomach. Your fingers danced around in his silky hair just watching him laugh at the show on TV. The boys took a day off to rest their bodies and minds, just to be seven average Joe’s. Hoseok was just milking it!

 All he had done today was whine about how he needed to rest and eat a lot to stay healthy so you had just about had it! But, watching him laugh and cuddle your leg the way he did, you couldn’t help but giggle. Your giggling seemed to distract Hoseok because the show had gone to commercial and it was one of those elderly insurance things that some people groaned over.

 "Oh, what is it sunshine?“ Hobi’s eyes were so innocent and you couldn’t help but blush once they were on you. His chocolate brown eyes made you want to melt and you simply forgot how to breath! 

 "O-oh um n-nothing!” You couldn’t help but laugh at the 23 year old child look at you upside down. He looked like such a puppy dog! You sighed in defeat, “I was just thinking about you…” you mumbled as your finger played with a lock of Hoseok’s hair. The man seemed to hum at your finger and lean for more contact. 

 "Why?“ His voice was as chirpy as always. 

 With his eyes still closed, he dropped is head back onto your stomach and seemed to scoot down so you could feel his breath on your upper thigh. You got chills as his lips pressed against your exposed skin. "Why do you love me so much Y/N?” he asked innocently but his chirp seemed to be gone. 

 You looked down at him, your bottom lip between your teeth as you thought, why DID you love him so much?

 To hell if you knew!? 

What kind of question was that? 

 You were pulled out of your silent panic with chills running down your back from Hobi’s lips on you skin, patiently waiting. 

 "You’re just… everything I’ve ever wanted,“ You finally say.


 "Well,” Hoseok grunted and sat up breaking the painful silence. “You are everything I’ve wanted too!!” he yelled pulling you into his lap all of the sudden. You couldn’t help but squeak at the sudden movements and being showered with kisses before finally resting his chin on your shoulder and receiving small cute pecks on your cheek and chin. 

 "Y/N,“ Hobi says still smiling just looking at your face, "I have to be the luckiest guy in the world. You’re so beautiful and I don’t know why you chose me, but I’m glad you did. I know I haven’t been home a lot, dealing with the group and preparing for our new video, but I just wanted to remind you about how happy you make me and how lucky I feel just to call you mine. Y/N I love you so much, I just want to grow old with you." 

 His words seemed to catch you off guard and you just looked at him, eyes wide. He praised you all of the time and told you how happy you make him but ever since they started practicing a lot more, you heard less of those. You didn’t mind because you knew but just to be here with the "Love of Your Life” after month of going to bed before Hoseok got home and waking up to only a “sorry I had to leave so early, I love you” texts, hearing this made his statement a lot better and he knew that. 

 "I love you, so much,“ You say pulling his head into your chest and holding him there. He couldn’t stop laughing and playfully wiggling to get out of your hold, but you just couldn’t let go of him. 

 Even if you wanted to.

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Lazy Gal’s Guide on How to Create New Study Habits;

1. Have the proper mindset

Positive is what we aim to be but for some people this isn’t a natural trait, especially if you’ve been so behind due to so many bad habits- this can take a toll on your self esteem.You have to make the commitment to change, and then you have to reinforce this DAILY or as much as needed. Choose a mantra and declare that to yourself whenever you feel like you’re slipping back into your old ways. My personal favorite is “You don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for.” Create a list explaining why you are studying and post this somewhere you can see all the time. It’s not going to be easy, and you will have to bully yourself to get the job done, it’s especially hardest at first, which brings me to my second point…

2. Make super, super easy to achieve goals

emphasis on “super” the trick is to just to get started. If you create a goal like I’m gonna study everyday for this whole year- you won’t. I go by this simple rule, that anyone can do. I challenge myself to do it for 1 day, and I make it minimal. Say, study for 1 hour for 1 day. Yes, that attainable. Of course you can do that. The next step is to challenge yourself SLOWLY. Double that and make it for 2 days, then 4, 6, 8, so on. Keep reaching out a little further everyday, but you gotta be…

3. Be very specific

Do not make vague goals like “I’m going to study everyday starting today.” We already covered this, you won’t. You’ll end up failing and harming your self esteem. The trick is to be as specific as possible. Say, I’m going to “Study for 30 minutes daily for 10 days.” or “Study 20 flash cards daily for 8 days.” or “Study at least 5 pages of my Science book daily for 4 days.” Define it to the last detail.

4. Do it as early as possible but be flexible

Go by the belief, “Work hard, then Play hard.” Make yourself earn that “Play” and don’t succumb to distractions like tumblr, video game, facebook, or watching funny videos on the internet. Yes, reading study guides is considered procrastination if it’s taking up useful time that you should be using to study. Challenge yourself to study around 9 AM or earlier if you can, and if you can’t, have a win attitude to not sleep until the job for the day is done. Which brings me to an important factor…

5. Work when you work

Do not half ass studying. Study time is for studying ONLY, not studying and watching a movie or texting or tumblr. Turn it all off. Turn the gadgets off or put it in airplane mode, go to a room where there is no people and distractions like TV or loud noise. Work time is purely for work.And when’s all said and done don’t forget to…

5. Reward Yourself

Yes, life shouldn’t be all work, work, work. Reward yourself with something proportional to the work you finished. If you did a ten day streak, reward yourself with a yummy treat or a tv series marathon. Whatever it is that truly makes you happy. Just don’t make the mistake of rewarding yourself before you accomplish anything. The reward comes after. No work, no reward.