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/lesbianslovelouis(.)tumblr(.)com/post/162174439112/lol-i-get-so-irrationally-angry-when-people-with Can you imagine being this clueless? She literally runs a Louis hate blog and relentlessly mocks and harrasses his precious son. And then she wonders why louies block her!??! Larries truely don't get it.

lol i get so irrationally angry when people with the name louis in their URL have me blocked. 

She is the “Doll Lady”. She’s made jokes about Freddie being hit by cars or dropped by his aunt/uncle. Her harassment over Louis’s baby was so high profile she was giving interviews to TMZ about it. 

In any other fandom everyone would have agreed to block all these non fans years ago. None of this would have been tolerated.

But hey at least now there’s enough real Louies out there blocking some of them that it bothers some of the biggest culprits of this abuse around. Maybe that’s a start.