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Doctor/Nurse/Paramedic (Harry)

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anonymous asked:

So larries pushed back the date,because time is running out and march is ending right??What is it this time??april??If i was a small larrie,i would get a wake up call,because big larries promised,PROMISED that babygate would end in march,but now L negotiated and pushed the date back??Why??Doesn't he want the torture to end already and be with his boyfriend??Bullshit,why big larries have so many followers when they do this time and time again,i will never understand

NO now it’s ending on March 25th which will be the worst day of all our Anti lives because Lottie is apparently doing torturous stuff right now with our feelings, even though I have no idea what she’s doing to hurt us and no Anti I can see has made any comment about her at all, but she’s apparently ruining our entire lives, financially destituting us, and come Friday we’ll all be deleting our accounts and wailing in our tags about the pain Freddie has brought into our lives.


So when that doesn’t happen (again) and the Mayan calendar needs another retooling, they’ll act like everything is fine and in a stasis holding point throughout April (”it’s ended in March but we may not hear about it yet…”) then in May they’ll declare that actually it was going to end in March, because Larries are never wrong and their theories are always gospel, but then Things Changed Behind The Scenes and now there’s a new end date that they’re not sure about yet but which will obviously be soon and eventually by the end of summer many of them will start suggesting it’s gonna end December 31st because they are nothing if not gigantic boring cliches who know their followers will totally sit and wait for another six months of their bullshit because their followers have put up with their failed predictions for over 7 years, and when that passes, we’re back to celebrating our downfall again in March 2018. 

Being a Larrie time traveller must be dull work.


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