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hey guys! i don’t know about you, but around the holidays i usually like to curl up with some hot chocolate and read. so i’ve gathered some fics that are good for those cold winter nights.

** means i haven’t read it, but it came highly recommended 

chestnuts roasting… & all that by elsi_bee 

Louis is apparently the only person at his new job who is single as can be. It’s not a big deal to just tell his new colleagues that he has a boyfriend, right? Until he has to make this imaginary boyfriend magically appear at the office holiday party. Cue fake relationship antics with a certain someone who is more than willing to play along.

my world is filled with cheer (and you) by rbbsbb

They’re all in Secondary school together, and Harry isn’t new to pining. The annual Secret Santa gift exchange is on, though, and when he pulls Louis’ name, Harry decides that he needs to get his boy the best present that he could ever ask for.

(Or, Harry is in love with Louis, his best mate, and is his Secret Santa this year.)

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sounds of you sounds like love
by @sweariwouldnt | 52k

louis can’t sleep. enter a very special youtube channel.

a love story about how something ordinary can become very extraordinary, and how feeling rootless and like you’re drifting can - with a little bit of help from fate - turn out okay.

ficspam(2/?) ↣  Paint Me In A Million Dreams by @greenfeelings;

Harry’s one of Hollywood’s biggest actors, has made a name for himself in prestigious films and lives the life of a superstar. There’s just one thing missing to make it picture-perfect, but the one Harry’s in love with is completely out of reach for him. Enter Louis, one of Hollywood’s biggest actors himself, who just came out of the closet and taps new genres in the industry. When Louis sacks the role Harry auditioned for in Scorsese’s next big film, their irrational feud starts. Who could have guessed it would get even worse when for promo season, their teams decide to present them as a couple for publicity?

In short, Harry’s in love with someone and doesn’t care about dating anyone else, Louis never felt home in L.A., Liam writes love songs for someone he shouldn’t write love songs to, and Niall makes everything better with good food.

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So, you’re telling me that Louis got to fall in love with Harry when he was like this

 And then got to watch him grow into this??

AND also Harry got to fall in love with Louis when he was like this

Then proceeded to watch him grow into this !!

And then above it all, their love has only ever grown stronger as well !!

Monday Fic Rec

Hello! Guess who almost forgot it was Monday again! Anw, enjoy: 

Don’t Bite Your Tongue by Anonymous:

Summary: Louis looked down at Harry’s chest, and… shit. He was wearing a Manchester United shirt.
“You were right.” Harry inhaled through his teeth. “Someone stole your seat. A horrid little Man U fan, at that.”
“Are you seriously not getting up?” Louis laughed humourlessly. “You little shit.”
“You didn’t call me and then you ask me for a favour? Please.”
City and United are competing for the Premiership but, for Louis and Harry, it’s not just the title that hangs in the balance.

Word count: 4,643

evocatio by lapoesieestdanslarue:

Summary: Evocatio; a latin word, referring to the method of how an army would try to tempt out a god or goddess from a city in order to ransack it.

or; Louis is torn between the dead-end life he’d had in Doncaster and left long ago, and his new life in London. Mostly he’s just confused by and halfway in love with the farmer that has long hair and green eyes.

Word count: 13,817

You Can Take Her Place Tonight by inkedlads:

Summary: After Harry got what he wanted, he would never call Louis again. He is just taking the place of his girlfriend tonight but Louis didn’t know that. He thought Harry actually had interest in him.

Louis is a sweet 19 year old omega who happens to be a fan of Harry’s. Harry is a 22 year old rising rockstar, the alpha of every omega’s and even some beta’s dreams.

Louis is going to find out that Harry isn’t everything he is made out to be. Louis’ dreams come true but now he feels like he is living a nightmare instead of a dream.

Word count: 3,018

In My Dark Times by Styles9491:

Summary: “Some things once you’ve loved them become yours forever, and if you try to let them go, they only circle back and return to you. They become a part of who you are… or they destroy you.”

Louis Tomlinson begins college in London after transferring from Doncaster and meets Harry Styles who will change his future. Somehow, he gets caught up in Harry’s world, and soon realizes things aren’t always as they seem.And things aren’t at all what they seem. Harry holds a secret that Louis soon discovers. And Harry’s secret, Darren Johnson, will do anything to keep Harry to himself.

Or the one where Louis moves to London to attend college and he meets Harry, who just happens to be the fuck boy to a well-respected professor.

Word count: 168,283

Your Hands are like Stars by Harry_heUnicorn:

Summary: Louis’ not sure whether Harry ever really noticed how sad he was, but Louis knew. He saw it every time his eyes flickered over to him. The air around him was so delicate and breakable, icy to the touch and acidic in taste.

Two boys, broken and hurting, but clinging on to the world and each other. This is a story of pain and desperation, of hope and an amazing strength to keep on going, to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Word count: 12,013

Your Side of the Bed by stormquotes:

Summary: Louis doesn’t believe in walking out of anyone’s life even when they’ve walked out of his.

Basically, Harry is trying to cope with the loss of his mother and he unwillingly abandons his husband and their family in a time of need. Louis just wants him to come back to bed with him before he can’t feel him anymore.

Word count: 19,641

Brooklyn Saw Me by Anonymous:

Summary: In the cold and unforgiving city of New York, Louis doesn’t have a home and Harry wants to give him one. But as their heartstrings become increasingly intertwined, and the snow continues to fall, home is getting harder and harder to find.

Word count: 28,537

Tiny Little Mouth Kisses by louismodel:

Summary: “Second of all, how do you want to kiss me? Like properly?”

“Erm…” Now it’s Harry’s turn to stutter and be nervous. Louis fights a smile, they’re even now. “Like, you know? When you get angry you look really… um, adorable? Like, ugh, you pout and… oh god, do I really need to say it?” Louis nods. “Oh my god, well, okay, it’s my fault anyway. So, when you’re being pouty, it looks like, oh god, you want to be kissed? Does it even make sense? No, no, it looks like your lips want, need to be kissed. Just a small kiss. Baby kiss. Tiny. Little. Whatever.”

Word count: 11,250

Save Me by Anonymous:

Summary: Without much panic, but with a plan in mine, only hoping it wasn’t a stupid one, he turned around and let his body fall in the water.He yelped loudly to make sure he was heard by the people around the pool, especially Harry, and stayed underwater, counting until ten. The temperature of the water was cool, a very welcome change from the merciless sun he had been under all morning. When the air inside his lungs wasn’t enough anymore, Louis resurfaced, flailing his arms around and pretending his was coughing water.

“Help!” he yelled, putting his natural acting skills in good use for once.

Harry is the new hot lifeguard and Louis decides to fake drown to get closer to him.

Word count: 22,007

Lose Myself in Time by Anonymous:

Summary: When Harry is sixteen years old he works as an intern at his favorite theater in the world nestled up in the mountains of rural Vermont. He takes one look at the older, more mature, Assistant Master Electrician Louis Tomlinson and falls in love. From afar.

Word count: 14,480


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Я всегда думал, что самое сложное - это влюбиться. Найти себя среди миллиардов других людей. Встретиться, узнать друг друга, полюбить.

Думал, что самое важное происходит в самом начале.

Ведь во всех этих пушистых фильмах, которые так обожают девочки, вся история крутится вокруг того, как главные герои влюбляются. Они два часа знакомятся, целуются, ругаются, и как только они становятся парой - фильм заканчивается. Конец истории. Принц целует Белоснежку - конец. Русалочка бежит на корабль Эрика - конец. С самого детства нас учат, что если мы нашли того самого человека, то всё остальное не имеет значения. Что как только мы понимаем, с кем хотим быть - жизнь становится мёдом.

Какой же это бред. Самое тяжёлое в любовной истории совсем не это. Влюбиться - это просто. Любить - ещё проще. Но любить человека так, как он этого заслуживает - одна из самых сложных вещей в мире. Я не знаю правил, мне никто не давал инструкций.

The degradation