or kinda don't


I have my Cindy cosplay y’all, but I never had the opportunity to wear it anywhere and I’m too shy so I threw it on yesterday… kinda. Not in my wig and I’m wearing a shirt..


The Adventure Zone TVtropes page has some weird aversion to Taako and Lup’s last name. I’ve edited it to say “Taako Taaco” and “Lup Taaco” three times now, the last two times I even gave sources, and they keep changing it back within a day. This time I even cited that the wikia and wikipedia pages list his name as such. 

Their reasoning is that “it was said as a joke”, but so was Merle’s middle name?? Like, they said “Merle Hitower Highchurch” exactly once, but that’s definitely canon.

We’ll see how long it lasts this time.

me, currently:

  • running on ~3h of sleep per night
  • abt 8 days left to find a flat
  • should also make 4 different doctor’s appts in that time
  • working on a presentation i have to give in less than 2 weeks
  • mental health deteriorating 
  • dysphoria going nuts
  • back pains so bad i can’t sleep :)))))))
  • ugly skin picking
  • anxiety having a gay ol’ time
  • also some stomach stuff???
  • zero appetite

me, also: heck yes i should definitely study two M.A. degree courses at once what a sane and sensible idea! :)

doctor: have you ever experienced *depression symptom*?

me: … uh…. (don’t make suicide joke don’t make suicide joke for the love of everything that’s holy don’t make a stupid tumblr suicide joke)…. sometimes

we all had that one friend who wasn’t allowed to read books because of their devil religion amiright


in a heartbeat (2017)