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“Kenji is my only coworker besides Jiro. Well, that would change if Fumi gets the job. He’s only in his first year of high school and here he is working. I admire that… Jiro is the shop owner. He’s in his late 30′s and he’s been taking care of this shop for a little over a decade. He’s like a second father to me and Kenji. I guess you could say he’s cool too.”


anon said ‘yumeno being a kid and not being shipped with someone twice his age’ and i doodled these but the ask was already answered so imma post it here

maybe elise-chan shares cupcakes sometimes and they exchange gossip and judge people from the sidelines and yumeno can’t control elise since she’s a manifestation of mori’s ability so that’s good too

now, au where dazai nullified yumeno long enough for yosano to heal kenji’s wounds so nobody could hurt him by pressing against them and therefore he can’t use his ability. yumeno is currently held at the ADA under close surveillance, like kouyou was.

 yumeno with kenji (who can never hold anything against anyone bless him) now that would be different. yumeno does not understand what kenji is saying half the time. kenji is being nice?????? how. why. 

but its good. kinda makes yumeno happy.

just a bit.


I love all of this so much.
Sekizan with his gentle smile, passing to Gion.
Kasuga being a gorgeous fucker
The big boy squad doing heaven knows what
The angst between Ebumi and Matsuo
And Yoshida still having difficulties

Smash or Pass; Bungou Stray Dogs

So, my best friend Kelsey ( @rashomon-kelsey-stein ) and my friend Marcus were playing Smash or Pass with bsd characters. Obviously Jess

(I know it’s long, but it’s worth it, I promise) (✿◠‿◠)

SIDE NOTE: we’re all over the age of 18 (^_<)〜☆

Here are, what I thought were the highlights from this whole conversation:

Dazai fucking Osamu… who wouldn’t smash him amiright ? 

Atsushi Nakajima… was not disappointed with the response tbh

… ded

Poor Kenji

Can you tell that I really love Tanizaki ? Because I do… a lot. My boyfriend. Actual love of my life

My finger slipped. Yass give me some of that Silver Fox bitch


…And this is the point of the conversation where Marcus sent that picture of Kelsey’s boyfriend… to say she was pissed is an understatement.

This was the greatest idea I’ve ever had and I regret nothing. 

anonymous asked:

I think your trademark is the way you draw hair and faces. The former looks really fluffy and it instantly makes me want to pet it! you draw soft but handsome faces, and the eyes are specially lovely (i love them and i tend to stare at that part of your drawings alot lmao). Your art is goals🔪🌹 good job buddy, bless ya -kyburpudu

Aksjdjfk you’re so hella sweet buddy! I draw Kenji too much so I don’t know how to unfloof hair anymore hehe uwu
I didn’t think the eyes would be a thing because I feel like I mess them up most of the time, so it’s really nice to hear they’re lovely! Ur art is goals here tho ily✨💖✨✨