or keep me locked up

okay so i was having thoughts this morning about how i believe that obi-wan was probably t h e best master for anakin under the circumstances (and a few others) and how as much as i hate predestination, if you accept anakin as (one of?) the chosen one(s), then he is fated to bring about the fall of the Jedi - cos you can’t have balance when the lightside outnumbers the darkside by as much as it does. and i started thinking about how what if the universes where obi-wan is his master greatly delays him fucking off to the darkside and bringing about the end of the Order? well, he was all of 23 when that happened, which means in other universes, where obi-wan is not his master, he probably abandons the order much younger than that.

okay, so - an au where.

an au where qui-gon lives. despite reasons why it probably wouldn’t happen, he becomes anakin’s master, obi-wan fucks off to do Knight Things and Grow As His Own Person. anakin has his canonical crisis of faith and great realization that being a jedi is difficult and not actually all that he thought it was going to be. he fucks off from the order - say around the age of fifteen?

qui-gon, despite everything, goes off to hunt him. despite this “betrayal”. after all, anakin is the chosen one, right? so he even goes so far as to call in obi-wan to help him find anakin. meanwhile, anakin is employing every last trick in the book to remain out of reach. he won’t go back - he won’t. he can do more good out there in the galaxy, instead of tied down by the (hostile, tbh) jedi order.

it just so happens that obi-wan finds him. rather than try to arrest him or anything (leaving the order is not a ‘take into custody’ offense, as obi-wan well knows) and actually talks to anakin about the reasons why he’s fucked off. he finds the reasons understandable. besides, becoming a jedi is not being conscripted. anakin has the right to leave if he feels like it. obi-wan tells him that it’s fucking dangerous for a half-trained force sensitive out there in the wild galaxy, but when anakin doesn’t change his mind (because he’s hella stubborn tbh) obi-wan is just like “welp” and lets him go. he tells qui-gon he never found anakin, but that it’s really unreasonable to hunt the kid down for fucking off. it’s another thing that qui-gon and obi-wan don’t see eye-to-eye with.

so that’s that, right? they’ll never see the chosen one again.

but wait, there’s more. So of course the Sith find anakin. he must bring balance to the force. Dooku and Sidious play bad cop/good cop until anakin is firmly under Sidious’ thumb. (presumably, Qui-gon would have found nine hundred different ways to keep anakin away from palpatine, who might even have been the one to plant the idea of running off into anakin’s head on the few times when he was allowed to speak with the kid). anakin goes corrupt, as you do when siths are fucking with your head, and the story proceeds.

here it is, the fall of the jedi order, and order 66.

ymmv what happens to qui-gon. does he live through even this? or is he shot down protecting obi-wan? in either case, obi-wan survives as he tends to, trying to regroup with the rest of the surviving Jedi. of course, you have this wretched sith lord, Darth Vader, hunting them all down. his skill with a blade is unparalleled. no jedi who has faced him has survived.

when he finds them, obi-wan stays back, sacrificing himself to save the others. and yet, to his surprise, darth vader does not kill him. darth vader himself does not understand entirely why, only that once when he was very young, a jedi heard him out and let him go.

he does not let obi-wan go, but neither does his blade fall.

a dog tries to starve itself to prove that it’s hungry.

tw for self harm, suicide etc

i am a walking contradiction. i want to be a man but i love like a woman. i ask you to hit me but i flinch before you do.

ain’t that some shit.

i push you down, press you into the mattress and i’m good, quiet as i guide your knife to my stomach. i don’t say a word as you slice me open. no, that’s a lie. i cry like a bitch. i always cry like a bitch.
i cry in empty bathtubs, on cold floors.
i cry in drugstore aisles, hoping you hear it and praying you ignore it.
i cry thinking about the afterlife as i stare at razorblades and my fingers twitch, itch.

i’m a dreamer, i never said they were good dreams.

everything is a temptation but my cowardice keeps me locked up; a damsel in distress but she doesn’t wanna be saved, she wants to get worse.
i think about pills and sharp metal but all i do is lie in bed. if i did it i’d be the first in the local paper in years, the fame i’d always dreamed of.
sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm

i say i’m burning out, but that’s another lie, candles don’t burn unless you light them and all my matches seem to have gotten wet. (unless i never bought matches in the first place? sounds like me.)

i take my frustrations out on bathroom stall doors and hotel walls and i tell myself i like the pain (i don’t, i don’t, i wish i did). i think i’ve found my capital-letter People but that’s another lie (we really should be keeping track of these) because i’ll never fit in, i’m never enough, can’t even hurt myself right.

x for a kiss i crave but am too afraid to ask of you.
y for my fickle brain and all its questions.
z for nothing. for zero. i’m going to bed to feel it. goodnight my dear. even my poems are wannabes.

I’m sorry that I’m busy // Shawn Mendes

Request: Can you make a fanfic about Shawn & a girl where she goes on tour with Shawn, but she feels them getting distant from each other? She stays on the bus and continues to support him & after awhile (lots of talks between them) they make up?

authors note: I’m not feeling too good about this one but I felt the need to post something since its been a while

This was possibly the most boring job I’d been assigned on the tour yet. Shawn had me unpacking possibly hundreds of boxes filled with his latest album and my job was to check that each one had been signed by him. Then, get this, I had to put them all back. 

I was feeling much like one of his crew members rather than his girlfriend. It had been this way for quite a while though, Shawn doing his thing. Going out with the boys to celebrate after his show and somehow ‘forgetting’ to ask me if I wanted to go as well.

He usually claims that he thought I’d rather stay on the tour bus or in the hotel room. Ever since the San Francisco show where two fans had became a bit too obsessive over me, I’d been banished to the bus.

 I sigh, letting one of the CD’s drop back into the cardboard box and I walk over to the mini lounge, flopping back into the smooth leather. I missed Shawn. My mind wondering to what he might be doing right now. He didn’t say where he was going when he left this morning- just saying that Andrew would find me something to do to pass the time.

By pass the time he meant unpack boxes. 

Having enough of the silence, I grab my phone and ID card that were laying on the coffee table and climb off the bus, heading towards the arena. I nod at the security guard standing by the back entrance as he knew who I was-  he’d been travelling with us from show to show.

The next door however, my ID was checked. I could hear a guitar in the distance and I head straight for one of the gates that lead into the arena. I walk out into one of the top stands- a fairly large stadium layed out below me.

My gaze draws towards a figure on stage. Shawn. I make my way down the stairs and find a seat- on the right side of the stage but close enough that if Shawn looked up he recognize who I was.  

I laugh lightly as Shawn dances around the stage, his head bobbing to the beat. I guess my voice echoed because Shawn’s head snaps up to look at me and his strumming stops.

“Y/n?” He calls and I nod. He shouts something else.

“What?” I call, leaning forward in my seat.

He shouts it again.

“I can’t hear you?” I laugh at his disgruntled expression and he places his guitar on the ground before running off stage. Its a minute before I hear his footsteps trailing down the stairs.

He takes one of the spare seats next to me, his knee brushing my thigh.

“Didn’t know you were here,” Shawn mumbles, leaning forward to kiss my temple.

“Thought I would take a break from CD sorting.” I chuckle, shaking my head in distaste.

“So that’s what Andrew had you doing,” He chuckles, chucking an arm over my shoulders yet his gaze stays locked on his guitar on stage- as if he was guarding it.

“Yeah, hey listen I was thinking.” I pause and Shawn slowly looks away to meet my eyes. “Do you want to do something? Maybe go get some lunch or we could go to the park?” I ask, smiling at the prospect of spending time with my boyfriend. He’d been so focused on shows recently that I’d barely seen him the past couple weeks.

“You know I can’t.” He dismisses me, a frown on his face.

“What? Why not?” I ask, eyes widening in surprise.

“I have a lot to do here, besides I’m sure you can find something else to-”

“Don’t you dare tell me to find something else to do.” I move to stand up, his arm falling from my shoulders.

“I’m sorry I can’t spend every second with you Y/n. I’m a busy guy.” his tone is clipped and I feel my anger burn.

“I’m not asking to spend every second with you Shawn.” I snap, shuffling out the isle and back up the stairs. He gets up and follows.

“No need to walk away like this.” He calls and I spin around to face him.

“You don’t even understand do you Shawn?” I shout, my frustration spilling over.

“Understand what?” He growls, fists clenching.

“I’m not some dog that you can leave at home and will still show you love and attention, no matter what, when you arrive back.” I glare daggers at him. “I don’t want to be on the bus 24/7 packing and unpacking CD’s because that’s all Andrew’s got for me to do.” 

He scrunches his eyebrows, confusion written on his face.

“I want to be with you and see what you do.” My tone is so desperate that I sound like I’m whining. I hate that I’m like this in front of him but I was so sick of being treated this way.

“I’m not trying to sound like a kid Shawn but I’m bored. You really wanted me to come on tour with you but now that I’m here, I feel like I’m being tucked away into a small corner and not allowed out.”

“I’ve asked you to go out with the boys and I.” Shawn retorts and I roll my eyes.

“Yeah, the first night, ever since then you barely tell me anything.”

“I’m sorry that I’m busy.” 

I sigh, turning away from him. I reach the top stair when his hand wraps around my arm, tugging me back to look at him.

“What do you want me to do?” He asks, begging me to tell him something to fix the brewing fight. Shawn hated conflict between us and within the two years that we’d been dating, this was maybe our 3rd or 4th major fight.

“Let me come to your show tonight.” I say outright, no hesitation. 

“No.” Shawn says, no hesitation.

“What do you mean no?” I yank my hand out of his vice like grip, my glare returning.

“I don’t want you there tonight.” My jaw drops and I stare at him in disbelief.


“The fans are being particularly sensitive right now and I just want them to have a good time.” He shrugs his shoulders, not seeming to realise he just dug himself his own grave.

“They’ve had two years to get used to us Shawn.” I frown, crossing my arms over my chest. 

“Some are still upset over it.” He defends, eyes narrowing at me.

“So you’d keep your own girlfriend locked up just to keep a few thousand of girls happy?” 

“I’m not locking you up Y/n. Its just the tour bus.” he says with a faint smile as if he was trying to make me feel better.

“Forget it Shawn. I’ll just go back to the bus. Or maybe not, maybe I’ll just go home.”  His face pales. 

“I don’t want you to go home.” he rushes to say, tripping up the stairs to follow me as I make my way back out the arena.

“Make up your mind Shawn. One minute you don’t want me here and the next you do.”

“I want you here but I don’t want the fans to see you. They get upset- like those girls from San Francisco.” Shawn’s voice argues from behind me but I keep my pace firm, always a couple steps ahead.

“First off Shawn,” I call back to him. “You are always going to have fans around you so if you don’t want fans to see me then we might as well break up because there is no way I’m doing a secret relationship.”

“You don’t mean that?” Shawn’s voice cracks and I stop and face him.

“Secondly, the fans in San Francisco weren’t upset by us. They were asking questions about us and I answered them. They got hysterical because they found us cute. Shawn, they cried because we were cute, alright?” My anger seeps through my words.

He freezes. I cannot almost see my words turning over in his head.

“Why didn’t you tell me that?” He accuses, his own anger coming to the table. 

“You never gave me a chance- just shoved me on the bus and we never spoke of it again.” 

“Y/n,” he whispers, reaching out for my hand. I hold his gaze for a moment, watching the anger disappear until his eyes are the warm brown color I love again. I put my hand in his.

“I’m sorry I didn’t let you explain.” I’m tugged into his arms, my head buried into the crook of his neck. I sigh softly, letting his hands trace soothing patterns on my back and sure enough, my anger is gone as well.

“I forgive you.” I whisper, wrapping my arms around his waist.

“I thought they were upset and I thought you were upset. I thought it was best if you and the fans just took some time apart.” He kisses my forehead softly.

“I love that you tried to protect us Shawn, but you should have asked what happened.” I tell him softly, not wanting to provoke another fight.

“I’m also sorry that I left you alone unpacking CD’s all day.” He chuckles slightly.

“I’m not forgiving you for that, that was torture.” Shawn laughs, pulling back to place a kiss on my lips before slinging his arm over my shoulder and leading me out the door. 

“So about that lunch date..” He trails off grinning at me.

“Sounds like a plan.” I smile back, leaning into his embrace. Its a few moments of a comfortable silence, the bakery only a couple blocks away from the stadium, when Shawn breaks the quietness.

“What did you tell them that made them cry?”

Anonymous said:Hello love!:) I was wondering if you could possibly do a “dating Caius would include…”? Please, if it’s not to much trouble

A/N: Heya, lovely. :) Of course I’ll do this for you! :) I’m sorry if it’s not the best, I haven’t done ‘would include’ imagines for a little bit. So I’ll do the best of my ability. :) I hope that you enjoy this nevertheless, lovely! :3

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Caius Volturi would include:

- You ultimately having to be a vampire.

- Being Caius’s mate.

- Being heavily protected in the Volturi at all times.

- Caius being completely and utterly in love with you. (and vice versa)

- Being the only one who is capable of cheering up Caius’s perpetually angry mood.

- Teaching Caius to be softer.

- “This is useless, (Y/N)!” he would shout.

- “You’re stubborn and pessimistic… Great combo.” you’d mutter.

- Being the only one to get away with nearly anything when it comes to Caius. (But as long as you don’t break laws, that’s chill).

- Dealing with the fact that your mate is a sadistic blood thirsty manipulative vampire. (he’s not manipulative to you).

- Caius telling you about his hatred for werewolves and how he almost hunted them to extinction.

- You actually being a peaceful person, which most of the time aggravates Caius.

- “You’re just like Carlisle! Next thing you know, she’ll be drinking from Bambi’s neck!

- “Take it easy, brother. I wouldn’t aggravate her too much with insults…” Aro would warn Caius.

- You being one of the most talented and gifted vampires of all existence.

- Caius loving your gift so much so that he makes you collaborate with Jane to torture vampires whom have broken the law.

- Really loud and hot sex.

- Caius getting jealous incredibly easily.

- “Can you like chill for five minutes?

- “No! I will not chill for five minutes!

- Often sitting on Caius’s lap whilst he sits on his throne.

- Caius doing anything and everything to protect you.

- “I will never let anybody ruin even one strand of hair on you. Do you understand me, my love? Nothing is ever going to hurt you.”

- Getting Caius on a certain level that nobody else does.

- “Why do I love him? Because beneath all of the sadistic facade, he’s got something in him that I love. Call me foolish if you must, but I’ll never leave him.

- Actually putting a smile on Caius’s face, which is incredibly rare.

- Marcus suddenly being a little more lively since your relationship with Caius reminds him of his own with Didyme.

- Caius wanting Chelsea to keep you loyal to him because he’s actually insecure and paranoid.

- “You keep me locked up within a tower and I have the most powerful gift of all, and you still do this?

- “It’s just precautions.

- “After all of this time, Caius, aren’t you tired of taking these ridiculous precautions?

- “Don’t argue with me, (Y/N).

- Standing by Caius no matter what.

- In the end, Caius reveals that he’s so protective of you because he can’t lose you.

- “The fear of losing you is too great. I can’t afford to let the love of my being, my eternity to perish. You’re absolutely everything to me, and I want nothing to happen to you…

- Caius treating you like a queen.

- Being vampire royalty.

- Sweet small kisses in public.

- Long deep passionate kisses behind closed walls.

- The two of you always feeding together and being eager for it.

- Being total opposites but being perfect for each other.

Please keep requesting imagines! If you like it, please follow more.

He would stalk me for a couple weeks. Then eventually would make contact and kidnap me. He’d lock me up in his sewers and keep me caged with a bed and other pretty trinkets and books he finds through out Derry and steal food to keep me fed. Eventually he’d work me in to mating after revealing his intentions and keep me trapped as his and only his.

For The Pack; Part Two

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Roman Reigns/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Who’s thirsty?! I’ve missed you guys! Tagging @toxiicpop, @oraclegazes, KING CAPTAIN @hardcorewwetrash and the leading authority on A/B/O, @writergrrrl29. Enjoy!

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Apologies; H.S.

I hear his laugh resonating through the room and immediately, without a second thought, my eyes try to locate him. It’s been a while, a few months, since we had last seen or spoken one another. Another man’s arm is draped over my waist as he guides me through the mass of people. We’ve been together for a few weeks, but it never had felt the same as if it were Harry. They always warned me you would never forget your first love.

I think I’m staying in this dreading relationship out of comfort. I don’t like being alone and when I’m occupied, my mind can’t wander towards the thing I desired most. I know he would be here tonight, I just hoped, with all my heart, that I could avoid him.

“Y/n!” My name sounds out of a familiar mouth and I relocate my gaze – away from searching Harry – to the man in front of me. “Oh! Niall. Hi love. How are you?” I’m glad to see a familiar face that I actually like – more like adore – and casually throw my arms around his neck for a friendly hug.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you! What have you been up to?” Niall smiles but I notice his gaze flicker to the male beside me and I can see the small hint of disappointment. He’s not alone.

“Nothing much. Trying to pick up life again.” I shrug my shoulders as I step away from my date for the evening and take a step towards Niall. I turn us so I have a clear view of the remainder of the room as Niall merely stares at me.

“You should talk to him babe. I’m sure he’d like that. He’s here, you know?” Niall, on cue, turns around to try and locate one of his former-bandmembers but he sighs when he can’t spot Harry in this instant. “I have noticed already, yes.” I reciprocate, my own gaze floating over the many heads present tonight to hope and see that brown mop of hair I loved threading my fingers through.

“Between you and I,” he starts and leans in at the same time, his lips lightly brushing my ear, “I’m sure you could fix this.” Niall keeps hovering there, awaiting my response and I can’t help to let my eyes flicker. If he saw, Niall would have a black eye. When I see he is preoccupied with some of his mates, I refocus back on the void in front of me.

“Promises are broken like a stitch is. Something Harry once told me.” I whisper in return, blinking slowly when I see his frame appear behind Niall’s, in the distance. He motions to a secluded place in the back of room and I can already feel my cheeks heating when I think back about all the things we’d sneakily do during these parties.

“I’m sorry Niall, I have something I need to do.” I squeeze his biceps as I grant him a bright, genuine smile before turning to my date for the evening. I tap him on the shoulder and hurriedly mumble that I need to freshen up and bolt away.

Harry has already disappeared behind the curtain and when I slip through also, I see there’s a small, secluded hallway. “Are we allowed here?”
“Probably not. But that means we can’t be disturbed. Y/n, I need to talk to you.” Harry steps closer, causing me to take a step back.

“Haven’t you already said everything that had to be said?” I remember every word that slipped past his lips the night he told me this, we, wouldn’t work out. They resonate through my mind over and over again. “I know I’m selfish. But I don’t ever want to see you with him.” Harry takes another step, and this time I don’t back down.

“Harry, I – you were the one that ended this. I can’t keep locking myself up forever. Do you expect me to reserve myself for you when you decide you’ve made the wrong decision?” I throw my hands up in exasperation, shaking my head. He can’t expect me to be okay with this. I haven’t heard from him, I’ve decided it was time to move on – if you can call it that – and there he is.

“I’ve thought about this for a long time, Y/n. And I’m sure of it. He’s right where I should be.” Harry casts his eyes towards the floor, his hands jammed in his pockets. He seems defeated, empty almost, and I want to reach out and hug him close to my chest. Even though I desperate want so, I need to hang onto that thread of self-worth I still possess for the time being.

“Isn’t that something you could’ve figured out months ago? You have absolutely no idea what I have been through.” My voice cracks in the middle of my sentence and I sniff loudly. I’m blinking feverishly to keep possible tears at bay as I turn a quarter, away from Harry’s penetrating gaze.

“Apologies are never going to fix this, right?” Harry steps closer and closer until he has cornered me against the wall. I feel my resentment toward him crumbling and I can’t help but reach out for him, to lay my hand on his chest. His heart beats rapidly underneath his clothing, causing me to press my hand even harder against his chest. I take a few moments to recollect my thoughts. Him saying these words to me is everything I’ve lulled myself to sleep with.

“I – I don’t know. I can’t stop thinking about you but that doesn’t mean it’s all good thoughts either.” As I speak the words to keep him at bay, my fingers have curled around his blazer and I’m pulling him closer and closer until our chests are touching.

“Don’t tempt me, Y/n.” It may not be a good idea, but I have made my decision.

“I’m not tempting you, I’m inviting you.” With my last words spoken, I close the small gap between us and press my lips upon his. His arms immediately encircle my waist and my hands cup his neck as I let his kiss guide me home. “Please give me another chance, Y/n.” Harry mumbles against my lips as his hand slowly inches down and he cups my bum, forcing me to lift my leg up and hitch it around his hips.

I don’t say anything, instead I try to kiss him again. He lets me, but only for a short while before he breaks our lips apart again. “One date. Please.
“One date.” I mumble in return, very well knowing that I’m back in as deep as I were the first time Harry had requested one date. His fingers circle around my wrist and he pulls me out of the door, away from the party.

“Harry I – I came here with someone.” I stop him in his tracks, guilt taking over my body as I think about how I am what I never wanted to become. Harry’s smile fades in a split second before he averts his gaze from mine. “Were you serious?”

“I – uhm, I guess not.” I give a light tug on Harry’s arm to grab his attention. A frown forms on my features before I roll my eyes dramatically. “As if you don’t know you’re the only one, Harry. Come on.” It immediately pulls the bright grin back on his lips as he pulls me toward him so swiftly I bump into his chest. “God woman, how I love you.”

Worlds Away - Ch 1

Originally posted by itschiminie

Pairing: Reader x Jimin

Genre: Online Dating!AU (Fluff, Angst, Smut)

Word Count: 3.5k

Plot: You met Jimin through your favorite online video game. Finding out that he lived on the other side of the world from you. You both quickly fell for each other, and dealt with the issues that come with online dating. Although, some temptations are too hard to turn away. Especially when your significant other is nowhere near.

You bust through the door of your apartment, if you had swung the door open any harder in your haste you would have torn it off it’s hinges. You threw your keys and bag on the floor in the entryway, and made a beeline for your desk where your laptop had been sitting. 

As you waited for your laptop to awaken, you checked your appearance briefly. Making yourself look as presentable as possible after a long day at work.

You mindlessly drummed your fingers on the desk as the butterflies in your stomach became relentless. You heard the whoosh of Skype opening through the speakers on your laptop and immediately sat up straight, excitement of seeing your long time boyfriend for the first time in a week.

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Exotic part 1


Pairing: Bucky x siren!reader, Steve x siren!reader and Tony x siren!reader

Warnings: Talk of rape, sexual activities

Word count: 1.5k

Summary: 5 years later, you and Tony have a fling and Steve asks you to go to Wakanda with him.


Series masterlist can be found here

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Is Chris Pratt a feedee??? Because he seems well fed lately

The actor was spotted in Hawaii sporting a noticeable belly

Chris Pratt was spotted in Hawaii looking very different as we all remember him from his recent movies. His abs are gone and instead he got a firm and round belly. Seems that he’s not returning to old Chris fat all over, he got the beefy look (a ball gut with a muscled frame).

Is well known that his body transformation from fat to fit strengthened his career in Hollywood, but also that his wife Anna Faris prefers her “fat husband” as he has stated. Chris Pratt once said about his wife “She likes abs, but she likes her fat husband better, because she gets to feed him”, and then he went further “She’s a feeder and she wants to keep me locked up in the bedroom all fat and eating Kentucky Fried Chicken.” Seems like their rest includes feeding sessions and even force feeding sessions, that’d explain Chris Pratt’s bloated belly and his face expression, seems that he has escaped from Anna and he’s watching her to gain some time to digest before she traps him and she continues feeding him no matter how full Chris’s belly is.

Chris Pratt previous body transformation.

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Come Back Home- Clint Barton

Clint Barton x Daughter!Reader

Summary: After months and months of fighting, you finally made the decision to leave the Barton household. As it turns out, the two of you need each other and can’t function without peace of mind. But when circumstances arise, will you be able to make it back home?

Warnings: angst, running away from home, kidnapping

WC: 1,124

2 | 3 | 4Masterlist

17 years.

That’s how long you’ve lived with your father, Clint, on his farm. Away from everyone else, away from the action.

He always kept you away from harm and danger, but ever since you entered high school, it has escalated to a whole other level.

It wasn’t long until fights began to break out between the two of you. With him always gone, you never knew when, or even if, he would make it back alive.

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2p Allies&  2p Axis x (s/o):Mommy and Daddy

2p Allies:

2p America: “YOU LET THAT FUCKER IN OUR HOUSE?!”, Allen furiously threw stuff around as (s/o), his wife stood there crying.Their dead neighbor laid on the floor, his head had cracked open by a big hit they got on the head.That injury was made by Allen who threw his bat aside as he glared at (s/o).His wife, the women expecting his child. “ANSWER ME!”, he slammed a vase at the wall as (s/o) jumped a bit and looked down at the ground.He watch her breathe harshly, as his gaze slowly look down at her big tummy, his child was soon to be born.Only 7 months.He sighed as he pinch the tip of his nose. “Doll face, come over here”,when he spoke those words she  hesitated to come towards him as she was few inches from him.He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to a hug, she felt tears go down her face as she broke down. “Sssssssshhh I’m sorry doll.I didn’t mean to yell but you know when you’re trying to leave with someone.It’s just no good doll.”He rubbed her stomach as he grin to feel little kicks, causing (s/o) to stop crying and moan a bit by the kicks the little one was giving her. “Now let’s get you back to our room”,Allen carried her back upstairs, leading to their bedroom.His eyes trail to the chain that have been unlock, he tsk and laid her in bed as he grabbed the chain and locked it in her ankle as he look around to see the key, picking it up and looking at it. “….why”, he looked at (s/o) who had fear in her eyes. “Aww doll don’t look at me like that, you know how much I love you babe.”He put the key in his pocket as he lean towards her and gave her a kiss in the forehead. “You know babe, if I would of lost you I think I would have gone mad, but luckily I didn’t and now we will be a happy family.You my beautiful wife, and the best thing you could have gave me, being a dad.~”

2p England: “Oh deary, I made you another batch of cupcakes”, Oliver walked towards (s/o) who sat in a wheelchair.She was staring outside as she watch the wind blow the leaves of the tree. “Poppet, I know how you been craving for sweets, just try one dear”, he insisted as (s/o) didn’t move.She was in a frozen state.She felt pain in her back, as she found out she was soon to give birth to twin boys.Oliver placed the tray next to a small table, he was happy really.He never expected to have a family but (s/o) had gave him the best thing.He got to his knees as he laid his head on her legs as she slowly move her head. “P-please”, (s/o) trembled a bit as she wrap one of her hand in her stomach. “Take the c-cuffs of m-me”, he felt the tears drop on his face as he shook his head. “You know I can’t poppet, I need to keep you and the little ones safe. “Oliver pl- she was cut of by Oliver showing her a cupcake, he grin as he tried to move the conversation to another subject. “Eat up dear”, Oliver wanted her to eat, but she will not give in. “N-no….I-im not h-hungry”, she clutch on her stomach as Oliver insisted her more. “OLIVER!PLEASE!I DON’T LIKE IT HERE!I’M ALWAYS LOCKED UP AND ……..”, she cried as Oliver’s reaction didn’t change as he stood. He cupped her face as she flinched, by the touch of his soft cold hands.She knew what he can do and what he has done to people she love but she fear for hers and her children’s future. He smiled warmly “Poppet, I could never give you up easily, I’m a daddy now, and you’re a mommy, don’t deny it.We will be together forever, so (s/o).Thank you for making a daddy.~”

2p France: “I’m back….”, Francois came back from the store, he brought some milk, eggs and some cigarettes.He didn’t smoke much even if he had the desire too, he will smoke sometimes but he tried not to as he knew he will have a baby girl on the way and to his little boy. “I brought milk and eggs”, he sighed as he closed the door behind him.A little fire truck crash to his feet as he watch his 4 year old boy giggle and grab the little toy. “Papa”, they hug his leg as he ruffled his hair. “Mon petit garçon”,Francois spoke as the little boy smiled, he grasp his toy tight and  ran to the kitchen.Francois followed behind as placed the bad on the table, he looked towards the kitchen.Spotting (s/o) who was cooking but showed less emotions.He noticed that for a while.  “Maman maman”, her boy cried out as he touched her stomach. (S/o) smiled and turn around to let her boy touch her stomach, he wow at how big her stomach has gotten. “(S/o), mon amour…”, Francois wrapped his hand behind her as he snuggled his face into her neck.She tried to push him of, but their little was watching them. “Get of me now, you smell like cigarettes and I don’t want nothing from you”, she whispered as she gritted her teeth. “(S/o)…..”, Francois rubbed her stomach as she whimper. “S-stop”, she whimpered as their son tilted his head, he smiled and pounce at them. “Family hug!”, their son squealed as he hugged both of their legs.Francois smiled as (s/o) couldn’t help but smile.Francois kissed her jawline as he gaze at her  “I think I’m the happiest dad alive Mon amour.~”

2p Canada: “Fresh air will relax”, Matt held his wife’s hand as he they were walking in the woods he knew.He knew a trail and he’s been there a lot so he thought it’ll be a great idea for (s/o) and the baby to breathe some fresh air.She had one arm behind her back as she tried to walk calmly. Matt hold a arm around her waist, not losing his grip on her.  “I wonder if the little guy will like hockey?”,Matt rubbed his chin as (s/o) shot a glare at him.Her to give birth to a baby boy but she didn’t want him to be the father.He looked at her as he noticed her glare, “What’s wrong?” “What’s wrong?! You, that’s what’s wrong! You force me! You did things to the ones I love!”, (s/o) was bursting out of tears as Matt just stared. “I want to go home!”,she cried out as Matt rubbed her back with his other hand. “You’re already home”, Matt cooed at her as she grew furious and smack his hand away from her and stepped away from him. “Don’t touch me!”,she backed away as she held her stomach. “Stay away from me!”, Matt had enough and walked towards her and cupped her face roughly.She yelped and whimpered as they look at each other eye to eye.He pounces at her, he started kissing her roughly.Their tongues fought together but he overpowers her as he explored her mouth, making her whimper.She struggles for air as he finally pulled away, leaving saliva falling out of her mouth. “(S/o) I’m your husband, the father of the child, it’s better if we stick together because you need as I need you too.~”

2p Russia: “Where is my wife and child?”, Viktor gaze at the nurse, who jump a bit by his seriousness. “Ah M-mr. Viktor, your  w-wife  ga-ave birth t-to your little b-boy we were going to call you but you already c-came”, they smiled nervously as Ivan looked at their bedroom.There stood the doctor waiting for him , he ignored the nurse and walked up the doctor. “Oh Mr. Viktor, congratulation s-sir, it’s a boy”, the doctor pushed the door open to reveal (s/o) tired and holding her baby boy in a blanket. “Sunflower…..”, he walked towards beside the bed as he looked at the newborn baby boy.The little newborn had his eyes and his mother’s hair, Viktor couldn’t stop smiling, the child just brings him to tears a bit. “(S/o)~”, he tried to caress her face but she flinches and looks away, “(s/o)…..”She didn’t respond to him and he grew serious. “Leave us alone.”, he demanded as the doctor and nurse nodded and close the door behind them. “Please look at me (s/o)”, she shook her head Viktor asked her over and over again. “Please I love you (s/o), I love you sunflower and our little boy”, he kissed the forehead of his baby boy.The baby boy moved around and wrap his tiny hand around one of Viktor’s fingers. “There no us Viktor, only me and my child”, (s/o) spoke up as she looked at him with disgust. Viktor smiled and shook his head, “No my dear, you’re just tired and grumpy, you don’t know what you’re talking about but you gave me a child and now I’m a Father.~”

2p China: “What are you doing?”, Zao stood there looking at (s/o) who was holding a phone. “I I w-was …….”, she was trembling with fear as she watches him walk towards her, he snatched the phone and looked at it.She tried dialing 911, she tried to get away from him the hard way and this was unacceptable. “YOU TRIED CALLING THE DAMN POLICE ON ME?!ME?!”, Zao threw the phone against the wall as (s/o) scream in horror as she wrapped her arms around her stomach protectively. “I-im s-s-sorry”, she stood still not knowing what he will do to her. There was nothing but silence.She looked up to see him grinning.He laughed a bit as he walks towards her and hugged her.He rubbed her back gently “what a funny joke  you did to me (s/o).”He kissed her forehead gently as he brushed her hair. “What a funny joke right, ha ha ha ha, but let’s not mess around like that.Now let’s see, oh did you tried to take off your chains”, he looked at the keys that were thrown around. “Silly you, you’re safe here, we don’t need no one (s/o)”, he picked the keys back and put them in his pocket. “Let’s get you to bed, you must be tired , remember the baby”, he smiled as he push her gently to the bed. (S/o) knew she was lucky that he didn’t hit his breaking point. “ Z-zao you c-can’t k-keep me l-lock up p-please”, Zao shook his head as he giggled by her protest. “You know (s/o)~”, he brushed her cheek as he blushed, “You look cute like this.I think it’s better for us to be together, after all I’m a daddy now.~”

2p Axis:

2p Italy: “Bella I’m back~!”, Luciano held bags of gifts as he saw (s/o) sitting on the sofa as the servants gave her tea. “Here miss to relieve the pain”, the servant smiled s (s/o) accepted the tea and took a sip of it. “My little princess and my dear wife”, Luciano chuckled as a little girl playing with another servant with toys looked up and smiled. “Daddy!”, the 4 year old girl stood up and ran to Luciano and hugged him. “Hello princess, I got you a gift”, he handed her a gift bag as her eyes grew in excitement. “Thank you daddy”, she open the gift to reveal a new doll, she squealed and went back to show the servant her doll. Luciano chuckled and looked at (s/o), 5 months pregnant with his kid and it’s a boy this time. “Bella, how much I missed you~”, he lean to kiss her but she toss the cup of tea to his face.The servant next to her looked shock, even the one playing with their daughter.Their daughter looked confused and worried. “Take the kid to her room now”, Luciano didn’t took his glare of (s/o) as the two servant took their daughter to her room.Until they were left alone. “Look (s/o) I love you but you can’t keep denying our love”, Luciano brushed his hair back as he grabbed some tissues and tried to wipe some of the tea of. “Love.There is no love.”, (s/o) looked at the chain that was  in her ankle but it was being covered by her long dress he got her. “You must be moody”, Luciano smiled and sat down right beside her, he brushed her hair as he stared at her big stomach knowing he will get a son sooner. “Don’t touch me, I h-hate you”, (s/o) mumbled as she felt two hand massaged her stomach. “Gah! What are yo-st-top it!”, (s/o) was frightened by his action. “Sssssssh”, Luciano laid his head against her belly and listened, “he’s moving around how cute.”Luciano looked at (s/o), he smiled and rubbed her stomach , “You gave me the best thing (s/o), to be a father and your husband.~”

2p Germany:

“We’re back!”, Lutz yell with happiness as his 7 year old boy held a new toy. “Mommy I got a new toy!”, the little boy ran to his mother who was in a rocking chair. “That’s nice sweety…”, (s/o) smiled a bit as she rock back and forth.Lutz walked towards her and got on his knees and stared at her stomach and cooed. “How’s my little strong boy”,Lutz kissed her stomach sweetly as he chuckled to feel little kicks. (S/o) stared as tears started falling out of her eyes slowly.She hiccuped and covered her eyes with her hands, Lutz looked at her and smiled. “I know baby you’re so happy aren’t you~”, Lutz tried to pull away her hands from her eyes as their boy watch both of them. “What’s wrong daddy?”, the little one question but Lutz looked at his boy and smiled. Mommy is tired , let’s take her to bed.”Lut’s grabbed (s/o) gently and lifted her up bridal style, their little boy smile and giggled as he ran upstairs.Lutz chuckled as he went upstairs and went to their bedroom.He kissed her cheek as he whipped her tears of her face, he laid her on the bed as their boy laid next to her. “Aren’t we such a big happy family”, Lutz brushed her hair as she stared in horror as he had his eyes half open. “You (s/o) as my wife and me the daddy.~”

2p Japan:

“What a lovely dress”, the servants fixed her hair as (s/o) stood there with no words.She looked at her stomach, now pregnant with a baby boy, the father , Kuro. “Where is my wife bring me to her”, a demanding voice echoed the home as the servant back away as Kuro entered. The servant bowed as he signaled them to leave.They were left alone.Kuro slowly walked up to her and brushed her hair, gently taking some of it to his nose and smelling her hair, he smiled. “Beautiful, you’re everything I treasured my dear”,Kuro slowly place his hand on her stomach. “Better too I will have a child and my own wife”, he brushed his finger at the fabric of her dress. He lean with a smirk on his face, “How about we enjoy the moment, yes?”He kissed her lips slowly as he moved his hands around her back.(S/o) slowly was awakening of what was happening, she wasn’t in that frozen state she was, she was full of fear.She whimpered and push him of, “NO!”She breathe heavily, “Y-you t-took everything from me !E-every-ything.” Kuro shook his head, “(s/o) no need to get mad dear, remember it’s bad for the baby.”He tried to touch her shoulder to calm her but she yanked away. “D-don’t touch m-me!I wa-ant to go home, I w-want to see my friends and family!”Kuro stood silently and tsk , “(s/o) there is no home for you know, this is your new home, we are family now, I love you!”(S/o) shook her head as she threw herself at the door trying to open it but Kuro followed “(S/o) stop.”She didn’t stop she kept trying as Kuro was getting furious, “(s/o) stop, stop now.”She cried out of fear for help as mumbles were heard out of the room, the servants were hearing. Kuro burst out of anger, “(S/O)! I SAID STOP GOD DAMMIT!STOP GET OVER HERE!”,(s/o) froze she was frighten by the burst and didn’t hesitated. She slowly walked toward him and had her head hanging down. “(S/o) I don’t like it when I yell at you”, he sighed and wrapped his hand around her. “Please, aren’t you happy you will be a mother and I will be a father a big happy family.~”

Privileged (15/?)

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“When *yn* wakes she finds herself amongst people she never expected to ever see again. Her and Bellamy are reunited and she is forced to face her father for the first time in almost two years and tensions between them are quick to rise.” 

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, some angst 

Notes: Based on 2x02 ‘Inclement Weather’ of The 100.

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“How long are you going to keep me locked up in here?” 

“As long as it takes for me to figure out what to do with you.” Kane replied nonchalantly as he made his way into the makeshift cell he had thrown Bellamy into. 

“Those are my people out there. You can’t just expect me to sit here and-” 

“I don’t expect you to do anything. Your time of acting like your a leader and a warrior is over.” Kane retorted as he grabbed a crate and dragged it over to Bellamy.

“Sit.” He ordered. Bellamy glared at him defiantly but said nothing as he took a seat on the upturned crate, watching as Kane grabbed another crate to take a seat a few metres from him.

“I need you to tell me everything you can about the grounders, and my daughter.”

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Obey- Baekhyun Smut

A/N Here’s a requested Daddy Baekhyun Piece for Hump day! Enjoy! -A

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I opened my eyes and sat up, my arms stretched above my head as a large yawn escaped me. I had just woken up from a much-needed nap when I felt my phone buzz. My eyes widened when I saw what it said.

Received message: Baby girl, you better be ready when I get home. I found your ‘Secret Drawer’ yesterday before I left and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. You’re in so much trouble princess. My hand is twitching just thinking about it.

“Fuck” I said aloud, nervous about the text. Baekhyun was usually the kindest, most caring man on the planet, but when you disobeyed him, he was completely different.

I ran to the drawer that I had hoped to keep secret from him, only to find the one sex toy that I did have was now missing.

I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I had purchased it a few months ago while he was away on tour, so I had something to entertain me while he was gone.

Baekhyun must have found it and taken it last night, because now I was in for one of the worst punishments I have ever gotten, I would imagine.

He wasn’t thrilled that I had it, and he’s not going to be thrilled when he finds out how many times I’ve used it while he was gone.

Just thinking about the punishment he could deal out made my ass sore. I was not prepared for what would happen when he got home.

I didn’t bother texting him back because I knew better. No amount of sorry would soften the blow, so it was best that I sat quietly and waited for him to get home.

I got myself around, having a quick lunch and cleaning up around the house before I received another message.

Received: I’m on my way home now princess, be ready, and put on the blue outfit I like.

I quickly did as I was told and changed into his favorite teal and dark blue lingerie set, and I patiently waited for him on the bed.

A few minutes later I hear the door open and his keys hit the counter. I waited patiently as his footsteps became louder the closer he got to the bedroom. I heard him toss his jacket onto the couch before he entered the bedroom, creaking the door open slowly.

He looked amazing. His blue and white striped dress shirt fit him perfectly, his sleeves rolled up at the elbow. He had on navy blue trousers that were all but hiding the less than small problem that was currently in his pants. He always got like this when I disobeyed. It fueled him, it made him someone that I wasn’t always used to.

I was so used to the soft, caring Baekhyun, that when he went into daddy mode, it’s like I was with a totally different person. I almost bit my lip in response to how he looked but I quickly stopped myself, my eyes dropping to look down at the bed I was sitting on.

“Baby girl, look at me.” He said, his voice much softer than I had originally anticipated.

I looked up at him, without saying a word. He looked at me and smirked for a moment before his face changed to a stern expression.

“Do you know why you’re in trouble, Princess?” He asked, pacing in front of me. Of course I knew, and I wasn’t about to lie to him, because my punishment would be far, far worse.

I nodded my head, maintaining eye contact with him.

“So, you know what you’ve been hiding from me. Might I ask how long?”

I stammered out a response as best I could “Uh.. a-a-about two m-months ago? W-when you were o-on tour.” I said, nervous at his reaction.

“You mean to tell me you’ve been fucking yourself for two months now behind my back?” He was calm, but his voice was much louder than before, and more serious.

I didn’t say a word. I dropped my head to look at the bed, somewhat ashamed of what I had done.

“How many times?” He asked sternly, walking over to his suitcase.

Again, I remained silent.

“How many fucking times did you use this on yourself (Y/N)?!” he almost shouted at this point.

A heavy sigh escaped my lips. “Five times. That’s it.” I replied.

“Five times you’ve fucked yourself? Five?? Am I not enough?” he scoffed, pulling something from his suitcase.

“NO that’s not it! You weren’t here and I was lonely.” I tried to explain.

“You were lonely? So, you did the job yourself while I was in hotel rooms not touching myself. Remember the deal? The rules? One of the biggest rules we have was that when we weren’t with each other we wouldn’t touch ourselves. You agreed. So now, you deal with the consequences.”

“Y-Yes daddy” I stammered.

“And you used this? of all things?” He asked, holding up my vibrator. It was long, slightly thick, and did the job for when baek was gone, almost matching him in size, almost.

“Jesus (Y/N), No wonder you used it that much while I was gone. Look at it!” He exclaimed, waving it at me.

“Daddy, I”

“No. I am going to punish you now. No more talking. Get on your hands and knees.” He instructed before sitting on the bed, pulling me across his lap.

“You get two very, very hard spankings for each time you fucked yourself with this thing. Got it?”

I nodded my head in understanding and braced myself.

“No no. Don’t you dare tense up, or it’ll make it much worse for you.”

I relaxed my body and waited for him to start.

“I want you to count out loud each time I spank you. Understood Princess?” He instructed.

“Understood, Daddy”, I said, mentally preparing myself for what was about to come.

I closed my eyes and felt the first sting of his hand as it came down hard on my ass, stinging profusely.

“One” I said loud enough for him to hear.

“Two” I said as I felt the second smack.

I continued to count, but by swat 5 my ass felt as if it were on fire, causing my body to respond in more ways than one. I was in pain, but I was also turned on way more than I cared to admit, and I was beginning to soak through my panties.

“Oh you like that baby?” He said as he continued to spank me. “Keep counting.”


“Ten” I said as he finally finished. He rubbed his hand over my ass to help calm the pain a little. The pressure was a welcome relief from the spanking.

He rolled me onto my back, wasting no time. He moved my panties to the side and inserted a finger into me and pumped a few times before giving me my next instruction.

“Since you seem to like this so much, I’m going to fuck you with it, and then I’m going to show you what a proper fucking really is.” He growled as he removed himself from me. “And you’re not allowed to come until I say. Got it?”

“Yes Daddy. Understood” I whimper, not ready for what was about to happen.

He slowly slid the toy into me and began pumping it in and out as he attached his mouth to my clit. He started slow, lapping and sucking at my clit as he pumped in and out of me at an excruciatingly slow pace.

He turned the bottom of the vibrator and it turned on sending pulses through my body. My orgasm was quickly approaching but I knew I had to do what I could to stop myself from coming undone.

I bit my lip hard, almost to the point of drawing blood, I let a long moan escape my lips as I tried so hard to control myself.

“Seems like you like that a lot, huh princess?” He said, a wicked smirk plastered across his face as he looked up at me from between my legs.

He reattached his mouth to my clit and turned the toy once more, the pulses increasing in speed. He pumped it in and out faster than before, and he sucked hard on my clit. I was close to bursting and I was trying so hard not to give in to my orgasm.

I closed my eyes tightly and focused on not coming and before I know it, Baekhyun was removing everything from me completely. He turned the toy off and sat it to the side before speaking.

“So far so good Princess, now let daddy show you how he takes care of his princess.”

He quickly removed his clothes and helped me remove mine before hovering over me.

“I can fuck you better than that toy ever could, Princess. Here. Let me show you.” He said as he slid into me.

“Fuck Daddy” I moaned out as he filled me. He pumped in and out of me slowly at first, then increased his pace, fucking me into the mattress. He pulled my hair hard, yanking my head to one side as he quickly bit and sucked my neck, sure to leave a bruise.

“That’s to show everyone who you fucking belong to. You’re mine princess. And I’m going to show you exactly why.”

He continued fucking me hard and fast, my orgasm building yet again. A string of moans left my mouth as he continued at the intense rate.

“Fuck daddy I’m so close.” I whined, “Please let me come.

“Not yet baby girl. Just wait.” He said as his hand snaked around my throat. He placed pressure on my throat, cutting off my airflow as he continued fucking me hard and fast. “Just a few more moments. I’ll tell you when.”

I looked up at him, keeping eye contact as he pumped in and out of me furiously.

“Come for me, Princess. Now.” He said as he released his hold on my throat. I gasped for air and the rush of oxygen pushed me over the edge. My legs shook violently as I came and I clenched around him hard.

“Fuck Princess you feel so good” he moaned out as his own orgasm took over.

He collapsed on top of me and we stayed there for a few moments. He removed himself from me and headed to the bathroom, returning with a warm wet washcloth and a towel to help me clean up.

“You did so good, Princess. I didn’t hurt you, did I?” He asked, handing me the washcloth

“No Daddy, I’m fine.” I replied, taking the wash cloth from him and cleaning myself off.

“Good. Now about that toy” He began

“I’m sorry Daddy, it will never happen again.” I replied, looking at him innocently.

“Good, because if it happens again, the punishment will be far worse.” He replied, warning me.

“Actually Princess, I may keep this locked up, never know when it may come in handy.” He smirked.

Just for a Moment

(warning: suicide + depressing)

“Let me show you this one,” Mom said as she rolled up her sleeve with a devious smirk on her face. There was a crudely tattooed crab. “I’m a cancer. When I was little, the laundromat we went to had a fortune telling machine, you put the quarter in where your birthday fell. I didn’t know what gemini was or aries, nothin’ like that but I figured they had to be types of death, because CANCER is a death!” She started to laugh so hard she got caught up coughing on her cigarette smoke.

When she recovered from her coughing fit, she gave me a wink. “I’ll show you one of my other favs. See this?”

I nodded. “It’s a bird in a cage. Why is it locked up?”

“Well, I reckon I feel like my entire life people have tried to keep me locked up, kept me from being free. People just don’t really understand me. They get court orders to make me take meds or… or force me to get treatment, or like when they’ve taken you away from me. Fuck them, right?”

“Right. But Mom… have you?”

“Have I what?” She exhaled the last bit of smoke into the air of our tiny shack.

“Been taking your meds?”

“Hunny, don’t you worry your head ‘bout that.”

I could hear a car pull into the driveway. Maybe two.

“But this one is my absolute favorite.” She smiled at me as she pointed to her forearm.

“The one that has my name on it?”

“Yes, sweet baby. It is.”

Then there was banging on the door.

Mom began to tear up as she pulled out a box cutter.

More banging. “Open up, we know you have her in there!”

“You don’t want to leave me do you? You don’t want to go back to the foster home, do you? Leave me behind to be so lonely?”

I shook my head no.

“Child services is here with law enforcement, OPEN UP!”

She began to whisper. “Want me to give you your own type of tattoo, baby? And I’ll give myself a matching one.” Tears rolled down her cheeks.

“What will it be?”

“A straight line.”

“What does it mean?”

“That we have a linear connection to be together forever. It means no one will take you away from me ever again.”

“Where will you put it?”

“Right here.” She took her index finger and drew an imaginary line down my elbow to my wrist.

“Will it hurt?”

“Just for a moment.”


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REALLY REALLY LATE FOR @nickiwinchester97 and @rosie-winchester Challenge. My Wifi went down so I had no way to upload it. 

Prompt: I wanted to break the rules, but broke my arm instead.

Beta’d by this bitch: @fangolf 

Warnings: Description of fights.

The protectiveness your brothers had for you was both appreciated and annoying for the following reasons : You couldn’t go out after hours, Never to go on hunts alone, and to always tell them where you were going at all times. Not only was privacy nonexistent your date life was also thrown out the window. Any boy you either mingled or flirted with; No matter if victim or stranger they were always scared off by your brothers.

You three were at a town posing as cops for a (presumed) werewolf kill and you were able to talk to the witness a few years older than you and gain her trust. It was then that she invited you over to a house party since her parents were out of the house and left her to attend it. It was the perfect chance for you to live a normal teenage life for once in your life.

You had to be extra careful though. If your brothers found out it would be hell. Sam would give you a lecture while Dean tried hard not to yell at you; It’s happened before and it isn’t pretty. It normally ends up with you locking yourself in your bedroom and avoiding them at all costs.

“Okay.. Phone - Check. Wallet - Check” You pranced around in your bedroom thinking of anything you could have forgotten or missed. “Ah! GPS.” 

You quickly turn off your GPS before using multiple pillows to form a semi body shape under the covers. If you were leaving you had to convince them you were still asleep. Quietly leaving the room you called Sasha to go and pick you up.


The music blared and vibrated off the walls, The room so filled with people that it stretched all the way to the backyard.

“You enjoying the party?” Sasha —  The witness asked.

“Uhm yeah! It’s alright.” You answered; Taking a swing of your soda from your red cup.

You weren’t much of a drinker like your brothers, But found closure in it when rough times hit.

“That’s good. I’ll talk to you later!” She walked off when she was invited to dance by what you presumed was her boyfriend.


You didn’t know things were going to escalate this much. A group of boys drank too much and now were in an argument. People tried to push them off but that caused a stir and now both were throwing punches. Yells and shouts from both the fighters and standbys were getting louder by the minute.

Some encouraged the fight while others tried to end it. Half of the room was now covered in white by the flashes of the ones who were taking videos on their phones.

“Stop! Guys!” Sasha tried to control them, But her voiced wasn’t acknowledged.

One of the fighters ran up the stairs and everyone followed.

“Wait!” You tried to call after Sasha but she ran upstairs behind the wad of people.

You waited a few seconds before going after her. Being here was a bad idea and you wanted to go home. Making your way up the flight of stairs you get to the top and yell her name. Hurried footsteps get your attention and next thing you know you’re falling down the stairs.

You hit the steps and roughly land at the bottom.


You land on your arm. You shout curses due to the shooting pangs of pain going up and down your arm, Your eyes watering.

People crowd you and ask if you’re okay, Some even asking if you were alive. Out of nowhere your brothers are in front of you, Suits and all.

“(Y/n)! Are you okay?” Sam calls your name and inspects your arm.

“Sam?- FUCK” You yell in pain when Sam moves your arm.

“Definitely broken” He mutters.

“Alright everybody! Get the hell out before we call for backup!” Dean ordered. 

The music stopped and just like cockroaches — They all scattered.

“Alright (Y/n) You gotta get up. We need to get you to a hospital” Dean helps you to your footing while being careful with your arm.

“You’re so not getting out of this” Sam murmurs, Staring at your limping frame.


You were out of it for most of the ride and ER visit but were given pain killers that immediately knocked you out.

Your eyes opened and the first thing you saw was a white ceiling. Not a good sign. You tried moved your right arm, But mild pain shot through. Looking down you saw a blue cast. And right in front of you were your very VERY angry older brothers.

“Hey guys-” You tried to dodge the seriousness of a conversation.

“Don’t ‘hey guys’ us. Why the hell were you at a party? in the middle of the night?” Dean’s voice was low and rough, Trying not to waken up the whole hospital.

“You can’t-”

“You turned off your GPS even!” Sam adds in.

“I was-”

“You even tried to trick us with a bed full of pillows! We thought the worst (Y/n)”

“If you would let me finish I could tell you why!!” You shout, Glaring at both of them. “This is the first ever party I went to in my life. I’m a teenager! Tell me one time I spent quality time with friends! I have no life guys! It’s all hunt, hunt, hunt. There’s no time for me! I have no privacy! You guys scare away any possible relationships! I bet Dean sneaked out to parties when he was a teenager! Why can’t I!? Oh yeah, Because you guys won’t let me! Just because I’m your sister! You can’t keep my locked up for ever.” 

Your voice dies off when you see their faces riddled with guilt.

“I shouldn’t have done it, I know that. I wanted to break the rules, but broke my arm instead. I know what I did was wrong. But you can’t really blame me”

You’re all silent until Sam speaks up.

“We’re sorry. We just want to protect you. You’re our little sister.. You’re only one and you can’t dodge death just like we have.. We’re sorry. Do you forgive us?” Sam shows you his signature puppy eyes and you can’t hep but give in.

“Alright. But I get to leave the bunker more.”

“Deal.” Dean finally speaks up. “But no more sneaking out for parties” He raises an eyebrow awaiting your answer.

“Fine. No promises though.” You laugh, Moving your arm by mistake and letting out an cry. “Let this be my lesson. I learnt it. Can I be off the hook?”

“No” They both say simultaneously.

“Oh come on a broken arm isn’t enough!?… Did I fool you guys with the pillows though? Also, How did you guys know where I was?”

“Nope. I used to do the same thing. You can’t play a player (Y/n)” Dean has a smug smile on his lips that you wanna rip off.

“You didn’t notice until I pointed out she wasn’t breathing” Sam chuckles at his brothers annoyed face.

“Shut up”

“And Sasha called us. Told us there was a party and a fight started. We took our chance and went to see what was up. One of the dudes that was fighting was the one who threw you off the stairs. He said he was running away before he bumped into you and you fell down the stairs. We got there just in time too. You’re lucky you didn’t die. The boy even offered to pay for the hospital bills.” Sam yawned.

“We got burgers instead. You want one?” Dean asked, Getting Baby’s keys out of his pockets.

“Do you even need an answer?” You laughed, Mouth watering at the sound of a juicy burger.

“Be right back then” Dean made his way out the door quickly, Also wanting a bite of a delicious greasy burger.

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Out Of Sight Part 4 - Auston Matthews

Originally posted by willynylanders

Warnings: Cursing

Word Count: 1854

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

*Your POV*

You press your ear to the cold wooden door waiting for conversation to be made, hands on either side of your head. Your insides are bubbling up from curiosity. A part of you wanting to stay in the bathroom and listen, the other part begging to jump out and into his arms. The moment Willy opens the door he invites Auston in. The love of your life now standing on the other side of an inch-thick plank.

Keep reading