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So Katara Totally Should've Become Fire Lady...

I could start by listing and focusing on all the ways Zuko and Katara balance each other, and have so much chemistry it’s quite frankly ridiculous, how the avatar narrative would have benefitted immensely from pairing these two, creating a romance that would have gone on to become quite literally the stuff of legends (crystal catacombs anyone? Omashu\Zutara parallels? Political intrigue and complexities of foreign consorts? Love is stronger than racial differences, class differences, and the ugliness of war and prejudice? Anyone?) … That’s not even going into how great these two would have been for each other’s character development.

I could (and maybe I will someday soon), but I just want to focus on Katara as a character for a little bit…

This girl was literally made for politics.

She single handedly, at the age of 14, was able to inspire hope into the hearts of a ship full of enslaved, heartbroken and downtrodden earthbenders, who’s spirits in the words if the warden, had “long been broken”. This nacht for public speaking and spontinuity and genuine drive and passion would have made for an excellent politician. One who genuinely believed in the power of the people. One who could motivate and inspire people.

Her challenging the patriarchy at the north pole and her ability to stand up not only for her own rights but for those of the voiceless.

Her humility in taking on the persona of the painted lady and seeking to help the poor and unwell people of the enemy fire nation, in disguise no less. She wasn’t seeking glory or praise or any reward and simply, genuinely and unselfishly just wanted to help these people.

She would’ve made an excellent leader.

Not even just as fire lady but as a political figure in her own right. An ambassador? A councilwoman? An honored war-hero? Something. Anything.

It really was a travesty to see this incredibly empowering, dark skinned, poc, WOC, character fail to reach her potential.

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Hi, I'd like to ask your opinion on something. If Zutara had happened (as it should've) and Katara had become a firelady (i really wanted that to happen) and then their oldest kid had been a waterbender, do you think s/he could have inherited the throne?

Hmm. I’m gonna have to say yes.

With the emphasis on the could, instead of would.

See, the thing is, despite the Fire Nation’s supposed* preferential treatment of firebenders, the Fire Nation is, at its heart, a meritocracy.

Just look at what we see of their rich and powerful: If you count out Zhao and the Royal Family**, they are all nonbenders.

You have Piandao, who is referred to with respect by people, you have Mai’s parents, who are sent to govern Omashu, the second largest and most powerful city in the Earth Kingdom, which speaks of a large amount of trust placed in them, and, of course, you have Mai and Ty Lee themselves, Azula’s closest friends. If there were any actual discrimination against nonbenders going on, there’s no way that the crown princess could run around with two acting as her sword and shield.

When you add to that just how easily Ozai usurped Iroh’s throne, because Iroh failed at Ba Sing Se, and how there was literally no pushback when Zuko got banished, because he was “weak”, and the way he was accepted back, no question, when he “proved” himself, and the fact that, even though for all intents and purposes he had committed high treason, Zuko could still win the throne in a duel, and have that be both legal and legitimate, tells me that the Fire Nation values strength and commitment far more than whether you are a firebender or not.

Now, the point of all of this it to say: If Zuko and Katara had more than one child, the one who would inherit the throne would be the one that shows the most dedication and skill for the position, regardless of their bending abilities, or whether they’re the eldest or not.

Besides, if you look at the thematic and narrative significance of a moment like that, that the Nation that propagated that they are “[…] the sons and daughters of fire! The superior element!” embracing a ruler that is the opposite element, it just really fits, you know?

*Which we never actually see.

**And not even the whole Royal Family, since Ursa is a nonbender.

[Edit: Sort of follow-up here]

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zutara; 49. “I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot.” pls???

writing prompts for days

“So, is there anything you did during the war that I don’t know about?”

Katara and Zuko are sitting by Zuko’s favorite turtleduck pond.  Evening falls grey and murky, promising a coming storm, and the air blankets them, heavy and wet.  It’s no better inside, and after a long day of meetings, they’ve fled outdoors for some retreat.

Katara sits, resting her back against a tree, and Zuko lies with his head in her lap, the warmth of her thighs supporting his head as her fingers card gently through his hair.  He closes his eyes, enjoys the closeness of his wife, and worry only wrinkles his features slightly as he ponders her question.

“There’s a lot I did during the war, Katara.”

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My prompt for @avatarworldweek‘s Summer Prompt Pick was no less thaaaaan… Shopping! Long overdue, though at least I’m still within schedule (I think), here we go. The Gaang + Ozai’s Angels in a shopping trip, Modern AU.

I really just wanted to have everyone in it, which is why I picked a Modern AU. Best way to have them getting along. And of course, the one who’s most excited about this shopping trip is Sokka, who spotted something he really liked inside one of the stores (who knows what caught his eye, though! xD)

It was a big piece, more complex than I expected it to be, but here goes! Hope you all like it!

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How would the gaang deal with an s/o (reader) that has insomnia?


  • Aang needs his sleep so he’ll feel bad that he falls asleep faster than his s/o.
  • He’ll try to do things that make people feel sleepy (like a warm glass of milk or counting sheep) and see if any of that works out.
  • He’s just worried about your health more since sleep is important and try to fix your insomnia.


  • Would be so worried.
  • She’ll get a habit of waking up in the middle night just to see that you’re still awake.
  • She knows that she herself can’t do much to really fix your insomnia so she tries to at least get you to relax in her arms.


  • He gets pouty that you can’t fall asleep because couples are supposed to sleep together.
  • So he’ll try to convince you to sleep (thinking that will work)
  • He’ll say things like “oh there’s nothing better than the feeling of sleeping” “sleeping is soooooo nice you should try it” “look how comfy the bed is, it looks so nice to sleep on”


  • Maybe if she hits you hard enough that will knock you right out (jk jk)
  • Wouldn’t understand why you can’t sleep. Like the girl loves her naps and can’t see how someone can’t either.
  • Will probably try to force you sleep by pinning you down on the bed and covering your eyes and tell you to just sleep.


  • Gets concerned and tries to get you help for it.
  • He also gets worried that something might happen when you’re awake and he’s sleeping.
  • So he kinda becomes a light sleeper just in case something actually does happen.
  • She’ll ask you what she can do to help because she has no idea what to do.
  • The most she can do is snuggle up with you and hope that will make you at least sleepy.
  • She’ll probably read you a bedtime story.

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A while back you did crush headcanons with zuko, what about the rest of the Gaang?

  • Aangs mood will brighten up every time he sees you. He would always have a big smile on his face.
  • He will help you with absolutely anything. If you’re carrying something he will insist in carrying it for you.
  • Also he will stare at you a lot. He just can’t help it you make him so fuzzy inside.
  • And if you weren’t around him he’d be the one to ask where you are.
    There will be some low key flirting as well. It’s very subtle and sometimes you can’t tell if he was actually flirting or not.
  • Katara is strong independent women, but she’ll act like she isn’t around you.
  • Like this girl will ask for you’re help for anything. Even if it’s just to check something she’ll ask you to come with her and “help”.
  • She uses this as an excuse to get closer with you.
  • She can be very obvious that she’s into you. Like she will casually touch your arm and her voice gets higher when she’s around you. You know the basic junk.
  • She will also open up to you. She will tell you all her fears and talk about her past with you because in a way this is showing you that she trusts you and you should trust her as well.


  • The most obvious of the bunch. Everybody knows that he likes you and he doesn’t hide it AT ALL.
  • Lots and I mean LOTS of pick up lines.
  • It’s certain that every time you are near him he will say something flirtatious.
  • He will also show off a lot and act try act manly around you.
  • But the thing he tries the most to do is make you laugh. Like just hearing you chuckle at one of his jokes just makes his day so much better.
    Hearing you laugh is what keeps him going.


  • Ok she is like a little boy when it comes to crushes.
  • She doesn’t know how to interpret her feelings so she’s just a mess when it comes to you.
  • Like she will punch you a lot, and then turn around and blush about it.
  • She will also not insult you as much as she does with the others.
    But she will eventually confess one way or the other. Like you two can just be talking and then it kinda just  slips out of her.
  • If she could she would rip out her heart and just hand it you.
  • She’s that one person who yells your name across a crowd of people to get your attention.
  • She’s also not that romantic so she ask katara for some advice.
  • Suki is very subtle about liking you though. But you can tell she’s into by the way she looks at you and how when you talk to her she is concentrating on every word you say.
  • She will spoil you up. Like Aang, ask for anything and she’s on it.