or just watch i love the 80s again

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Hi! on the anime thing that you reblogged (not sure if you're still doing it, but oh well...) I think that you woul be a love interest, like cute a pretty and artistic and hard working and nice.

awhh, that’s awesome! believe it or not, the character that shares the most traits with me is misaki ayuzawa from maid-sama! look at this babe tho:

if you haven’t seen this, you’d just have to watch to see why. 

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lavender, the moon, klosh...was supposed to ask sealing wax, but hey i saw the love letter from your ex-gf lmao you're almost caught!! but me being a good sissy, of course i kept it! lol


  • Lavender: Name something that relaxes you. - gaming relaxes me, and just listening to classical music with my headphones on.
  • The Moon: What’s your favorite thing to do at night? - gaming, again. Hahahaha. And sleep of course. If I’m at work I just watch TV or sleep lol
  • Klosh: If you could go back to any three era’s what would they be? - I would go back to renaissance era just because classical music was lit back then, and 70′s-80′s again because of their music. And I would love to go back to early 90′s, the good ol days of retro gaming :D
weekly watch list

(mon) 1N2D
(wed) baby daddy s6 #2
(fri) grey’s s13 #17, riverdale #8 (next week), superstore s2 #17
(sat-sun) do bong soon #9-10, tunnel #1-2

daily shows/marathoning

first love again #80-84
greys s3 s4 #1-6 #7
i love my president #4
love, just come #31-60 (END)
master devil #1-5 #6-23
queen of ring #1-END

so this morning i dropped in on @iwanttoplayguitar while the streaming of some awesome painting was going on! (^ O^) (i love visiting streams! <3) and myself and @crackedverbosity were there! we were talking about candy and chocolate and tea~ and the idea that Hux probably likes really bitter tea, like that damnable gunpowder green stuff! UGG! (>  A<) (i’m a supertaster, so i can’t even eat arugula without puking.) then later, while i was sitting in a dark, empty, movie theater earlier today - staring at the glow of my Tumblr app - i started to think about how many sugar cubes it would take to make gunpowder green tea drinkable to me… and this is what came into my head! (O wO);;; i hope to makes you feel warm and snuggly! <3