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Guardian angel Herc protecting the reader from a perv as they're walking home and he feels something is wrong and is having none of that!?

Hercules walked next to you, still playing with the sleeves. Even after countless times of you telling him to stop, he couldn’t help himself. But he was sure to stop the act if you ever put your gaze on him.

“Guardian?” You asked, and he quickly put his hands down, looking at you. You were walking slow for a human, and he wasn’t quite sure why. He could have read your mind, but you insisted on him not doing so. But it did put him at quite a disadvantage. How could he protect you without knowing what you were thinking?

“Yes, Y/N?” He said. You kicked a rock to the side.

“Well, this whole angel thing…” You began to ramble on, and his ears perked up, focusing his gaze behind you. With human eyes, you wouldn’t be able to see, but he saw.

Two men were in the shadows, saying deep, disturbing thoughts about you. He looked down at you, seeing that you were still speaking quickly. They emerged from the darkness, pervasive thoughts on their minds. You noticed the tension on his shoulders, and looked back, seeing the men. 

“Guardian, it’s fine. They’re just some creepy dudes. No worries.” 

But worry he felt. He pulled you closer to him, staring at the men approaching. You didn’t know what they carried. A metal weapon, a gun, a terrible invention created to cause chaos. They knew what they wanted from you, and they were sure they were going to get it. Hercules closed his eyes, fading from your side.

“Guardian? Guardian!” You looked at the men approaching. Did he, did he just leave you in danger?

“What’s a pretty thing like you doing out here? Alone?” One said, twirling a gun between his fingers. You felt your heart pound until you saw your Guardian behind them. His eyes were still closed, and he held up his hands over the men’s heads.

The guns flew up, dissipating in a cloud of dust. The men panicked, looking back at your Guardian. He opened his eyes, staring down at the two men. You never saw him so… angry before. He was hiding his strengths from you, and you didn’t even realize it.

“Leave, now.” He said, and they quickly scrambled, never looking back at you. Hercules watched them go, until they were a speck on the Earth. He turned back to you. “Are you alright, Y/N?”

You didn’t say anything, but instead, ran towards him, wrapping your arms around his waist. He stood rigid, not knowing what to do. Hugs, his wings whispered underneath his skin, Give Y/N a hug. Hercules hesitated, but put his arms around you as well.

“Thank you,” You whispered, “Thank you, Hercules.”

His wings fluttered, trying to escape. You called him his name. For the first time, you called him his name. He felt a slight pain in his chest and looking down at it. It… it was throbbing profusely. Why?

Remus Lupin and the Prisoner of Azkaban--- Chapter 14: Temper, temper

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Remus was moving everything black into place with measured sweeps of his wand when someone poked their head in. “Class is over, Remus?” McGonagall asked, mug in her hand and book tucked beneath her elbow.

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A kid I’ve been working with for 2.5 years gave me a compliment for the first time today. He told me my dally was really nice and that his class missed me being with them… and I was just like… who are you?? He’s been my shadow since I’ve started to work with him and everyone knows that he loves but he’s never verbally shown any type of love and omg I coulda cried 😢😢

I seriously love working with youth and I seriously hope all of my poc followers consider youth work or volunteering.. our youth needa see us and how we are there for them

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I don’t know if anybody has said this yet but I really liked how last night’s premiere expanded on the ending of the original movie. Just so much fun seeing them back in action and Hiro’s words at the end when he’s talking with Professor Granville (about Tadashi’s legacy — something along the lines of choosing to take risks and all). :)


and I agree! I love that this was an expansion of what happened towards the end of the movie! :D 

So, today has  been a day from hell. The BF discovered that he’s lost his driver’s license, all his medical insurance cards, voter id, AND … wait for it …. HIS SOCIAL SECURITY CARD. All. at. once. 

So, in theory, someone could have all they need to steal his identity. And he doesn’t know when it happened – last we saw those items for sure (because I saw them) was in Sept. 


And, to make it even better, to get into the SSA website, or the credit reporting agencies, YOU NEED YOUR FUCKING DRIVER’S LICENSE!  So, he’s managed to lose the things he needs to get the other things he’s lost. 

Awesome job on that. 

I have a massive headache. I’m so done.

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There’s always that one song. Where you’re mostly happy and everything is mostly okay and you’re listening to music and that one sing comes up and you just feel your world crash down around you. You feel like crying, or screaming, or just,, staring at the wall with wide, blank eyes. You can’t skip it cuz it’s hard to move and you just die for a moment until you come back to your senses and skip it, questioning why you ever had that song in your playlist, but you for some reason, don’t have the heart to get rid of it. So You’re just stuck.

“what comic is this”

it’s??? in the tags????? it’s always in the op’s tags???????? it’s faster/easier to click on the little source: [insert url here] thing and then look through the tags than to type out “what comic is this” in the tags/notes??????????????

you, an EA slave (the writer of Battlefront 2): 

me, someone who isn’t a monster:

Hey guys, remember how great Persona, Yakuza, NieR, Zelda, Mario, and so many other games were this year? Remember how well they performed? Proving that implementing incredibly slimy models which have been (justifiably) compared to gambling is perhaps not the best way to ensure success and secure a loyal fanbase? Good times. 

I drew a boyfriend for my boy [x]