or just the big four did

Marauders at Disney
  • James and Sirius, upon entering the park, make a beeline to secure fast passes for their favorite rides (the ones like Matterhorn, Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, etc.)
  • At this point, Remus is really regretting not investing in a pair of those child-leashes that a good third of the parents at the theme park are sporting.
  • Peter tries running after Sirius and James, but gives up (not being fast enough) and hangs back alongside Remus, getting distracted by the array of gift/candy shops lining Main Street USA
  • Remus has to get a picture of Sleeping Beauty’s castle upon entering. He just has to. 
  • James and Sirius are really smug when they get to cut in front of everyone with their fast passes. Remus just gives apologetic looks, and Peter has to shovel down the pretzel he bought before they get on the ride. 
  • Ok, so considering the average temperature for Scotland during the summer time is around fifty seven degrees, and for southern California (L.A.) it’s around eighty one- they’re dying.
  • James and Sirius are wearing the bare minimum, and Remus has to rent a locker to stuff his sweater into
  • Sirius is rocking a man bun
  • James buys a Wizard Mickey hat and absolutely refuses to take it off
  • Peter may or may not be on his fifth churro by the time lunch rolls around
  • Remus really enjoys the small corners and alleys of the park where the crowd thins 
  • Peter gets a coonskin hat from frontierland
  • Lots of shameless flirting with princesses coming from Sirius that result in autographs with the occasional phone number attached. 
  • James seeing the Ariel and automatically missing Lily
  • Peter getting sick on the teacups ride after James decides to spin theirs as fast as he fucking can.
  • Lots of “JAMES NO!” 
  • Sirius and James, after hearing about the two hundred feral cats that prowl the park at night, decide to go on a hunt for them
  • They legit smuggle cat nip inside the park and search the bushes for cats
  • Remus is so done with everyone’s shit
  • He just wants to have a normal visit at Disneyland is that so hard to ask?
  • Peter really wants to watch the parades, but Remus sees this as an opportune time to beat the crowds (now gathered along the street) to the rides
  • Remus is honestly ride or die. He doesn’t fuck with these slow ass tourists who have no idea where they’re going. He knows where to go and everyone is getting in his way.
  • Sirius getting picked on by characters (i.e. Chip ‘n Dale tugging on his man bun and snickering at it) 
  • James in a flexing contest with Gaston
  • Remus only taking pictures the Mickey and Friends characters
  • And he’s all embarrassed to walk up to them at first 
  • James taking the mic from the tour guide on Jungle Cruise because he thinks his jokes are lame, so he starts dishing out puns like its nothing and does a mic drop
  • Peter screaming a little too shrilly when the Yeti pops out on the Matterhorn
  • Sirius and James trying to find the entrance to the secret basketball court on the matterhorn
  • Also using alohomora to get into restricted areas of the park
  • Sirius singing Small World on repeat
  • James trying to harmonize
  • Remus really likes walking through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (James and Sirius are hardly impressed)
  • But his favorite ride is the Disneyland Rail Road
  • Peter’s favorite ride is Star Tours and he convinces the others to ride it at least four times throughout the day.
  • James’ favorite ride is Indiana Jones. When he sees the snake statues in the ride, he mutters “Snivellus?”
  • Sirius prefers Pirates of the Caribbean 
  • Remus getting really insecure because he notices little kids looking at the scars on his face with mild confusion- some are even scared
  • But then Peter Pan comes over and he does his thing. He tells Remus (making a big show of it so that others can hear) that he must’ve put up a good fight against the “pirate” that did that, and comments on how brave he is
  • Remus is just smiling the entire time and plays along with Peter Pan, and the kids gathered around are awestruck
  • Sirius and James posing for the camera on Splash Mountain 
  • Having to restrain Sirius and James from jumping into the Rivers of America to get to the island

Some of y’all are asking about the ritual with the scotch, so HERE IS A STORY THAT SPANS SEVERAL GENERATIONS OF SHENNANIGANS.

So my dad’s side of the family is a bunch of rowdy farm boys with a dark sense of humor. My oldest uncle Tim was the first to get married and the rest of them orchestrated this complicated, almost medieval style dance routine on the dance floor where they would switch dance partners mid-song and slowly danced the bride towards the door, swept her up, put her in the back of the pickup truck, and took her away.

Tim doesn’t notice until the song ends. This was in the 70′s, way before cell phones. The front desk of the hotel gets a call, it’s one of my uncles. “We have your wife. The price is one bottle of scotch.”

He’s like ‘what is this shit?’ And he figures they can’t hold out too long. They have to come back sometime. No. They are literally driving her around the block several times, stopping at pay phones to check in to see if he’s gotten the ransom. This goes on for about an hour.

So he goes out and gets a bottle of scotch, puts it by the door as they drive by and everyone returns.

All the boys got married in the order of their birth and let me just say… they’re not above petty payback. Next one up is Jay who just… seems to forget entirely that his brothers are complete jackasses. Also, he was kind of the ringleader at the last one so there’s no way they could do it to him!

Haha… ha…. haaaaaaaa… oh, uncle Jay. You sweet summer child… who is also several decades older than me. 

Bride gets kidnapped, almost in the same manner as Tim’s. The price, as always, is a bottle of scotch. But Jay… oh… Jay…

Jay just HAD to get his ass married on a Sunday and this is Indiana, buck-o. There ain’t no alcohol sales on Sundays. No liquor stores, no grocery stores, no convenience stores. Nowhere. But there WAS a bar at the Marriott holding the reception. So he had to pay the front desk $75 for a bottle of scotch maybe worth $20 so he could get his wife back. 

A pattern emerges. 

My uncle Moe was next in line. They…. eloped for reasons, but for the purposes of this story we will say that he avoided a situation where his brothers could steal his wife. It’s kind of a personality thing with him, we’ve noticed. Just… ‘oh! Let me avoid this conflict entirely.’ 

Next up is my dad, who is a fun-loving dude who had his reception at a bowling alley and he was NOT, I repeat: NOT- going to have this night ruined by larceny when there is IMPORTANT BOWLING TO BE DONE. Buys a bottle of scotch and and presents it to his brothers with a big audience just so no one can claim that he didn’t. Everyone has fun. 

Moe’s first marriage falls through, and I’m not saying that there’s superstitious reasons for this but I’m just saying- he most certainly DID NOT present a bottle of scotch as an offering at the reception so we must reasonably assume that this had something to do with it. He gets married again and you better believe that there was a bottle of scotch waiting for his brothers at their table. 

So this tradition carried on into the next generation. No one actually expects that the four of them are up to kidnapping anyone when they’re well into their 50′s, but no one is about to risk it. There is a bottle of scotch at the table where the brothers sit at every wedding. 

But my cousin Julia is a perfectionist and if there is any detail that might go wrong, she is going to obsess over it. Because of this, she has a tendency to overcompensate to make sure that NOTHING goes wrong. NOTHING. 

She plans her big moment TO THE MINUTE and a week before the wedding she has this revelation… she has heard… stories. 

Oh no. 

The scotch. 

Around the same time, my grandma is moving out of her old house and she’s inviting family members to rifle through her old things before she gives them to Goodwill. Me, my dad, Tim, and Jay are all there. We’re about to leave when Moe comes up the drive way with a BIG BOX. 

And Gran is like ‘I don’t need more stuff… I don’t need more stuff.. what the fresh hell have you brought to me this time, son of mine?’

He sets it on the floor and it clinks. 

“Julia has ordered me to bring this as a preemptive offer to ensure that there will be no need for a ransom.”

He has brought 24 bottles of scotch. Each brother, including himself, can have six bottles. Whatever debt might have been incurred from his first marriage has been paid off. Her children, and her children’s children, and her children’s children’s children… will no longer need to live in fear of kidnapping on their wedding night. 

This is a sharp contrast to my sister-in-law, who learned of this tradition a week before her wedding, went out and bought a bottle of scotch, slammed it down on their table, and told them to fight for it. 


Sasheer Zamata quit ‘SNL,’ proving TV’s race and gender problems are more systemic than ever

  • It was big news in 2014 when Sasheer Zamata joined Saturday Night Live and became the show’s first black female cast member since Maya Rudolph’s departure seven years earlier. 
  • But it’s even bigger news that Zamata, 31, is now leaving the show after just four seasons.
  • Before she joined, black male cast members like Jay Pharoah or Kenan Thompson did impersonations of black women on the show, roles that they both eventually shunned openly. 
  • Once she joined the cast, Zamata churned out crowd-pleasing impersonations of Taraji P. Henson, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Lupita Nyong'o and Michelle Obama. 
  • As a black woman, Zamata’s casting was supposed to fill a gaping hole in the show’s cast. 
  • But her short stint on SNL is a clear example, perhaps more than any other, that there are no so-called “quick fixes” to the problem of racial and gender inequity on television. Read more (Opinion)

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The Flat
  • Sirius bought it in 7th year.
  • He was walking down a street in muggle London, smoking a cigarette, not really paying attention to where he was going or why. 
  • Then he saw it.
  • And he had to have it.
  • It was small, dusty, old and needed some work done, but damn did Sirius love that flat.
  • I had four bedrooms, a kitchen and dining room area with a living space coming off the end and two and half small bathrooms (when I say half, one was just a toilet and a sink).
  • It had these huge windows along just one wall. They were so big you could stand on the window sill at the bottom and just press your whole body against the glass, staring down onto the street below.
  • The house had a bright red door with small flecks of paint coming off it. 
  • The flat itself was on the second floor of the building, but even from the ground, staring at those huge windows and the For Sale sign, Sirius knew he wanted it bad. 
  • So he bought it two weeks later.
  • He didn’t tell anyone about it at first, he wanted it to be a surprise for when they left school.
  • But Sirius Black is terrible at keeping secrets, especially from his best friends and especially when he was excited.
  • So, one rainy weekend he took them all down to muggle London for a special trip.
  • ‘Sirius what is this all about. it’s cold.’ ‘Be quiet Wormy I need to show you something.’
  • ‘Sirius we have been walking for hours, please, my feet are tired.’ ‘James shut the hell up, we got off the bus thirty seconds ago.’
  • They rounded the corner, walked a few meters until Sirius was standing in front of the house, his arms spread wide and a huge grin on his face, like he was a small child showing his mother his latest drawing.
  • ‘Well, what do you think?’
  • ‘I think it’s raining and you have stopped in the middle of the street for no reason.’
  • ‘Fuck off Moony, I mean the house.’
  • ‘What? This house?’
  • ‘Yes this house you wanker, it’s mine.’
  • Peter, James and Remus all just stare.
  • ‘You bought a house…’
    Sirius dropped his arms.
  •  ‘Well no.. I bought a flat, second floor. I thought we could all live here. When we leave school…Together.’
  • Silence.James, never one for silences, or being able to handle the look of fear and apprehension on Sirius’ face, breaks into a smile.
  • ‘For real Pads?’
  • ‘Yeah.. for real..’
  • James clapped Peter on the back, still grinning. Peter smiles too. Then James runs up and hugs Sirius, very briefly and before the poor boy can respond, James has broken away and is running up to the red door, unlocking and sprinting inside, bounding up the stairs. A few seconds later he is seen in one of the enormous windows, still grinning as he jumps about motioning for the others to join him.
  • Peter laughs before running in after James. Remus remains standing and staring.
  • ‘You want me to move in with you?’
  • Sirius blushes.
  • ‘Probably should have made asking you more romantic Moony.. but I figured having us all here would be cute as well. But yeah, I want you to move in with me. And James. And Peter. I basically want you to move into Gryffindor Dormitory 2.0, only this time we get to share a bed.’
  • Remus is silent.
  • Sirius is worried.
  • ‘You don’t have to Rem. Maybe this is too fast. You can say no…’
  • ‘I love you, Sirius’
  • ‘I love you too, Moony.’
  • ‘But I get the left side of the bed.’
  • Sirius lets out a bark like laugh.
  • ‘Fine, but I’m choosing the sheets, your taste sucks ass.’
  • Moving into the London flat was all they could talk about for the next few months.
  • Sirius had never asked them to pay any rent, he had more than enough money after his Uncle had passed away and figured it was the least he could do.
  • But James had downright refused to let his friend pay for him, insisting he would split the rent 50/50 every month, no matter what protests Sirius put up.
  • Remus wanted to pay too, but Sirius didn’t even bother listening to that. Remus didn’t have the money to do it, not that Sirius cared, and he would always say, ‘Remus, we are going to be sharing a bed, theirs not really anything for you to pay for. Plus, you can get me a really cool birthday present to make up for it.’ Remus got him a motorbike that year.
  • A few weeks before the end of school, just when the boys had finished there exams, and reality had started to sink in, Sirius heard that Marlene’s parents hadn’t taken the whole ‘her dating Dorcas’ thing so well, and were no longer speaking to her. So the next day he went up to her, pulled her aside and told her that there was a bedroom waiting in a small flat in London that he was sure her and Dorcas would enjoy.
  • He’d never seen Marlene cry before that day.
  • A week later James walked into the dormitory, sweaty and gross from Quidditch practice, panting as he explained that he was in love with Lily Evans.
  • ‘Yeah no shit Potter, I heard you two last night.’
  • Sirius got a pillow thrown at his head. 
  • Then James explained that he was going to ask Lily to move in with him after they left school. That he wanted her in his life and in the flat. If Sirius was okay with that.
  • Sirius started laughing. James was confused.
  • ‘Prongs, you are the most oblivious boy I have ever met. Lily and I have been waiting for you to ask her to move in for the past two months.’
  • Sirius got another pillow thrown at his head. Then James ran off to go find Lily.
The Secret To Shinhwa’s Longevity? The Answer is Their Leader, Eric Mun.

Eric Mun, one of the best leaders, if not the best, sets an example of what true leadership is. What has he done for Shinhwa that the group stayed intact, becoming the longest-running idol group in Kpop, with no disbandment & no member change?

Let’s start from the very beginning. After winning a street dance championship in the US, Eric was selected by Lee Soo Man in March 1997 & he debuted as the leader of the 6-member-group Shinhwa on 24 March 1998

In 2003, Shinhwa’s 5-year-contract with SM came to an end. At that time, many 1st generation groups faced disbandment, like H.O.T, Secks Skies, S.E.S. So it was expected that Shinhwa would disband too. Following the group’s contract expiration, SM wanted to disband the group & offered solo contracts to only some members. But Shinhwa’s aim was that the 6 of them would stay together as a group and could not be separated. So, Shinhwa refused the solo contract offers with SM, which was undoubtedly a shock in the industry. So far no artist had ever dared to offend the big boss of the Korean entertainment industry, and they were the first.

So, what did Eric do to avoid disbandment and keep the members together after the contract expired? 

Eric, the leader who chose to keep his group together over money. His first priority was his group. 

He was offered solo contracts that were FOUR times more than the other members. “Honestly, others would think about those offers for a month, but Eric rejected them immediately, just to let the members be together.”

Truthfully, how many people do you know that can make such sacrifice, whether in real life or in idol world?!!!! .. Eric could’ve said, ‘screw Shinhwa’ and then accept SM’s offer to double his contract 4 times on the condition that they disband Shinhwa and he go solo.. But Eric’s genuine love & loyalty for his group couldn’t be replaced by money or securing a place in SM. He turned down the offers IMMEDIATELY & & took Shinhwa to another company, which was even a great risk as they were leaving the big boss of kpop entertainment to start again in another much smaller company. The result didn’t matter to him as long as remained with the members. 
imagine that Eric accepted those tempting solo offers, then we wouldn’t have Shinhwa anymore. The fact that the six of them are able to stay together now, Eric contributed A LOT to it.

and to Eric, his choice wasn’t a sacrifice .. it was the best decision he has made in his life.

After Eric chose Shinhwa over money & suggested moving to another agency, then came the next problem. Leader Eric had to fight for the rights to “Shinhwa’s” name.

After Shinhwa left SM among much controversy & refused to extend their solo contracts, then came a huge problem. The members needed to continue using the same name “Shinhwa”. But since SM still owned the rights to Shinhwa’s name, so Eric had to put himself through a crash course in legalities to resolve Shinhwa’s contract issues. Eric was the one who negotiated with the management and no one will ever know how much hardship he had to endure during the negotiations. Eric went to court against SM to retain the rights for Shinhwa’s name. He even studied law to find a way for Shinhwa to continue being active under the same name. (Bear in mind that he was only 24 years old back then!!) .. He paid a HUGE sum of his OWN money to buy the name’s rights.. Eric really went through hell during that period until in the end, Shinhwa won & left SM with the rights to their name.

Can you imagine that a young man in his early 20s, gave up on massively tempting solo offers and chose to go through hell & fight for his team just to remain with his band mates & keep the group intact?!!! .. who else can do such thing?!! .. what a true leadership & loyalty! 

It’s also Eric who negotiated -alone- with other companies till he chose the best offer for his group. Then Shinhwa moved to Good Entertainment. But unfortunately, not so many people were pleased with that decision & so they tried their best to bring Shinhwa down, asking them to disband like what other groups did back then.

In 2004, a journalist once wrote an article heavily criticizing Shinhwa & blatantly used personal attacks on the Shinhwa members implying that they are failed musicians who try too hard with solo activities. He proceeded to slam Shinhwa with ruthless criticism, leading to a big media frenzy. It was then that Eric stepped up once again as the leader to speak out. He made a powerful reply to the reporter & published it on the Internet, asking for a more meaningful review. That reply of Eric went viral & found its way to the official school books in Korea, marking him as the 1st & only artist to have such feat. He ended the letter with: “It’s not so easy to see Shinhwa. If there’s anything, you can look for me.” & this line became very famous.

Here’s an excerpt of his lengthy letter..

WOW! such powerful reply! Eric might be 4D & act like a cute kid, but when someone or something threatens Shinhwa, he turns into a totally different person. totally dependable & trustworthy leader.

When Eric was at the peak of his success, being the nation’s flower boy after starring in the very popular drama “Firebird” in 2004, & dominating almost all CFs and he was dubbed the “CF King” .. Many thought that he would leave Shinhwa & there were many articles released that urged him to go solo & pursue his successful career as an actor & rapper away from Shinhwa.

“I remember a conversation I had with Eric over drinks back when we were filming Firebird (Phoenix). I said ’“It’s a good idea to go into acting. Anyway, you can only be an idol for a few years, just make acting your lifelong career”. Eric turned serious and replied “NO! I’ll be with Shinhwa for more than 10 years, for a lifetime. Please wait and see!”
- Firebird Director San Ray’s twitter (2012.03)

Eric strictly clarified to everyone what his top priority is, which is the group Shinhwa. Eric: “Shinhwa is everything. Without Shinhwa there won’t be the present me, and I would not meet precious friends and members who love me.”
                 Eric: “Shinhwa is our root and it has to be our core.”

This man’s loyalty & devotion to his group is simply unbelievable!

2008 - The group hiatus due to military service. Eric is always the leader who knew how to keep his word.

In 2008, Shinhwa held their last concert before the 4-year hiatus due to the army enlistment. In that concert, they promised the fans that Shinhwa will come back after all members finish their military service. “Shinhwa will come back, please wait for us”

But .. during those 4 years of military service hiatus, Shinhwa was on the verge of disbandment. So the dependable leader Eric stepped up again to keep their promise to the fans & keep the group together.

and that’s how Shinhwa came back to us again, thanks to Leader Eric who lived up to his position as the best leader & the big brother to his group members and brought them together again. Couldn’t be more grateful to this AWESOME man! he’s truly a man of his words! .. Thanks to him, we have Shinhwa today!

Eric: “Shinhwa must go on forever. Even if there is no company that wants us, we might just form our own company and carry on.”

In 2007, some members left Good Ent. (the company Shinhwa moved into after SM) & many people thought Shinhwa were going to disband. But the loyal leader Eric stepped up again and assured that Shinhwa will go on forever even if there’s no company that wants them, Leader Eric came up with the idea of forming their own company! He’s truly the leader that thinks ahead & seeks for what’s best for his group! to this extend he’s so loyal & dedicated to Shinhwa!

Eric’s efforts to gain the full rights to Shinhwa’s name.

But .. to establish Shinhwa’s company, there was a serious issue needed to be resolved. Shinhwa didn’t have the full rights to their name yet, since SM handed over the full rights of “Shinhwa’s” name to Jun Media Ent. in 2005.
So before establishing “Shinhwa Company”, leader Eric went through a very tough time & had loooong negotiations with Jun Media to use Shinhwa’s trademark. And finally, after reaching an agreement, Eric’s dream came true & Shinhwa Company was established in 2011, marking Shinhwa as the first & only idol group to establish their own agency with their own name & personally run it. 

But due to many legal issues concerning Jun Media, Shinhwa filed a lawsuit and leader Eric went to court against Jun Media in 2012. He went through hell again with many trials & appeals & temporarily changing the company name to “ShinCom Ent.”. Until finally In 2015, Shinhwa won and gained the full rights to their name after 12 years. 
This man, Eric, used to show up in varieties, all smiling & laughing, acting 4D & as 3 yrs old kid, while he had such huge burden over his shoulders, fighting for years for Shinhwa to continue with their name. He makes me speechless!

The members expressed their gratitude & thanks to Eric as he was the one who struggled the most during the the whole process.
Such a dependable Leader! 

The leader that always thinks of Shinhwa as family.

Eric has always been the dependable big brother to all the members. “I always think of the members as my real brothers”. And as a real brother, Eric is always there for the members when anyone of them faces troubles & does his best to help the members out.

Eric, to help Minwoo out, gathered the members & suggested that everyone of them contributes a sum of money so that they help Minwoo overcome his financial trouble as loyal brothers. 
This man continuously sets examples of how true friendship should be.

When Eric earned a large sum of money in CFs, he split up his pay and supported other members who had financial difficulties. When he was dominating CFs, he called the members to his house and gave them bonus money. He’s also filmed CFs originally meant for himself but he got the company to include the rest of the Shinhwa members.

Shinhwa’s appearance for China gag concert in 2015 was originally meant to have Eric as the only guest, but he refused & told the production team that if it wasn’t a SHINHWA segment, he wouldn’t attend. So, Shinhwa as OT6 was casted instead.

One of the things that make other groups disband is when the members care more about their solo work than the group itself.
Then comes leader Eric, who leads by example. For his solo activities, he always thinks of “us” before “me”! his group always comes first.

To Eric, Shinhwa always comes as a top priority even before his solo work. When he does a solo activity, he does it because he knows it will benefit the group itself, not doing solo to shine away from the group. He does his solo work to promote Shinhwa.

  Even when he gets a solo activity, he never decides on it by himself… Eric will first get the agreement of the members if there is something he wants to do for himself. If there is a solo activity that he wishes to do, he would first gather the opinions of the members & seek the agreements of all the members first!!. 
Seriously who ever does something like this?!!!! .. such an attitude of his sets an example of what made it possible for Shinhwa to promote separately and together. 
Eric: “Rather than my solo activities, Shinhwa’s activities are more important.”


another secret to longevity? it’s the leader’s genuine care and support to the other members’ solo activities. Eric always sets an example for others to follow. 

Dongwan: “Eric always thinks about every member, and seeing how he helps make us take care of each other.“

Eric has always been a truly supportive & selfless Leader. Not being selfish & focusing only on his solo activities, but he always helps his members in their solo careers, showing ultimate support & encouragement to them & happily agrees to feature in their albums, and always expresses how proud he is as his members are doing great in their solos. While staying at home, he keeps on monitoring their performances & giving them very useful feedback & advises.

Eric: “Aside from our group activities, I’m really happy to see the members do well in their solo careers. If I can offer my help in any way, I’d like to help them continuously.”

  & what does he gain in return for his massive help & as feat. fees in his members’ albums?! .. Pizza or sunglasses :D

Eric, the leader who leads from behind & puts the members in front. He doesn’t like to stand out and always stays away from the limelight, happily giving it to the members. 

and there is always that noticeable thing about Leader Eric. He has always been supporting Shinhwa from the back since debut. Never been bossy. He always stays away from the limelight, happily giving it to the members. You’ll find him standing quietly in the interviews. So humble & quiet to the extend that many people are still not aware that Eric is the leader of Shinhwa. This is because he is a man with few words and doesn’t stand on the front of the group. His true features of taking care of his people shone brightly as him working behind the scenes. But when Shinhwa encounter a problem, he takes the front line, protecting the group & the members.

and after all of this, it’s expected that Eric will be thinking highly of himself as one of best leaders, if not the best ..
but ..this man is so humble to an extend you can’t believe! 

Another thing about Eric is that he never thinks highly of himself!! he’s one of the most humble people you can ever meet!!. Like he’s one of the best leaders, if not the best, the loyal, selfless & dependable leader that has been keeping Shinhwa for such a long time in the industry & still, he doesn’t think that he does something extraordinary!! 

Seriously, how can he even be this humble?!!.. Eric, you’ve been setting standards of how ideal leadership is! 

Whenever someone praises or says something nice about him, he’ll do some funny stuff to cut that person off & move to another subject. Like what he did in Shinhwa’s latest concert when Dongwan thanked him for his great efforts in getting the full rights to Shinhwa’s name back. Eric kept on kissing Dongwan to cut him off.

Or when someone praises his outer looks, & it’s known that Eric is one of the most handsome Korean celebs (he was dubbed Korea’s handsome representative) but he never brags about his handsomeness for even once, and when others tell him that he’s handsome, he’s gets so shy & flustered & tries to change topics. 

and even though he’s the mighty Eric, with more than 20 years in the industry, regardless of his fame, he remains the humble Eric who still bows 90 degrees to even the hoobaes & the fans. Forever humble as Day 1. Eric really sets an example that no matter how famous you are, you should always be humble & down to earth with everyone.

The leader that always thinks of Shinhwa before himself !

& he also doesn’t think he’s doing something extraordinary!!! 

and even during his solo activities, he seizes every chance to promote Shinhwa & the other members’ solo events. 

Then there is this amazingly meaningful quote of Eric, that makes me feel so lucky for being a Shinhwa Changjo ..

“It’s impossible for Shinhwa to disband now even if we wanted to. Shinhwa doesn’t just belong to us, it also belongs to the fans and people who love us.”

To any group, before disbanding, think deeply of this quote. Your group doesn’t just belong to you, it also belongs to your fans & people who love you!

Now.. With every anniversary we celebrate with Shinhwa, the group that debuted in 1998 & still going strong with no disbandment & no member change, let’s forever remember that the main reason behind this is Eric, the best leader we could ever ask for. The leader who knew how to keep his group intact & overcome all troubles they’ve been through since debut. That troubles that could’ve easily made any other group disband.
Eric always puts Shinhwa as a top priority over anything else .. To him, the group always comes first. He really lives for Shinhwa!

“Eric is really like an otaku. If he gets addicted to something he’ll bury himself at home but after we left our first agency, as the leader of Shinhwa, he became the otaku of Shinhwa. Even now, he worries a lot for Shinhwa and is also in charge of dealing with external matters. He is a leader I’m thankful to and can trust.” - Dongwan

Thank you leader Eric for all of what you’ve done & still doing to Shinhwa. Thank you for keeping them as forever six .. thank you for always protecting us, Shinhwa Changjo .. Thank you for always protecting Orange .. Thank you for always protecting Shinhwa Company .. Thank you for always choosing Shinhwa over anything else no matter what the temptation is .. Everyone of us appreciates your great efforts & dedication for Shinhwa. Plz continue on leading Shinhwa for more anniversaries & more success. 2gether 4ever, walking on the same road. Never apart, friends till the end. ♥♥

#HappyEricDay ♥♥  Happiest birthday to our awesome leader Eric ♥♥

As beautiful and iconic as the proposal was, the thing that stood out to me as it was unfolding, the thing that stayed with me the most when it was over, was the imagery and what it means outside of the show’s narrative. It was important. I don’t think I can emphasize enough how important it was. Historically, Hollywood has not been kind to black women. When we’re fortunate enough to appear on screen at all, it’s usually in singular, familiar (read: comfortable) ways: strong, single, silent, sassy, unrealistically perfect, best friend to everyone while selflessly shouldering all of our burdens alone. It’s frustrating. It’s demoralizing. It’s tiresome. And it’s utter bullshit.

We don’t get love songs sung to us. We don’t get not one, but two romantic proposals in one season let alone at all. We don’t get to be the love of someone’s life. We rarely get to be vulnerable and unsure and carefree and overwhelmed and ecstatic and cry tears of joy within the narrative of a story in this way. It rarely happens. It’s not about “just being the love interest” as is so frequently the charge when a black woman is the love interest (which is still the exception and not the rule). And it’s certainly not about being validated by a white man or the white gaze. It’s about black women having been historically presented as not needing love, not being worthy of love, not being worthy of being cherished, not being worthy of being protected at the same time that we can do all those things for ourselves.

Little black girls needed to see this. Black women needed to see this. A society that constantly reiterates to the world every single day that black women aren’t beautiful, aren’t feminine, aren’t worthy and are “less than” needed to see this.

Love, hate or feel nothing at all toward Westallen and Iris West, this was a big deal. It may not seem like it to some, but it was. Representation matters. But optics matter just as much.

***And to my fellow Richonners, what I said above also applies to the King and Queen of the apocalypse. Rick may not have said those four little words, but what he did say was basically a proposal. What happened between them in that abandoned school (and the rest of the episode) mattered, and it was just as important.

uneventeeth  asked:

hi! i saw your post about midterm elections, did a bit of googling, and am still a bit lost. are midterm elections just regular elections??? cos they seem to happen every 4 years when presidents are elected. also, do i have to register to vote the day i turn 18 or the year i turn 18??? or months before??? i just wanna be ready cos i know whats coming is gonna be tough on us. thank you lots!!

The elections we refer to as Midterm Elections are held every four years, at the half-way point between presidential elections.

The big difference between a Presidential and a Midterm Election is, well, that you vote for the president in one and not the other. 

Midterm elections are held on a federal level because, by law, every House seat is open for re-election every two years, and every Senate seat is open every six years.

This is why in 2018 ALL 435 House seats will be up for re-election in 2018, but only 33 of the 100 Senate seats will be up. 

Also, midterm elections usually have state and local offices, issues, referendums, and propositions on the ballot. 36 of 50 state governors are up on the block in 2018. 

Please don’t underestimate how important your local issues are: whatever the federal government passes down, its usually up to the state how those laws will be enforced. See: like all of reproductive rights 

As for your questions regarding WHEN you can register:

Most states only require that you be 18 before the next election when you register. Check out the requirements for your state HERE.

So, for example, if you turn 18 ON OR BEFORE November 6th, 2018, you can probably register to vote now. 

Some states, like California, even give you the option of registering to vote on the same for that you use to register for a DL, a permit, or a state ID. 

HOWEVER: Not all states have the same rules regarding voting registration.

  • Alaska: Be at least 18 years old or within 90 days of your 18th birthday
  • Connecticut: Be at least 17 and turning 18 before Election Day

  • District of Columbia: Be at least 17 years old, and turn 18 years old on or before the date of the next general election

  • Georgia: At least 17 ½ years of age to register and 18 to vote.

  • Iowa: 6 months before 18th birthday

  • Louisiana: Must be 17 years old (16 years old if registering in person at the registrar of voters office or at the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles), but must be 18 years old to vote.

  • Missouri: 17 ½ years of age to register, 18 years of age to vote

  • Nebraska: 18 years of age on or before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of the current calendar year.

  • New Jersey: 17 years of age to register, 18 years of age to vote

  • New Mexico: 17 years of age to pre-register, 18 years of age to vote

  • New York: 18 by end of calendar year that you register (note: you must be 18 years old by the date of the general, primary or other election in which you want to vote).

  • West Virginia: Must be 17 years old and 18 before the next general election. 17 year olds may register and vote in primary elections if they turn 18 before the next general election.

  • Wisconsin: Be at least 18 years of age on the day of the election to be eligible to vote. Persons who are otherwise eligible to vote may register to vote at 17 years of age if they will be 18 by the next election.
Hope this helps!
Brat Taming (M) - Pt 2

Genre; S M U T 

Length; 1,100+ words

Kink(s); sexual torture, impact play, Daddy kink, orgasm denial 

Originally posted by forever-young-got7

The moment he stepped into the room, he practically tossed you down onto the floor beneath him, 
“Aish-” He snarled, while hastily undoing his belt. “I swear to god, little girl..” Sliding the leather belt free from his jeans as he glared down at you; shaking his head. 

You knew damn well how much trouble you were in, you could tell just by the look in his eyes that he was about to teach you a little lesson you wouldn’t be able to forget- but.. it was just so fun being a brat. 
“What’s wrong, Daddy?” You feigned your innocent as you peered up at him through your lashes, softly batting them as you playfully tilted your head from side to side. 

Namjoon didn’t take too well to your little act, it was as if this pure darkness shadowed over him as he bent down and roughly took your lower jaw into his hand; his fingertips pressed into your cheeks while looking deeply into your eyes. “Why must you act like such a fucking little brat?” He asked in a low, animalistic growl. 

“I- I..” You stuttered, staring up at him with your puppy dog eyes the moment you seemed to quickly lose the confidence you had previously. 

“I- I, what, huh princess?” He viciously mocked, tightening his grip on your jaw as he brushed the cool leather across your thigh. “You wanna act like a big girl right? Then fucking answer me like one.” 

“I- I don’t know..” You meekly replied, your lower lip poked out in a subtle pout as tears gathered in the corners of your eyes. God were you in for it
“I’m sorry Daddy- I’m sorry..” 

Your little apology did nothing to help you out of the grave you dug yourself. 
He simply just roughly shoved you back onto the floor, finally releasing his harsh grip on you. Grabbing a fistful of your hair, he forced you onto all fours; leading you over to the bed. 
“I-” He growled once more as he urged you to stand, “Do not-” Pushing you over the the edge of the bed, releasing his grip on your hair as he held your upper back down onto the mattress- pinning you into place. “Fucking tolerate bad behavior, little girl.” He brutishly snarled as he quickly pushed up your skirt- shoving your panties down your thighs. 


The leather belt sharply licked your bum, drawing out your loud pained yelps. “Da-” You whimpered as you tried to wriggle out of his grasp. 

Namjoon only shoved you further into the mattress, “Keep still or else this will only get worse for you, little girl.” He lowly bellowed, landing more cruel blows across your reddened flesh. 


Your pain filled cries seemed to echo throughout the entire room, the tears that gathered in the corners of your eyes earlier; streaming down your cheeks, taking your mascara with it. Nothing but airy, shaky whines escaped your lips as you rode out the stinging pain of each impact. 

Looking over at you, he caught sight of your smeared makeup and flushed cheeks as you stayed as still as possible. 
A pleased smirk sprawled across his face as he landed another harsh blow on your bum. 


He watched as the tears flowed down your cheeks, licking his lips he could feel his hardening member pressing against the material of his jeans. “God you look so fucking-” He growled, cruelly spanking your abused flesh once more forcing out your tears. 


“-pretty when you cry for me..” He seductively snarled, dropping the belt onto the floor then roughly massaging your slowly bruising bum; earning your soft, muffled whimpers as you buried your face into the blankets. 

Soon after, he was behind you; knelt down as he gently examined the forming welts that scattered your bum. Running his fingertips across the reddened, sensitive areas, “Ahh~” You airily whined while attempting to escape his touch. 

“Is it ouchies, princess?” He softly asked, biting his lower lip as his eyes zeroed in on your dripping cunt. 

“Uh huh..” You shakily replied, nodding as you tightening grasped the sheets. 

“Not uh..” Shaking his head, clicking his tongue - tsk tsk-, “Use your words, little girl. Daddy can’t understand you if you don’t.”  

Sniffling, you nodded once more. “Yes, Daddy-” You whimpered, your lower lip quivered as he slightly dug his fingertips into the sore bruising marks. “Ahh.. It’s very ouchies..” 

A calm chuckle flowed out of him as he suddenly and quite ruthlessly land a stinging open hand smack on your aching flesh, drawing out a loud airy cry. “That’s why you shouldn’t act like such a fucking-” He lowly grumbled while lightly tracing his fingers up and down your drenched slit. 

Your shaky whimpers and silky moans mixed as he teased your wanting core. “Oh my god.. Daddy..” You faintly cooed, pushing yourself back meeting each little stroke he made. “Fuck me Daddy- please..” 

Namjoon bit down on his pillow-y lip as he listened to your sweet pleas, “You want Daddy so badly don’t you, babygirl?” He asked in a velvety growl while diving two of his slender fingers inside you, automatically curling them perfectly- hitting your most sensitive spot as he tenderly pumped his digits in and out of you. 

Frantically nodding, you licked your lips as your lips parted; your heavenly moans flowed out of you as you relaxed under his touch. 
“Holy shit- Yes, Daddy..” You whined as you met each pump, “I want you so, so badly..” 

“I can tell.” He teased, roughly gripping your tender flesh as he quickened his pace. “You’re so fucking wet babygirl..” He chuckled as turned his fingers inside of you, “Who makes you feel this good, huh little girl?” 

Your mouth hung open as you continuous moaned, melting under his expert touch. “You do Daddy!” You cried out, tightening the grip you had on the bed sheets. 

“Who do you fucking belong to?” He asked in this predatory snarl, quickening his speed once more. “Scream my name babygirl- I want the others to know who fucking owns you.” 

“You do Namjoon!” You loudly whined, arching your back further as he pounded into with his skillful fingers, “You own me Daddy, only you!~” 

He could feel your silky walls clench around his digits as you came closer and closer to reaching your climax, “Do you wanna cum princess?” He purred while running his blunt fingernails along your arched spine. 

“Yes, Daddy~” You mewled as pure ecstasy overflowed your wanting body. Your walls clenched around him, your climax inching closer each passing second. “I wanna cum so fucking badly..” 

Tsk Tsk- clicking his tongue once more, shaking his tongue as he slowly retracted his fingers from your yearning cunt, “Too bad..” He scoffed, licking fingers clean from your sweet essence; grinning widely as he listened to your soft cries in protest.
Groping your hyper sensitive bum and thighs, he leaned forward; his plush lips right beside your ear as he remorselessly whispered, “It wouldn’t be a punishment if I let you cum- now would it, princess?” 

To Be Continued- Maybe~

(A table of contents will become available at the end of the series. Recent additions can be found in the meantime in either the posts by pear or the relationships tags. This series will remain open for additional posts and the table of contents up-to-date as new posts are added.)

Part Four: Parents on the Page

So you’ve accepted the challenge, huh? You want to actually include your character’s parents this time around. Excellent. Since the tendency over the years has been to exclude them, you may be finding yourself a bit stumped on how to write them. Good news - I’ve got some tips for you.


When we imagine our own parents, we mostly think about our interactions with them–the PARENTING part of being a parent. While it’s pretty common for parents to deal with loss of identity as part of becoming parents, don’t forget that these are still people. They have fears and loves, wants and needs above simply making sure they can support the family. What are their hobbies? If given a week to themselves, how would they spend it? When faced with their greatest fear that is not wrapped up in their children’s well-being, how do they face it? What kind of teenager were they, and what’s the most illegal thing they’ve done? (It doesn’t have to be a big dark secret like they killed a man. Maybe they just put soap into a central fountain or removed the C off a sign for crude oil.) What kinds of trips did they used to take prior to their children? What’s a phrase that the child would shake their head upon hearing and just mutter, “Of course you would. That… that’s such a [parent] thing to say”? What are three or four words that sum up who this person is that don’t include “parent”?

Relationship with their children

Once you have an awareness of who these people are as people, add in their children and think about parenting skills they might employ. How they speak to their children will cue a lot off of the respective ages, so take into consideration whether this is an adult speaking with an adult, or an adult speaking with a child. That relationship between parents and their adult children really does change, despite the couple of years of transition when the parent still thinks they’re talking with a child. That location within the relationship is important to figuring out how to write parents and children in scenes together. It doesn’t always have to be either knocking-heads-antagonistic or sickly-sweet-friendship. It can be as simple as two characters talking who simply have a long history with each other.

Parents are often concerned about well-being in regards to their children. They want to make sure that the child doesn’t need assistance whether monetarily or emotionally. That long history can create either a very clear-headed ability to assess what’s going on with the child or a blinding effect where they don’t see as well as they think they do. Generally, the blindness is also well-meaning, but can end up creating tensions between parent and child. Dialogue between parents and children will often reflect this. Long history provides inside jokes and memories, resulting in references to each other or avoidance of certain topics because they both know.

Story Function

When writers decide not to include the parents in a story, usually their only focus is on eliminating extraneous characters to streamline the story down to only those who are most integral to the plot. In theory, we’re taught that this is the best way to handle stories: keep it simple and make sure the characters you choose to include are worth including, right? If a character’s not pulling their weight, see if there’s a way to combine their purpose with another flimsy character to create a more substantive character, right? This, alongside ideas like “This character would never be able to go on this adventure if their parents were around!” leads writers to take advantage of the close relationship inherent in parent-child relationships by forcing the parents to leave and putting that angst to use as character backstory. It makes characters more sympathetic, right? Consider, instead, that parents can become hugely helpful to your story by providing an easy reason for something to be discussed or providing excellent tension.

Long story short: Parents don’t have to be a burden to your tale, but rather can have a function if you bother to develop them into full and rounded characters.

Consider what kind of agenda these people might have–what are they up to? And don’t just think about it in regards to their children, but also in regards to the wider world. Think about how they would react to the things going on in the city due to the wider world machinations. It’s so tempting to think they’d be oblivious, but what if they’re also taking action? What if they’re preparing for something? Think about what kinds of facets that might add to your story.

Remember to take into consideration the parents’ hopes and dreams in regards to their children and family, too, of course. How far are they willing to go to protect them? What does protection mean to them? Where would they like to see their children in the future, and how involved do they feel the need to be in order to get them there? How much space is there in their agenda to allow for road bumps and input from the child?

What kind of foil or new perspective could having the parents in the story provide? What opinions or worldviews/understanding do they have that could be a benefit to your character? Part of the common plot for adventure/quest stories is the hero’s reluctance to join the adventure at all. How much more fun could you have if you put the trope on its head and involved the parents. Yeah, your character wants to go, but it’s family game night; or your character would never be able to sneak out of the house without attracting the parents’ attention, so think about how a character might achieve that and the fun situations your characters can get into before you even get started with defeating the Dark Lord.

Not all parents have to manifest as obstacles, or even as obstacles all the time. Consider taking another perspective with them that allows them to be part of the picture, even if they’re not on the team fighting the Big Bad.

Next up: Starting in on the siblings!

Picture this:

So you know how Bakugou was calling Midoriya the most slippery bastard for like, the longest time, because let’s be real–Midoriya is nothing if not talented at out thinking people…

So imagine one day, they’re fighting some big shot villain, and of course, the villain is all focused on Bakugou. He’s the powerhouse right? Big bad quirk, big bad attitude to go with it? Makes sense why you would focus on him–except, that there’s Deku.

And he doesn’t say it, but at the climax of the confrontation, the villain thinks he’s got Bakugou numbered. And Bakugou just inwardly grins because I ain’t your biggest problem tbh.

The little green bastard is.

And in comes Midoriya and ofc they fucking win, but Bakugou just kind of goes 

“You were off by four minutes.”
And Midoriya makes the most squinty eyed face at him, “I’d like to see you try to do what I just did.”
“I could, I have, and I would do better.”

Endless bickering as they walk off and wait for police to arrive.

Every Other Weekend pt. 7

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,681

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating, language

A/N: TAGGING IS CLOSED. (please message me if you want me to let you know when a new part is posted. i’m more than willing to do that.) there are three songs that i heard AFTER i started this fic that fit so ridiculously well. so check them out if you want:
Confess Cheated Liar

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Originally posted by imaginingbucky

The alcohol coursed through your veins and you felt the swimming feeling in your head. If you weren’t leaning against the bar, you’d have fallen over. “I’m just going to call him.”

“You shouldn’t.” Natasha attempted to be the voice of reason but you shrugged her off. It was the first time since the divorce was granted a month ago that you’d gotten a chance to go out with your friends. Your mom had the kids and you weren’t originally going to go, but Nat practically dragged you out of the house.

“I’m going to.” You nodded, your vision blurry now. “Be back.” Bucky’s number was still on speed dial. With a sigh, and some stumbles, you walked out of the bar and leaned against the brick wall.

The phone rang three times before he picked up. “Hello?” His voice was low, with a tired groan. “Y/N do you know what time it is?”

“Bucky just listen.” You swallowed hard, slurring your words.

“You’re drunk.” He sighed.

“I’m not. Okay, maybe a little. But I have something to tell you.”

“What?” He was growing impatient.

“I love you.” Overwhelmed by emotions, and the four shots you had just downed before making the call, you started to cry. “I miss you so much.”

“Y/N…” Bucky let out a sigh and you heard him shuffle around in bed. “You shouldn’t have called.”

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anonymous asked:

I really enjoy your writing style! Supercorp prompt: we now know Lena is actually 24, how would Kara, Alex, Maggie etc... find this out and would her being so young change how reluctant the superfriends are to trust her? I havent seen an author tackle this age canon issue with Lena being even younger than Kara.

Thank you! Hope this is what you had in mind :)

Lena looks up as Jess knocks and enters her office, a certain blonde with the ability to mimic sunshine in tow.

‘Thanks Jess’ Lena smiles as Kara comes to stand in front of her and waves a small paper bag at her.

‘Donuts?’ Lena questions.

‘I’ve seen the news, it seemed like a donut kinda situation…’ Kara offered as she jiggled the bag.

Lena sighed deeply, one of the scientists for L. Corp had been using the company’s resources to work on a side project, one that involved creating weapons to ‘protect’ people from aliens. NCPD had carried out a raid on the scientist’s apartment and once the weapons had been uncovered it hadn’t taken long for some of the lower level news outlets to jump to conclusions, linking the Luthor name and the anti-alien rhetoric.

Lena pinched the bridge of her nose, ‘I have no idea what I need to do to distance myself from my family name. No, that’s not true… there is no way. I will always be a Luthor.’

Kara held out the bag of donuts and Lena took it with a smile. She headed towards the couch and sat down, taking out one of the donuts and passing the bag back to Kara.

‘I mean, this isn’t what I signed up for! Did I want to help run Luthor Corp when I was younger? Of  course! But that was long before I realised what being a Luthor actually meant.’ Lena tore little pieces off of her glazed donut and alternated between popping them into her mouth and waving her hand around in exasperation. ‘Now? I’m running a company that no one wants me to run, purely based upon my last name… I’m only twenty four for god sake! This is not quite how I imagined life after graduation; continually cleaning up the disaster trail left behind by my family…’

Kara listened; she knew Lena just needed to rant and there were very few people in her life who Lena could let go with. She paused as something Lena said registered just as she was about to take a big bite of her donut.

‘What?’ Kara questioned.

‘Huh?’ Lena responded, stopped in the middle of her train of thought.

‘How old did you say you are?’ Kara replied, sure she had misheard.

‘I’m twenty four…’ Lena said slowly, confused as to why Kara felt the need to clarify her age.

‘Twenty four…’ Kara repeated, somewhat dumbfounded.

‘Yes! Kara, are you ok?’ Lena asked, starting to get a little concerned.

‘I just didn’t realise you we’re that young!’ Kara replied sheepishly, ‘I’d always assumed you were older than me what with running L. Corp and having a Masters degree.’

‘Two Masters degrees’ Lena grinned.

‘You’re just… so… young!’ Kara giggled, ‘are you sure you should be running L. Corp without adult supervision?’

Lena rolled her eyes. ‘Are you sure you’re ok getting up to my office, or do I need to install a chair lift for you?’ Lena teased back.

The banter continued until Kara had to leave; as she walked towards the lift, she couldn’t help but think about the amount of pressure that was on Lena for someone so young.

The following day Kara had lunch with Alex and Maggie and as per usual, the conversation shifted round to work related topics.

‘You should have seen the stash of weapons this guy had been building’ Maggie said, shaking her head, ‘we don’t think he actually managed to sell any, but things could have gotten really bad…’

‘How’s Lena?’ Alex asked, ‘Did she really not know what was going on in her own company?’

‘Seriously?’ Kara asked incredulously.

‘Ok! I know, but I still have to ask!’ Alex replied defensively.

‘She’s navigating the PR nightmare; I went to see her yesterday, took her some sweet treats to help. I think she just feels so helpless at times; nothing she does will ever be good enough… She’s spent her entire life being told she’s not really a Luthor by the family she was desperate to be a part of, and now spends her whole time being told all she is is a Luthor. I really wish I could help somehow…’

Maggie and Alex shared a look; it was obvious that Kara has a bit of a crush on the Luthor, but they had decided not to push it, but rather let Kara figure things out by herself.  

‘Oh!’ Kara said with a mouthful of fries, ‘did you know that she’s only twenty four?’



Kara nodded, ‘She’s twenty four and running a multi billion dollar company by herself. She has no family and the only two people she considers to be her friends are actually the same person!’

‘Invite her to a film night’ Alex offered, ‘look, you trust her and that’s enough for me. Invite her and we can get to know her.’

Kara’s stomach flipped at the thought of including Lena at a Superfriends night and she quickly texted Lena, asking if she was free that weekend.

Lena felt slightly nervous as she walked towards Kara’s apartment; on the other side of that door were Kara’s friends and family, one of whom had arrested her… She gave herself a pep talk, took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

She couldn’t help the grin that crossed her face the moment she saw Kara open the door. She placed her bag down and headed towards the sofa to sit among Kara’s friends.

Kara followed behind, quickly poured Lena a glass of wine in the kitchen which Lena took gratefully and introduced all her friends. She went to take a sip of her wine but paused when she heard a teasing voice;

‘Ms. Luthor, I’m gunna need to see some ID; can’t have any underage shenanigans taking place with me present…’ Maggie winked.

Winn squeaked and James covered his mouth to stifle a chuckle.

Lena paused for a second before it dawned on her; if her age had been a shock to Kara, it must have come as a bit of a surprise to the rest of them.

Kara slapped Maggie on the arm and shot her a look, before sitting down next to Lena

‘We have a selection of films to pick from’ Winn pipped up from his cushion on the floor.

‘There are some horror films in there, so we got you this…’ Maggie grinned as Alex leaned over the side of the couch to pick up the bag she had placed there earlier and popped it on the table in front of Lena.

Kara’s eyes narrowed in suspicion as her sister and Maggie as they both tried really hard to keep from giggling.

Lena raised an eyebrow and reached for the bag, she laughed when she saw what was inside; a cuddly dinosaur.

‘That way, you have something to protect you, if you get scared during the film…’

‘Guuuuys’ Kara whined, ‘you promised to behave!’

‘Look Little Danvers, we’ve spent the last few months thinking Lena was nearly thirty, and kinda treating her as such…’ Maggie started to explain, ‘now we know that she is in fact the baby of the group!’

‘It’s fine Kara’ Lena interrupted, ‘the teasing- it’s kinda nice… to be treated as Lena, rather than a Luthor.’

‘If you’re sure..?’ Kara asked concerned.

‘I am. Plus…’ Lena dropped her voice to a whisper, her heart racing as she leaned in closer to Kara, ‘if I do happen to get scared during the film, I can always cuddle up to you instead…’

Best Friend

Originally posted by harrysgolden

It was your birthday party. Harry had been late because of a meeting that kept going. He thinks they really just stopped because the rest saw he wasn’t paying attention. He was really excited for the party because it had been a while since he had seen you. Both of you busy with your own lives and if you did have the opportunity to talk it was very briefly.

Harry always thought you worked too hard. You are doing Uni and work all at the same time. He also saw that it was taking a toll on you because during the facetimes you would have dark circles under your eyes and yawing the whole time. But your work attic was something Harry loved you for.

Yes love, you two have been best friends for 4 years now. You know what they say a guy and a girl can’t be best friends without one falling for the other. The only problem was that you had a boyfriend. He really wasn’t the guy for you and he wasn’t the only one who thought that. He is always busy and it seems like he never has time for you.

He was surprised when he got an invitation to your birthday party. You hadn’t mentioned it last time you two talked which was a week ago, so imagine the surprise on Harry’s face when suddenly there was a card that said you were giving a party in 4 days.

That was another thing he loved about you. The fact that you can be that spontaneous to just invite people to a party that will be in four days. Also, the card giving it a finishing touch. You will always send cards and never texts somebody when something big is happening. Like every birthday and Christmas there will be no Happy birthday or Merry Christmas text but a card. You always say it shows that people care enough to go to the store and actually buy a card.

When Harry did finally arrive at your party, an hour late. He walked in and he immediately spotted you. You were dressed in a beautiful floral dress and were sporting a big smile on your face. Even from a far he could see that you looked a lot more awake since the last face time and that putted a smile on his face. Then he saw Jason, your boyfriend standing next to you with his arm around your waist.

It was something really strange but the minute Harry walked in it was like you knew. You turned your face to him and your smile was getting even bigger, if that was even physically possible. You said something to the people you were talking to and then started walking towards him. Jason stayed with his friends.

Harry couldn’t help but smile back and feel his heart beat skip because of how beautiful you looked.

‘Look who finally decided to show up.’ You said with a teasing smile.

‘Sorry love, the meeting kept going and I couldn’t just walk out.’ He said with an apologetic smile.

‘Hey Harry, that’s fine. I was only joking. I know your busy and the party was a bit last minute so don’t worry.’ You said and gave him a hug.

‘Yes, I thought you didn’t want a party. Thought you wanted a peaceful day.’ Harry said.

‘I know but you know what I realized that I only have one life and have to enjoy it the fullest.’ You said. Harry could see that you really did want a quiet day in and he could already think of whose idea the party was. He didn’t say anything though.

‘Oh yes, Happy birthday!’ Harry said and gave you his present.

‘Thank you, Harry! Please go to the bar and get anything you want. I will hang this up for you.’ You said and took his coat from his arm.

‘Okay.’ He said and saw you leave with his coat in your arms. He took a deep breath and went to the bar ready to order whatever was on the menu this evening.

‘Hey man, how’s it going?’ Tom a mutual friend of yours asked Harry.

‘Good, busy but good, You?’ Harry asked looking around the room searching for you.

‘I am good, you know I got a promotion.’ Tom said.

‘Congrats.’ Harry said still looking around the room. Finally, he spotted you talking to your guest. Tom was still talking but honestly Harry didn’t really pay attention because all he could think about was you.

‘Hey man, just tell her how you feel.’ Tom said all of a sudden which made Harry’s head turn to him and looked at Tom confused.

‘What?’ Harry said.

‘(Y/N), just tell her out already mate. You have been in love with this girl for so long now. It ain’t gonna change anything if you don’t tell her. And we all know Jason isn’t the guy for her.’ Tom said with a knowing look.

‘I don’t know, I have this feeling that now isn’t the appropriate time.’ Harry said. His mind was going wild with the thought of asking you out and you actually saying yes.

‘Harry, mate, when is a good time to tell her something like that? Just do it, you are not gonna lose her if she says no’ Tom said. That was the thing that Harry was most afraid of. You saying no and then it becoming awkward.

‘I’ll see.’ Harry said and took another sip from his drink.

The evening went on with Harry watching you from the bar and you playing the perfect host. He felt kind of left out. You are his best friend and you are talking to everybody except of him.

When it was around 12 everybody started singing ‘Happy birthday’ and a big cake arrived. You blew the candles and everybody started eating. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw you coming up to him.

‘Hey stranger’ Harry said with a teasing tone.

‘I know, I am sorry.’ You said and sat next to him.

‘So, you enjoying your party?’ He asked. When he looked at you he saw that there was some frosting on the side of your mouth. He took a napkin and wiped it away.

‘Thanks.’ You said with your mouth full of cake. After swallowing you said, ‘Yes, I am, really happy you are here. I do admit I was a bit scared you weren’t going to make it.’

‘I will always be wherever you are (Y/N).’ Harry said and looked in your eyes. He didn’t know why that came out with so much emotions, probably the alcohol made his emotions come out so strong.

You putted your head on his shoulder and looked at everybody having a good time. You knew Harry would always be there for you. He has never let you down.

To you the silence may be a comfortable silence, but to Harry the silence was killing him. Was this a good time to say it. To say what he really feels. Maybe Tom was right and there isn’t a right moment. But maybe you don’t feel the same way and he doesn’t want this friendship to end. HE really doesn’t, you are too important for him.

‘Hey, what’s going on in that head of yours?’ You asked. You could visibly see him debating about something.

‘I don’t know how to explain it.’ Harry said honestly. He really didn’t.

‘It’s okay, you don’t have to say it if you don’t want to.’ You said taking your head of his shoulders and looking at his face. ‘Just know, that you can tell me everything.’

Okay this is the right moment isn’t it. There isn’t going to be a better moment is there?

‘I don’t think Jason is the right guy for you’ Harry spilled.

You looked at him a bit taken back. ‘eeuh, what?’ you said. You really didn’t know how to react. You really liked Jason, he was like the most wanted guy by any girl in Uni. You felt super flattered when he asked you out.

Harry took a deep breath. ‘I just don’t think he is with you for the right reason you know.’

‘Can you stop? I really like Jason okay and he really likes me.’ You said starting to get a little bit angry.

‘Oh does he really (Y/N)? He is never there for you. Every time something is bothering you, you call me. Not that I mind I am happy I can be there for you. And this party… Is this really something you wanted or was it his idea.’ Harry said starting to get angry too.

‘He’s just really busy okay and yes I maybe didn’t want a party but he organized this for me because he loves me and wants me to have a good time.’ You said back, well it was more yelling now. ‘Why bringing this up anyway?’ You asked.

‘Because I love you okay. That’s why and I hate knowing that that douche is treating you wrong.’ Harry yelled back.

You couldn’t help but stop breathing, did Harry just really say this? He loves you? You had loved Harry for a long time now but always thought he didn’t feel the same.

‘Oh god, Harry, why didn’t you tell me?’ You asked trying to calm him down.

‘Because you were dating Jason and you were so happy about it.’ He said.

‘Harry, I love you.’ You said.

Those words made Harry’s word stop. You loved him? You really did.

‘So, what now?’ Harry asked.

‘I am going to break up with Jason tomorrow and then will see, okay?’ You said.

Harry couldn’t help but have a big smile on his face and be happy.


Hey anon,

I hope this is what you wanted.

Lots of love,


This is a BIG Deal

Okay so Pentatonix covered Bohemian Rhapsody. They just did that. And WOW! I first heard it yesterday and honestly I still can’t process that insanity. I know that for the longest time, everyone has wanted them to do the song since they did bits of the song in Evolution of Music back in 2013.

Now to be clear, Bohemian Rhapsody is a LONG as hell song. Where most songs are from 2 and half minutes to four minutes…..this is about SIX. That is a lot of music and lyrics in two extra minutes than the norm. So it is HARD to do all the way through. Besides that it is basically three different songs in one. So that is three different kinds of music styles that have to flow seamlessly together. Yeah it is complicated and technical as HELL.

In fact it is SO technical that Queen themselves, the creators of this classic song, could not do it live. Not completely anyway. The way in which Freddie had composed it, there was NO way for them to do all the parts live. They had to have certain parts played out through a recording and other parts were able to be done live. Like the intro was impossible to achieve live and so they had a recording. Another part was the opera I believe that was layered in such a way there was no way to reproduce the sound. The band in fact had to separate the song because of all the difficulty that went into performing it. 

Due to its length and technical difficulty NO artist has really done a TRUE cover of it. Not the way it should be. There have been many that have tried to emulate the original work, but here’s the kicker. It’s impossible to do without some editing or machine. And that’s due to how Freddie created the piece. So where does Pentatonix fit into this?

Well they made Bohemian Rhapsody, a song which relies heavily on multi layering and effects, into a near perfect acapella version. It is safe to say that PTX, like all the singers/bands before them, had to do SOMETHING to achieve the iconic parts of the song. Be it light layering or a choir, there’s almost NO way they could achieve it with their voices alone. They aren’t super human (well scratch that, they ARE but they don’t want us mere mortals to know that). Remember when I said that Queen couldn’t even perform Bohemian Rhapsody live? Yeah, if this song is a part of the 2017 tour set list…..and they can pull it off….then Pentatonix are truly geniuses, no lie. And they made Gold, a song all about auto tune and effects possible…..Cause Mitchy is out of this world. 

Anyway, I know that Pentatonix will have no problem with the length and the transitions in the song. Their Evolution of….songs have trained them for something like this. Each of the three Evolution of…. songs has taught them how to quickly move from one song, style, and tempo to the next. Each one is also long and very complex. They’ve also mentioned it took months to put together EofM. Scott and Mitch revealed EofB was put together in one night (cause they are just stans like that, I’m looking at you Scotty Boy). I’m not sure about how long it took to put together EofMJ. Regardless they were able to handle it all. 

One last thing to bring up is that Pentatonix said years ago (on The Sing Off in fact) that they were not meant to do rock music. There was just too much involved for them to pull off a rock song convincingly. Even so they were able to make it through Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf without tripping up live. This will their return to trying to pull off the genre. Being one of the most famous songs in the classic rock genre….yeah they definitely went for it. This has been requested by fans for years. So be proud and grateful of what they’ve done to sing this song.

This will be their greatest challenge to perform yet. Forget the digital sounds of Daft Punk or the emotional intensity of Hallelujah. THIS, Bohemian Rhapsody, is forever immortalized in the minds of music lovers worldwide. Pulling it off on stage in front of thousands of people…..there is no way that it won’t catch the attention of the media and people at large. Here’s to those crazy choir nerds who started off with a dream.

Certain as the Sun: VII

Here is the next part to Certain as the Sun. ***WARNING: EXTREME EXPLICIT CONTENT***  I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as it killed my heart to write it. (That’s all the spoilers I’ll give. Please prepare yourselves). Sorry it’s also super long.


I could think up about a million different possibilities as for why the hell Tamlin had sent for me to be brought to the Spring Court and none of them involved him letting Feyre go so that she could return home with me.

When I had first received the note from none other than the High Lord of the Spring Court himself, Amren had advised me to ignore it.

“It’s a trap,” she’d said, eyes blaring. “What good reason would he have to send for you?” When I’d addressed the rest of the Inner Circle as well, they’d had similar thoughts. There was one thing we all agreed upon, and that was that Tamlin had not invited me to his home for a nice brunch and some polite conversation.

When I’d tried to reach out to Feyre again I had been met with that dark, infinite void. She had not contacted him at all since she’d returned once again to the Spring Court. And although I was certain she must possess some perfectly good explanation unbeknownst to myself, it still struck some sort of chord that she had severed herself from me so thoroughly.

Nevertheless, I had agreed to meet with Tamlin. Morrigan and Amren were both waiting just on the outskirts of the Spring Court should I need their assistance. I’d ordered Azriel to take to the skies and keep watch from there, Cassian flanking my side. Normally, their roles were reversed, but in great thanks to that bastard King of Hybern, we still had not found any cure for Cassian’s ruined wings.

He had not yet come to terms with it, and over these past months, I could tell that there was something that was a bit off about my fellow Illyrian warrior. I could not begin to imagine the pain that came with being without your wings—for Illyrians we’d sooner lose our lives than the one thing that kept us from being fully tethered to the ground. Every day that Cassian chose to continue was another that my respect for him grew.

Even if that did mean getting rip-roaring drunk with him more than usual.

“Well, Tamlin’s certainly got a flair for the extravagant,” Cassian mused upon coming face to face with a ridiculously gaudy table sat decoratively in a corner. It seemed to have no use whatsoever besides showcasing Tamlin’s less than desirable personality traits.

No sooner did the words come from Cassian’s lips did a servant come to take us to wherever Tamlin was hiding out. He was a small, young Fae. Exceedingly pointed ears were a light shade of green at the tips, his eyes wide at the sight of the two warriors before him.

The boy swallowed before speaking. “Master Tamlin has ordered me to fetch you,” he said, fighting to stop his voice from quivering so much. “Please follow me.”

He promptly spun on his heels and walked out of the room, not bothering to ensure we were following him.

As we were led through the utter maze that was the Spring Court dwelling, I was shocked at how many memories were associated with this place that had once been like a home but was now nothing more than a living hell.

Finally, the boy led us to a set of dusty rose-colored double doors. His timid fingers lightly rapped on the door, followed by a, “Come in.”

As one we all filed inside. The room was big and spacious, a single table set with four chairs instead of just three did not escape my notice. This particular room had been peculiarly made with mirrors on three of the four walls, as well as the ceiling, giving it the illusion that you were standing in a pool of Starlight due to the sun that refracted off of them.

And standing at the lone window in the room was none other than the High Bastard himself.

Tamlin turned upon hearing our arrival, a welcoming smile adorning his lips. “Rhysand. Cassian,” he greeted. As he made his way over to us, I noted that his choice in clothing was just as flamboyant as his furniture. He wore a finely tailored red tunic with bright silver trimmings, grey pants, and black boots. His hair graced past his shoulders, and sitting atop his head was the infamous Spring Court crown. It looked decidedly uncomfortable.

“I trust you made it here without any trouble,” he continued.

“Your trust is accurately placed,” Cassian said with more than a hint of malice.

Tamlin just nodded, keeping that pleasant smile on his face. “Well, please sit. We’ve much to discuss.”

Neither Cassian nor I moved.

“I don’t have time for whatever mind tricks you’re trying to pull, Tamlin. Perhaps you’ve forgotten that that is one area—of many— that my performance supersedes yours,” I replied coolly.

That smile drooped ever slightly.

“I don’t see your Lady floating about,” I remarked. “Keeping her locked away for fear I may meddle with her mind again, are we?”

“Funny you should mention her, actually,” Tamlin’s eyes glittered with something that had my senses on high alert. “Feyre,” he called, “would you please join us?”

A moment later I heard the doors that we’d entered just a few moments ago open and then shut once more. I forced myself to breathe, not to react, to calm myself as Feyre came into view.

She was wearing a dress similar in fashion to what Tamlin was wearing, a pretty diadem sat upon her head. Feyre did not glance our way as she rushed to Tamlin, her lips meeting his as soon as he was within arm’s length.

Tamlin scooped her into his arms, Feyre leaning into his touch as his hand moved further south than should be permitted in front of an audience.

Cassian was taut as a bow, his hands clenching and unclenching were they were hidden behind his back. It took all my strength not to turn Tamlin’s mind to putty then and there, and I could tell similar thoughts were indeed running through Cassian’s mind as well as we were forced to watch helplessly as our High Lady shoved her tongue down another man’s throat.

“How are you today, my love?” He asked. She smiled broadly, one she had only ever graced me with when she was incandescently happy.

“I’m well, thank you,” she replied, beaming at him. “I got some more paintings done today.”

“Did you?”

She nodded, biting down on her lower lip, eyes sparkling. “I was feeling oddly inspired this morning…perhaps due to—”

“Either we get on with whatever business, or the two of you get a room and we leave,” Cassian interrupted. As much as I wished I could say that I would have been able to stand there for a few moments more and let them go about their business, it was killing me to see her this way.

When Feyre had visited, she’d told me she had to do things to keep up appearances. Things that she was not proud of. She hadn’t specified at the time, but there was no need. I knew exactly the kind of things she probably had to do to keep up the facade that she was hopelessly in love with Tamlin.

And yet, the wrath deafening my ears came as a surprise.

Indeed, it was one thing to be told, and another entirely to experience.

“Feyre, you remember Rhysand, I’m sure. And the other is Cassian. His…advisor.”

I couldn’t help the low chuckle that came as a result of his words. “You think you will anger me by disrespecting not only my title but a member of my court as well. It will take much more than a few insults, princeling, for me to reveal my true self.” His brows rose. “And I assure you, your claws would not like to become acquainted with my talons.”

He was quiet for a moment, eyes calculating.

Finally, he spoke. “You know what? You’re right. So very right, Rhysand. How foolish of me to think I could rile you with belittling you insignificant and, frankly, foolish court of savages anyway?” My teeth set. “It would take something much more…personal, I think.”

It took less than a heartbeat for Cassian to have his swords drawn, me reaching out to strangle Tamlin’s mind as the room was flooded with ten guards. They all immediately came at us, and I was more than prepared to fight our way out of this cursed kingdom with Tamlin tisked.

“Spill a drop of their blood, and your beloved mate loses her head.” It took me a moment to realize what he was saying, an infinitely longer moment for it to process. For when I looked at where Feyre had once been standing like another pretty piece of Tamlin’s furniture, she was now being held by three guards.

I forced my face into a mask of calm. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, you crazy bastard.”

His brows rose in mock surprise. “Oh really? You’ve no clue that Feyre is, indeed, your mate? That she’s been pretending this entire time to love me when really, she had staged everything just to infiltrate the Spring Court. A spy within my own walls, hiding in plain sight.” He paused, as if waiting for me to answer some unspoken question.

“Well then, if you have no feelings whatsoever for our lovely Feyre, here. I suppose you’ll have no problem watching this.” I watched as he snapped his fingers and a table decorated with over a dozen lethal weapons, a whip, and strangely, a bed appeared.

“As you know, the punishment for such treason is death.” He stalked towards Feyre, whose eyes had gone devoid of all emotion. As if she’d shut herself out of her own body. With one finger, he lifted her chin, forcing her to meet his gaze. “I’m sorry for this, Feyre. I really am.” A regretful shake of the head and then, “Get on with it, boys.”

Immediately, Tamlin’s guards began to strip Feyre, yanking at her dress, tearing at the pins and beads in her hair until she was entirely naked before us. Once finished, Tamlin handed a long, black whip to the nearest guard. Something winked at the end of the whip—glass, I realized with unabashed horror.

“You’re going to whip her to death?” I asked, somehow still managing to keep my voice utterly bored.

Tamlin shrugged. “We’ll see how well she holds out.” He nodded at the guard, and I was sure my heart cleaved itself in two as Feyre took in a deep, shuddering breath, preparing herself for the pain that was sure to come.

The guard’s arm reared back, time seeming to slow as his arm came down.

The resounding crack of leather on skin was one that would haunt me for many centuries to come.

Feyre only released a strangled cry, biting the inside of her cheek to keep from calling out. And that was how it went as the guard whipped her again, and again, and again. I lost count sometime after fifty.

I knew that Feyre’s back had stopped healing itself when she finally released a cry so full of agony, it was all I could do to stop from ripping that whip from the guard’s hands and using it myself.

Tamlin allowed the guard to bring down that leather ten more times before he finally said, “Enough. Get her up.”

They heaved her up, Tamlin slowly circling around her like a lion before its prey. When he was once again facing her he murmured, “Get on the bed.”

Feyre looked at him, her eyes burning like liquid amber. But she did not respond, and she did not move. Only stared at him with a look that promised death in the future.

“Get on the bed, Feyre, or I will instruct my guards to seize your mate’s cousin and bring her back here.”

“I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

“Pretty little thing isn’t she? Bright red lips, beautiful honeyed hair. The only family Rhysand has left if I recall correctly. It’d be a shame for dear Rhys to be the only left of his name, wouldn’t it?”

And then Feyre looked beyond Tamlin, her eyes locking with mine. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” they seemed to say.

“I’m going to kill you.” My voice was quiet, but it was filled with a vow I had every intention to keep.

Tamlin didn’t turn to me as he said. “I don’t believe you’ll have the chance.” He inclined his head toward the waiting bed. “Off you go, Feyre.”

She hesitated for a moment, gaze still locked with mine before she obeyed.

“Now, Rhys, since she is your mate I figured I’d offer. Would you like to have a go? Feyre has…well, not really two choices but two possibilities,” he finally turned to meet my gaze. “Either you join her in that bed and fuck her…or I will, gladly, as you watch. You’ve thirty seconds to decide.”

“Rhys.” I looked over at Feyre to see her shaking her head, her eyes swimming not with tears, but with a sort of determination that only came with acceptance. “Don’t do it. Do not agree to this.”


“I’ll be fine,” she promised.

“Feyre—” Cassian tried.

“I will. Be. Fine,” she said, sternly this time.

And I wanted to believe her, I really did.

I wanted to believe that this wouldn’t be the thing that broke her, being raped by the man who had once claimed to love her. I knew he wouldn’t be gentle with her, even after being whipped. The man who had once been thought to be her savior, lover, friend.

But Tamlin was none of those things.

And I couldn’t, not for the life of me, believe that she would still be Feyre after this.

“Alright,” Tamlin sighed, “I guess I’m—”

“I’ll do it.”


“Now, now, Feyre. Let him finish.”

Cassian turned to me, anguish in his eyes. “Rhysand, you don’t—”

“I’ll do it,” I repeated, ignoring him. “I’ll sleep with her.”

“Well then,” Tamlin grinned, “I don’t believe you need me to instruct you on how to go about your business.” He gestured towards Feyre, towards the bed, my damnation.

I watched in horror as Feyre fought back tears at my approach, and all I could pray for was that she’d one day forgive me for this, for this sin I was about to commit.

She slid to the side as I rid myself of my clothing, by back to Tamlin’s gathered audience. Her eyes never left mine as I finally joined her on that bed.

“It’s alright,” I whispered my lips at her ear. “It’s just me. It’s just me.”

She couldn’t respond, she was shaking so hard. I’d never seen her shaking so violently. Feyre lifted my chin with her finger, her head shaking.

“Don’t stop looking at me,” she begged. “Don’t leave me. Please.”

“I won’t,” I promised. “I won’t.”

Slowly, Tamlin be damned, I made sure to honor her body, despite all of the new scars, worshipping all of her newly inflicted wounds. I wanted Feyre to know it was me, that despite this terrible act we were being forced into, it did not mean that I loved her any less.

When I finally connected our bodies, she let out a slight gasp, her eyes, now swimming with tears, still never leaving mine as I moved, my body cocooning hers, careful of her wounds.

“I’m here,” I whispered down the bond, “I’m here. I won’t leave you. I love you.”

But all I was met with was an infinite void.

Birthday Treat (SMUT)

A/N: So I’ve put this off for the longest time because I just wasn’t sure how I could write it. I wanted to give up on it but I hate to disappoint, so I decided to challenge myself and accept this! I was a bit surprised to receive this request, to be honest XD I hope it’s up to your expectation!

Character: Niall, Liam, Harry

Warning(s): Smut

Originally posted by goldsforevers

(I know the GIF isn’t the best choice for this, but it was the only one I could find that seemed appropriate :P)

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Walls Built- A Sirius Black Imagine (Part 6 of Alone Together)

A/N: I know I said that this would be up some time last night and I swear I had it ready to go. But then, I was doing my last reread and decided to go in a different direction. I think this one is better, albeit much more sad. This chapter also hit a bit too close to home as I wrote a lot of what I’ve been feeling lately into this. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy and I promise that it won’t be sad forever! Things will start to look up soon! (Hopefully (: )

Past Installments: Alone Together. (part 1) - Implementations. (part 2) - Routines. (part 3) - Replacements. (part 4) - Revelations. (part 5) 

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As you walked into Potions, you shivered with a groan. Another day you forgot your jumper. You actually had it too, but Lily was rushing you so much that you forgot it on your bed. Now you’d have to suffer through the cold lesson and Remus’ teasing.

“Morning Y/N.” Remus smiled as he sat down next to you. His arm reached out and ruffled your hair slightly, then set a delicious looking pumpkin pasty in front of you. He looked surprisingly pleasant and chipper this morning; you thought he’d be more fatigued as the full moon passed just four days prior. It usually took Remus a full week to get back to his usual self, and you looked at him curiously.

“What are you up to?” You asked, eyeing him suspiciously.

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Imagine you're a powerful Emperor Pt. 2

Part 1

You lay on the bed, groaning, struggling, and gritting your teeth, “Come on. Come on, please!” Your body tenses and your back arches, and finally you collapse out of breath then exhale in frustration, “Just zip already you damn pants!” You sit up, still able to see over your swollen belly to your legs hanging off the edge of the bed. Your pants sit on your hips, button undone, your fly having slid back down to the bottom, and your belt waiting in the loops for your attempt to fasten it. Your shirt, no longer fit perfectly, instead it now pulls tight across your pregnant middle. Flutters rise in your belly as you glared, “Oh you think that’s funny, forcing your father out of his clothes already?” You knew your clothes would eventually betray you, but your were not expecting it to happen literally over night. “Dear,” your wife speaks up having watched your failed attempt with mild amusement, “Why not just put on the new clothes the tailor made. He promised they would last the full nine months.” “The emperor never surrenders!” You declare trying to sound triumphant, “My belt! The buckle is large enough. If I can get it closed I can surely hide-” You strain again unable to thread the end tip through into the buckle, “Et tu belt!” You growl and continue to try and force your belt to thread together. In vain you try to suck in your stomach but it went no where. Your child was perfectly content within your womb and refused to be squeezed. Again your breath runs out and you let go of your belt. Defeated, you lean back on your hands looking down at your front with a frown. More flutters came causing you to smirk and gently rub your belly, “Alright, you win this round.” Your empress suddenly perks up, “Are they moving?” Without waiting for an answer, her hand was placed against your swell, “I… don’t feel anything,” she notes disappointed. “Still to small yet,” You remark placing one hand over your wife’s, “Only four months along. I can barely feel our child at times.” In breathe deeply in defeat once more and lean your head back, “Where did the tailor put those clothes?” The new set of clothes fit comfortably, and were a little loose for the time being. Both pants and shirts had panels along the sides hidden by your cloak that would stretch with your swelling womb. The accompanying belt appeared much to long at first but it too fit several notches above the tightest setting. You grimace as your investigate the new clothes wondering just how big your were going to get. Word had gotten around that your empire would have a new prince or princess soon. Of course, along with it came the argument of who was carrying the heir, the emperor or the empress. Many of your subjects assumed the latter. Regardless, it was information you would rather not expose until it could no longer be hidden. Anymore growth spurts like that one and the truth would have to come out sooner than later. Some nobles were already growing suspicious that it was you who was pregnant due to a sudden shift in your behavior. Once you were more than willing to leave the safety of the capital and observe the far reaches of your empire. However, now carrying a heir in your belly was made you much more cautious, more protective of yourself, as well as more selective of how far you wondered from the safety of the palace. Your middle becoming round from your heir only added more fuel to the fire. “Well which is it, sire?” a nobleman asks. “Which is what?” you inquire with confused look. A noblewomen gives an airy laugh from behind her fan, “My good emperor! Have you not heard? You are the topic of the rumor mill as of late!” The empress coughs slightly into her tea shooting a glance towards you then back to her drink, “A-a rumor? Of our good emperor? Wh-who would make up such tales?” she asks nervously. A second nobleman answers politely “It was a visual observation which started it, my emperor. Come now, sire. I hate the be that person but, erm, have you been enjoying the fruits of your rule a tad too much lately?” “I beg your pardon?” You ask in a flash of anger, “What exactly are you implying?” “Oh now, now, my emperor,” the noblewomen answers, “We do not mean any rudeness. There is no reason to get defensive over picking up some fat with age.” You stutter a moment at such a vile accusation, “Fat? Fat! That is the rumor the mill has spat? It is a lie. I’m not fat.” “My love-” your wife attempts to interject but your hormones were most certainty in control now. “I’m pregnant!” you shout not hearing your wife nor catching what you spoke until you speak it. Your eyes go wide and a look of horror overtakes your face as you clasp both hands over your mouth, desperate to will away what you just proclaimed. The room full of gossiping aristocrats became silent enough one could hear a pin drop as all eyes were suddenly glued to you. Several shock expressions, along with the exchange of winning bets filled the room Your wife muffles a groan as she buries her face into her hands. This was certainty not how both of you had planned to reveal it as such. In a panic, your eyes dart around the room, you suddenly feel queasy, “I-I have to go.” You speak quickly then dash from the room. Your panic fueled run takes you to a quiet corner of the palace gardens where you finally slow down to catch your breath and hold your head in anger and frustration, “That was dumb. Heaven and Hell that was dumb. How did I lose control like that so easily? They’ve undoubtedly ran off to confirm and spread that bit of news.” You lean against a wall, running one hand through your hair and idly resting the other against your swollen middle, “Cat’s out of the bag now little heir. It was going to happen sooner or later. Guess we’ll be staying under close watch from now on. Your mother is probably mad at me for doing that.” You grin and gently rub your stomach, “Granted, I don’t think you care one way or another, so long as I keep a supply of grapes coming.” You feel a light flutter and assume it was a yes. With the rumor that you were carrying the heir confirmed, travel within the capital city was proving to be more bothersome by the day. Over the next several months your child grew bigger and stronger, even wrapping your cloak around your frame failed to fully hide your swollen middle now. Being pregnant seemed to make everyone forget about your personal boundary and you being their emperor! And you despised every second of it. You became overly protective of your heir, shooting a glare at anyone who tried to get too close without permission and along with a toss from your guards if needed. Almost constantly when you were in public, even within the palace you would swivel your eyes and held one hand to your taught middle. You even accidentally growled at your empress a number of times when she caught you off guard, although you were quick to apologize for it each time and she just as easily forgave you. Too make matters worse an assassination target had been placed on your back. A group known only as the Carii had made you their prime target. The first attack came within a week of you carrying the heir becoming public knowledge. Your would be assassin blended seamlessly with the crowd and once close enough made a lunge for your back only to be stopped by one of your loyal guards. You drew your sword to the assassins throat demanding answers, but the only words he spoke were ‘The Carii shall end your blood line’ before biting into a cyanide capsule and collapsing. You were offering a handsome reward for any usable information leading to the capture of the Carii leader. Several mercenary groups had gone on the hunt, but the leader remained out of sight. Any members who were captured gave the same declaration before eating the cyanide capsule. The royal guard put their top resources on trying to determine where the Carii could be hiding out as well as keeping you safe. Understandably, you felt safe hidden away in the palace, away from the public and deep behind the guard’s defenses. It was becoming harder for you too move quickly the heavier your child grew and you felt short of breath after a short period of time of running. Even with this madness, you still had an empire to rule. You had the trust and respect of your subjects to maintain even with the Carii threat breathing down your neck. It was just before sundown when you were finally able to escape your royal duties and relax in your private quarters with your loving empress. A antique chaise lounge chair with a nest of pillows had become your favorite place to relax and allowed you to still gaze out a pair of heavily locked glass doors leading to a oil lantern lit balcony. “At last…,” you moan as you sink into the chair, feeling your back pain being near instantly relieved. Your hands quickly wonder down to your waist and undo your belt, button and zipper allowing your swollen belly more room in your lap, “There. Is that better little heir?” you ask rubbing the tight round mass making up your middle. You smile warmly as a kick meets your hand and you lean back. The empress takes a moment to sit between your legs gently places both hands on your belly, “You’re almost ready little heir, only a little longer now.” she speaks with a smile as she lovingly traces the child’s movements within you. “Little doesn’t describe our heir anymore,” you note, “We make big strong ones if these kicks and punches are any indication.” The empress giggles and hugs your round middle with beaming smile, “Strong and handsome sons. Fierce and beautiful daughters.” She carefully slides your shirt up then plants a kiss just above your navel forcing you to stifle a moan, “Oh?” She question looking at you, “What was that sound you just made, my emperor?” You answer with a knowing grin placing both hands atop your middle, “Nothing.” “You shouldn’t lie to your mistress, my little emperor,” she replies as she gently rubs the sides of your tight belly and kisses your navel, “You agree with me, don’t you little heir?” She asks moving on hand to trace your child’s movements as your belly distorts, “Papa shouldn’t lie to me now should he.” You clench your jaw as she strokes your middle, your skin had gotten incredibly sensitive over the last several months. Mix that with her honey like voice and surging hormones, it became hard to control yourself at times. Never did you think being pregnant would be such a turn on for you, “Kiss a bit lower and maybe I’ll tell you want that sound was.” Your wife grins, “Oh, playing this game are we?” “Maybe,” you answer with your own grin, “What can I say. I got a beautiful woman that I love tending to me. Can you really bl-” You suddenly turn and cough several times, “What was that for!” You sneer at your belly lightly rubbing the top, “Kicking my lungs like that, we both need them you know.” Your wife erupts into laughter and you feel your heir stretch within the confines of your womb, distorting its round shape briefly before settling again. “Alright, little heir,” your wife speaks gently rubbing the length of your stomach and planting one final kiss before pulling your shirt back over your stomach, “We’ll let you get some rest. It’s been a long day for you as well.” You huff and and rest your head against the pillows again, “If anyone needs rest its me from carrying you around. I don’t know if I can get much bigger.” “You can make it, my love.” She notes with a loving smile and a kiss, “You’re doing better then what my body could do.” “My sweet empress, I love you to death,” you reply, looking at her, “How many times have I reassured you already? We need to use my womb so we will. Now if I can get rid of the damn Carii I’ll being doing much better.” You let out a soft grunt and gently rub your swollen middle again, “Shh, don’t you worry in there. We will never let them get anywhere close to you.” You then turn your head towards the balcony, focusing on the heavy lock guarding the door and let out a forlorn sigh, “It’s a shame, such a beautiful night tonight. I rather be out there enjoying the breeze and fresh air. We need to get rid of that Carii.” You look back to your swollen belly again, “So that you can breathe the fresh air as well without worry.” “Don’t do anything rash honey,” your empress speaks sitting back upright on the lounge chair with a worried look, “I can’t bare the thought of losing both of you.” “I’m sure as hell in no condition to hunt them myself,” you point out, “And I would much rather not have our child born with a target on their back.” You breathe deeply in thought, “We’re running out of time though. I’ll have the guard up their efforts, and reconsider upping the reward.” Your wife smiles, “In that case, I’ll up my weapon training some more. It’s my job now, to keep our family safe.” You return the smile then look back at the stars, idling rubbing your belly as you wish and pray all would turn out for the better and soon.

Sparks Chapter 13

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 3.3K

Summary: Bucky and y/n go to a children’s birthday party! Bucky’s arm getting poked and prodded by little toddlers. 

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 40,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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