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107. Rowaelin

Well nonnie, this was sent to me on 2/18. This is what you all can expect from me, re: fic requests lately, and why they are currently closed. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little drabble. :)

Prompt: It’s a real shame no one asked for your opinion.

AO3 place where I stick these things


When Aelin decided to get up in the middle of the night and make a cake, Rowan had simply turned over and thrown his pillow over his head.

When she had come around to his side of the bed and torn the bedding off him, he knew he wasn’t getting back to sleep.

In the last few months, she had taken it upon herself to learn how to do small things: roast a chicken, scramble eggs, boil water. She had decided that her successes at those endeavors meant that she was ready to take the leap into baking, a choice Rowan hoped she forgot every day.

Padding into the kitchen after her, he blinked himself into more complete consciousness. She was already pulling bowls out of cabinets, bags of ingredients littered the counter, and she stood with her hands on her hips.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I don’t know if we have enough hazelnuts,” she replied.

At the word hazelnuts, time stood still. Not hazelnuts. Anything but hazelnuts. Because if that’s what she was looking for, that could only mean one thing.

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Heyo! I was wondering if you had any advice on fleshing out characters. Mine have been in the workings for months and I still don't feel like they're up to scratch.

I think it’s perfectly ok if you don’t feel as though your characters are up to scratch just yet. Once you start writing with them, placing them into scenarios, your character’s personalities and traits will slowly begin to flesh themselves out. This also allows for a bit of flexibility with your writings and characters.

But if you want to get a bit more of a handle on your characters, here are a few tips that helped me. I take it you already have their pasts worked out? Well, let’s focus on personalities and motives then.

First, what are your character’s motives? Since this is set in an EO game, what are their connections to the labyrinth? Why are they explorers? If they’re not explorers, why not? Is one of your characters trying to honour their family name? Are they searching for a missing loved one? Are they veterans? Are they exploring for fame? Are they explorers because they find the prospect exciting but have no idea what they’re getting themselves into? Or are they explorers simply because there’s nothing better to do in this piss-ant town?

Also, you should remember that your characters are individuals, so they will react to situations differently. No two characters are the same. They may have similarities, but they will still react differently.

To individualise your characters, try a few writing exercises. Imagine all your characters in the same scene. How would each of them react?

For example; your characters are at the bar when a barfight breaks out. Who;
Started the fight?
Rolled their eyes and moved to a quieter place?
Is swinging punches indiscriminately?
Is trying to avoid getting involved but is dragged in anyway?
Literally jumped atop of tables to get in the middle of the fight?
Would have a panic attack and hide under the table?
Would be comforting the one having a panic attack?
Is cursing loudly because they know they’re the one who has to put an end to the fight?
Is sitting back and commentating sarcastically in the background?
Finds the entire thing amusing and is watching with a shit-eating grin on their face?
Is threatening to burn this entire place to the ground if they don’t stop with this bullshit?
Is face down at the bar, oblivious to all?

You don’t need to answer those questions above. They’re examples. I simply mean imagine all your characters in the same scene and then focus on them one at a time, writing how each of them would respond. It might come out a little stilted at first, but you’ll soon get into the feel and start writing them all with different reactions.

A few other scenarios to flesh out your characters are;
Their reactions to their first dangerous mission.
Their first encounter with a FOE.
They find a guard bloodied and near death.
Their first time staying overnight in the labyrinth.

When writing, it really is better to show rather than to tell. For example, you’ve stated that a character is quite the chill dude. Don’t just tell the reader. Show them. How is this character chill? How chill are they? Are they chill because they’re calm and optimistic? Or are they chill because they literally don’t give a shit? Are they chill all the time? Or do they have moments where they are genuinely angry and furious?

Also, your characters will have more than one personality trait. A character that is calm can have a tipping point. A character who is stoic can react desperately when the person they care about most is in danger. A character that is loud and cheerful can be hiding a dark secret. Give them a positive trait and a negative trait.

As an author, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to reveal everything about your characters all at once. It’s a process. You can reveal their secrets and motives a bit at a time.  A hint here, a hint there. That sort of thing.

I think it’s better if I stop it here or it’ll get too rambly ^^ The short version is; simply write about your characters. Try a few writing exercises. Imagine them reacting to scenarios, both pleasant and unpleasant. Know that your characters will grow during the course of the story.

Hope that helps!

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Can you do a jimin high school au where he's like totally got a crush on you but you don't really talk too much and all of your friends are like yo what are ya doing he's totally into you and your like what? Really and they're like yeah duh everyone knows. Just like pure fluff and stuff. Thanks I love your writing💛


This was looooooong xD 




Genre: Pure fluff

Word count: 2 600

Summary: You being oblivious and Jimin being romantic

“Y/N, when are you going to use your brain and see what is right in front of you?” I gave Eunha a confused look, indicating that I had no idea what she was on about. She just sighed and closed her locker, which was placed beside my own, and shook her head at me. “You’re so clueless.”

“What?” I laughed. She always liked being mysterious so she just gave me a knowing look before walking off to our next class, me following behind her. The bell rang just as we entered the classroom. It didn’t even take two seconds before I felt someone’s eyes on me but as I looked around after the owner of said eyes I couldn’t see anyone showing me any interest. Shrugging it off Eunha and I sat down on either side of our other friend Jisoo. He wasn’t slow in catching up with various events that may have happened during our last weekend. Water guns and flour was involved, just saying. The teacher entered in the middle of our conversation, forcing it to a stop with her presence. She introduced our upcoming assignment and instantly got us working. Taking out my pen, notebook and textbook, I got ready to start my hour of studying. Eunha and Jisoo, however, were not going to let that happen. They started poking me and all my efforts of ignoring them were thrown out the window.

“Y/N, someone has been watching you ever since you entered the classroom,” Jisoo told me as he gestured as much as he could with his eyes, however, he was gesturing to hard so his head followed the direction he was gesturing in so he was not discreet at all. Confused, I turned around only to meet the eyes of one of the most popular guys in this school; Park Jimin. I waved at him and then I turned back towards my friends. They gaped at me.


“Go talk to him you dork.” Eunha tried to push me in his direction, with no success.

“Why would I?”

“Uhm, because he, like, definitely has a thing for you.” I just laughed at that. Yeah sure, not a chance. Jimin and I may have talked on some occasions but that was because the situation demanded our interaction. He has never shown affection towards me and I have never shown any to him. We were classmates, that’s all.

“He does not like me like that, we’re barely aware of each other’s existence.” my two friends just rolled their eyes at that comment and persisted with their own opinion. Working on was not easy that lesson with two persistent matchmakers on either side of me, they knew how to get on my nerves and they were so convinced that Jimin had a thing for me. I just did my best in trying to concentrate.

After the lesson we all made our way towards our lockers with our supplies, Eunha and Jisoo were finally talking about something else other than the supposed crush Jimin would have on me. The centre of their current discussion was the upcoming prom our school held every year. This particular subject wasn’t something that peaked my interest either, I’ve never been one for social events. Eunha and Jisoo had decided to go together as friends and they wanted me to go with them too. I, on the other hand, was not planning on acting like the third wheel. They have been bugging me about Jimin but they failed to realise their own infatuation for each other. Making our way to the cafeteria next, I caught myself speeding up the more intense the smell became. It’s not often our school offers tasty food but on rare occasions, we actually got to eat until we were full. My friends were not late with smelling the delicious scent of pizza. Soon enough all three of us were running towards the scents origin, resulting in me, who was leading the sprint, crashed into a firm chest when I rounded the last corner. A pair of hands grabbed me by the waist, preventing me from landing on my but, and pulled me up into a standing position again. I looked up and was met by a pair of deep brown eyes and based on the snickering coming from behind me I guess you know who it is.

Jimin gave a small smile and let go of my waist.

“Sorry, are you okay?” I nodded, putting my hair behind my ear.

“Yeah, thank you for catching me, I should’ve watched where I was going.”

“Nah, anyone could run into each other rounding these kinds of corners.” He shot another smile in my direction while walking around me. “See you around though.”

“Yeah,” I replied and we gave each other a wave. I then turned around to face my friends who were standing there with big smirks covering their features. “Not a word,” I said with a finger pointed at them as I started walking towards the cafeteria once again, in the opposite direction as Jimin. The other two laughed at me but let the matter go once the thought of food penetrated their thoughts once more.

When we finally had fetched our pizza we sat down at a round table near the windows. I started picking away the mushrooms coating the pizza when someone else sat down beside me and started doing the same. I didn’t even have to look up to know that it was my older brother Yoongi. Neither of us like mushrooms.

“Yoongi-ssi,” Eunha called out to him causing him to turn his attention towards her. “Do you have a prom date yet?” The lazy smile that appeared on his face was enough to answer the question and Eunha became ecstatic, she loved these kinds of things. “Who!?” With a smirk on his face, Yoongi answered the question.

“My bed.” The smile fell of Eunha’s face and Jisoo and I burst out laughing. Yoongi took every opportunity he got to get some extra sleep. Once my pizza was free of mushrooms I dug in and relished in the amazing taste. After a couple of minutes if silence Yoongi spoke up again.

“Why don’t you do anything about him?” He looked at me with curious eyes.

“About who?”

“Jimin.” I choked on my food and glared at him.

“Why do I need to do anything about him?” I asked, a bit annoyed at the repetition of this subject, after I recovered.

“Uhm, because he’s staring,” Yoongi said that very casually. “A lot.” I rolled my eyes.

“He’s not.”

“Oh, come on. He has such a big crush on you it’s ridiculous and kind of annoying.”

“He doesn’t.”

“He does, I’m his best friend and he so does. Do you know how much he talks about you? It’s really pestering.” I had no comeback for that, but the blush on my cheeks informed my brother that I had lost. It’s just so unbelievable. He’s one of the popular ones and I was just me. Someone like him would not have a crush on the school’s weird art student.

“Whatever,” I muttered, a little pissed about being wrong, and walked away with my now empty plate. I felt Jimin’s eyes on me the whole time as I walked out of the cafeteria.

During our next and also last class Eunha and Jisoo knew better than to talk about Jimin with me. Instead, they were busy talking about the prom once again, or more precisely, the food being served at the prom. I didn’t listen to their conversation since all my focus was on the math problems we had to solve before the end of class. Once the bell signalled the end of the day I along with a few others were the only one finished.

“Jisoo and I are going shopping for the prom so we can match so I’ll see you tomorrow.” Eunha and Jisoo bid their goodbyes to me and I started walking towards my locker to leave my books for the last time today. The pink note stuck to the inside of my locker was something I did not expect when I opened it. Slowly I placed my math book in its place and took down the note. A small message was written on it; We rarely talk but follow the instructions and we may start. Then under that sentence was two words; English class.

Confused I closed my locker and made my way to the second floor where the English rooms were located. Inside the third room stood someone I knew very well.

“Namjoon.” He had been gazing out the window but turned around at the sound of my voice. “What are you doing?” I asked, holding up the note.

“I’m not doing anything.” He said and handed me a second piece of paper, this time a blue one.

Surprised Namjoon hyung didn’t accidentally ruin the note xD cafeteria

I gave Namjoon a confused look, which he replied to with a shrug and a smirk, and left the classroom. Walking down to the first floor again and crossing the front lawn I was soon in the cafeteria for the second time. There was only one person in there and he was sitting by the vending machine, snacking on a piece of chocolate. He saw me pretty quickly and gave me a sweet smile as he stood up and made his way over to me.

“Hi Y/N. I never knew this guy was so romantic.” He handed me a red note.

“Is it romantic making me run all around campus?” I smirked at him and he laughed.

“Depends on if you think the ending is worth it.” We exchanged smiles and I started entering the cafeteria while reading the note.

He was eating huh :D The gym

A small groan left my lips. The gym is on the other side of the campus. It took me five minutes to get to the right building and opening the door I was greeted by a very nervous Jungkook. I know how he is with girls so I gave him a reassuring smile, accepting the note he was giving me.

“Hi, Kookie.” A smile made its way onto his face and he looked down on the ground, muttering out a hello.

Did you get him to talk? In that case: wow. Library

Back to the main building it is. This is really fitness demanding and because of that, definitely not my thing. As I entered the library I couldn’t help but smile, it was dark with some candles erupting a luminous light. A boy was sitting in one of the couches, reading a book. I approached him and realised it was Jimin’s best friend Kim Taehyung, also in my class and I had talked to him a bit more than I had to Jimin.

“What are you reading?” I asked once I was close enough. He raised his head and made eye contact with me, sending a boxy smile in my direction.

“Twilight.” A small giggle erupted from my lips and he laughed along with me. Then he handed me another note.

“What is with these notes?”

“He likes to complicate things.” I acknowledged the answer and tried reading the yellow note in the dim light.

Sorry, he’s weird I know xD Dance room

Only two floors higher, aka the fifth floor. I said goodbye to Taehyung who continued reading the book and made my way to the creative floor. I didn’t even enter the right corridor when I heard the music playing from the dance room. It was strongly lit and Jung Hoseok was dancing his heart out inside. I opened the door and he jumped me with hugs, he’s a very huggable person and definitely not shy.

“Y/N-ah!” I laughed at his energy.

“Hi Hobi. What’s up?”

“Nothing much, just dancing to have something to do but now that you’re here I can go home.” He handed me a green note and picked up his bag. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” I waved at him and he was out the door within the next second. I laughed at him once again, I always get so happy when I’m around him. Then I looked down on the note.

Took him in the end in case you were grumpy ^^ Music room

A sigh of relief left my lips. The music room is right next door and I was there in no time. Inside sat Yoongi, asleep. With a snicker I walked up to him and drove a finger into his side, making him jerk awake and some swear words left his lips.

“I will kill him for keeping me this long in school.” I laughed at him. Always so grumpy when he’s tired.

“You okay there bro?” He glared at me.

“You better do this according to his plan so I’m not here for nothing.” He then handed me an orange note and walked away, saying he was going home to sleep. I just shook my head at him and read the note.

I know, he was sleeping, but you’re almost there, yay :D Art room

Once I read the last two words I smiled, my favourite room in the school. I speed walked through the corridor since it was just around the corner and in there I only was a fresh new painting.

“It’s not as good as your work but I’m impressed with my skills.” I turned around at the voice and stood face to face with Jimin. We smiled at each other. “Sorry for making you walk through the whole school but it was creative though, wasn’t it.”

“Okay, I have to give you that.” I chuckled. “But I don’t understand why you did it.”

“Ah, Yoongi was right when he said you were oblivious.” I raised an eyebrow at his comment. “I did it because I’m not a normal guy who takes the easy way out when confessing to my crush.” My eyes grew to the size of baseballs and my breath hitched in my throat.

“Excuse me?” I know that everyone was telling me it was like this but I didn’t dare believe it before. Jimin is cute, but come on he’s popular, I’m not.

Jimin just nodded at me.

“Yeah, I like you.” He took hold of my hands and rubbed them with his thumbs. “I like how you don’t care what other people think about you, I like how you can talk so effortlessly with everybody, whether you met them before or not, I like it when you want to show off your art but you don’t want to be pushy, I like it when you take the freshman under your wings, I like how you’re so funny and caring, I like you.” I didn’t know what to say. He noticed that. “You don’t have to say much, just yes or no.” then he handed me a white note and I hesitantly took it.

Go to prom with me?

A big smile made its way onto my face and I laughed in joy. Then I looked at him and noticed that he looked at me with adoration in his eyes. Then I nodded.

“Of course I’ll go to prom with you.” He smiled so big I thought his face was going to crack and then he wrapped his arms around me and spun me around in circles. He put me down and I could see the hesitation in his eyes. I then took some of the control and pressed my lips to his.

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"Who are you? I don't remember ever seeing you" Said to Zen. I can't tell if MC says this because they got in a fight or lost their memories (or both) but holy shit I like it. They/Them pronouns please!

Nothing really lasts forever, does it?

Not even stars sparkle for all eternity. They grow more dim and lose their shine eventually.

Sadly, this seems to apply for a particular star as well. A star once so bright and blinding to their dreamy eyes. A star that isn’t far out of reach – or used to be near and close, at least.

“I really don’t see your problem, babe,” Zen sighs, rolling his eyes, throwing his hands up in defense, clearly annoyed and frustrated. Hearing the sarcastic tone he puts to their pet name, has them frown.

What made their heart jump and what made them fluster formerly, what made them chuckle and feel loved, vanishes into thin air right there. His voice is no longer comforting to them, the lips that used to lovingly caress theirs, no longer speak words of affection. Instead, they cut sharp like a knife, matching the daggers his glare throws at them.

He used to be warm and gentle at all times. Used to be open arms and listening ears. Patient and considerate.

When has he lost his spark?

“Well, ‘babe’s’ problem is your attitude,” they respond, voice dry like cotton on their tongue. “I didn’t know you could be such a jerk.”

“Whatever,” he huffs roughly and averts his gaze. “I don’t need to listen to this bullshit.”

“If you care, you should!” Their chest stings and it feels like there’s a noose around their neck. Placed by no other than Zen himself, actually. It tightens around their skin as he just turns around to grab his keys and heads for the door. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Out, isn’t that obvious?” he spits back, not even facing them. “I’m going for a ride.”

There’s a million thoughts that rush through their head. Fine, don’t come back though. If you leave now, don’t think I’ll want to see you again. It vividly and clearly lingers in their throat, ready to be shouted at him, but they swallow thickly, burying it.

“What happened, Zen?” they murmur instead and their hand grab his wrist to pretend him from running away and avoiding them. His skin, once feeling nothing but warm and gentle to them, leaving their own tingly whenever he touched them, feels like a sharp and rough edge now. “It’s like I don’t even know you anymore. What made you change?”

His eyes, stare blank and no longer full of passion and love, look right into their filled with tears ones, but his gaze doesn’t soften. “I’ve always been like this, you just failed to ever properly know me.”

“That’s not true,” they reply without even allowing him to finish his sentence properly. “The Zen I know wouldn’t say something like that and he wouldn’t just run away!”

He doesn’t answer, he just frees himself from their grip and reaches for his leather jacket. He doesn’t even say a goodbye, simply just raises his hand for a second to wave and goes through the door.

With each step he takes, each step walking further from them, he grows more distant. More distant than any star in the night sky and losing more and more of his shine and light.

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1.) is there a ship that you used to ship, but don’t anymore? & 2.) what’s your favorite hance/shunk/heith headcanon? (whichever one of those three you like best) (if you don't wanna pick, then hance)

sorry this is so late, anon! i fell asleep and then i had work this morning…

is there a ship that you used to ship, but don’t anymore?

yeah, I used to ship kl/nce (it was actually what got me into voltron cause i was seeing it all over my dash…), but then all the Drama happened and… yeah, it kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth now. which sucks, cause i love their dynamic and everything and i think they’re loads of fun, but i just can’t stand any content that’s not platonic for them:/

what’s your favorite [insert ship] headcanon?

why not all three? :3c

hance: I love the idea that their relationship would develop in the most natural and easy way ever. Like, they’re best friends and they hang out together all the time, and they sometimes get those comments like “wow, y’all are like a married couple lol” and strangers sometimes mistake them for a couple, but they just brush it off, you know, “haha, nah, we’re just close,” and they just keep going along until they both realize that, hey, maybe we do love each other like that, and when they finally start dating, not much really changes except now they kiss and stuff :D

shunk: They just love… being near each other? Like, Shiro’s presence just calms Hunk tf down cause he feels really safe with him, and Hunk makes Shiro feel like he can just… be, like there doesn’t need to a wall between them because Hunk isn’t going to judge Shiro for having feelings and being afraid or worried or angry… They make each other feel comfortable just being who they are:)

heith: I love that headcanon that Keith is a stress eater and so is a perfect match for Hunk, the stress baker. Cause Hunk will bake, like, 3 dozen cookies, and who the hell is gonna eat so many cookies? Keith. Keith will eat half of those when he’s stressed. Hunk ends up adjusting his recipes so they are healthier for Keith and Keith, knowing how much work and effort Hunk puts into them, forces himself to slow down and really savor the taste of everything Hunk makes (which ends up helping him de-stress faster, too), and he makes sure to comment on everything he makes so that Hunk knows his food is appreciated (this also helps Hunk feel better^^)

send me ship asks!

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4 ideas: i don't know if you will be interested by this one because it's not with the golden trio. The captain of each team of quidditch meet and talk and rant on their players. I would like to see the other captains like the captain of the slytherin because they understand that they play like that. Perhaps they can rant on the players.

I do like this prompt because I’m going to turn it into one of my favorite rare pairings in HP. Also gossiping about their players sounds like fun.

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Max’s Private Journal (NO ONE look, especially you DAVID)

May X, 2oXX

So much has happened in the ten months since the last time I picked this thing up so I’m going to try to get it all summed up quickly.

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ah, would it be okay if I request a cute lil thing?? of Todoroki and Izuku?? not tododeku, just,,, pure friendship,,, if that's okay, im so sorry for being a bother! it's fine if you don't do this!!

That’s more than okay, anon. Your requests are never a bother to me.  =)

(Though, you will have to assume that it can take me quite some time to answer the request. I try to be as fast as I can, but with all the requests I’m getting and school still on-going, that probably won’t be as fast as I would like to.)

Let’s see what I can do there:


Shouto isn’t really someone to express aloud when he is uncomfortable. Years of bad experiences have taught him that it is better to swallow down all his feelings and keep them close to heart, where nobody can see them, else he could risk to anger a certain someone with it.

But this time, he can’t help but groan aloud when he slumps down onto the bench near the training ground. He feels as if he is melting.

Perhaps trying to train the fire-part of his quirk on a hot summer day wasn’t the best idea he has ever had.

“Here. Perhaps this will help.”

Shouto startles out of his thoughts, looking up as Izuku hands him something.

An ice cream cone.  

“Thanks,” Shouto murmurs as he accepts the cold treat, holding it in both hands carefully.

He is ready to take the first bite, but there is something about the way Izuku keeps looking at him, almost expectantly, that makes him hesitate.

He looks over carefully, noting that Izuku is not eating his own ice cream yet. Instead, the other boy is looking from Shouto to his ice cream and back again, as if he is waiting for something.


Shouto takes a closer look at his own ice cream, wondering if there is something wrong with it. There are two different flavors of ice cream balanced on his cone. One creamy-white – vanilla, probably – and the other a hue of pink – he guesses that it is some kind of berry flavor. The two different colors are arranged neatly next to each other.

Shouto looks at it and… just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand what is so funny about the ice cream.

He looks to Izuku for assistance, lifting an eyebrow at him.

Izuku’s expectant expression grumbles, and something akin to disappointment flashes over his face before he has himself back under control, managing a smile. “It’s… it was supposed to be a pun. You know, because the colors look similar to… your hair?”

It takes Izuku gesturing around his own head, tugging at a few strands of green hair until Shouto understands.


Sometimes, he really is oblivious, isn’t he?

“I see,” Shouto tilts his head to the side, taking in the sight of the melting goodness. “Is this the kind of pun I should feel insulted by?”

“No,” Izuku hesitates, grimacing. “Uh, well, it wasn’t supposed to be that kind of pun. If you feel insulted by it, I’m really sorry…!”

“I don’t feel insulted,” Shouto interrupted him, trying to stop the other before he could fall into rambling apologies. Izuku did that all too often, if one asked Shouto. As an afterthought, he added, “I just didn’t get the joke at first.”

“That’s okay, really! It wasn’t even a good joke, I guess.”

Shouto wants to insist that it was really. It probably was a really good pun, he just… isn’t used to joking.

There wasn’t much joking and laughter during his childhood. All of this is new to him, and he keeps overthinking everything.

But Izuku has already turned away, looking into the distance while eats his own ice cream – only vanilla – and kicks his legs into the air. There is a smile on his lips, but it looks strained and put on instead of the usual bright, happy smile that warms ones heart.

And Shouto feels a pang of uneasiness as he considers his friend’s – his first, his very first friend – expression. He feels like he has hurt or at least disappointed Izuku, somehow. After all, Izuku wasn’t really known for making puns, and yet, he tried it. For Shouto.

Shouto considers his ice cream once again. Izuku has gone through the trouble to get him two different ice cream flavors and arranged them neatly, just to make that pun. Perhaps he had hoped for a smile, or a laugh – just something at all.

Perhaps if he makes his own pun… Izuku would be cheered up by it? But he doesn’t know any puns. Just the one Izuku just made.

He will have to go with that, then.

Let’s see… Green. What was green, and eatable…?

“Broccoli,” Shouto says without thinking.

Next to him, Izuku stops kicking his legs into the air, making a startled “Huh?” sound.

Now that he has said it, he can’t really back out again, so Shouto decides to continue, expression deadpan, “I will buy you ice cream with broccoli flavor next time. As a pun.

There was a beat of silence where Izuku stares at him, unmoving. Just when Shouto thought his pun had been too horrible, Izuku huffed, paused, and then snorted out loud. In a matter of seconds, the boy was laughing aloud, doubling over and almost dropping his ice cream cone.

Shouto blinks, surprised by how well that has worked, before he can feel a smile make its way onto his expression. So he can make his friend laugh, too. It isn’t even that difficult. 

Izuku is still laughing when he manages to get out, “T-There is not even ice cream with that flavor!”

“There has to be,” Shouto insists, smile widening. “And I want to buy it for you.”

“It would taste horrible!”

“Uh… Spinach, then.”

“That’s not any better!”

Izuku’s laughter is contagious, and soon, Shouto finds himself chuckling and snorting, too, grinning at his friend who is laughing tears by now.

Sitting together, laughing themselves silly over a bad pun while their ice creams melts and drips over their fingers is not how either of the two boys has imagined their afternoon. But really – like this, even the summer heat seems to be bearable.


I’m sorry, anon, this is really not my best work. I feel kind of rusty? Gotta write more again.

I hope you liked it a bit, though! =D

Five Times Stiles and Isaac Didn't Switch Bodies – And One Time They Did

For Mal because she asked for Stisaac for this prompt! I hope this cheers you up a little bit!

1. Lydia

Lydia is not fooled for even a second. When someone hugs her from behind and whispers “Lydia, my strawberry blonde goddess” into her ear, she just shoves him off and without looking away from her course book says:

“Go and bother Stiles, Isaac, I’m busy.”

It doesn’t work unfortunately; he just drops into the chair next to her and keeps talking.

“But I am Stiles! We switched bodies; you need to help us change back!”

Lydia rolls her eyes.

“Not now, I’m busy. Just, go and make out or something.”

She sneaks a look at him from the corner of her eye, and wow, that is a bright red blush. Bingo.

“I’m not – we’re not – what are you – ” Isaac starts spluttering and seems to have already forgotten his claim that he was Stiles.

Lydia just smirks and says innocently: “Oh do you no longer want to kiss Isaac, Stiles? You told me just this morning that you want to grab him by one of his stupid scarves and kiss him silly, didn’t you?”

Of course he didn’t, Stiles is as deep in denial as Isaac is, if not even deeper. But Isaac, or should she call him “Stiles”, doesn’t, of course. Not that it would make any difference, he seems to have lost all higher brain function at that little tidbit of information.

“I, I have to go!”

Isaac stands up, knocking over his chair in his hurry to get away from her. He almost falls over it when he tries to pick it up and take a step over it at the same time.

Lydia sniggers and watches Isaac bump into several more tables on his way out of the room.

She’d almost believe that they’d switched bodies now.

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in which laurie rewatches ‘o brother where art thou’ and actually doesn’t hate it: a summary

(please note that this rewatch was done entirely with this meta in mind)

  • lucifer @ crowley: “you’re too kind… to yourself” not only is this fucking hilarious but i also missed it the first go round. i have no idea how. but it’s funny
  • lucifer’s reaction to seeing crowley for the first time is pure fury, mingled with annoyance. his reaction when sam is pointed out is an almost immediate shift into humor, obviously trying to cover something else up. what that something else is is unknown but clearly he feels less secure about himself re: that feeling than he does with his anger and disgust towards crowley. why should he try to hide his feelings from sam, a trend that then continues for the rest of the episode, instead of just outright show it? 
  • when sam says the darkness has been freed lucifer immediately shoots back with: “however did that happen?” it’s just sarcastic enough to be picked up on if you’re listening for it and clearly sam catches it, giving lucifer a self-deprecating little smile. lucifer knows the answer to his own question. and sam knows he knows. they’re playing off each other. this is an old song and dance and they both know all the words and all the steps. sam probably hates that he knows lucifer well enough, and vice versa, for them to pick up on that from each other, but the fact remains that they do, and sam looks more comfortable with that notion than he’s looked about anything in several seasons. including accepting dean as a demon
  • lucifer’s two main god-related quotes: “god says jump, everyone says ‘how high?’” and “god needs me to” [put amara back in lockdown]. essentially here he’s saying ‘i know you’re only here, paying attention to me, because someone else is making you’. tie-in with his earlier quote of “i don’t really get visitors”. is he lonely? well, he’d never admit that to himself or to anyone else. but it’s certainly implied
  • the pacing and bar-grabbing he does throughout the episode is a brilliant acting choice on pellegrino’s part. lucifer is looking and acting exactly like a caged animal that has been cooped up and alone for far too long and is now finally getting to expend some of his enormous energy on a task. yes it’s all dialogue but if someone is brilliant and they don’t have any way to use their brilliance they feel as tense and uncomfortable and squashed down as an athlete would without a game to play. this is the first time in thousands of years that lucifer’s had someone other than himself to converse with (wherever michael is, it’s clear he’s not here, and it’s doubtful he and lucifer were having discussions prior to this meeting anyway). not only that, but he has sam! his equal in everything: intellect, experience, thoughts, etc. pressing himself against the bars like he’s trying to get as close to the one and only being he’s ever identified with to any degree is not a mistake. he’s as petulant as a child but the fact remains he’s disconnected from everyone, either by deliberate cutting off or by simply thinking no one else could understand what he’s gone through. sam is the only thing, human or otherwise, who could ever get that. of course he wants to be near him
  • i’m still not a huge fan of the ending with the bunk-mate jokes but again, it falls under the category of “how do i show my emotions without actually showing them?” lucifer’s probably as angry with sam for leaving the cage as sam is guilty for doing so (and it’s clear that he has felt some modicum of guilt in the past over that, through the obvious relaxed state he’s in with hallucifer in s7 to now, when he’s obviously relieved to feel calm in lucifer’s presence, as though he considered it to be a bad thing that he wanted nearness to his other half). i don’t believe lucifer would ever physically hurt sam but he’s lucifer, petulant as i said, and he probably doesn’t know the circumstances in which sam was forced to leave the cage during s6. it’s possible he could have the patience to listen to sam explain it but it’s doubtful right now in his mindset that he would, and it’s even more doubtful that sam, who still doesn’t know his hallucinations were cage-influenced, would actually want to tell him. hopefully this will be fixed during the second half of the season, but in the meantime we just have to remember: lucifer’s furious. sam’s guilty and scared. lucifer can’t show his emotions due to pride and his ever-present need to be in complete control of the situation. do i wish they hadn’t done the jokes? yes. but lucifer’s tense and on the defensive and he hasn’t interacted with anyone since the end of season five, and for millions of years before that
  • what it really all boils down to in the end is that lucifer wants to help sam and sam wants lucifer’s help. but sam cannot say yes due to his own personal beliefs, and lucifer cannot help sam in the way sam wants because that would be giving in. hopefully they can come to some kind of compromise, because for right now, this is just too fucking heartbreaking 

anonymous asked:

can you pretty please write some sterek angst with a happy ending? xx

you bet your butt i can do that! :D [also on ao3]

“You cannot just keep throwing yourself into danger Derek, we’ve been through this.”

Derek shot him a glare. His clothes were soaked through with blood, or at least what was left of his clothes. The alpha had slashed him across the chest a few times and he was bleeding pretty heavily from the wounds. They were healing but slowly and even if he was a werewolf, Stiles knew losing that much blood was not good.

“I killed him, didn’t I?” Derek retorted.

“And almost got yourself killed in the meantime!” Stiles cried, pulling his shirt off and crowding into Derek’s space.

“What are you doing?” Derek asked, eyeing him warily.

“You’re bleeding.”

“I’ll heal.”

“Not fast enough ,” Stiles said, reaching out to hold the shirt against the wounds. “And you’re getting blood everywhere, it’s gross.”

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