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in this little house au ;; an introduction

in a little house in a little meadow in a little village lives a little family. they used to be smaller than they are now. as all families begin.

years ago the mother lived in the house all on her own. the floors creaked as she padded through the empty rooms and the walls were cold and bare. though soon, she brought animals and plants and art and filled it with as much life and light and joy as she possibly could. but still, she felt as though something was missing.

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Sometimes you come home from a wedding and you realise you’re wearing a suit and you just sit down and

emote at a crêpe paper rose because I mean… you were fine… with the men… who would come into her life now and again…

(Listen I don’t even know but it’s milder than last time)

So I’m finally starting to adjust to the new semester and I’m pretty sure I can start regularly putting out content again soon. I do want to write about the three-parter (Beta, Earthlings, Back to the Moon). I loved the pacing and the story and I love loved the characters. 

There’s just so much to talk about. I don’t really have a direction for it yet, but if you guys have any particular things you want me to discuss, or formats (Some Thoughts, Episode Analysis, Character Update, Theory, etcetera) I’m definitely publishing tomorrow all the way to the weekend and I’m very open to suggestions. 

And I will definitely be talking about Peridot’s adventures as Wile E. Coyote in The Kindergarten Kid. XD

iwishedforyoutoo replied to your post “Uhg. What happened now?”

Same, but… isn’t his mum a public official? She comments on health issues on tv (UK), is a public speaker, writes essays, etc. I don’t see anything wrong with mentioning her (public) work. She does amazing and important stuff, deserves all the attention it can get imo.

I was expecting a reply like this, honestly. I’ve been thinking about this a lot and how I wanted to reply, because I’ve been having a hard time putting into words exactly what it is about this sort of fan behavior that rubs me the wrong way. Through a long conversation with @agentverbivore, I think I’m getting there.

Okay, so, yes, apparently Iain’s mother is a public health official. I’ve only learned this in the past day, because I’ve never gone digging for info on his family. I’ve never felt the need to. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with discussing the public work that she does. But I think the line needs to be drawn when it comes to discussing her in connection with Iain. He has nothing to do with her work, and her work has nothing to do with his. Family should be off-limits.

But I can’t help but wonder–are people discussing her work on Twitter because they are genuinely interested in what she does, and want to support her, or is it just because she’s Iain’s mum and it’s something to talk about that’s vaguely related to him? Would they even care about what she does if she wasn’t related to him? This is probably treading the line of policing and that’s something I’m very hesitant of doing, but it’s an honest question I have.

Anyway, I feel like just because she’s a public official, shouldn’t mean she’s fair game. It’s probably a bad analogy, but: I’m a state government employee myself. My job classification and pay grade is available online for all to see if you know where to look. If my husband were famous, I wouldn’t want that information being talked about, even though it’s free information. Does that make sense? There’s a line. Just because something is publicly available doesn’t mean that fans should use it. I feel like hunting down information like that–in this case, info on an actor’s (non-acting) family, moves people from fan territory into creepy stalker territory. Fans admire the work and time given to them by the actors and celebrities. Once the person moves into hunting down more and more detailed personal information that isn’t readily offered by the actor, that’s when you start getting into creeper territory.

I feel the same way about hunting down photos of our faves. Figuring out who Iain’s (non-acting) friends are and vigilantly monitoring their Instagrams and Facebooks for pictures of him rubs me the wrong way too. It would be different if Iain used social media and posted his own photos. If he did that, it would be his own way of extending an invite to us, the fans, into a little slice of his personal life. When he shows up on a friend’s IG, it’s not the same. Most of the time, he’s not even the focus of the photo, he’s just in the background. That’s not being invited into his life. That’s more like…I don’t know, hiding in the bushes, trying to catch whatever glimpse we can get. It feels creepy and invasive to me.

I realize this is getting long and preachy, but I think what I’m trying to get at, is it’s fine to take an interest in an actor and want to know more about them, but there is a line that needs to be drawn between what is fine to discuss and approach and what is off-limits, and I personally believe family falls in the ‘off-limits’ category, no matter what. There’s a very slippery slope to be had when it comes to an actor’s personal life, and in the end I believe their right to privacy trumps all. We as fans are NOT entitled to every scrap of information we can get our dirty paws on through whatever means necessary.

(I think it is worth mentioning that I have dealt firsthand with the horrific lengths some people will go to in order to know as much as they can about their faves. I have had a person brag to me, BRAG, about hacking a well-known actor’s phone and reading all of his personal email. They saw absolutely nothing wrong with what they did. I get nauseous and angry just thinking about that.)  

Anyway…I’m not calling anyone specific creepers or stalkers. I’m casting a side-eye on that sort of fan behavior in general. It’s just my own personal opinion that actors’ families should be left alone and not be brought up for discussion amongst fan circles. If we want to maintain a good relationship with our favorite actors, we need to continue to be respectful of them and their wishes to keep their personal life separate from their public work life, and by all accounts Iain tries very hard to keep that distinction.

tl;dr sure, discuss Iain’s mother’s work on its own merits, but do NOT discuss it in connection with Iain. At all.

"We Are Realtime Fandub" Extended
  • "We Are Realtime Fandub" Extended

One verse just isn’t enough to encapsulate the beauty of @popelickva’s Realtime Fandub. 

So how about two?

My best work, written in 10 minutes! First verse was written by me. Second verse is the original parody written by @pleading-eyes.

My verse is just a fanwork. It’s completely unrelated to the actual Realtime group unless they want it to be >_>

Original “We Are the Crystal Gems” written and composed by Rebecca Sugar, Aivi, and Surasshu.

Vocal-removed instrumental done by Tyler-Productions.

Transcript under the cut:

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brendonbeebourie  asked:

Could I request 19 with Michael? :)

number post / number post part two / inbox (always open [just not always responded to quickly]

 The silk white duvet was gripped tightly by my three year old son, Daniel, who was experiencing his first major hail storms. I turned the volume higher on the television, which had one of his favorite movies on so it would calm him down. I had been texting Michael all night, seeing as he was in meetings basically all day and couldn’t hold a good phone call. The rockstar life wasn’t something I would ask for Michael to give up, I just wish he could be here with us. I knew that he couldn’t, Daniel knew that he couldn’t, I just wish Michael wouldn’t take it so hard on himself when he did feel guilty about it. ‘I just got out of my last meeting for the night, what’s up with you guys?’ I could feel Michael’s compassion through the phone, which made me smile a bit. I looked over at Daniel, who had his eyes glued to the screen. ‘Alright I guess, currently in the middle of a bad hail storm. Daniel’s frightened by it, I can’t blame him, I am too’ I sent the text, setting it back in my lap waiting for Michael to respond. ‘Want me to call?’ I sent back the thumbs up emoji, smiling once Michael’s contact picture appeared. “Hey babe, are you alright?” his voice was full of worry, which means I knew he cared. “Yeah, just a little shaken up is all, both of us” Daniel gazed up at me, smiling because he knew who was on the other end of this line. “Can I talk to daddy too?” I giggled, putting Michael on speaker. “Hi daddy” Daniel’s high pitched voice rang through the room, making me smile and I’m pretty sure Michael as well. “Hi Danny. How’s my little man?” “I’m alright, I just miss you a lot” Michael sighed on his end, making me worry about him. “I know bub, I miss you both so much but, it feels nice to hear your voice. Yours and your mommas” Daniel squealed knowing his dad missed him. I smiled as Michael joked around a little more with, as I knew this is exactly what I wanted in life. 

the ending got sucky and i apologize, but follow me on twitter because I post writing updates all the time! my user is _btwmgc


Hi there, guys! 

Finishing some previous work, but since it may take a little time to get slots filled, just wanted to get this post up. I’m opening single character bust commissions to save up a bit of money for going back to Canada at the end of the month. Your support would be amazing if you’re interested in having a piece done! 

I’ve mostly done FFXIV character commissions in the past, but any content is more than fine!  

If you’d like to commission me, please shoot me an email at meowmeers@gmail.com with what you’d like and any references. Tumblr’s messaging system tends to be a bit unreliable, so I’d rather not risk it. 

Things to note:

  • Payment is due upfront, USD, paypal only (same email that is listed) 
  • Single character shots
  • Flat color (some very simple shading)
  • Non-complex backgrounds

And if you’re not looking to have a commission done but would still like to support me, I also have a ko-fi!

I stopped watching gmw for a while after the end of season 2 because I was sick & tired of the focus it put on the rucas/lucaya love triangle. I just watched the first episode of season 3 & you know what? I’m still sick & tired of this love triangle when there’s opportunities like Maya helping Ava through her parents separation. That 30 second scene legitimately made me cry & I do appreciate them learning how to deal with high school & the focus on friendships. That’s what’s so important to me on this show, the friendships, the importance of family (both blood related and people you choose as your family), and people changing people. I don’t give a crap about this love triangle. I. Just. Don’t. Care. Why does everyone care so much?

II. It Started with a Tremor

    Tikal sighed softly, having eventually landed to sit in the sand on the island’s beach. She faced the ocean, letting the sea breeze dampen her fur, sneezing lightly when too much had hit her nose. The Mew exhaled softly, once again trying to open a psychic connection with her companions; however she was only met with silence. The blind Deity released a growling groan, tilting her head back a bit. She remained that way for a few long moments before finally humming thoughtfully and moving to get back up.

    The Mew pushed herself up enough to gather the momentum to float, pulling herself from the ground before stretching, lightly rolling back in the air as she pushed out her limbs, arching her back with a few resounding pops. Tikal wobbled a bit as she straightened back out, her ear flicking. The Deity floated forward, reaching out to touch a palm tree that was standing a few feet from her. Once she had a hold on the plant, Tikal zipped around it briefly before taking off in the direction she had come from, an idea of where she was going now in mind. 

    However, she didn’t get far before abruptly dropping. Like a stone in water, Tikal’s petite frame slammed to the ground without warning, causing the pink kitten to yowl in surprise. She hit the sand which indented and compressed under her weight, sand scattering in all directions. Tikal inhaled sharply, as if the air had been knocked out of her before almost frantically scrambling to her paws and knees, a look of utter horror and panic on her face. Her head tilted to the sky, pale, colorless eyes opening for the first time. All that came from the now petrified Deity was a devastated whimper.

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          ♡  this  post   if  you’d  be  interested  in  developing  a  romantic  relationship  between  cherry   &   your  muse   !   by  doing  so ,   you  will  be  giving  me  permission  to   :  

  • jump  into  your  ims  to  plot  such  a  ship   &   gush  about  it  at  odd  hours   !
  • make  you  shippy  starters  &   send  you  shippy  memes   whenever  i  want   !
  • make  edits  &  similar  stuff  for  said  ship  if  i  feel  the  urge   !

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