or just get married

k this is gonna sound stupid so please don’t judge me, but i’m so excited to be a mom. like i can’t wait to take care of someone and love them with my whole heart. and i know being a mom isn’t easy all the time and stuff, but i’m so excited! and i’m obviously not gonna go out and get pregnant right now just because i want to have a kid. i’m 18. but part of me also wants to have my kids young. again, i won’t go out and get pregnant because i really want to be a mom. but i can’t wait to get married and have kids and just do things as a family and stuff!

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What if the whole Sam "life change" and Densi "life change" is connected? Like Michelle dies and either Deeks or Kensi or both realize they don't really have all the time in the world and are all like "let's get married right now." Cliffhanger?

I’ve had the same thoughts!  Maybe some sort of double-cliffhanger….one related to Sam/Michelle and a smaller one where the last we see Deeks and Kensi is when one of them just stops and turns to the other and says “Let’s get married…as soon as possible.”

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idk if it's just me but despite all the wonderful, cuddly, cute fic that's written about him, I get the vibe from real-life Harry that he's not going to get married. idk, i can just see him almost like Leo Dicaprio that just is perpetually single and dates a bunch of random models all the time or like George Clooney where he flits around for a LONG time and gets married in his late 50s. idk i don't see him settling down when he's young, if at all.

I’m on the same page as you – well, kind of. I think that he can be perfectly cuddly and affectionate when he’s in the right mood/needs it/is with people he trusts – both as the one he’s cuddling and the people around him (i.e., he can be sure nobody’s going to be throwing things up on the internet or whatnot). That doesn’t, imo, translate into how likely he is to get married. BUT, I agree that I don’t see him settling down while he’s… “young”. I’m going to say no sooner than 30, but that’s still perfectly young, to be honest. He’ll have laid the groundwork for the type of career he wants, he’ll have a chance to slow down IF he wants it… with how career-focused he’s been lately, I personally don’t see a serious settling down before that. Could he surprise us all? Yeah. But that’s just my read on the situation. x

also alec saying “relationships take effort” is him lowkey asking magnus if he wants to be/if they are in a relationship and magnus replying with “I’m all for effort” is him saying yes and confirming that they are in fact in a relationship and making a commitment.. as in they are a couple… as in they are boyfriends… as in i’m fucking dying :’))))))))

Yuri!!! on Ice episode 10 preview: “I’m giving you something round and gold”
me: Okay, so are they saying “round and gold” to trick us into thinking it’s a wedding ring, but it’s actually a medal…
me: …or, are they saying “round and gold” to trick us into thinking it’s a medal, but it’s actually a wedding ring???

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When you gotta get married at 2 but have to go hunting w/ the Winchesters at 5

i cant wait for dnp to get married and make a golden future for themselves just… lying in bed wrapped in soft blankets and love warmer than anything listening to quiet music and watching the clouds move by their window bc they have to be floating at this point..