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The only expression I know how to draw are :3 :/ and sometimes MAYBE :D

Maybe I just have bad surroundings feeding me the wrong information, but why are socks so quick to pull the, “IF YOU LIKE SOMEONE MEAN YOU ARE ALL BRAINWASHED!!!!!!!!” card. As if people cannot choose for themselves what or what not they want to believe. If you agree with an so blind, you are brainwashed. How dumb do you think people are?

one last loud scream for help

yall already know i got cervical cancer and need a hysterectomy and that’s $8k that i do not have any way of substantially earning.

i can do divinationl. i can draw, and i can write fanfics and poetry, you can PM me if you’re curious about these things.

the biggest, most blessed thing you can do for me, is to donate. even just a dollar, anything, so i can survive. please feed me, medicate me, and help me get this cancer scooped out. let me live.

you can donate directly through paypal to breathof.freshass@yahoo.com


yo yo yo I know that I’m late but yesterday was South Park’s 20th anniversary and I did a piece to celebrate!!

(the kids made the cake themselves. you can tell) 

part 50 of their botw playthrough got unexpectedly deep and emotional, so I drew them comforting each other

au where natsume tells the fujiwaras about his ability to see youkai and the biggest problem to come out of it is that touko insists that she feeds all invisible guests