or just fckn stupid

did youse know that when @hardlightskates started following me on tumblr my url was ‘thewickedmetalglen’

we started reading rubyquest tonight (got up to part……. 13? 14?) and my god i love that stupid fckn adventure it was so good

i just snagged the url again too. if i wasn’t so Delusional™ i’d swap back to it because that url makes me happy.

When are we gonna stop pretending that the scene at the lake was not supposed to signify they’re one regret? Like tbh they lookin at their younger selves like “bitch..,this coulda been avoided..,fuck you doin,…”

Like imagine how hurt (and stupid) they must feel knowing if they stood by each other just once, they wouldn’t have felt as !uch as they did all these years. Or maybe it just signifies how (fckn stupid) foolish they were as children and now understanding each other, but unable to fix the past