or just creep on creepin on

C: I’m such a creep. (not in a way that requires you to call the police or anything). I go through black tumblr just to see the conversations between black women and men. From the ones that I have read, they are just these nice, cordial conversations. And when they are being all cute and uplifting eachother?! Ughh. When I was younger I was always picked on. Now as a 22 year old I’m too self conscious to talk to black guys. So I be creepin, I be creepin! :)

02k  asked:

Autumn is just around the corner & I can't wait! But for now, I'll be creeping on your blog, waiting patiently. Wishing it was autumn already... Haha! Keep up the awesome blog! 😊🎃🍂

Blogs were made for creepin’! I wish it were autumn already too, my friend. It’s gotten so hot here these past few days—cannot wait for the chilly air to arrive. 

I hope you’ve been good! And hang in there, we’re so close now. 🍂