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even’s face in this clip just transported me back to all those scenes from season three, in the locker room and in the hallway and in isak’s bed, when he couldn’t bring himself to say things out loud but was emoting so so much that you could feel his distress and knew he was holding back. henrik is amazing

Okay I thought of something and it made me emo so I wanted to share it with you guys too so we can be emo together (that’s what skamily is for) 

You remember this? (well of course you do) 

well this clip just made me realise that this, everything Even is telling Isak that will happen isn’t just something that he thinks will happen because he is depressed. He believes it, because it’s happened before. It has happened with his friends whom he loved so much. 

We don’t know what happened but it is something so bad that not only hurt balloon squad but made Even think they hate him, made Even hate himself and that’s why he was so sure he would always be alone before Isak. Why he thought all he did was ruin things. Because he has before. He has lost everything before. and now it’s threatening to come back and haunt him and he is flipping terrified that whatever he did that was so bad to lose all the people he loves and trust, will take away the one person he loves and trusts now.

This clip broke my heart, because this face? it reminds me of the clip above. All the shame, self-hate, resentment at whatever led to him losing his friends. This face shows just how much he still truly believes that he hurt all his friends enough for them to hate him. He believes it so much that he continues to hate himself for everything he can’t change. He is so ashamed, so terrified of everything that went down with bakka and his closest friends to come back and destroy everything he has built between him and that incident. ugh it’s just. I feel like this clip and this entire storyline is so damn important because it’s proving that everything we saw with Even at the end of s3 hasn’t gone away just because Isak loves him. 

His self hate? the pain, this belief that he doesn’t deserve anyone because he just hurts them and ruins everything? ah god it’s still there and it always will be until he faces everything that created it. And so the bakka storyline is coming up to maybe hopefully push Even in the right direction of healing and finally self love and acceptance because that is what skam is about. 

dealing with everything you are ashamed of about yourself and finding love and acceptance within yourself. For Even that is no longer being ashamed of his past and his illness but accepting that it is a part of him and his story and he is even more strong, beautiful and compassionate because of it. He shouldn’t hate himself for things out of his control, and he shouldn’t be terrified of losing people he loves because of it. He is kind, smart, beautiful, and loved. his illness doesn’t define him. This is everything I wanted from an Even season, and just maybe we’re gonna get it. 

just maybe we’re gonna get to watch someone teach us how to love and accept ourselves again. 

I hope so

Also the fact that he asked about the boys made me want to cry because he so clearly misses them so much and he said it in such a,….sad way? I just I can’t. 

Especially when the boys reaction to Even’s name was this

I just… I want to protect my baby and take away his pain and worries. He still thinks that he is capable of hurting and losing Isak and I truly feel like those feelings are connected to the Balloon squad, who are connected to Sana who is our beautiful main. And that is how we are going to get Even’s self acceptance story after all. 

I’m sorry I told you this was emo. 

Okay. So. This definitely has been said before, but I was watching the teaser again (for scientific reasons ofc) and really needed to put these two clips together. Because ever since I saw the teaser the first time, I always thought “I feel like these go together.”

Like the color gradient made me believe this.

 The clip is after the clip of Rey, making people think that he is fighting her (which they most definitely do,  at a different time) 

But, the clip of Phasma comes one clip after the Kylo clip.

Idk, just my thoughts.

ALSO: I have lot’s of idea’s, this is just one of the theories I have about the scene w Kylo LOL.

That Video!

Okay, that video of Sharna and James that came out today literally made me so giddy!  I mean they could have just given each other one hug!  Just in this short clip, they went in for 3…and I know there were more hugs we didn’t see!  Their smiles…and HIS especially this time just hit me so hard!  The wrinkled smile was so prevalent on him when she was there!  I think the proper word to use here is Ecstatic.  They were definitely feeling ecstatic to see each other again!  It’s like a medicine for them…think they just need to see each other more often.  

Geez they make me crazy!  Why they have to be so precious, I just don’t know!  But I hope it doesn’t stop! Hehehe

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Gosh I love them!

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I've been thinking of getting Sonic Generations, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 and Sonic CD on Steam. Should I? I think my laptop should be able to run all of them well enough, but are the PC releases worth it?

I do not have any answers for Generations and Sonic CD, but I do own Adventure 1 and 2 on steam. SA1 can be a bit wonky at times, but nothing is game breaking. (most of the incidents that happened to me in the steam port was just clipping through walls and having a bit of trouble running down paths) I actually completed Sa1 the first time in two days with no mods. (I didn’t install BetterSADX until months later) Sa2 runs great…although in City Escape there is that annoying glitch where the truck/trolley blocks your view until you get to the section where you are running down the wall. (I am not sure if there is a way to stop this from happening, but at this point I am used to this glitch that it hardly matters to me) I think the sound mixing might be worse as well (the music is more loud), but besides that there is really nothing bad about it. I think both Sa1 and Sa2 are worth getting on steam, especially if you do not own any of the console versions or if they no longer work. (which sort of happened to me.) I hoped my experiences helped a bit!

~Mod Nerd

@ Julie when I said I was ready for all this drama to start and to know wtf happened with even and the balloon squad I didn’t really mean it see I’m a fragile person and just this clip today nearly killed me how do u expect me to survive when we finally get the truth !? and just the thought of my baby even hurting and then my baby isak hurting and just basically anyone hurting… I can’t even began to describe it 😭 I know we all asked and asked about all this and were finally starting to get it but now I’m wondering what the hell did we get ourselves into @ god pls senD HELP

i figured i would watch produce 101 instead of just watch clips and so far i gotta say:

Daewhi isn’t going anywhere

there’s already too many Samuel/Somi comparisons 

Kang Daniel is a fucking heart stealer and can make it into the top 11 by charm alone

That Ong guy is great at dancing and singing just not at the same time

Moonbok, though not skilled is a favourite for all just through his character

Guanlin. This kid is shy af, awkward, has no rhythm and honestly seems like a shell of a human. But he’s cute so he’ll keep gettin votes. at least hes humble.

Still on Guanlin. He’s gonna be the one with some character arc and improve exponentially (after he stops isolating himself)

Dongho is uninspired. But he too will have a character arc about finding his inspiration again

Nu’est is gonna do really well but no one will care :(

JISUNG. HE’S EXTRA AND I LOVE IT. king of reactions.

I love Sangbin and Namhyun and i don’t know why. Help.

cutie child Woojin is a cutie child

mnet is basically gonna choose the top 11 by giving more screen time to who they want. (just sayin)

i think what i found the most heartwarming about this moment between isak and even and their friends is not just the fact that it looked adorable. what touched me the most was how much thought was put behind it. julie cares about fans of the show so much, she cares about how they feel and she sees the impact the show has on its viewer, she sees the impact isak and even had (and still have) on the viewers. she actively wants to find out what we think of the characters and storylines she creates, how we feel about them, she reads what people have to say on social media. this part of the clip, how they were all standing, was directly inspired by a fan’s drawing 

and she knows how important it was for some of the viewers to see a same-sex couple have a happy ending, she knows how important it was for some of the viewers to see a character who has a mental illness be with someone who loves them, for them to be in a successful relationship. she knows how important it was to see them be surrounded by people who love and support them, friends who appreciate them for all that they are 

and so this moment wasn’t just about making the viewer go “awww” and making them smile. it was so much more than that. it was about making the viewers feel like they matter, like they are cared for. it was julie telling us “i see you, you who have been watching them, you who care about them and their happiness and their well-being. look at them doing so well, look at how happy they still are”


Selected Moments for @fineillsignup from “Kekkai Sensen Ending / Outro Dance 【NARUTO Version】“ by SC - 2nd Channel! :)

“I’m going to head back to the kitchen and spice things up