or just check the person's blog if you really want to

don’t just assume that the cosplayer’s gender is the same as the character. when i cosplay female characters, my goal is obviously to look female even though i am male. when you’re talking to a cosplayer at a con, or commenting on/tagging cosplay posts, or even with people out of cosplay, don’t just guess someone’s gender. it’s not hard to use neutral pronouns for someone who’s gender you’re unsure of, even if they look like the girliest girl you can imagine.

long time, no see, huh?

in case you haven’t guessed, some major stuff happened irl that’s been keeping me from updating this blog. i don’t want to get into specifics, but it’s been pretty draining. i hope you understand. well, no, actually i know you understand. because i’ve received so many kind messages from you all telling me to take my time, even though i just up and disappeared for months without saying a word.

thank you, from the bottom of my heart. even the messages just jokingly asking if i was still alive made me smile. and… i’m so sorry. i know i personally get really worried when the people i follow just vanish from the face of the internet. i really hope i didn’t put anyone through that. just. thanks for checking up on me.



I don’t really understand why some non black people are reblogging somethings and or speaking of black peoples behalves on topics ??(on this blog and others) I mean it’s a black women’s confessions blog no?(and or personal experience) I don’t know … I just find it rather odd you know..? If you want to get more insight about how a black woman feels on a daily basis then just quietly read through you know? Now reblogging and then offering your two cents and say “you overreacting” or “check yourself” is sometimes a good thing but at the same time we do have the right to be upset/sad/angry

I just idk

Tree Aesthetics

Almost got to my next 100 in followers (big celebration to come), and this is just a small thing I wanted to do on the side.

Trees are a really important aspect of my life, and I associate each one that I have ever come across with a certain personality.

Please reblog this and send me an ask with:

  • Your name (opt.)
  • A few of your favorite things
  • One word (or two) to describe your strongest personality aspect(s)

What you get: I will tell you what tree I associate you with (pic included) and why!

This is a present for my followers only, so come check out my blog if you are not ^^

5 reblogs at least or it didn’t happen

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what are some of your favorite quotes? which ones have helped you the most during your recovery?

Honestly, there are SO many.

Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.
Gerard Way

The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die.
Juliette Lewis

Favorites tag [x]
Quotes tag [x]
Note to self tag [x]
Remember tag [x]

If you look up tags for some of my favorite authors on my blog you will find quotes that have resonated with me in their books: Jamie McGuire, Rebecca Shea, E.L. Montes, Jasinda Wilder (or just BQ).

There’s really too many for me to post because there’s just so much that has helped me. You can also check out my ‘bandlyrics’ tag. If I post something on this blog, chances are it’s helped me.

My Edits

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on average, if I'm a lazy and unmotivated person who still wants to run a suburban AU blog, how much time do I have to dedicate to The Blog™

It’s probably different for every blog. I mean it really depends for me because sometimes I’ll spend like two hours looking at a picture trying to come up with a caption and then changing the wording over and over again and double checking to make sure it matches, but sometimes I just see a picture and it automatically clicks and it just takes ten seconds. For my average of three posts a day, I spend about two or three hours coming up with captions and writing out answers to questions. It takes about two or three hours a week to find good pictures, too, but it’s much easier starting out and it takes way less time. It took me about four hours to sit down and organize and family tree, but that’s pretty much a one time thing. For me, there’s also Chad’s Twitter and fics, and sometimes I tweet constantly for like four hours, with the fanfictions easily being 15+ hours. It really just depends on the day and how much you want to do.

Needs some help...

((Mun here! My Aster needs more love so could you help in spreading the word about him, please? He hardly gets any asks at all and most of the asks he gets are ones I wish to save for the perfect moment. Interact with him. He gets lonely easily and loves talking to people. He may not be evil anymore but that doesn’t change his dark personality~. So please, don’t be shy. His mun is just as shy as you. Trust me. =w=‘ 

Anyway, check out some meme reblogs I have on here and send an ask from one of those posts if ya want! Aster will answer them, do not worry~. 

And if you could re blog this post to spread the word about my Aster, I would really appreciate that! Thank you and have fun talking with Aster~!))

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hi i don't mean to bother but i was wondering how you are able to promo clothing? I wanted to maybe do the same thing. I rad your faq and didn't see anything about it so i'm just curious. :) Thank you, love your blog btw

thanks for reading my faq! I’ll probably add this to it. and also thanks for liking my blog! all the companies I promote for have contacted me personally. if you go on some of their websites, they usually have an affiliate program link if they don’t contact you first you can check that out. I know @shoptokyoblue is looking for affiliates and I’m sure the others are too. you can also try this site shareasale.com I tried it once but I didn’t really have any luck with it, but if you don’t have a lot of followers that’s a good place to start. I hoped this helped!

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I submitted a request last time, so I won't be doing one now, but I just wanted to take this chance to say that this blog was the very first one I followed regarding KnB & more than a year later, I still look forward to checking all your new scenarios. You guys are seriously A+ perfect (◠‿◠✿)

As the person who became an admin only after this blog was already really popular, I know exactly where you are coming from. I looked forward to reading new things from imagine-knb every single day when I first found it on Tumblr (it might have been my first ever imagine blog to follow too lol). And now that I actually help write the scenarios for it, it’s a bit surreal, haha! I still look forward to seeing what this blog can do because the scenarios you all give us are just so creative and sometimes really unexpected! Guess what I’m saying is that we wouldn’t be as great of a blog if it weren’t for you guys too! Your creativity and dedication it a HUGE part of what makes imagine-knb what it is and I want to thank YOU for giving me the opportunity to write for you all!

tl;dr: it was weird going from being a follower to becoming an admin, but you guys never make me regret that choice <3


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Where do we belong?

But real talk… and this is a question for other light-skinned POC out there. 

Do you get tired?

Do you start to feel like you don’t belong anywhere? 

I’m tired. I’m not even angry man. Just sad. 

I follow a lot of social justice blogs, as y’all can probably already tell.

I get a lot of great posts and insightful analysis from these blogs. I see a lot of anger at Latino communities coming from BLM and from other pro-black blogs. And I understand a lot of it. I really want to check my privilege as a light-skinned Latin person, and I’m continually trying to educate myself.

This isn’t none of that all lives matter or white lives matter bullshit. I’m not trying to deny colorism exists, it does. But we’re actively working to dismantle those systems of oppression in our communities… Like… where does that even leave us?

I don’t know man but I’m tired. Sometimes it just feels like we get it from every side. 

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Do you do RQ's (Requests) or Commissions? I'm just a bit curious since you didn't mention that sorta thing in the 'READ THIS IF YOU'RE NEW!' section of your blog. ^^;

(Ah so people actually read that I’m happy XD) 

Currently, I am not taking requests, since I’m all busy with comic updates, the raffle, as well as other projects. That said, there’s usually a tumblr fam event going on in which you can personally participate! Kinda like a role play? Right now, we’re having “Beach day”! Check out the tags if you want to know more~

And as for commissions, since I’m still fairly new to this sort of thing, and I wasn’t sure if anyone was interested, I haven’t set it up yet. Well now that you’ve asked, I guess I will work on for the next couple weeks~
(I will add these to the guide, don’t worry~)

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"Blue text" Oh I was kinda hoping they jumped ship. I just don't know what to think. I mean I don't know if you are/were a fan but can you imagine TH posting or being ok with CH/TS style pics uploaded by TS on IG. Love can change people maybe...he was supposedly driving her mom's car. Maybe the false stories he's referring to are ours. Are we the fake pregnancy belly and then there's a baby people? If pap walks weren't bad enough just wait for the personal IG shots. :-/

The politics of Hollywood are a big deal. You don’t want to burn bridges. Publications don’t tend to jump ship or ‘switch sides’ on something, unless they’re really willing to burn a particular bridge, which was why I was confused before I checked the tweeted article for myself.

We’re blogs, not publications. It’s more like we’re speculating over existing stories, not creating our own. I personally believe what I believe, that won’t change. I know others believe what they believe, and that those beliefs are the opposite of mine. At the end of the day what’s fake is fake, what’s real is real. Time will tell, but a lot of the back-end secrets and nitty-gritty details will never be revealed.

I don’t really know what a CH/TS-style picture is, but I think if the circumstances call for it, I suppose I can imagine it? He does have an account now, so that’s conducive to anything they may want to do social media-wise.

I think Tom is a good, talented actor. I was a fan. I still will be, until the day (if it ever comes) I don’t think he’s a good, talented actor anymore. Everything else is sort of arbitrary to me. I’m a fan of the work, and that’s not technically affected by the person he is outside of the work.

Just A Lil' Personal Post!

Hey guys! I just wanted to thank you all for following me, I’ve only been posting for a couple months and I’ve just gone past 400 followers! I know it’s nothing compared to other blogs but considering I’ve only just got the hang of this whole blogging thing I think it’s amazing!

Personal little shoutout to my inspiration at the moment, @mylittlefandomfanfictions because she’s amazing and really inspires me to keep writing on here, even when I feel like I just can’t. Secretly hoping I randomly bump into her one day somehow so I can hug her IRL. (But imagine that though???)

Last thing! I know it’s completely random and irrelevant but I’ve just starting selling items on Depop and if you guys would like to check out my page and maybe get some stuff that’d be pretty awesome. At the moment I’m only doing sales to the UK but I’m hoping to do sell Internationally soon! I only have two items up at the moment but I’ll definitely have more available as soon as I sort things out that I want to sell! So check out my page if you fancy buying some stuff. You can find it here.

I love you all, once again thanks for following my awkward self! Requests are open as usual and my inbox is empty so please send in any requests, check out my Masterlist to see what I do!

@ghoulishundertakings replied to your post “I’m going to make this very clear, i came across a doctor strange blog…”

I haven’t seen any yet but I know I will and I am D: ab it

I just want you to read the tiniest portion of this bullshit

If we were to have Strange be a different ethnicity than white— white people would do this: they’d internalize that race as somehow being inferior due to his actions, as opposed to checking their own privilege. Delving into the comics has really shown me how better I have it over different ethnicity women [Again, socially-constructed and I personally think it’s dumb, but not everyone else thinks so.]

In the comics, he IS white, and this very fact does work in the favor of the reader.

Hi everyone! My name is Jo, I’m an artist here on tumblr, and a couple I accidentally deleted my whole entire account.

This happened when I was trying to delete a side blog, and I accidentally deleted my entire account, and there is no way to get it back. I’ve researched, I’ve emailed, there’s nothing.

So, the only thing I can do is just be positive about my fresh start!

I’m going to be reposting some of my old art, as well as new art I’m currently working on!

My stuff is finally posting in the tags! Which is great, I can finally start reposting my fanart! But if anyone wants to check me out just through this post, my art tag is here! But if anyone wants to signal boost this post, or follow my account, I’d really appreciate that, especially if you like my art! Maybe we can even be friends!

My art revolves around my experiences as a queer and agender person, being mentally ill, and other things involving my life. I wanna start making some stuff involving my experiences with bpd especially now. I also make a lot of fanart, especially steven universe art! And pokemon especially now!

I do have a couple of blogs!

This main one, @joquartz, is my main and personal one! It’s where art and personal posts will be posted!
If you just want to see my art, follow @joquartz-art!
My reblogs will be at @blurryjo! This last two blogs I still need to make look pretty though.

I know there’s tons of other more important things that need to be signal boosted. I know that tumblr is just a silly website, but having my art on here gave me a sense of security and hard work, seeing the notes did give me a confidence boost.

So thank you to all who read this, and if you’d like to give me a follow, that would be great, and I’ll try not to disappoint!

Have a great day!

It's still me, Starfall! Just a little more personal.

So, remember WAY back, when I created a mod blog and said I was going to post most of my personal stuff there and… didn’t?

Well, I’m remedying that now. I’ve reblogged most of my old posts that weren’t really related to pony or to this blog over to my mod blog, and I’ll be posting personal stuff there.

Some of you had followed it, and to spare you the spam of seeing nothing but a wall of updates from me, I removed your follow from that blog.  So, you may want to check just in case.

On that blog will be my posts about work, life, my random ravings on quantum mechanics and all that sort things. On this blog, expect to see things related to MLP and/or the characters here. If you feel like keeping up to date with my personal life, and such, you’ll want to follow that blog. 

Please note that I will be reblogging this a couple times over the next day or two. Thank you all for following, hand have a good one!

Help Wanted...

I’ve been discovering some really great Jai bloggers lately, I’m wondering if anyone can recommend new ones, it can be character of real person. Smut, Fluffy or Angst just as long as it’s Jai. I’m already a huge fan of @sparklemichele @iammarylastar @frecklefaceb @oddsnendsfanfics @felywrites. These women are amazing, you guys should check them out. 

If you know of any blogs that would peak my interest please let me know even if you do a shameless reblog for your own work,I’m an avid reader…

wow a free flash giveaway???

hell yes a free flash giveaway. bad promo pic aside, i really want to work on my graphic skills but i’m lowkey tired ( && i think my followers are too lmao ) of just doing graphics for my own muses. so i figured i should just open it up to the whole roleplay community && challenge myself to go outside of my comfort zone.

what’s the catch?

uh. none tbh. just a couple rules/guidelines below:

  • if you’d like to see what i’ve done, you can check out this tag
  • i will pick up to 10 blogs within the next two or three hours
  • only roleplay blogs will be eligible, so personals && etc. will not be counted
  • you can either like or reblog this post; either one will enter you into the giveaway. however, you will be entered only ONCE regardless of which one you choose to do
  • after interacting with this post, i will contact you thru messenger to ask you various things like color scheme, mood, features, etc.
  • i will do promos, aesthetics, character-centric graphics, && maybe whatever you suggest if we discuss it?
  • you don’t have to be following me but it would be pretty rad
  • if i get enough promo requests, i may do a small lottery && randomly pick five to be featured on my blog once every two weeks to my 300+ followers

so yeah. this is totally free, i’ll try to work with you to get the best product, && hope you guys have fun :>

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Hey so I just hit a milestone, and I was wondering how a follower forever works? Do you just put mutuals and favourites in or tag every single blog that's following you?

Hey! From what I’ve seen, there are many ways of doing a follow forever. There are people that list blogs that have been following them from the beginning, or people that they’ve been mutuals with for a long time. Or you can list blogs you’ve been following for very long. You can give a special thanks to friends or mutuals, or list them in bold. You can do it in alphabetical order or list from the first person that you were mutuals with to your latest mutual.
Really, it’s just however you want to do it. It’s to thank your friends and mutuals for loving you. I would check out the follow forevers that other blogs have done, find some inspiration and you’ll be ok :)