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Stars fallen from the sky
One was you
One was I
We lost eachother
In the heavens that we had come to know
Exiting through the womb
To a world foreign, strange, and new
We cried with our small reddened faces
Longing for comfort
But don’t worry
Because I found you

jantales  asked:

I noticed that people was sending you hate?? Like I just following this blog and you are awesome. If they have a problem with you They can Cash me outside how bow dat? Seriously, you are awesome~ Sending all my love ❤💚💜💙💛💗💓💕💖💞💘

Hahah thank you very much I appreciate it!


it’s fine tho really

please stop telling me that it is going to get better, that doesn’t comfort me at all.

please stop telling me to “think on the bright side” or “look at the positives” because chances are, I’ve already tried to and can’t find any.

please stop telling me that I have so much to look forward to because I don’t see it.

please stop.


Horned beast
Treads lightly
With large veins emerging
A powerful gaze
And a soft heart

You are one of a kind
Which makes you feel alone
But I’m in awe
And I atleast-
Place you upon a throne.

Oh, man, I…

…and then, he says courage.

He… looks so sad.

Here’s the thing - Aizen’s immortal, isn’t he?

Aizen’s life is, forever, a life free from fear of death.

And if it is, as Aizen says, only through this fear of death that we humble people attain hope, and march on with courage - then -

Well. That’s pretty good reason to be sad, I figure.

Aizen Sōsuke will never know this courage he speaks of, will he?

Aizen Sōsuke will never know this hope he speaks of, will he?

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anonymous asked:

hey :) i'm new to tumblr can you rec me some good jungkook and jimin blogs ?

oh yeah no problem!! i just woke up from a nap a while ago so im probably missing a few blogs but ajdsklad from the top of my head


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fyeah blogs like @fykook and @fypjm are also really good!!