or just agree to disagree or something

First Rant

I had two days to think about this and I am pissed not with Butch but with the way the fandom reacted to the 107 facts video. Canon come from the creator/writers, none of us helped make the show, we are the reason the fandom is still alive and thats great. But my issue is with the people ganging up on Butch just because he said something that contradicts their headcanon. I seen some people wanting to fight Butch just because they disagree with him, woah real mature. You don’t have to accept what Butch said, but he doesn’t have do the same thing with you. How about you calm down and approach Butch with a calm mind and politely say you don’t agree with what he said, but no here you are yelling about it on Tumblr. And yeah I’m yelling too but thats because you are letting your feelings dictate you actions and now the tag is filled with discourse and I came here to see cute fan art and wonderful headcanons. I know you guys are nice people but learn to take minor things like this with a grain of salt. 

You know, people do realize that it’s possible to follow someone and be friends with them, and not agree with everything they say or post about, right?

As long as neither person is too rude or too petty or hateful about the things they disagree on, and they try to work something out in the end, then ending a friendship/bond with someone you’ve known for so long over trite stuff like misunderstandings or disagreements on something is just silly.

I’m speechless after this video. I literally have nothing to say. Jack seemed to say all the words that were going through my head. I would just be quoting a lot of what he said in this video if I tried to share my own thoughts right now.

The one thing I will say is, this inspires me so much, to see Jack make a video, talking about some really serious stuff he normally would never talk about in videos, but this was a special cause, because it was someone who means a great deal to him. People can disagree with what Jack said in this video, or completely agree with it, or have no opinions on the matter, whatever.

Felix’s joke may have been bad, but that doesn’t make him a bad person. We all have accidentally said something that could be taken out of context, but in Felix’s case, this is a lot more serious, just because of how popular he is. But we all make some REALLY bad mistakes sometimes, no one can honestly say they never have, but please show respect towards him. Show some humanity. It really brings me down, seeing how people hear someone say something really bad as a joke, even if that person know they shouldn’t be doing that, but that doesn’t mean the other person has to pretend they don’t know it’s a joke, just because they wanna start some shit, and spread pointless negativity.

I believe Jack when he says Felix is a good person, he has a really good judge of character I think. And from what I’ve seen, I think he’s a great person as well, he has a good heart. He just made one really bad, stupid, mistake…as we all have. I just hope humanity has enough of a heart and soul left to forgive him for that mistake. Anyway, I don’t wanna go on forever, I haven’t been keeping up with what’s going on with the whole thing, but I am aware of the things Jack was talking about in this video, and that’s about it. So please, don’t hate on me too harshly, I was just sharing the thoughts Jack got stirring around in my head.

A Post-The Lying Detective Message:

(Spoilers, duh)

So, there’s something I just want to say as a fan of Sherlock regarding the latest episode and our fandom in general.

The Lying Detective gave each ship a little something…

  • Johnlockers got a rescue and a hug
  • Adlockers got a birthday text and confirmation of reciprocated correspondence
  • Sherlollians got a physical examination: “tell me when to cough” and a birthday outing with cake

So let’s put away the ship-bashing and agree to disagree that each one of these pairings has potential.

Sherlock has emotional investment in John and Irene and Molly. That’s something we all have to accept. However, whether this emotional investment signifies friendship or romantic feelings is ultimately up to Moftiss to decide.

I think it’s wonderful that the show sparks so many emotions from us and it speaks to the diversity of us all that we can ship so many different ships! So let’s keep expressing our shipping feels, but do so on each ship’s respective tags. Let’s try to all get along. 

I know Sherlockians are renowned for being a little crazy, but I think there’s something we can all agree upon: we love our show!!!
Let’s make sure that this love and respect is felt across the entire Fandom! <3

A brief message to the Sailor Moon fandom:

Okay, so since Sailor Moon Crystal is getting renewed for a fourth season, I have something I’d like to say…

Sailor Moon fandom, can we please all get along with each other this year? Can we all just agree to disagree with one another and respect each other’s opinions? If you love Crystal, that’s fine. If you hate Crystal, that’s fine. And if you think Crystal is just okay, that’s fine too. Sailor Moon is about love and tolerance despite our differences, so let’s try to stay true to that.
Let’s not attack one another for liking or disliking something. We’re all part of the same fandom.

It’s okay to correct/tell people off on your side!

If you’re in an argument with someone not on your side, and someone on your side is backing you up- but within that they say something bad, correct them! It doesn’t make you wrong, it’s just avoid spreading harm/misinfo.

If someone is backing you up and making good points, but uses the wrong pronouns for the person you’re arguing with, say “I agree with your points, but this person uses X pronouns, just so you know!” 

And it’s okay to disagree with one part someone has said! It’s okay to say to someone on your side “I agree with nearly all the points you made, but can we discuss X point a bit more?”

It okay and GOOD to have debates with people on your side to spread info and avoid harmful behaviour. It isn’t admitting you’re wrong, it isn’t showing people on your side are “bad”- plus it’s important to have an open dialog with others on your side so you fully understand the disourse. It’s a healthy and useful practice to get into in discourse!

The Devil’s Angel

The Devil’s Angel // Negan Oneshot

REQUESTED BY @prettyepiic : ohhh if I may I would love to request a oneshot with Negan… in his sexy room… on the outside I’m acting as though his hunger for me is something I’m nt interested in but on the inside my hormones are exploding with total captivation and arousal… I feel as though I might have to give into temptation :)

WARNINGS: swearing, smut

Working wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be when I agreed to join this group. The kitchen was a familiar place to me before the apocalypse started, though I never thought I’d be able to cook like I used to due to the lack of ingredients out there in the middle of nowhere fighting off walkers. I almost feel a sense of home here with being a Savior, but something about Negan just rubs me the wrong way. The way he controls every human here, how he mindfucks everyone who disagrees with him or tries to leave, the list goes on. Though, what bothers me the most is how I find him so goddamn attractive. I basically hate his guts, but that fucking salt and pepper beard gets me every time.

I continue making dinner in the main kitchen, preparing the rack of chicken breasts to be put in the oven. I bend down, sliding the tray into the oven when I hear the floor crack lightly behind me. Casually, I glance over my shoulder to find Negan sitting at the island counter, smirking down at me. I jump at his sudden presence, my back slamming against the oven door and closing it abruptly.

“Now what is a damn fine woman like you slaving in this kitchen when you could be sittin’ pretty as one of my wives?” Negan calmly asks, cockiness oozing from his voice.

My face reddens against my will, slightly embarrassed that I was just thinking filthy thoughts of this terrible man who now sits in front of me. My hand that clutched my heart now nervously glides down, returning to my hip.
“Not every woman is willing to throw themselves at your feet and beg for you to take them,” I boldly state, my chest still rising and falling heavy.

Negan chuckles, throwing his head back and all. “Oh, darlin’… I’d love to see you try and keep that word.”

I roll my eyes, even though I’m scared as hell of him. His tongue shoots out slowly to graze over his lips, and I curse myself at the way it turns me on. I bite my lip hard trying to contain my arousal inside me.

He slides off the stool, making his way around the counter towards me. Instantly I freeze up, holding my ground in front of the hot oven. He takes advantage of this, placing both hands on the counter on either side of me, trapping me in front of him.

Negan leans in to kiss my lips when I slap him involuntarily. I stun myself, the action only done out of instinct. He, however, just smirks, touching his slapped cheek lightly before returning to his stance enclosing me.
“You’re gonna have to do better than that, sweetheart,”
At his words, I ram my lips onto his, my hands clutching at his white t-shirt desperately. Fuck fuck fuck…

Negan’s clearly thrown off at my kiss, almost as thrown off as I am, but quickly catches up to me, grabbing ahold of my lower back and literally smashing my body against his. My hands trail up inside his shirt, raking his abs and chest while his hands lower over my ass, giving it a good smack. I yelp, and Negan takes that to his advantage to bite on my lower lip, my panties already soaking. Before I can hesitate, he already works my leggings off me, tossing them carelessly over his shoulder.

Suddenly he lifts me up onto the counter, his body separating my thighs along with his hands helping him keep me apart.

I gasp at his actions, not sure if here’s a great place to fuck, and also not sure if this is me taking control or if it’s my arousal. “Negan, we’re in public–”

He tears off my shirt before I can finish my sentence, leaving me speechless. “Guess we’ll have to be quiet, babygirl. You a screamer? If not, I’ll gladly make you one.”

Instantly Negan presses hard on my clit with his middle finger, drawing endless circles on it furiously. I nearly lose my balance on the counter, clawing his shoulders achingly. My moans are stifled yet so loud, falling completely into his simple touch. I thrust my hips along with his quick rhythm, but suddenly he pulls his hand away, grinning.

“Na ah ah, angel,” Negan scolds, watching me squirm at his lack of touch. “You don’t move unless I fucking tell you so. You’re gonna be daddy’s little toy, and if you don’t listen, you’re gonna get punished.”

I groan at his filthy words, desperate for his touch again. Bad thoughts run across my mind, whispering to me what a terrible person I am to cave into such a bad man like this. Negan lowers his face to my heat, only blowing his cold breath all over my wetness that I flinch at the sensation.

I hold back his shoulders. “We shouldn’t do this,” I tell him, my conscience getting the best of me even in this vulnerable state.

“You sure?” he then licks a thick stripe up my heat, maintaining eye contact with me the whole time.

Just watching him between my thighs drains all the worry and regrets out of my system, no matter how hard I tried to fight it. His stubble scratches against my inner thighs as he smashes his mouth onto my clit, sending me up the wall with pleasure. I grab the back of his head, holding him there against me. I clearly remember him telling me not to move, but looks like he’s too caught up in the moment to realize.

“Ugh, fuck!” I whimper, my climax nearing by just the touch of his tongue on me.
My walls twitch involuntarily, and Negan notices. He cunningly takes his mouth off me, blowing cold air onto my sensitive area, knowin exactly what he’s doing to me.

“I swear if you keep teasing me I’m going to fucking kill you,” the words slip out of my mouth before I can stop them, the irritation of being teased getting the best of me.

“Well, I guess you could say I’m a dead man,” and with that, he flips me onto my stomach on the counter, holding me there with a strong grip. “And don’t think I didn’t notice you acting up.”

Negan brings down his open palm hard onto my ass, the slapping sound echoing through the vast kitchen. I yelp out of surprise and pain, sighing at the sting it leaves on my skin.

Negan gets close to my ear, still holding me down. “Keep quiet and count.”

Another slap on my ass makes me jolt again, turning me on with every touch. “Two,” I grunt out, a whimper escaping my lips.

The third slap comes quickly after, his hand lingering on my reddened skin to soothe the pain. “Ah, three!”

The fourth is even harder, and he takes a handful of my ass and squeezes, a groan coming from deep within his throat. “Fuck! Four…”

“Mmm, darlin’ you’re being so good for me…” Negan’s hand slides down from my sore ass to my wetness, realizing I’m soaked and dripping onto the counter. “Damn, look at you… you’re fucking soaking!”

Negan chuckles darkly as he slides past my underwear and begins vigorously thrusting two fingers inside me, catching me off guard. He flips me back over on my back, fingers still thrusting at full speed, and holds my hips down with his other arm. My moans are breathy and high-pitched, still attempting to stifle them under Negan’s orders.

My peak is nearing though I know he’s going to stop himself, wanting me to cum on his cock instead. But when my walls twitch, his eyes bore into mine, going faster and harder, loving the view of me in such pleasure under his touch. I scream out, having nothing to brace myself onto when I finally burst, my juices flowing out onto his hand that continues to fuck me through my orgasm. The sound of his palm smacking against my juices encourages him on, his cock trapped in his jeans practically begging to be freed from its tight confinement.
Suddenly he lifts me off the counter and tosses me over his shoulder, heading to the stairs. My high dies down, though I still breathe heavily against him. He slams open the door to what I assume to be his bedroom.

He throws me on his bed lustfully, coming at me instantly. He forces my legs wide, teasing my entrance with his cock for the first time. A groan of anticipation escapes past my lips, looking down to see his massive length about to be shoved inside me. He surprisingly pushes himself in antagonizingly slow. A satisfied sigh forces itself out of me, loving the feeling of his full, thick length filling me completely up.

Negan holds himself there, balls-deep. “You don’t even know what you’re gettin’ yourself into, angel.”

Negan looks me dead in the eyes, his hand reaching down to grab my throat as he began pounding into me furiously. I scream out, clutching his black sheets desperately. His grip is tight on my throat, using it to thrust harder and faster into me. My hands trail to his hand, finding him turning me on that he’s even violent in the bedroom, too. My breasts bob as he continues to pound into me, and he latches his mouth onto my chest, leaving me open-mouthed kisses and bites.
The moans that escape Negan’s throat only pushed me further to my climax. His groans were gravelly and deep,  making me not want to ever hear any other sound besides that for the rest of my days. He made me feel pure heaven, even as a man who was truly hell. He could convince me to do anything at his beck and call. It’s nearly embarrassing how easily I could cave into him, especially when I claim I hate him. Negan was the devil, and I was his Eve, corrupted by his evil, devious voice.

His grip on my throat suddenly got stronger, pulling me out of my trance. “Fuckin’ look at you, darlin’. Taking my cock while I choke you, my dirty fuckin’ girl.”

His filthy mouth sends me over the edge. I let out a high-piched squeal, meeting his thrusts as I continue my high. Negan twitches inside me, but pulls out just in time, flipping me over and cumming all over my ass. His thick liquid hitting my skin makes me sigh, my body resting lazily on his now ruined sheets.
“Fuck, babygirl. You look so damn hot all sprawled out on my bed,” Negan grunts, coming down from his climax. He leans down to whisper hot in my ear. “And I don’t let just any woman into my bedroom like this, darlin’.”

With his words, he gives me a sharp slap on the ass, making me groan into his bed sheets.

“Get yourself cleaned up, angel. But don’t think that’ll be the last of what I’ve got for ya,” Negan chuckles as he exits. closing the door and leaving you still panting on his bed.

Goddamn, this devil is going to be the utter end of me…
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I’m just writing a last note before going to bed, to clarify a few things.

I changed the translation a little because indeed I agree that it didn’t sound very nice in English. I still maintain my opinion on the meaning. I do not think that Kubo was trying to make deep references to philosophy, and reading replies from various people I have the feeling that, despite everyone saying “soulmates means [insert meaning]!” as if it’s something obvious, different people actually seem to have different ideas on what it means exactly…

Actually, what baffles me the most is that I disagreed on 証 being translated as “proof” but as you see I translated “soul mates” as “soul mates”, and even though I gave my interpretation of soul mates in my end note the translation is objective, so regardless of my note you are free to interpret the meaning of “soul mates” however you prefer.

Also, I really don’t understand why people seem to think that I’m trying to attack Victuuri or whatever. Do you want a picture of all the Victuuri doujinshi I own? It’s because I like Victuuri that I love how their relationship was portrayed in the series, I think it was deep enough that there’s no need to add more to make them “more canon”, that’s why I don’t really like it when some translations look like they are twisted to sound that way. Actually that looks to me like downplaying their relationship, as if what was shown in the series was not enough and so people need to find proof somewhere else.

Thank you to the ones who sent me messages, I appreciate. I will continue translating interviews as always, and also I will continue to avoid any comments about pairings as I did until today, because as I expected, even though I stated that I LIKE the pairing it still manages to be a source of misunderstandings and pointless conflicts.

P.S.: I hope at least this note can clarify things for people who just took what I wrote in my other post the wrong way. Of course I apologize if it sounded confusing to some, but the reason I wrote an end note to the translation is exactly that I didn’t want to mess with the actual translation but still wanted to give my interpretation on what the line about the rings means, since I’ve seen many different interpretations around (my interpretation is mostly based on the way the sentence is worded in Japanese).

quirkybird-a-singing  asked:

Tumblr mom, how do you deal with overly pretentious film/book snobs?

I pay them as much heed as they deserve, namely, none.

If someone wants to be snobbish about something, do you know what they really want? They want your affirmation that they are Right about the thing, that their view on the thing is more important than the thing. And if people agree with them, it feeds that, and if people disagree with it it fuels their need to reaffirm why XYZ is awful and you should hate it too because they are Right.

It’s my favorite thing in the whole world when people start doing this to just go “Huh…well that’s your opinion” and just change the subject. Or if they are being particularly annoying, I don’t even respond at all, I just change the subject. I won’t affirm that kind of behavior by engaging in it.

This also applies to people who do this sort of thing for a living. If XYZ person says ZYX about thing and you know you’re going to hate it? Don’t give them the click. Deprive them of that ad space revenue, quite literally just don’t look at their work. People like that love being the center of the attention.

And I’ve got better shit to do than give it to them.

anonymous asked:

Part 1: Honestly, what @anubianpagan said recently on girlandfox's post - "What I have seen happening in our community and what’s been done, doesn’t make anyone safe, it makes people scared to ever speak, to feel anything but the fear of being called out so they remain quiet and compliant." - is honestly EXACTLY how I feel towards the Kemetic community. It honestly gives me anxiety to post anything on my blog differing from Kemeticism because I might get shunned for it. -

And some Kemetics may say, “Just speak up about it!” I don’t know if you completely understand how much stress I, and perhaps some others, feel. Like you all want to make this community better for Kemetics? Then stop harassing everyone who happens to disagree with you. I don’t agree with letting racist things slide, but hounding someone over and over puts an impression on new Kemetics: if you say something *we* disagree with and/or consider out of line, prepare to deactivate your account

I’ve heard many people say that Yuri on Ice is just queer-baiting, and honestly? I disagree.

And see, I know where you’re coming from, we’ve seen this pattern in anime (and sports anime especially) many times: we get some fanservice, some teasing, a suggestive glance or a fist-bump/high-five or maybe even something similar to hug. *gasp*

But like, am I the only one who can see that this anime is nothing like that? By episode three I think it is absolutely clear that this anime is crossing borders that sports anime, and in fact anime in general just didn’t cross. Not until now. Which leads me to believe that this is not just ‘fanservice’ that there’s meaning here, that they’re doing it for a reason. (no, that reason not being queer-baiting)

Because they’d sell the anime to fujoshi/fudanshi anyway, because they don’t need to go this far if they’re just trying to tease the viewers into buying the BDs/DVDs.

Which leads me to believe that there’s a plot-related reason for this, that all of this has a meaning.

And even if (and this is highly unlikley) they would suddenly go all like “Oh wait, Yuuri and Victor are actually completely straight!” they can’t make all those scenes from the first three episodes disappear, and let me tell you - there is no way that any straight males would ever act like that.

Where am I going with all this? My conclusion is simple: wherever Yuri on Ice goes from here, it is already clear that it is far from queer-baiting and in fact, might just be the closest to queer main characters in non-BL anime that we’ll be getting anytime soon.

And this makes me incredibly happy.

padalickin-kuri  asked:

I honestly just love Mark for adressing a problem that's happening in general! Rarely anyone even knows what being respectful means nowadays and it's really sad. It starts with not agreeing with someones lifestyle and immediately losing respect and ends with this extreme drama, I don't know how people can be this fucked up. Being petty also seems to be a trend and it's not funny, being petty to this extend is not something cool or fun.

I couldn’t say it any better! I loved and respected Mark before and this video just confirmed that I do it rightfully so. He stands up for what he believes in and doesn’t give a shit there will be people disagreeing with him. We need more people like Mark in this world!

Why do I prefer children's entertainment?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Why do I find myself inexplicably drawn to cartoons and children’s films over adult shows and films. Something that now I’m 21 I should be more drawn to.

And I think I reached a conclusion

With “adult” shows and films they all feel very samey. Every action film is the same, with some dude going on a one man rampage against the guys who wronged him,

Or if it’s a comedy they are so engrained in keeping the status quo by the end that the characters never really grow or change when an episode ends particularly in the “adult” cartoons (family guy, Simpsons, South Park etc.) and the “mature” subjects they tackle usually boil down to sex jokes. More often than not the main character is an unrepentant douche bag with zero redeeming qualities too.

There are exceptions of course bobs burgers, Archer and even if at first glance Rick and Morty and Bojack horseman seem like this they have an extra lair of depth to them that people can enjoy, even though the main characters are assholes (not so much in bobs burgers) they are constantly changing and growing as characters plus there actions tend to have consequences.

But these kind of “adult” shows are a minority, but even these good shows have the habit of feeding into negativity too often feeling mean spirited because they can get away with it. (Tho Bojack biggest theme is depression so it’s kinda justified there)

The other thing is that media aimed at kids have so much more imagination.

Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Avatar: The last Airbender/Legend of Korra, a Gravity Falls, Star vs the forces of evil. All these shows have such imagination and are pretty different in their premise. The characters are usually good people or people who mean well and are so vibrant and full of life.

Plus when these shows tackle heavy mature themes they do it in a way kids can understand, in a way that is neither over complicated or not explained enough.

Now they can’t always go into detail too much because they are children’s shows, they aren’t going to have the protagonist attempt suicide due to crippling depression like Bojack Horseman. But they don’t need to they can discuss these topics without going so far as to cause a crisis with a child, just enough that they can think about it.

Children’s shows don’t treat their audience as stupid. Like most adult shows do. These shows understand kids can come to the same conclusions as adults can in certain situations.

A children’s show can surprise you too, people rarely die (or at least they don’t die in a way that’s particularly obvious) so when a character DOES die it’s surprising and it’s done sparingly.

In season 3 of legend of Korra we first get the death of the earth queen which was pretty graphic, not gory and they don’t even show the corpse but the way she does is terrifying and unexpected, hell the last episode of the first season has tarlok perform a murder suicide with his brother.

I’m not saying having a body count makes them good I’m saying they do it sparingly. It’s not like a bloodbath where people die left and right, it’s more that each death has purpose, and they have impact because it’s so rare. Game of thrones is okay but they kill off characters so often you become numb to it. I do anyway.

I can talk about this for hours but I’ll stop here just my opinions on why jus shows are inherently better than adult shows in my opinion.

I just don't understand

I’m honestly confused by something, I’m not trying to be obnoxious or yell at everyone who disagrees with me to agree with me or die… but why would someone create a blog just to hate on something? I mean, if hating on things is what they are passionate about then sure? You do you, but I’ve always thought that people should be passionate about positive things, that make them happy, and if you really hate something THAT much, why just expand on your hatred and dislike for it?

“You can disagree with someone and still respect them.” ~Markiplier

“Just because you don’t agree with someone’s actions, doesn’t mean you can’t still be friends with them.” ~Jacksepticeye

Ok but this is so important. Like, not even referring to the whole Pewdiepie thing that happened, I think that these concepts in general are so important. Just because someone may not agree with you on something, or possibly does things that you don’t necessarily agree with, doesn’t mean you have to hate them. You can disagree with someone and still respect them. I think it’s so cool how Mark and Jack replied to this whole conundrum, it’s just amazing. They were so informative and gave their options about it civilly. I don’t like how much back lash Jack is getting for it (or at least I think he is. He posted that he regretted how he made the video so I assumed people didn’t like it). It’s ridiculous because I honestly thought that he gave a clear view about his opinions on the matter and tried very hard not to ramble about the wrong things.
Anyways I’m just really happy about how these boys responded and I’m very proud of them for not only this, but everything they do ❤️💚

@markiplier @there

insertpunrelatedtomyinterests2  asked:

What are the popular and unpopular opinions in the sonic fandom? I saw a guy on TSSZ says he has unpopular opinions that i'm sure are the opposite (loving the classic games, the post 2010 games, sonic boom, the comics, and the Twitter).

These are just from my observation. I’ll put agreed or disagreed next to the ones…I agree and disagree with.


“Sonic doesn’t need a story” (Disagreed)

“Sonic 3 & Knuckles is the pinnacle of the/a series” (Agreed)

“The Werehog is crap” (Disagreed)

“Ken Penders has no talent, can’t write Sonic worth shit and is a hack” (Agreed)

“Mephiles is better than Dr Eggman! He killed Sonic! Which is something Eggy never accomplished!” (DISAGREED)

“Dr Eggman post-Colours is the best he’s ever been” (Disagreed)

“Christopher Thorndyke is a terrible character” (AGREED)

“Princess Elise is a terrible character” (Disagree)

“Humans suck and have no place in a Sonic game” (Disagreed)

“Egg Nega Wisp is the best final boss/Ranks amongst the best final bosses in a Sonic game” (DISAGREED)

“Sonic Chronicles has great writing” (DISAGREED)

“Unleashed has more genuine love invested in it’s worldbuilding and overall experience than Colours, Generations and Lost World" (AGREED)

“Scratch and Grounder are the best Eggman lackeys” (Disagreed)

“the OVA is the best Sonic animation” (Agreed)

“SatAM is the best Sonic animation” (Disagreed)

“Sonic X was mediocre” (Agreed)

“Sonic 2 improved enormously on Sonic 1″ (Agreed)

“Sonic Underground is pretty awful” (Agreed)

“‘06′s soundtrack is the best thing that came out of it” (Agreed)

“Cream is a pointless character” (DISAGREED)

“Big is stupid” (DISAGREED)


“SONIC ‘06 is a good game” (Disagreed)

“Pontaff can’t write a good Sonic game story and characterization out of a paper bag” (Agreed)

“Sonic Colours re-railed the series” (Disagreed)

“Sonic Adventure series has aged poorly” (Agreed)

“Sonic 4′s physics are not as bad as they’re made out to be” (Disagreed)

“Post-reboot Archie Sonic still sucks balls” (Disagreed)

“Pre-reboot Archie largely sucks balls” (Agreed)

“Sally Acorn is/was a spotlight-stealing creator’s pet in the continuities she starred in” (Agreed)

“Ian Flynn should not write for the games” (Agreed)

“AoStH is bad” (Agreed)

“Scourge sucks” (AGREED)

With the new chapter, there’s been a lot of Discourse ™ about Urie/Saiko and Urie/Mutsuki. I agree with everyone who’s said that we’ll have to see what develops with Urie and Saiko before we know how romantic it was, but meanwhile, I strongly disagree with the idea that Urie has a crush on Mutsuki, or that their relationship is intended to be romantic in any kind of way. I want to cover the Rushima arc and the shiritori omake, which seem to be the main support for the “Mutsurie is canon” argument.

Before I get accused of ship hate: this is not ship hate! I just want to make a counterargument about something that I personally don’t see as a definite part of the context, contrary to what most of the meta I’ve been reading says. 


To make a general assumption, I think Mutsurie really started to become popular during this arc, while everyone was speculating about Ayahina and Touken parallels. I have issues with the way the fandom treated (and continues to treat, in some cases) Mutsurie like another hetero ship (especially with a “female character needs to be saved by the male character” narrative), but that’s another rant for another time. I don’t think it had a place when set against Torso’s marriage fantasy, when it was clear that what Mutsuki needed was platonic support from his friends rather than another male character pursuing him romantically, no matter how well meaning.

Here’s the thing: Urie’s confession at the end of the arc, “I don’t want to lose anyone anymore,” was a very selfish take on the whole mission.

We see him repeatedly saying that he wants to save Mutsuki, but the emphasis seems to always be on himself. He’s going to save Mutsuki. He doesn’t want to be alone. It was definitely a step up from his previous self, who actively stated that he wanted the rest of his team to die, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Rushima rescue wasn’t framed as Urie wanting to save Mutsuki for Mutsuki’s own sake. In my opinion, it shows Urie wanting to prove to himself that he’s able to save people.

We know Urie’s obsession with strength. We also know his bitterness towards Sasaki, especially after Sasaki told him Shirazu’s death was his fault. Combined with Sasaki’s comment, “I’m counting on you,” there’s a suggestion that Urie’s still being motivated by self-interest, just as he always has been.

Urie is a selfish character. Both times he’s lost control of his abilities, his thoughts and statements have been “me / me / look at me” – he’s desperate for attention and has a massive complex about failure. Unfortunately, during Rushima, Mutsuki became something more like an objective. He had to save him, or else he’d disappoint Sasaki (we’ll have to wait to see more about how he feels about their old mentor, but I imagine there’s a lot more hurt there than he’s letting on) and even worse, have to repeat the same horrible sense of weakness and powerlessness he felt with Shirazu’s death.

There’s a lot more happening in this arc than romance, and aside from my discomfort with forcing Mutsuki back into another competitive male ego-driven relationship context, I think it’s also failing to take into account Urie’s unhealthy state of mind.


Maybe the most overtly shippy piece of material we’ve been given yet, but I’m going to offer a counterpoint: Ishida was just fucking with us. I don’t think this was meant to foreshadow anything romantic – I think it’s already been resolved in a different way.

Let’s highlight a part of their conversation: (I’m borrowing from this translation. I wish I could run my own translations so I could be certain of the word order and connotations, but sadly that isn’t something I’m able to do)

Urie: Sandwich (Let’s serve sandwiches too… You like them don’t you? I’ll do it for sure! Definitely!)

Urie: Zucchini (I’ve been thinking about it for a long time now, whether to do something.. for you…)

Urie: Medical check-up (Something like a medical-check up… shall we go…?)

Urie: Tripe (Let’s hope nothing will be found.. something bad…)

Urie: What should I do if something bad happened (What would I do if something bad happened….)

Sandwiches and medical checkups? Sounds familiar. We know that both Urie and Mutsuki have been in to see Dr. Shiba; we know the sandwich made Urie sick (in other words, something bad was found.) In my opinion, this piece was setting up the idea that both of them would have medical issues and would no longer be able to eat the foods they liked.

As for the checkup, though … we know Mutsuki didn’t go with Urie, and that Shiba wasn’t straightforward about Mutsuki’s health. The fact that Urie had to ask wasn’t anything to do with romance – he’s in charge of the squad, and it’s his business to know. What’s sad about it is that Mutsuki, who had already been in for a checkup, didn’t tell Urie about it. Mutsuki withdraws from Saiko when she tries to talk to him, and he evidently doesn’t trust Urie enough to confide in him either.

Which … makes sense, given the flashback where we see Urie telling the squad that he won’t hesitate to kill them if they become ghouls. It’s ironic to see how that turned out for him, but for Mutsuki, who has lived in fear of men and their aggressive behaviour, he has every reason not to trust Urie right now.  

Urie’s feelings aside, Mutsuki doesn’t seem to trust the rest of his squad (with the possible exception of Aura), so it’s not a reciprocal romantic relationship even if you want to argue for more on Urie’s side. Still, I don’t see any overwhelming evidence for him being interested in Mutsuki either. If his relationship with Saiko is going to be designated “strictly familial,” and the squad is meant to be familial relationships only, then the same should apply to Mutsuki as well.

… Plus, if the omakes are going to be considered hard canon, the one where Urie declares that looking at Saiko makes him feel relieved – also foreshadowing, I think – should probably be counted as just as romantic as the shiritori one, if not more so considering that Saiko blushes so much that she can’t answer.  

TLDR? I’m biased, as I haven’t exactly tried to hide the fact that I don’t ship Urie and Mutsuki, but it has gotten to the point where I think the shipping angle is overshadowing the unfortunate way that these two are growing apart, or at the very least failing to communicate the difficulties that they’re facing. For what it’s worth, I expect that might lead to bad things in the upcoming chapters, but as always I hope Ishida proves me wrong :’) 

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Hi! I'm not trying to be rude or anything but why is Sh@llura heteronormative? I mean I'm genuinely just curious. Like i dont agree or disagree bc i dont get it? Im sorry if this comes off as rude or something

the ship itself has heteronormative undertones because it’s just a replay of the whole “feminine princess and the heroic, masculine paladin” trope but the shippers amplify it. they can’t discuss the ship without calling them “space mom” and “space dad” and calling the other paladins the “space children” with their “space uncle”. they force them into a stereotypical “ideal” family

i don’t find k/allura to be heteronormative because unlike sh@llura shippers, k.allura shippers don’t force the idea of a “space family” onto them. they don’t force the title of “space mom” onto allura. k/allura shippers actually ship the characters of keith and allura because they like the relationship, not because it’s a side ship to their actual ship, which is why most sh@llura shippers even “like” the ship in the first place