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Texts Between Bros-- Cupid Edition

Sana: I have it on good authority that you should come to the Kosegruppa meeting tonight

Even: halla sana. I’m great how are you doing? 

Sana: kosegrupppppaaaaa

Even: you know i have no interest in Kosegruppa. I just want to keep my head down and get through the year

Sana: Isak will be there

Even: ….how do you know that?

Sana: I’m blackmailing him. No big deal. He’ll be there.

Even: I technically have a thing with Sonja tonight 

Sana: ah okay. so you just want to stare at him from afar for the rest of your life. cool.

Even: you sure he’ll be there?

Sana: trust me. he will.

Even: fine. okay.


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Even: good to hear from you Sana.

The best things I learned on tonight’s episode of Talks Machina: 

  • Travis Built-Like-A-Brick-Shithouse Willingham doesn’t like scary movies and shrieks if Laura combs her wet hair like the chick from The Ring.
    • He also loves otters. 
  • Ashley MOTHERFUCKING Johnson once poured an entire bottle of soap in a fountain in front of a courthouse and it ended up on the news.
  • The word: fuckerdly