or jump over a candlestick

fun date ideas

• eat an entire thing of ramen
• kill zombies
• throw bricks
• scream at squirrels
• break into a nursery and designate one child as ‘the chosen one"
• jump over a candlestick
• fetch a pail of water
• go into dollar tree and keep asking the employees how much is
• sacrifice your ex to Cthulhu
• take over China
• Smack a person with a fish and scream “I FOUND NEMO”
• Monster Energy in a 64 ounce cup mixed with 5 hour energy, Four Loko, Espresso, and something questionable (it’s tequila)
• mutha fuckin bread crumbs
• make homemade bayblades
• salad dressing challenge
• stab a box of frosted flakes and say you’re a cereal killer
• create a new universe

if Tracer made Vines

(from thanks, dad. love, hana. this got super long so it’s under a read more)

  • an installment in ‘a day in blackwatch’ series. “do it for the vine genj” “no” “c'mon genj please” “go away lena” “do it for me genj c'mon do it” genji sighs heavily. he turns around and starts scaling the cliff at gibraltar, tracer shouts “go get 'em you beautiful green sparrow” you can just barely hear genji yell back halfway up the cliff “lena i’m going to kill you” over the crashing waves

  • an installment in 'a day in blackwatch’ series. “jesse let’s go clothes shopping!!” camera change shows mccree coming out of the changing room in a dress and tracer yelling “you’re a handsome bloke jesse mccree!” mccree winks at the camera and poses and in the background a sales clerk looks like they’re about shit a bucket. camera change shows the sales clerk helping mccree lace up a corset. sales clerk looks like they want to die

  • another installment in 'a day in blackwatch’ series. vine shows gabe and mccree screaming at each other in spanish as tracer whispers “is this how they flirt?? more at eleven” the rest of the vine is tracer is running from gabe screaming “IT WAS A JOKE I’M SORRY COMMANDER” gabe is yelling in spanish again, you can barely hear mccree shout “you think he calls jack pendejo in bed??” as he’s left alone in gabe’s office. gabe screams louder

  • another installment in 'a day in blackwatch’ series. “hey ana” “tozz feek lena what is it” “hey ana could you shoot a sleep dart in that guy’s arse” “why” “it’ll be funny ana c'mon” “i. ok. but only if you go down there and finish him off” last two seconds show tracer screaming “OOOOOOOH” with camera zooming in and out on a dart in sleeping guy’s butt

  • “reinhardt loves memes” tracer whispers. camera changes to show reinhardt walking down the hallway and tracer yells “HEY LISTEN TO THIS”. reinahardt stops in the hallway next to her. this starts playing. reinhardt roars and tracer screams as he breaks the bluetooth speaking she’s holding

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