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deh headcanons: musical edition

i was wondering all day what the favorite musicals of the deh characters would be, and here are my final answers….

evan hansen - spring awakening, fiddler on the roof, sunday in the park with george

jared kleinman - wicked, the book of mormon, cats

zoe murphy - waitress, once, fun home

alana beck - matilda, legally blonde, a chorus line

connor murphy - next to normal, rent, the phantom of the opera

I Love Season 8 But...

I hate the Amelia storyline. I watch it because Sam looks amazing in the flash backs, but I cant ever buy that relationship. Im among the people who find Sam terribly OOC during the first several episodes, and Im glad Jared found him OOC too, then I know Im not just being critical, but like Jared, I am willing to accept that the whole mess at the beginning, was to bring a great impact to the end of the season,  Sam’s emotional break down in the church wouldnt have been so powerful if all this mess at the beginning of the season didnt happen, and I do enjoy the obvious jealousy both brothers portrayed throughout the first half of the season. 

Where my problem really is, is that Sam’s relationship with Ameila is unbelievable. Not because he had a relationship with a woman, but because she treated him like crap, and he still “fell in love”. For one thing, no vet in the world is gonna bully someone into keeping a dog, period, not to mention a person telling them they spend too much time on the road and don’t have time to take care of a dog.  Also, the level of Amelia’s dislike for Sam was uncalled for.. She said “If youre such an upstanding citizen, why did you hit him in the first place?” Seriously? Do professional Veteranarians say this to people who are overcome with grief that they accidently hit an animal and rushed it to the office covered in its blood?

Next, we have her “creeped” out by him. You can say a lot of things about Sam Winchester, but “creepy” doesnt apply. She insults how he dresses, accuses him of being a white supremists or drifting serial killer (ok she might have something with the latter) so why is he even talking to her? There’s no monster after her, and he’s not flirty or horney in general. He owes her nothing, and he’s certainly never pushed himself on to a woman ever. And then once they’re together and “in love” there is no chemistry whatsoever. Jared is a great actor, and yet, he couldnt sell this relationship to me. Though, I can buy that she was a Dean substitute. I can believe that he missed Dean and she was a stand in, or an outlet, but he didn’t love her. 

What else I dont buy from the beginning of S8 is that Sam would make some effort to find Dean especially since there was no body left behind. Sam wouldnt have just looked around, seeing no human blood or Dean’s body and say “uhoh, he dead” and move on. Everything they had been through up till then, even if Sam didnt realize Dean was in Purgatory (which he would have probably, because thats where Dick would go) or didnt intend on bringining him back, since Bobby had just told them in the S7 finale “when its your time… go” Sam would have made effort to see if Dean was alive or not. He could have used a Ouiga board ike he did in S2. And then if you want me to believe that Sam went nuts and was overcome with grief, then I would believe it. 

I also dont buy how Sam was still eager to get away from Dean once he was back. Yes, Dean was harsh on him, but not the whole time. Much of those first few episodes, Dean was normal to him. He even said “I know where Im at my best, thats driving down crazy street with you” and Sam then tells him once they’re finished, he’s gone? Like… seriously? Theyve had worse friction between them before and still stayed together, and Im supposed to believe that NOW Sam wants to bow out? Didnt he just accept all the memories from Hell and being soulless because he cant leave his brother alone out there? 

Once Sam starts the Trials, he tells Dean that he’s sorry Dean doesnt see light at the end of the tunnel, but he does, and if he comes with him, he’ll take him to it. THAT I believe! I can believe Sam wanted out of the life and go back to law and have a normal life, but I cant believe he wouldnt beg Dean to come with him, especially when he just got him back.

Ive read a ton of meta about this subject and I can see some points, but its really as though the writers had no idea about Sam’s character and wrote a story for the first half that didnt fit him at all. 


Characters : Jared x Reader 

Summary : Tomorrow is the biggest day of your life, but what happens when some huge secret comes out in the middle of the night? What do you do? 

A/N : This might just become a small drabble series. Or just another imagine. Lol. who knows! Enjoy!! 

There was a knock at your door, creating your body to jolt. You scrunched your brows, wondering who in the hell would be at your door this late. You grabbed the closest thing to you, a bat. 

As you tiptoed over to the door, you could feel your heart begin to race in your chest. 

Looking through the peephole, you felt yourself loosen as a breath of relief escaped your lips. You opened the door, with a worried look on your face. “Jared?” You exhaled. “Are you okay? Did something happen?” 

His lips were tight, as he gazed at you with such pain and guilt. It was beginning to scare you. Making you think of everything negative. His silence didn’t help the situation whatsoever. 

“Jared? D-Do you want to come in?” You asked. 

He could only nod, before making his way inside. You noticed his was growing pale, looking as if he were catching a cold. 

“Jare, you’re scaring me. Whats wrong?” 

Jared held his gaze with yours, going over everything in his head. He was battling with himself. Yelling and screaming, telling himself to leave. but his feet were glued to the floor board. He knew he shouldn’t be there, but he had to or it’d kill him. 


“I love you Y/N.” He finally confessed. His stomach churning by the second. 

You were immediately taken aback, as you felt your eyes widen. Was this really happening? 

“I love you more than he does.” He continued. “I always have, and I think I always will.” 

Your throat felt like a knot was beginning to form, as his words stung you. “I-I am marrying Jensen tomorrow!” You forced out. 

Jared swallowed hard, growing sick at the thought of hurting his best friend, but he knew he couldn’t keep this in anymore. He couldn’t let you go without telling you the truth. 

“I know, but that should be me!” he exclaimed. 

There were no words, only the feeling of your heart drop to the pit of your stomach. This was all too much. But a part of you had always loved Jared the same way. 

“Choose me instead.” He whispered. 


Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and we know we cannot live within. -James Baldwin

Part 4

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A/N: I thought it was about time that Jensen found her. Don’t you? Sorry about how short it is!

Single!Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word Count: 2k

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