or its because i have a hangover

His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 7

Warning;Sexual content..

“I couldn’t control my thoughts or my mouth”

Hailey’s Pov

... Next Morning…

I had a banging headache, i ran to the bathroom and threw up every disgusting drink i drank last night into the toilet.

I felt like complete shit, this must be what it feels like when you’re hungover.

There is no way i’m going to school today unless i want to be sick and i don’t.

I got up after being sick for the second time and then i got back into bed but then my mum came in

“ Up time sweetie” she never calls me that.

“ I’m not going, i have a terrible headache and i just been sick in the bathroom please let me stay off” I wasn’t one for taking time off school but i knew my mum would let me off it.

She came over and put her hand on my head

“ You are warm, okay you can stay off but stay in bed okay i have a meeting this morning so i’m going now but ill phone to check up on you”

i mumbled “ Okay” and she left.

i texted Lauren and Sophie that i’m sick they texted back telling that they were gonna call to see how i was after school.

i really do love them

i got back into bed and snuggled back in bed, i started thinking about what has happened the past couple of days..

The way Luke makes me feel i have never felt that way before but he doesn’t like me and he never will.

he is very confusing, i closed my eyes in hope i would fall back asleep again.

hoping to forgot all about Luke hemmings and his lips.

I woke up to the sound of someone throwing stones at my window.

Whoever it is better fuck off.

I got up out of bed not caring what i look like, i still felt shit i opened my curtains and opened my window and shouted down

“ WHAT DO YOU WANT?” I looked down to see Luke standing there.

Oh shit what is he doing here? and why was he throwing stones at my window?

shouldn’t he be at school or fucking someone?

“ Let me in” he said back was he insane i do not want to see him today.

“ No go away” i said back to him

“ Let me in or i will kick down your door” Was he for real? he wouldn’t would he??

i was in no mood for it so i turned around and walked out of my room and walking down stairs going to unlock the front door as much as i would have loved to see Luke break down my door i don’t think my mum would like that very much.

Once i unlocked my door Luke came rushing in.

Sure come right in why don’t you.

“ What do you want?” I said to Luke feeling annoyed i just wanted to go back to bed.

“ Why aren’t you at school?” Why does he care why i’m not at school? i swear this boy needs to make up his mind because he is fucking up mine.

“ Why do you care?” I said back at him, Luke walked closer to me until i my back hit the door ugh i’m not doing this again i feel like shit

“ Answer my question” Luke said he was so close but i was in no mood for it

“ i think its called having a hangover have you ever had one? if so you would know how i feel and i want to be alone so if you would so kindly fuck off that would be great” I opened my front door for Luke waiting for him to go but he didn’t he just smirked at me and then he said

“ Your first hangover” great observation ugh why does he have to annoy me of all days.

“ Please go” i said but Luke made no movement so i gave up i held my hands up in the air and said

“ Okay i give up just don’t steal anything i’m going back to bed” I started walking up the stairs and i could hear Luke following me ugh this boy never gives up i swear what does he want?

it can’t be me can it? of course not.

I reached my room and i could feel Luke behind me but i didn’t care i was too tired and sore to care.

I got into bed and covered myself in the covers.

I felt my bed dip and i looked up to see Luke sitting down on my bed looking at me

“ What do you want?” i said i’m so confused at what he wants

“just to spend time with you” he said

my eyes opened wide at his words, did i hear him right?

Was he for real? he wants to spend time with me?

“ well i need sleep so i’m not going to be much fun” i said to him closing my eyes, as much i as i would love to spend time with him i just don’t feel well.

I felt my bed move but it wasn’t because Luke was leaving it was because he was straddling me i am this close | | to hitting him right now.

“ Can i be your first?” Luke asked

He looked serious but i didn’t know what he meant, i hope he’s not talking about sex right now because i am not going to have sex with him never in a million years..

“ What?” I said to Luke i wanted to hear him say it again

“Hahahaha your face when I said that” Luke laughed and then got up off me.

what the fuck? he can’t just play with my feelings like that

i stood up from the bed and said “Get out”

Luke didn’t move and then i felt like i was going to be sick again so i ran into the bathroom leaving Luke with a strange look on his face and then i threw up into the toilet.

i felt Luke rub my back and lift my hair, something i didn’t expect him to do.

once i was finished i sat back from the toilet holding my head in my hands

“Your first hangover is always the worst” he said making me look up at him

we were sitting facing each other in the bathroom,he looked so cute right now, his piercings were missing.

i wondered if his tongue piercing was missing but there’s no way he was going to kiss me now.

i just stared at him not knowing what to say and then he spoke again

“How’s your head?” he asked

why is he being like this all of a sudden?

he was cocky just a minute ago..

“Why are you here Luke?” i asked him

he strugged his shoulders not saying anything, he really is confusing.

“You should go back to school” i said to him closing my eyes and leaning my head back

i have such a headache i need to sleep.

“Yeah..” was all he said and then he got up and left.

i sat on the bathroom floor for another minute and then i got up because i needed to lay down in bed.

Luke’s Pov

i stood outside Haileys house not knowing what to do.

i didn’t want to leave but she wanted me to leave.

i don’t know what is going on with me lately, when i’m near Hailey i just want to kiss her and be near her.

this is crazy all these ideas are floating around in my head and then another part of me is thinking.. What the fuck Luke this isn’t you.

but maybe it is.. or it could be

i took one last look at her house and then i walked down the driveway, i really didn’t want to go back to school but there’s nothing to do.

i could call Calum and get him and Michael to ditch school but i don’t feel like hanging out with them.

then an idea came into my head.

i must be going out of my mind but i know i can get Hailey to like me after this.


Haileys Pov

12:00 the clock read as i woke up.

i slept for an hour thats all.

at least my sore head was gone, i rolled over onto my back but then i heard a noise from downstairs.

what the hell?

i got up out of bed and opened my door to see if i could hear the noise again and i did.

what the actual fuck.. is someone in my house?

i’m so scared.

i looked around my room for protection but i had nothing so i just lifted a shoe and started making my way downstairs slowly.

it sounded as if someone was looking for something. i heard the person curse but i couldn’t really hear their voice.

fuck i’m being robbed.

what a day to be off school and to have a hangover.

as i got closer my heart started racing more and more, i just hit the last step on the stairs and then i heard a door slam.

oh my fucking god.

i’m gonna end up dead.

there was an umbrella at the door so i ran quickly and lifted it and held it up in case someone was to come up from behind me or something.

there could be more than one of them.

i hope not.

as i neared the kitchen door it opened, i quickly reacted and hit the person who came out from the kitchen more than once.

“Argh what the fuck it’s Luke” the person said

i stopped breathing.

it’s Luke?

what the hell?

i was holding his head where i hit him but i didn’t feel bad about it because he fucking scared me

“why are you here? and how did you get in? i heard you leave..” i said to him although i don’t know if he understood i said it quick

Before he could say anything I walked into the kitchen because I smelt food.

Not just any food I smelt Mcdonalds food. I was correct.

On my kitchen table was 3 Mcdonalds bags.

I didn’t understand.. Why did Luke do this?

“ I tried looking for some plates but I couldn’t” Luke said from the door of the kitchen.

I turned around to look at him, he was looking down at the ground.

“ Why?” Is all I said back.

that was all i could manage to say..

he strugged his shoulders and said “ this is what i eat when i’m hungover and i was hungry as well but i didn’t know what you liked so i got most of what was on the menu”

my eyes widened at his words, i couldn’t believe it.

i wanted to kiss him, i couldn’t help but smile at Luke but he didn’t look at me apparently something on the floor was really interesting so i decided i would make the first move.

i walked closer to him and pulled his face up so he would look at me and then i stood up onto my tip toes and kissed him.

He didn’t kiss back at first but then he pulled me against him and he kissed me hard. He turned us and pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me.

“ Food is getting cold” Luke said between kisses.

He was right and I was hungry.

I let go of him and he let go off me and I went to get the plates.

“ The plates are in here” I said opening the cabinet on the left.

Luke looked at me and I couldn’t control myself I just burst into laughter, I stopped laughing when Luke came up to me and pushed me into the counter and said

“ You think that’s funny princess” I didn’t know what to say I just looked down at his lips and then back up to his eyes, he was smirking at me the fucker.

I pushed him off me and I mocked his voice “ Food is getting cold” I tried my best to sound like him but I didn’t.

it’s the first time he’s ever called me princess and i liked it.

i felt special but it probably says it to other girls so i thought nothing of it and i got the plates out the places.

Luke carried them over to the table, i was going to do it but he took them off me and stuck his tongue out at me as he did it.

why do i like him??

“ Omg how much did you buy? I asked because omg he must have bought the whole fucking shop.

” I told you I didn’t know what you like so I tried to buy as much as I thought you might like" Luke said while lifting our food out.

I was lost for words, no boy has ever done something like this before for me

We set all the food on to the plates I know I said I was hungry but there was a lot of food I know I will not be able to eat it all but I feel bad if I don’t because Luke spent so much money.

Once we got to my room Luke sat down in the middle of my bed and I sat up so my back was up against the pillows.

We didn’t talk we just ate and it wasn’t awkward usually I find eating in front of people awkward because most of the people I eat in front of know about my problem so they always watch what I eat but Luke doesn’t know and it’s nice to finally just sit and be comfortable with someone.

After 2 burgers and a lot of fries later I was full.

Luke ate more than me and he was still eating when I stopped I don’t know where he puts it all because he is really skinny,I sat my plate on the ground and layed down on my bed feeling full.

i’m hoping i can keep this food down, i don’t feel hungover anymore but at the back of my mind the thoughts of how much i have actually ate is floating around but i didn’t want to worry about that right now.

“ How can you eat so much?” I asked Luke while lying down it’s been 10 minutes since I finished and he is still eating and it doesn’t look like he is finished.

“ I’m hungry, i’m starting to feel full so I’m going to stop now” Luke said while setting his plate at the end of my bed.

“ Your only full now? You have had like 4 burgers I mean where do you put it all?” I said sitting up and I went over to him and patted his belly yup I can still feel his 6 pack.

He laughed and stuck out his stomach.

We were lying on my bed talking about silly stuff.

it just seems so natural laying here under Lukes arm talking to him.

Luke was rubbing my leg and his other arm was around my shoulders and I was leaning into him it was like we were together but I know we aren’t.

not that i want to be..


Luke sat up and turned on his side so he could look at me, he pulled me closer and kissed me.

I happily kissed him back.

Our make out got more heated and then he got up so he was sitting on me. He started kissing down my neck and my hips lifted off the bed I couldn’t help but feel something weird going on down my middle part.

Whenever my middle brushed against his it made me feel something I have never felt before and I liked it. I felt Luke suck on my neck and then I felt his teeth graze my neck is he giving me a love bite? I didn’t really care because it felt amazing.

Luke stopped kissing my neck and he looked up at me and said

“ do you like me being this close baby”

all I could do was nood my head because It was true I was enjoy this. Luke shuffled down my legs and then he pulled my hoodie up until it got to my boobs and he layed down on me and started kissing my stomach over and over.

Normally I would have been laughing because I have tickles here but I couldn’t do anything other than stare down at Luke.

He looked up at me and he has his hands on the sides of my jeans he looked at me and said

“ Can I?” I knew what he meant and I would have said no but I found myself nodding my head before I could think about saying no.

Luke pulled down my shorts not breaking eye contact with me, things were getting serious now. I was going to be completely naked in front of him and he’s not in his bedroom he’s right on top of me.

once my shorts where somewhere in my room Luke grabbed my left leg and lifted up and then he started kissing down the side of my leg I could help but moan I didn’t know I could moan but when I did Luke stopped kissing my leg which I felt disappointed at but Luke kissed me hard and then he said

“ That was so hot baby” and then he carried on kissing up my leg and when he got to the inside of my thigh that is when I lost all control my back was lifting of the bed and I couldn’t help but moan again and again.

Luke stopped when he got to my middle part and I opened my eyes to look at him. He looked at me and pulled on my hoodie and said

“Off” so many questions were going around in my head but they didn’t stop me. I sat up and I lifted my hoodie off exposing my bra.

Once the hoodie was off I threw it on the ground and I looked at Luke and he smirked at me and sat up and kissed me.

He pushed me back on the bed I felt his arm come round me and then he unhooked my bra. He pulled the straps down first slowly and then he threw the bra away.

I was now fully exposed to him and I didn’t feel shy I felt confident.

Here I was laying on my bed almost naked in front of Luke Hemmings the boy who until a couple of days ago made my life hell and now he is all I think about. I don’t know what is going to happen.. Does he want to have sex with me? Do I even want to have sex with him?

i have thought about it but i know who he is, he doesn’t do relationships and i’ve never had a boyfriend before.

He kissed me and then he started to kiss down my neck and then he moved down until he got to my boobs, my stomach was going mad I don’t know what this feeling was but I didn’t want it to end.

“ Can I make you feel good?” Luke said while looked up at me.

I held my breath for a seconds before I answered “ Yeah”….

He laughed and said “ Good, I’m not going to fuck you I just want to pleasure you”

I felt disappointed that he didn’t want to fuck me and I didn’t know what he meant by pleasure me until he hooked his fingers on the waist of my pants and pulled them down.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

This was really happening…

I was fully exposed to him and I enjoy it I shouldn’t enjoy this I should kick him out but I can’t and I don’t want to. I was a girl I knew how to shave thank god I shaved 3 days ago or this would be embarrassing.

“ You smell so good” Luke said and then he started kissing me hard it was weird kissing him without his tongue piercing in but I wasn’t complaining he started grinding his crotch against mine and I moaned and arched my hips of the bed I could feel something deep inside me and it was the best feeling in the world.

“You like that baby?” Luke breathed in my hear, I moaned again and nodded my head.

I couldn’t speak all I could do was nod my head.

“ We will get to that soon baby let me make you feel good” Before I could respond I felt Luke’s hand on my groin.

He kept moving his hand and I could feel something building inside me ready to explode this was the best feeling in the world.

“Are you close baby?” Luke breathed in my ear and I swear it was the hottest thing ever I closed my eyes and moaned and nodded my head.

I could feel something wet between my legs and then I felt Luke insert a finger into my vigina. I arched of the bed because OMG!

he moved his fingers slowly inside of me, i couldn’t control my thoughts or my mouth. I couldn’t control my moaning this was the best feeling in the world.

Luke attached his lips to my neck sucking the same spot and then i felt something build up inside of me.

his fingers sped up and fuck i thought i was in heaven.

“ You’re so wet baby He said and he started to move his finger inside me and I felt the wetness between my legs and I have never experienced anything like that.

Luke hemmings is fingering me.

"Let go..” he whispered and i came just by his voice.

once i calmed down from my high i opened my eyes to see Luke smirking at me, then he pulled his fingers out and he sucked them and cleaned them.

i couldn’t stop watching him.

“my favourite taste” Luke said and i almost came again with just his words..

he got up of me and i could see his boner, he put his hand down his pants and said “ I have to take care of this”

Luke said he was going to the bathroom and he closed the door over when he got inside.

I got out some leggings and a t shirt and of course a clean pair of pants and I put my bra back on and threw my dirty clothes in the washing basket.

Luke was still in the bathroom I knew what he was doing but I didn’t feel weird about it.

i couldn’t believe that i just got fingered by Luke hemmings.

it was the best thing i have ever experienced, i want to do it again..

no correction..

i want him to do that again to me.

what an interesting Thursday night.

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Steve and John talk about gay marriage.

You, Me & Baby (Suga x Reader)

Requested by anon: Annyeong~ I love your writing hehe i’m a big fan! Can you guys write a BTS scenario where you’ve been married to yoongi for 2 years and you are pregnant with your first baby and your going into labor so you call suga and the other BTS members to come to the hospital? Thank you<3 I hope its not too much of a bother ILY:) 

 [[A/N: I’m really sorry if you find this scenario too long it’s just that I was deeply inspired ☺️😁]] 


Awoken by feeling nauseous, you ran to the bathroom. At first you believed it could have been food poisoning or a hangover because that’s what it felt like. You tried remembering the last time you vomited, to your surprise it wasn’t that long ago. Actually, the more you thought about it the more you realised that vomiting in the morning was something that has happened to you for at least a month. You heard your husband’s footsteps dragging into the bathroom - he would always wake up as soon as he couldn’t feel your presence. “Yeobo? Are you okay?” His voice was husky, you shook your head as you were unable to verbally respond. Your mouth was literally watering with saliva and you’re stomach was hurting really badly. “Do you need some water?” You put your thumb up while feeling the sensation that you were going to burp but it felt more like a gag. Soon, Yoongi came back with a cup of water. Carefully handing it to you and leaving to go back to the bedroom, you take a sip of water and attempt to control your breathing by taking deep breaths. 

After the vomiting along with the nauseous feeling disappeared, you entered the bedroom seeing Yoongi sitting on the edge of the bed with an arm supporting his chin, whenever he did this it meant he was deep in thought. You sat beside him stroking his back to get him to open up to you. “_____~ah?” His vision stayed fixated on the floor “Ne?” You stopped stroking his back “Is your period late?” You were the type of person to be a bit clueless and oblivious to things at times, so you had no idea what Yoongi was trying to imply “Wae?” He stared blankly at you “Because it’s been a while since you’ve asked me to buy you pads” the truth was that you didn’t know how late you were, for all you knew it could have been days. 

 Finally understanding what he was suggesting you did everything in your power to avoid this conversation. You both had, had the conversation of having children together considering you’ve been married for 2 years but you weren’t sure if you were ready to accept the fact that there was a possibility of you being pregnant. You rested your head on his lap looking up at him as he caressed your cheeks “_____, when you think about it … It makes sense.” You closed your eyes, distinctly listening to what he was about to say “Your period is late and you vomit nearly every morning.” You opened one eye “Well maybe I’m just ill” He shook his head “But you’re always complaining that you’re tired and that you ache from everywhere plus you have weird cravings … You’re always asking me to get you ice to eat ” He was right, every single day you felt fatigued, you did have random cravings that felt overpowering and seemed to come out from nowhere and your joints would usually ache “Yes, but who isn’t tired after coming home from work? And before you say that I look bloated it’s because I’ve eating very well. As for the cravings, I’m a woman therefore I’m always craving weird things because of my hormones. I’m always aching from everywhere because I need a massage from my loving husband” you were never going to admit that he was right unless you were proven otherwise. He got you to rest your head on a pillow while resting your legs on his thighs, he started massaging your ankles “If you need a massage, all you have to do is ask." 

Later, you fell asleep. Suga rushed to get his coat so he could go to the store to get a pregnancy test. He was totally convinced that you were pregnant but he needed you to be just as convinced as he was. When he got back home you were already awake "Yoongi, where were you?” He got the pregnancy test out and handed it to you “Because we’re both very stubborn this will reveal whether you’re right or not, but, if you are pregnant then it will also tell you how many weeks you are” he held on to your hand “If I am not pregnant … Then, I promise I will do everything I can because you deserve to be a dad.” He raised an eyebrow “But what if you’re already pregnant?” Your chest rose and fell as you took a deep breath “Then … We’re going to have to prepare becoming parents” You saw from the glistening in his eyes that he yearned for the test to come out as positive “Come on” you pulled him into the bathroom with you. 

It had been 15 minutes, the both of you were sitting patiently in silence waiting for the test to respond. “How long do these things even take?” He yawned “I don’t know … I think it depends on the brand you get” he took the opened box and started reading the instructions in his head “Well, it says the test can take 5 minutes up to 15 minutes. So, it should be any minute now.” You saw a plus sign starting to form on the test, a fresh tear rolled on to your cheek “Yah! Omo! Omo!” Yoongi was speechless when he saw the plus sign, he’s emotions were all over the place. He was shocked with content that he was finally going to become a father, on the other hand he feared becoming a father because it was both your first child. Your heart nearly stopped when you saw how many weeks pregnant you were “12 WEEKS?! YOU’RE 2 AND A HALF MONTHS PREGNANT?!” The box escaped from his clutch, loudly falling on the floor. “I … I-I” you’re voice was brittle, Yoongi held you into a warm embrace where you were able to rest your head against his chest “How can you cry? This is supposed to be the one of the best days of our life.” You started sniffling “They’re tears of joy … You know I’m not good at expressing my happiness.” He was wiping away your tears gently with his fingers “I don’t think we should tell anyone yet … Let’s just keep it to ourselves for now” you nodded “I was just about to say the same thing." 


"Ah, it smells so good, what are you making?” You said peeking over his shoulder to catch a glimpse of what he was preparing “Kimchi fried rice” It was so rare for him to cook for you but ever since the day he found out you were pregnant you saw a change in him. He was always doing everything he could to help you whether it was with house work or cooking, he didn’t expect you to do anything at all. These days he seemed to be constantly by your side he claimed it was in case you needed any medical attention but really it was just to reassure himself that you and the baby were in great health. You appreciated the fact that he took time off work to take care of you but you were afraid that by taking time off he would be sacrificing the future of BTS. He spent most of the nights reading books on pregnancy and what to expect with your first newborn. Yoongi was absolutely exhausted but he felt an obligation to take care of you to make sure that you’re well and that everything is under control, therefore he rarely got to rest and when he did it would be at random times during the day. 

“The baby kicked” you gasped, grabbing his hand on to where the baby was kicking. Suga’s lips parted slightly in amazement “Woah daebak!” You were certain that it was the baby kicking because it felt exactly like the description from one of the books you’ve read, it felt like gas bubbles that gradually growing in strength into unmistakable jabs. “Is your mother still coming over?” The excitement in his voice had totally drained from the subject of his mother-in-law, you nodded seeing disappointment emerging from him. He didn’t dislike your mother, in all fairness it was your mother who hated Yoongi, she had never truly approved of him. When you first got into a relationship with him, she didn’t mind as she thought it would never have lasted. The real problem started when Yoongi had proposed to you, your father had no problems with Yoongi. Your mother just never envisioned you to be with him. “Does she know about the pregnancy?” You shook your head looking at the floor in guilt “She’s the only one from my side of the family who doesn’t know I’m pregnant.” The Kimchi Fried Rice was finally done so he turned off the stove “You still haven’t told her … Look I understand she doesn’t like me and I don’t really care whether she does or not but sooner or later she’s going to have to accept the fact that I’m a part of your life” you scratched the side of your head “I was so scared … I couldn’t find the courage to tell her" 

 Several hours later your mother had arrived "Good morning _____” you weren’t really close with your mother, so you usually didn’t know how to greet her “Uh, annyeong eomma” horror struck on her face when you didn’t bow respectfully to her “Are you losing your manners?” You sighed “Aniyo, I can’t bow” she hissed at you “What do you mean you can’t bow? Have you gained so much weight that you can’t bow?” Yoongi started getting annoyed “Wow!” You motioned for him to calm down “Eomma please, don’t start on him. I didn’t know how to tell you this because I knew you’d react badly but … I’m 5 months pregnant” her face contorted in disgust “Please tell me this is a joke! My daughter isn’t actually having a baby with this guy … Out of all people, you chose him to be the father? The guy can hardly look after himself how do you expect him to look after a baby?!” You could feel your husband’s patience being tested and he did not tolerate any bullshit from anyone “Yah! Listen, I don’t give a shit if you dislike me. I don’t think you realise that I’m married with your daughter and I’m having a child with her, so whether you like it or not I will always be there." 

Your mother completely ignored him and grabbed you into another room. She was hysterically sobbing "I told you not to be with him … He is so rude, he has no manners, I don’t want my grand-child to be raised in such an ill-manner” Once again, you sighed “Sorry but you know he hasn’t got the best temper but yet you still decided to aggravate him.” Her face went completely blank “Listen carefully because I’m only going to say this once. There is NO WAY in hell that I am letting him come into the delivery room. I am not going to allow him to come.” You frowned in disbelief “He is the father of my baby, of course he’s going to assist me in the delivery room.” She grabbed her handbag “_____ I’m not joking. I won’t let him come.” She turned to Yoongi on her way out “Don’t be so shocked if they don’t allow you to be there while she’s giving birth.” He sneered in annoyance “None sense” she returned the mocking smile, slamming the door on her way out “That’s what you think … I’m being dead serious. Goodbye!" 


On top of all the other issues, you and your husband still didn’t decide a name for the baby as neither of you knew the baby’s gender, you had both decided that it would have been better if the baby’s gender was left as a surprise. The more your belly grew the more things started appearing like a complex obstacle. You were finally 9 months pregnant, Yoongi had estimated that it would be more beneficial if you went to the hospital 2 days before the day you were supposed to give birth, just so you would be in the right environment to give birth. 

Two days before the big day, Yoongi had helped you pack some clothes for both you and the baby, delicately folding the clothes in the suitcase. You had never seen him so organised. Apart from the fact that he had a short temper - which you knew how to control, you couldn’t understand why your mother had so much hatred towards him. His whole family and friends approved of you along with your family and friends (excluding your mother). It did pain you a lot to know that two of the people you cared the most about didn’t get on. 

You got into his car "Ready to go?” He smiled “Ne, yeobo?” You held his chin so he could face you “Yes?” He raised his eyebrows “Saranghae” you say giving him a peck on the lips. He started the engine and you made your way at the hospital. “_____ would it bother you if the rest of BTS came?” You shook your head “Why would it bother me?” He shrugged his shoulders “I don’t know, maybe the fact that there’s so many people in one room might stress you out.” If you were honest you were not listening to one word he said. 

Once you were inside the hospital your focus was mainly on the pain that installed itself on your back, the lower part of your back had been aching for months but as time passed by the pain only seemed to become extremely harsh. The rest of the boys were already at the hospital, “Chukahaeyo” all congratulated you and Yoongi, as they had only found out that you were pregnant last minute. You felt not a big gush but a small leak falling by your feet followed by a horrible feeling in your stomach, like an extreme version of period cramps starting quite low but rapidly radiating up to your belly and around your lower back. You had very intense waves of pain coming right on top of one another, thus, causing you to cling on to Yoongi’s arm. Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook froze helplessly, while Jin and Hoseok tried to help Yoongi bringing you to the delivery ward. 

Yoongi was very agitated and started panicking as he remembered from the books he had read that this meant the baby was coming, finally getting the attention of a doctor they took you straight into the delivery room. The contractions felt like your whole body was being clenched up, it was like someone was squeezing your insides as hard as they could. Just as you had expected - your contractions were getting very intense and did not lessen until it was time for you to give birth. The doctor had taken you into the delivery room however one of the nurses stopped the guys from coming in “The carer has asked for us to not allow anyone apart from them during the birth of the child.” Yoongi started getting frustrated “The only carer she has had during her pregnancy is me.” The nurse spoke in a calm tone “A contract was signed, you weren’t the person I saw on the day, I have no proof that you are the carer” Yoongi wanted to just go through the doors but Jin and Hoseok held him back “Listen, I’m her husband. This is my baby she’s having in there.” The nurse showed no sympathy “I’m terribly sorry but I’m just following orders" 

You’re mother stood by you, aiding you to take out all the pain on her arm by clutching tightly on to it "Where’s Yoongi?” You started hyperventilating “Calm down, relax” she got her fan out and started fanning you “Seriously?!“ She stopped fanning you "I already told you that he won’t be allowed in the delivery room … It’s not really important. Just focus on giving birth to my grandson” you corrected her “Grand-child … We don’t know the baby’s gender” this conversation was taking place while the doctor was giving you an epidural. It was finally time for the baby to come out, the epidural helped slightly numbing the pain but it didn’t, you could still feel some sort of pressure while you were pushing the baby out. It’s not that the epidural was wearing out however the pain did seem to worsen but it was only because you wished your husband could be by your side, by signing that contract your mother went too far. 

Meanwhile outside in the waiting room, the boys were doing their best to comfort a crushed and devastated Suga … The anticipation of waiting to be allowed to see you and the baby, felt agonising to him. 

Several hours had passed after the birth, all the guys were asleep, apart from Suga. Both you and the baby were in good condition, the doctors had placed the baby on to your abdomen. They covered the baby in warm towel and gave it a cap to keep its head warm. Your mother walked out of the delivery room and into the waiting room, she walked out seeing Yoongi with deep and dark eye bags. At that moment, she felt guilty for having acted the way she did towards him but it didn’t change the fact that she still disapproved of him. Suga looked up at your mother “What happened? Is the baby okay? Is _____ okay?” Your mother sighed “Go find out for yourself.” The pounding of his heart felt as though it had travelled to the back of his throat - readying to jump out. He barged into the delivery room, as soon as his eyes laid on his baby, tears began to over flood his eyes. He couldn’t believe that he was finally able to see the life you had created together. He hesitantly approached you and the baby as you were holding the baby. 

Carefully, he observed the features of his baby, he locked eyes with the baby, completely mesmerised by his child’s captivating gaze that resembled his - this only made him cry more, he cried so much that the skin around his eyes became all puffy and red. He clapped a hand to his mouth attempting to muffle his cry “She’s beautiful” you beamed up at your husband “Do you want to hold her?” Fear was etched on his face, you couldn’t understand why he was so scared to hold his daughter “Here” while sitting on the chair beside the bed, he took her into his arms and felt overwhelmed by the feeling of finally having her in his reach, “Yeobo, I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you … I tried but-” you shook your head “It wasn’t your fault, either way I already know what happened so please don’t feel the need to explain yourself.” Later, the 6 boys came in. Taehyung turned to Jin and Jungkook “See, I told you it would be a girl” Jimin, Namjoon and Hoseok were all congratulating you on your successful birth, when suddenly Taehyung crouched down next to Yoongi “Aww she’s so cute” Jimin gently pulled Taehyung’s sleeve “Stop, you’re going to scare the baby” they both stared at the baby in astonishment “Daebak … She has Yoongi’s eyes” all the other guys had agreed with the statement - all were talking about how much your daughter’s eyes resembled Yoongi’s and it was true, your daughter had her father’s dark and sparkly eyes. 

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38, 41, and 49 for Himei!

38: Have they ever been imprisoned?

ABSOLUTELY, a few times it was because of theft but her worse time being sent to prison was for underage drinking and crashing into a thrift shop.

41: Do they get sick often?

Not really, at worse its a hangover. Her girlfriend Amelia looks after Himei so that she doesn’t do anything too stupid.

I got confused on 49, sorry 😅

Explaining POTS

I have studied medical for a few years, and out of every physical disease I’ve so far come across, I’ve found the two hardest ones to explain to a person who has no medical experience is fibromyalgia and POTS. Other diseases seem to either have a simple physical explanation or are so well known and common that the average person knows someone with the condition and therefore are aware of the symptoms. Fibromyalgia I find is one of the hardest to explain. I’ve talked to many doctors and patients with it and the only explanation they are ever able to explain is that is an all over, widespread pain that flares up and goes down. So without actually experiencing the pain, the average person has no idea what is expected of the condition. I feel the same goes for POTS though. How is it easy to explain to someone that “oh yeah my heart goes fast and I get dizzy and nauseous when I stand up but also sometimes when I’m in too much heat or don’t drink a ton of water or don’t eat a lot of sodium and sometimes I pass out but not all the time and I have these attacks that feels like my hearts going to explode and I can’t sleep properly and eating makes my digestive system feel like its knotted but I hardly get any help with it because no ones ever heard of it”
That’s kind of a little too much for people to handle or process.
But I find people adapt. They figure out ways to describe it that is relatable for people. Here’s a couple examples:

tell people its like having a terrible hangover. Half a bottle of tequila and a case of 12 kind of hangover. That time at one in the afternoon the next day when you wake up from your bed, stand up too fast, and collapse to the ground on your knees dizzy and almost throwing up.
That’s pots. Every. Day.

Pots is like being forced to stand out in the sun, with no protection, on the hottest day of the year, with no water, and expected to keep standing until your legs give out.

Standing up with pots is like running a marathon, as fast as you can, in hot weather, with no stopping or resting until you reach the finish, throw up, and collapse.

Its like going on a really fast and long amusement park ride, like a roller coaster or one of those spinny things, or the ride that blasts you up super fast then super fast down again, after eating an eight course meal with your family.

Basically anything that has ever made a person dizzy to the point of falling or throwing up is relatable to POTS. Like spinning on one of those bloody tire swings, or those spinning metal death traps at the park, or when people spin in a circle with a baseball bat really fast and then try to run an obstacle course, or sitting on one of those spinny chairs as a kid and having your friend spin you as fast as you can.
…damn childhoods were dangerous.

Anyways, any other fun explanations you’ve given someone, feel free to reblog with your own experiences!

the signs as vodka aunts
  • Aries: Janet "I tried to say no to vodka but it's 40% stronger than I am" Hayes
  • Taurus: Sandra "Vodka is made from potatoes so it looks like I'm having potato salad tonight" Kelly
  • Gemini: Tracy "I doubt vodka is the answer but it's worth a shot" Murphy
  • Cancer: Debbie "I need a hug or 8 shots of vodka please" Hill
  • Leo: Cathy "You can't buy happiness but you can buy vodka" Miller
  • Virgo: Tonya "I may not be everyone's cup of tea but I'm someone's double vodka" Gilbert
  • Libra: Jennifer "Everybody believes in something & I believe I'll have another drink" Johnson
  • Scorpio: Lindsay "Roses are red and violets are blue; vodka costs less than dinner for two" Smith
  • Sagittarius: Melissa "I'll drink responsibly when responsibly is a brand of vodka" Shelly
  • Capricorn: Carla "I've kissed more bottles than boys because a hangover hurts less than heartbreak" Foster
  • Aquarius: Rhonda "I didn't text you, vodka did" Harris
  • Pisces: Angela "Don't worry! Don't cry! Drink vodka! And fly!" Moore
Two Can Play That Game (Luke)..or..(Calum)? - Part 4

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

A/N: here it is finally!! hope you all like the way the craziest story I’ve ever written wraps up!! also I’m so psyched that this story was so popular, i can’t believe people even read the stuff i write honestly i can’t get over it … 

She walked over to where her phone was charging as soon as Luke walked into the bathroom. She was dreading the fact that she was about to go sit and eat lunch at a table with both Luke and Calum. She had a gut feeling that it just wasn’t a good idea.

She unlocked her phone, checking her texts to finally see what Cal had to say:
- We really need to talk
-Will you meet me somewhere as soon as you get a chance?
-I know you’re bugging out about this I saw the look on your face last night
-Please don’t hate me
-I just really need to tell you something in person please

Wow, he really was blowing up her phone she thought. She heard Luke fumbling around in the bathroom and typed out a quick reply before deleting the conversation.
-Cal I don’t hate you… I wanted to do what we did  just as much as you… I just cant stand knowing I cheated

She turned her phone off quickly before giving Calum a chance to reply. Tossing it on the table she turned around quickly as Luke walked out. “What did Calum want?” He asked suspiciously.

She looked around the room, “He, uhh,” she hesitated for a moment before it came to her, “he wanted to know if I was as hungover as he is.. apparently he’s really struggling.”

Luke stared at her for a minute before shaking his head, brushing it off. “You ready to go?”

She nodded her head and followed after him as they made their way down to the restaurant located inside the hotel. Once they got there and Luke spotted the table where the guys were sitting he reached back grabbing her hand and leading the way.

Of course when they got to the table the two open seats were directly across from Calum. Luke pulled out the chair for her to sit and she turned and gave him a ‘since when do you do shit like this’ kind of look, raising one of her eyebrows.

Once she sat Calum finally looked up at her from his menu. She couldn’t help thinking that he looked sexy, his hair was all messy in a perfect just rolled out of bed kind of way, she wanted to run her fingers through it.

She felt Luke slide her chair towards his and she snapped out of it, ‘fuck’ she thought, ‘you really need to stop’.

Luke put his arm around her, leaning in to whisper in her ear. He was being really weird, he never acted like this. She wanted to accredit it to his desire to start fresh, but she just couldn’t he was up to something.

“What are you getting?” He whispered.

Why the fuck was he asking her questions he could very well ask out loud in such an intimate way. Thats when she realized, he was doing it to get a rise out of Calum.

She looked across the table to see Calum staring at the two of them with his jaw clenched. He rolled his eyes and went back to talking to Ashton and Michael.

Luke joined in on whatever the guys were talking about and she sat there in silence. She zoned out unable to focus on the conversation. Luke continued being overly affectionate keeping his arm around her, squeezing her shoulder, and rubbing her leg under the table. She was so uncomfortable, especially because she knew he was doing it on purpose, he was looking for Calum’s reaction.

Luke and Calum were being nice to each other to an extent, but everyone could sense the tension at the table. Luke would make sarcastic comments every time Cal said something, usually when he did this it was in a funny or playful way but today he was just being rude.

Calum kept looking at her, deep into her eyes. She couldn’t help but gaze back and hope Luke wouldn’t notice. It was almost as if he was asking her 'what the fuck’ because he was surely confused as to why the fuck Luke was suddenly all over her.

“You seem fine Calum,” she heard Luke say and checked back into the conversation, “I was under the impression you had a crazy hangover..”

Calum glanced back and forth between the two of them. She raised her eyebrows with pleading eyes, hoping he would go along with it. “I .. Uh .. Yea its gone now, vanished like it was nothing.. Must have been the fresh air.”

She gave him a half smile, knowing sitting across from the two of them and being subject to Luke’s attitude was probably really pissing him off.

She felt Luke’s warm breath against her ear again,  "I can’t wait to get back in bed,“ he whispered to her. She shrugged uncomfortably, rolling her shoulders trying to get his arm off of her.

She lifted her napkin from her lap throwing it onto the table. “Sorry, I’ll be right back” she announced abruptly, standing up from the table. She couldn’t take sitting there much longer.

Luke looked up at her, “Where are you going?” He asked sounding concerned.

“I’m okay Luke, I just need some air I think, I’m getting a second wave of being hungover.. tequilla does that to me sometimes.”

Just then their food came. Luke looked back and forth between her and his plate, “stay and eat” she insisted, “I know you’re starving.”

He smirked at her, “we really worked up an appetite this morning,” he said with a cocky tone, making sure Calum could hear him.

Her face fell, why was he doing this? She didn’t even acknowledge his comment before leaving the table.

Not more then five seconds after she got outside onto the patio Cal stepped out behind her. She looked at him in shock.

“What are you doing out here, Cal? Why would you follow me?”

“I told you we need to talk,” he said reaching into his pocket for his cigarettes. “What’s the deal with you and him? All of a sudden you’re all over each other.” He said in a harsh tone, “did you just forget all the shit he’s put you through?”

She stared blankly at him, “I.. I don’t know Cal.. this is just all so fucking screwed up.. I don’t know what to do.. I feel horrible .. I’m a fucking cheater, Luke doesn’t deserve that.”

Calum exhaled deeply, becoming frustrated “I know I’m probably the last person you want to talk about this but you can’t beat yourself up over it and just forgive him for treating you like a piece of shit.”

“Why not Cal? Anything he’s done to me what I did was worse, I feel fucking awful about it.. How can I not forgive him when I’m the worser evil. All of this is so fucked up, he wants to start over and I have to tell him the truth, he didn’t deserve that .. No one deserves to be cheated on.” She heard her voice break as she spoke, she couldn’t help getting choked up, “this is all so fucked up, I’m so fucked up.”

“This isn’t you, y/n, your smarter then this,” Calum shook his head staring at the floor, “I know its hard for you to let go, you an Luke have a lot of history.. and it sounds bad coming from me because I’m completely bias.. but even with my own feelings aside .. You gotta open your eyes y/n,”

She looked up at him through watery eyes, not knowing what he was getting at. “I don’t know why you think he’s so innocent in all of this,” Calum continued, “think about it, think about the way he was acting in the club last night with those girls.. he was pulling that shit right in front of you, please just think about it,” his tone was becomeing stronger, “What the fuck do you think he is like when you’re not around.. I know you’re smarter then this, how do you not realize?”

Calum cut himself off, choosing not to say anymore. She looked at him carefully, watching the expression on his face, it was as if he felt bad for her.

She finally got the message, he didn’t have to say what he was trying to tell her. She let the tears begin to stream down her face, she couldn’t hold them back any longer. Calum wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a tight hug. “I just can’t watch him hurting you anymore,” he admitted “I can’t even imagine how hard this is for you, I shouldn’t have gotten involved, I’m so sorry y/n.. but he doesn’t deserve you and thats the real truth.”

She had to suck it up, all of this was fucked and she knew it. She took a step back from Calum, whiping her tears. “You’re a good guy Calum,” she forced a smile, “It’s my fault you’re all caught up in this mess, not yours, I knew exactly what I was doing last night .. I didn’t expect things to go so far, but I knew it, even before the first tequilla shot.. I pulled you into this sick game and I shouldn’t have done that.”

He just stood there watching her, not saying anything at all. She reached her hand up to his cheek, “I see the way you look at me Calum, you don’t look at other girls the way you look at me.. I see the fire in your eyes when I’m with him,” she searched his face for a reaction, “I know Calum,” he tilted his face towards her hand, embracing her touch, he reached up to cover her hand with his own, “I know theres something more to it Calum, I know you feel something more for me.”

He held her hand a bit longer before pulling it down from his cheek. “We should get back in there,” he advised, “we don’t want pretty boy getting all worked up.”

She nodded her head agreeing before leading the way back into the resturaunt. As she approached the table she could see the look on Lukes face, he was glaring past her at Calum and Ashton and Mikey were both staring at her with very alarmed expressions across their faces.

Luke stood from the table before they had a chance to sit down, walking right up to Calum. He stood in front of him with his chest just a few inches away. “WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM MATE?” he snapped, sounding enraged, “Why the fuck are you always following my girl around, she doesn’t need your help.”

She stood there looking back and forth between them helplessly. “Your girl?” Calum laughed sarcastically, “Isn’t that funny, she’s 'Your girl’ when it’s convient for you and every other day you don’t give two shits about her.”

“Theres something wrong with you mate,” Luke growled moving even closer to him, “What do you think you’re just going to come to her rescue every time I screw up?” Luke continued to raise his voice, everyone in the resturaunt now turning their heads to see what was going on, Luke lifted a finger tapping it on the side of Calum’s head, “Get it through your brain mate, SHE IS MINE.”

She watched the expression on Calums face go from relatively calm to 'I’m going to fucking kill you’ in a split second. Calum reached up pushing Luke away from him, “YEA?” he spat, “Was she your’s last night when she was getting with me on the roof of the club?!” Her heart felt like it fell out of her chest, this was literally the worst possible situation coming to life.

In a split second Luke tackled Calum to the floor, bringing his fist to the side of Calum’s face. Instantly Calum threw Luke off of him, hitting him right back, “what are you so mad about?” Calum yelled, “You fuck a different girl every night, WHAT? ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU CARE ABOUT HER AGAIN?”

Luke charged Calum, slamming his body into the table, forcing him to the ground. She didn’t know what to do, she was frozen in place, what was happening didn’t even feel real, it all happened so quickly.

Mikey and Ash were already up doing their best to pull Luke and Calum off of eachother, just before the guys got them seperated Calum got in one last good swing, slamming his fists into Luke’s jaw.

“Fuck you,” Luke barked, “what kind of fucking friend are you trying to snake your best mate’s  girl every chance you get?”

"Like you fucking deserve her.” Calum bit back, “you don’t give a shit about anyone or anything… You’re my friend but you deserved a good fucking punch in the face mate, you’ve turned into a real piece of shit and everyones tired of you acting like a pretentious asshole.” They were heated, clearly this anger between them had been pent up for a while and was just surfacing.

They were both struggling to get at each other, Ashton holding Luke back and Michael holding Calum. Neither of them even knew what to say, they couldn’t believe what was happening either.

“What did you think was going to happen?” Luke laughed viscously, “Did you think she was going to leave me and come crawling to you.. You think my girl would ever even take two looks at you?!” he spat.

“ENOUGH!!” She yelled finally looking back and forth between the two of them. The restaurant was silent.


They both went to answer her, probably to defend themselves, and blame the other but she put her hand up, “No stop.. Listen to me!”

She looked back and forth between them, then rested her eyes on Luke, “YOU,” she said sternly, “I am a person, not your fucking property! Somewhere along the line you must have forgotten that!” Luke looked down at his feet. “I am an idiot for trying to force a relationship that was so clearly over a long time ago,” she shook her head, “.. I think you and I both know we’ve been holding onto something that doesn’t exist anymore. You aren’t the same.. I may not be either, but Calum is right you need a fucking reality check. I should be so angry right now knowing you’ve been cheating on me for god knows how long but I can’t help but laugh because I should have known… I should have know our relationship was a joke.. But thats my fault I wanted things to get better so badly I was blind. ” She told him straight up.

“And you,” she said turning to look at Calum, “I never should have dragged you into this and honestly I don’t regret what happened between us last night, not for a second .. but the truth is Luke is right too .. We’ll never be together Cal, even if there is something there, we couldn’t act on it.. I’ve been dating your best friend the past two years, and even if he has been an asshole towards the end we just can’t that would be entirely fucked.”

She didn’t know where this adrenaline she had was coming from, but the confidence that came with it was exactly what she needed right now. She could feel the eyes of every single person around on her.

“You two are supposed to be best fucking friends,” she said now looking back at Luke, “you’ve literally known each other your whole lives,” she looked to Calum, “the fact that the two of you would fight each other like animals is absolutely fucking ridiculous.. And what? Over a girl? Don’t you think your friendship is a little more important then letting a fucking girl come between you?” She continued looking back and forth at them. They were both speechless. “This is so dumb,” she through her hands up, “you both need to chill the fuck out and also just so you know the only person who makes decisions for me is ME,” she added, “so here is a decision, I’m walking out of this restaurant right now and your both going to watch me leave and its going to be the last time either of you see me again, got it? And then you’ll both have one less problem and maybe, just maybe you can both man up and get the fuck over this.”

They both stared at her with their jaws dropped. She gave them both one last look before turning to leave, thats when she realized, the other patrons in the restaurant were clapping. They had all watched the whole thing, heard her entire speech and were applauding her.

She knew she had done the right thing, but she also knew sooner or later her adrenaline rush would end, and she had to get the fuck out of there before that happened.

She rushed up to Luke’s room as quickly as she could, throwing everything she could find that belonged to her into her duffle bag. She knew if she wasn’t fast on of them would be up there soon, trying to confivince her to change her mind, she couldn’t let that happen.

She couldn’t wait to get out of there, she exited through a side door of the hotel so she wouldn’t be seen, soon after she flagged down a cap. “Take me anywhere but here,” she told the taxi driver. She watched out the window, smiling to herself, she realized that finally .. for once in her life .. she had finally done what was best for her.

She knew that maybe once she got home, the reality that it was all over might set in, the reality of what Luke had done and of Calum wanting to be with her might bring her to tears, but for now, for right now she was free, she was more free then she had ever felt before.

BOOOOM GIRL POWER .. lmfaoo …. okay so i hope you’re into the way this ended.. i suck at endings if you haven’t already noticed that.. but this one I actually don’t completely hate.. it kinda felt good to write something where the girl came out on top so I really hope you enjoyed reading it .. as always THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING … i really appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to read the crap I write.. it makes me so happy and makes me want write even more when i get feedback and see that like holy shit people actually like my stuff.. … ANYWAYS lol ,, please please please feel free to drop anything and everything into my ASK BOX .. getting messages legit lights up my day 

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the signs as things my vodka aunt has done
  • Aries: threw garnishing at the bartender
  • Taurus: threw up under the stairs
  • Gemini: hit on my mum's boyfriend
  • Cancer: threw up at the beach
  • Leo: threw up into the swimming pool
  • Virgo: broke a mattress by flopping onto it
  • Libra: gotten into an argument w a portrait because "why the fuck is she staring at me"
  • Scorpio: asked a 10 year old for cigarettes
  • Sagittarius: wore her pyjamas over her jeans
  • Capricorn: "i drank??" said in a completely innocent voice despite having a killer hangover
  • Aquarius: encouraged an 11 year old kid to drink because "it's fun do you want me to sneak you some"

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Okay, but just - imagine the Captains in the Hangover. Bokuto as the groom with Kuroo as the best man. But instead of Bokuto getting 'lost' when they wake up it's Daichi (who obviously has the rings because like hell Akaashi trusts Kuroo with them). Except Daichi wasn't trapped on the roof at all - he was just so happy to get away from the recorders. (Also Oikawa with a baby. OIKAWA WITH A BABY.) (I'm sorry I'm having emotions about this)

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What book or series do you reblog a lot with the tags Alina and Darkling?! I'm dying to know because these quotes and photo sets look so good!!!


That’s the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo (She’s on tumblr! lbardugo.)

 Books 1, 2, 3 - Shadow and Bone, Seige and Storm, Ruin and Rising respectively.

AND THEY ARE AMAZING. I have not had a normal day since I finished the series. I’ll think that I’ve gotten over my book hangover, and am ready to move on, them BAM. Smacked in the face by the fish of feelings.

Leigh Bardugo has created this amazing thing called Tsarpunk, and though Ravka is a world of her own creating it takes its inspiration from Imperial Russia. Which just rocks my socks. 

The main character Alina is spot on - so human that you’ll want to cling to her and never let go. (No my sweet summer child, I will shield you from the world.)

 But on the other hand she’s so bad ass that it’s like:

And then there’s my baby. My Darkling. Oh my love, my heart, my soul and myself. He’s so… intense. Like, be still my heart. Whoa there ovaries.

And they are only two of an absolutely astounding cast of vibrant characters and I just can’t - I could go on for hours about this series. 

Which is why I haven’t recorded a review yet, because I don’t trust myself not to go stark raving fangirl mad and/or break down sobbing.

Be warned: The FEELS are real with this series and unavoidable and so worth the ride. GO. READ. YOUR BOOKWORM COMMANDS YOU. (Please?)

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BTS reaction to you coming back from a party (either with or without them you decide) really quite drunk but it's the first time they see you wasted and think you're gonna have a really bad hangover. But in the morning you're totally fine because you're used to drinking a high volume of strong alcohol (in as healthy a way that could be! Nothing sinister ahahah) Hope this makes sense! I really love your blog and thank you if you choose to do this! :3

Aww thanks dear. I hope you like it! i only have hangovers if my friend tequila is involved hahahaha


He was being real petty. You didn’t even tell him that you were going out drinking you just came home drunk. He didn’t care that you went out to have a good time but he did want you to let him know for safety reasons. He was going to punish you a little bit. He purposely banged pots together while he fixed breakfast. You came in yawning and stretching. “Morning jagi~” You kissed his cheek and hummed happily while you started making coffee. “Why are you like this Y/N?”

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Oh man. He was pissed you went out and had a good time without him. I mean he was at the studio and probably wouldn’t have gone out anyway but you didn’t ask so he was being petty. He was gonna exploit your hangover like crazy. He woke you up more gently then he normally would have before… “HOW ARE YOU FEELING?” He screamed once your eyes were opened. “I’m fine thanks.” You yawned and stretched lazily, grinning at his expression. “Son of a bitch.”

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He took care of you happily when you came home drunk. But he was planning on teasing you when you woke up. He was sitting in bed next to you reading when you stretched against him. You smiled and got out of bed like any other day and he closed his book. “Yah! You don’t have a hangover?!” You just laughed as you left the room. 

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He could hold his liquor decently well but you both had gone a little overboard the night before. He stood in the kitchen glaring at the coffee pot but in too much pain to start it. You breezed in and kissed his cheek too loudly. “Morning babe~” You started the coffee maker up and started to get breakfast together. “I hate you jagi.” He grumbled, the quietest he’s ever been before he ran to the bathroom to be sick.

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He was more then happy to go out drinking with you, he only had one soju though and let you and your friends have fun the rest of the night. He was sure when he woke up the next day that you’d be hungover like crazy. Only you woke up before him and were already dressed and ready to start the day. “Jagi you’re a freak. You drank so much!” He’d laugh at you and get out of bed himself.

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You both woke up at the same time on the living room floor. Tae groaned as he sat up and wiped the drool from his mouth. He laughed deeply before looking over at you, your hair was a mess and your make up smeared on your face. “Jagi you’re a mess.” He leaned in and kissed you anyway. “Shit I’m gonna be late for work!” You bolted up and proceeded to make the most noise in the world which had Tae groaning and holding his head. “Just cause you don’t have a hangover…” He grumbled as you laughed. 

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His head was killing him. He was unsure why he let you talk him into drinking so much. He groaned and rolled over, nuzzling you. “My head hurts jagi. Doesn’t your head hurt?” You laughed and wrapped your legs over his. “Nope~ I’m fine~ I can go get you some aspirin though.” You couldn’t help but laugh at his face. “You drank the same amount as me!”

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Let’s Go to the Mall! Ch. 3/?

Or the “Clarke and Bellamy work at an art supply store and bookstore across the mall from each other” AU.

Chapters one and two.


Clarke went home after work feeling confused and lost.

Neither of her parents were home yet and so she went upstairs, sat in her desk chair, and stared at her laptop for an hour, telling herself that sheshouldn’t do it. Because this was Bellamy Blake she was talking about and these feelings that she was having were downright ridiculous.

Clarke Griffin was not the type of girl who stalked guys on the Internet. She wasn’t. So she was going to go downstairs and watch some MTV for a while and wait until her parents came home and then she was going to eat dinner and not stalk Bellamy Blake on the Internet.

Three hours later Clarke was back at her desk on Bellamy’s Facebook page. She hated herself. But she was also curious. And in the end her curiosity had won out over her common sense and any semblance of self-respect.

But let’s be honest, after this, she didn’t have any of that left

She’d felt the urge to look Bellamy up multiple times since the beginning of the summer but the disgust she expected to feel for his page full of parties, womanizing, and obnoxious frat-boy-like posts had always kept her from doing it.

Clarke found no such posts.

In fact, Bellamy’s Facebook page was so squeaky clean it might as well have belonged to someone’s 85 year old grandmother.

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I can honestly say that of all the years I’ve enjoyed jello in its fine, jiggly state, I never thought I’d wake up feeling like I got hit in the face with a two by four, still covered in it. I could have sworn I took a shower last night, but apparently not. I want to say I don’t remember signing up for this hangover, but there was wrestling, a shit ton of jello and – did you know it makes an excellent hair gel? Because I may smell like I bathed in grape koolaid, but my hair held nicely on my trip to the store to stock up on pedialyte to have people stare at me in confusion. This is terrible; I’m not moving for days. 

Drunk Words,Drunk Actions, Sober Thoughts.

    I was sleeping when I heard a knock on my front door. I turned to look at my bed side clock, which read two thirty in the morning. While walking to my door I contemplated if I should kill who ever was crazy enough to not only be awake this late at night, but to also have enough balls to come knocking at my door.
The knocks kept get louder and louder. I looked through the peep hole to see my best friend Hanbin.
When I opened the door he fell right into my arm. Not only did he look terrible,but he reeked of alcohol to.

“Yah,Hanbin what’s wrong with you” I said as I dragged him into my living room.
I had never seen him in this kind of state. Sure, we are best friends and I seen him at his worst,but he looked as if he hit an all time low.

“She broke up with me” said Hanbin. I looked at him confused.

“Who Hayi?” I said not understanding the situation.

No _______ Betty White dumped me! Who the heck else do you think” he said in an agitated voice.

Why?” I said. I was completely confused. Why on earth would Hayi dump Hanbin? They were the perfect couple, at least that is what everybody says. Even if they weren’t,Hanbin was an amazing guy. I know,we have been best friends for years. Despite his exterior who could look a little scary sometimes, he is a big old teddy bear. He can be picky and a perfectionist but that was his charm. A charm that I had fallen for a long time ago. I just couldn’t understand why some one would give him up.

“I don’t know she said something about me, being in love with you” ,Hanbin said. He slurred his word and chuckled at the end. I wanted to laugh to, because even though I hoped he liked me back I know that it is impossible for a guy like him to love a girl like me.

“Well did you tell her that would be impossible?” ,I said to him.
“Ya, I even told her that you weren’t my type at all , and she didn’t believe me.” He said. “I tried to convince her that I don’t like you in that way ,but she gave me an ultimatum”.
“What was it?” I asked.
“Nothing much just that I have to stay away from you or be with her”,He said. “I told I couldn’t do that to you”,

I smiled. He gave up a girl he liked for me.

“So it is technically your fault that I am like this”, Hanbin yelled.

“ What? How on earth is it my fault that you didn’t choose your girlfriend over your best friend!”, I yelled at him. He was acting as if the fact that he chose his best friend since training wheels over his girlfriend of two years was a bad thing. If he felt that way he shouldn’t have done it. I wonder if that is what he came here to tell me,that he regrets his decision and he does not want to see me ever again.

“Well if you didn’t have pretty eyes, I could stand to not see your face. If you had a normal laugh, I wouldn’t want to hear it every day”, as he said this he moved closer to me to the point where our lips were inches apart.  ”If you weren’t the only person that understood my mood swings, I wouldn’t need you everyday. If you weren’t the only person I can imagine spending the rest of my life with, I could let you go”.

“Hanb-” he cut me off by putting his lips on my lips. My eyes widened, but not as fast as there closed. Confusion running over my body,or Hanbin’s fingers. At that moment I wasn’t really sure. He kissed me with so much passion. It reminded me of when we were sixteen. I had just gotten my first date, but Hanbin crashed it. He was so angry that day, yet that didn’t stop him from stealing my first kiss right in front of everyone in the ice cream store including my date . But, I did not want it to be like when we were sixteen, because right after that he told me “I only kissed you because I didn’t want a douche like him to take your first kiss. I was just doing a best friend lip service.” ,and right after he said that he left me to go on a date with the mean girl of my high school.

I tried to push him away, but he just pulled me closer. I wanted him to keep kissing me, but there was no point. He would forget all he said and in the morning he will just go running back to Hayi.

We pulled away trying to catch our breaths. Right at that moment I jumped off the couch.

“ You can’t do stuff like that. It confuses me”, I said. “You can’t kiss me when tomorrow you will forget about it. You can’t say words that bring me back to the days I was in love with you, because you are going to forget. How do you think it makes me feel when you use me as an outlet to get over your ex.”

“You were in love with me?”, Hanbin asked. He was now standing directly in front of me. I could have swore that the reason I moved away from him was because I didn’t want to be this close to him.

“ Seriously that’s what you got from what I said?”,I said. “Fine I will admit it since you probably won’t remember any of it. No I was not in love with you.”

“But yo-” I cut him off

“ I am still in love with you, and you doing these kinda things does not help me get over you. So stop what your doing,because come morning you will not take any responsibility.

You wanna know what he did after my little rant. He. Kissed. Me. Like he didn’t hear  every thing that I just said.

“I love you to”, he said. Right after that he passed out on my shoulder.

The next morning I woke up feeling warm. I turned to see Hanbin basically on top of me holding me tight. Not caring about waking him up, I pushed to the other side of the bed. He didn’t wake up. I went into the kitchen to make him hangover food. I was going through the fridge when I felt thing wrap around my waste. From all the sparks I was feeling I knew it was Hanbin. I turned so I could see his face. It was really close to mine. It was very evident that he had a hangover. His hair was messier than its usual and his eyes made him look like he hadn’t slept in days.

“Why are you up so early?” he wined. Resting his face at the crock of my neck.

“I was trying to make you hangover food. It’s almost done so go sit down”, I said

“You don’t have to yell”, he said as he dragged him self to the table. I laughed. You couldn’t even classify what I said as a whisper because it was so low.

I cleaned up after we ate breakfast, and Hanbin went to take a shower. He had some clothes here from previous movie nights. He walked into the room looking so much better that this morning. Actually he looked like he never even had a hangover.

“So are you going to go and apologize to Hayi and beg her to take you back?”, I asked him.

“Naw, I got this new chick I am interested in”, he said so nonchalant.

“Really already Hanbin? You could have at least waited a week. Are you meeting with her today?”, I said with a disapproving tone.

“Ya, I got a date with her in an hour. She has to take a shower and get dressed”,he said. He was giving me this intense stare down, like he was waiting for me to do something.

“What?”, I asked.

“Go take a shower and get dressed we have a date today”,he said as if he said those words to me on a regular bases.

“Hanb-”  He has to stop cutting me off with a kiss. This kiss was shorter than the one from before .

“ I know you think I would forget what I said to you before, but I didn’t do and say what I did because I was drunk. I just happen to be drunk at the moment. I love you _______. Though it took me a while I know now that  truly love you”, he said looking at me in a way that made my knees go weak.

He gave me another short kiss and said, “ Even though those things I said were drunk  words and drunk actions they were my sober thoughts.

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I feel like the reason why I love Rhysand so much is because the entire second half of ACOTAR was dedicated to him - I mean, Tam was locked in a total silent-mode lockdown to try and keep the damage to his loved ones to a minimum...so by the end of it, we feel like we’ve seen more of Rhys than of Tam....

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okay but Stiles getting human!Derek drunk and Scott having to take care of his boyfriends because they're idiots and Derek is a super cuddly drunk, like outrageously cuddly. just think about iiiiit.



I see this as happening in three stages.

1. FOND AMUSEMENT - Scott does the cute little crooked smiles as he watches Stiles try to convince Derek that drinking is fun. Derek’s all grumpy and nah dude about it because beer and whiskey and vodka all kind of smell/taste gross af. But eventually Stiles mixes him like a rum and coke (OR SANGRIA… jk Stiles Stilinski does not have the patience for sangria but whatever. You know Derek Hale would be down for sangria). And Scott thinks his boyfriends are so cute when they start getting a little giggly and Derek’s all dopey eyed and tracing Stiles’ moles with his fingertip and trying to decide which constellation they look like. 

2. NOT SO FOND ANNOYANCE - Scott’s feeling kind of left out, because he’s sitting here, completely sober, not exactly sure why the two idiots keep repeating the word ‘pickles’ and giggling to themselves. And like yeah, it’s still pretty cute when Derek grabs his hand and pulls him over to the couch and proceeds to curl up in his lap, looking up at him with slightly glazed but still starry eyes, or when Stiles insists that he’s going to ‘literally die Scott’ if he doesn’t get at least three kisses. But at the same time, Scott kind of wants to have some of his inhibitions taken away too, he wants to forget all of his worries, and instead he’s probably going to spend the early morning hours rubbing Derek’s back while he pukes.

3. ADORABLE CONFUSION - Stiles probably starts it, laying on the living room floor, watching the fan spin around with Derek’s eyelashes tickling his belly (Stiles definitely progressively loses clothes the drunker he gets. Think Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off). And he’s just like ‘Isn’t Scotty the best?’ with a lot of slurring and some possible drool. Derek’s like ‘Scott’s an actual angel’ and they just keep going back and forth, talking about how wonderful Scott is. Scott finds it extremely endearing, and he might tear up a little bit. Of course, the slurring and occasional lewd comment about his tongue or his ass or his tongue on somebodies ass kind of takes the romance out of it. But Scott still loves it and when they ask him to make a blanket fort with them he does, especially since they promise he can lay in the middle. And he’s not really sure what it means when Stiles starts referring to him as an ‘adorable lil’ woodland creature’ and then Derek agrees, but he kind of likes it. And if Derek decides he needs to lay like actually on top of Scott, that’s okay too. (Of course Stiles getting the spins and Derek ending up curled up in the fetal position and whimpering isn’t really all that fun, but Scott loves them anyways. He also has blackmail material that will last him YEARS so that’s an upside too).

(Scott definitely takes care of their hungover asses too. Like, I bet he refuses to take their pain away because they totally brought this on themselves, but he does go out and get Gatorade (blue for Derek, red for Stiles) and gives them ibuprofen and brings Stiles cheez-its because he keeps insisting that they’re the cure for hangovers. At the mention of food Derek turns three shades paler and has to go lay back down. Scott’s only a little bit smug. Okay he might take pictures of them huddled up on the couch, covered in blankets, looking like death and send them to Lydia, but that’s it)


Nalu AU 3

~”I accidentally puked on your shoes at a party a few months ago and we run into each other at the supermarket, so I take the chance to apologize but it turns out you dont remember me wow i’m stupid”~


-Prompt by brotherjem-


Wednesdays were the worst. Everyone always said they loved them because it was a sign that the week was almost over and it was close to Friday, but all it really said for me was that I had to go through the first half of the week all over again. It was my shopping day, and coincidentally my mild hangover day, except without the alcohol. All of my hardest college courses were on Tuesdays, and so were the exams that had me up until two in the morning trying to absorb all the information I could. And it was also the day my time of the month decided to make its glorious appearance. Of course.

I hated when people stared at me. Especially on Wednesdays, because I always think I have a stain on my pants or something, but I don’t. It was just my pants in general. I liked oversized sweatpants okay? Sometimes guys would leave them in my room after parties and never came back for them, so you can just call me an accepting lost and found. I suppose wearing these pants with a shirt I’ve had since eleventh grade made it look a little awkward, considering how low they hung around my hips and how short my shirt was, but hey, it was comfortable and I honestly couldn’t care less.

Either way, didn’t peoples parents tell them it was rude to stare? No matter if I look like I just got kicked out of my apartment, it still wasn’t very nice.

I passed through the corner stores doors, feeling a rush of relief from the 98 degree weather. I made it quick and picked up some 50% off holiday candy for baking and a new box of tampons, glaring at the religious group that looked disgusted at my ‘immodesty’. All I needed now was some cake batter for Erza and I could get out of this place. I walked around to the baking aisle and turned into it, before choking back a gasp and sliding back on my feet to the other aisle. I groaned. Oh shit.

I completely forgot about him. I wanted to forget about him, actually, but I didn’t really think I would ever see him again. I peeked back around the corner. Damn, he was still cute.

Natsu. I’ve only ever spoken to him once, which was comprised of about five or six words before I ended up puking all over his shoes. It was my fault really, I agreed to the drinking contest against Cana that night and it was just a really dumb idea. I really wanted to talk to him all night but I never gained the courage, that is until I got a few drinks in me. He was super cute and he always seemed really fun when he was with his friends and I was super friend jealous and I don’t even know, I just really wanted to meet him. Now he probably remembers me as that ‘disgusting chick who ruined my shoes’.

It was mortifying for me, yet probably just as much to him as well. I should apologize. Maybe buy him some shoes too? I was low on cash actually, only if he suggests it.

I walked up to him looking at a box of marshmallow fluff and hesitated at the last step. Shit, I probably looked like that disgusting girl he had as my memory right now.

“Hey,” I said, offering a smile.

He looked towards me and glanced around himself, before turning back. “Hey.”

He gave a cute little polite smile, crooked as always, but didn’t say anything else. He looked kind of confused really. Dear God this was awkward.

“Listen, um,” I scratched my nose, “I just wanted to say I was sorry..for before.”

His eyebrow creased and I saw him searching my face with that clueless look he always had.

“Sorry?” He asked.

“Yeah, you know it really wasn’t cool what I did, I guess I just had one too many and you were just there.”

He gave me this look, but didn’t say anything.

“I mean I’ve never puked on anyone before at a party, so I just wanted to say sorry for that,” I tried saying, rubbing my nose again.

“Wait,” He suddenly said, “Do I know you or something?”

Oh shit. No, no, no.

“Wait, you threw up on me?” Well if he didn’t look disgusted then, he was now.

I froze in my tracks. He didn’t know. He didn’t remember me or anything.

“Uh…yeah?” I squeaked, biting down on my lip.

He looked like he didn’t know how to take the news, it was a mix of repulsion and confusion.

“It was an accident! Of course, I mean I didn’t do it on purpose,” I laughed dryly, “I just meant that I was kind of drunk and I felt really nervous so…”

“Nervous? Why?” He asked.

I froze again. Jesus put me out of my misery please, right now. Right now, I can’t take it anymore.

“I just, I was just…talking to you so…” I drifted off, wanting to roll my eyes into the back of my head and never see the light of day again.

Natsu looked confused for a good second, before he realized what I said and let his eyes grow wide.

“You know what? Nevermind. About it all, just nevermind. I’m gonna, uh, go.” I blurted, letting my feet take control and start walking backwards. He let his mouth open but stopped his words as I crashed right into a shopping cart, dropping most of everything in my hands.

Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me??

I quickly swiped up my candy bag and reached for my tampons, but another hand got them first.

“Here…” Natsu said, holding up the small box. I saw him read the label.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I forced back a whimper in my throat and snatched the box from his hands. I couldn’t read what his face said, but I knew either way I didn’t want too. I darted back from the aisle and ran to the other side of the store in the freezer section. I legit wanted to cry right now. I stared at myself in the icy door, my blonde hair in a topknot with strands everywhere and my pants hanging dangerously low. I just groaned.

I didn’t even get my freaking cake mix.

I couldn’t leave without it, Erza would have my head if I said I would get her some and then showed up without it. I had to go back, maybe he was done and in another aisle by now. I crept up to the baking aisle again and turned inside, before spinning around and heading out again.

Yes, he was still there and yes, he saw me. I probably waited a good ten minutes before peeking again and watching him head out to the cashiers. I bolted and got the stupid cake mix and finally breathed of relief. Now all I had to do was check out, good thing there are ten registers.

Oh gee, and look at that! Only one of them was open! Number one customer service for sure!

You know what, I don’t care anymore. There obviously was no fixing this thing with him so who even cares. I stepped up behind him and saw him glance back at me and I seriously had to resist spinning on my heel again to run away. I stopped midway and spun back to him slowly, looking at him through my eyelashes. I saw him grin a little, but suppress it till it was a tiny smile. That jerk.

The cashier scanned his items and cleared up the conveyor belt near the end. She glanced up to me and gave a friendly smile, “Ma’me feel free to place your items up here, your arms must be tired.”

Oh my god shut up.

Natsu pulled out his wallet silently but I could still see him struggling to keep his grin down. He was really getting a kick out of this.

“Thanks.” I said blandly.

You know what, I don’t care. I don’t even care anymore, I really don’t. I stepped up next to his shoulder and dropped my handful onto the conveyor belt, my box of tampons falling onto his can of marshmallow fluff. I just left it, I’m so done with today anyways. Can’t really get much worse.

She scanned all his items up until his marshmallow fluff and held up my box on top of it, “Is this, uh, yours? Or…?”

Natsu blew up his cheeks, looking back to me. “It’s mine.” I said, my tone lead.

“Right, of course.” She blushed, putting it on the counter.

The cashier scanned my items as Natsu paid for his and grabbed his bags.

“Your total is $25.45.” She said, giving me the receipt.

“Twenty two?” I said. No no no, I only have cash now and I only have twenty bucks. No please.

“Yes,” She nodded, her expression uncomfortable.

“I only have twenty bucks, the tampons said they were only twelve bucks.” I said, tapping on my box.

“They were marked up last Wednesday…” She told me, giving me a sympathetic glance.

Have I mentioned I hate Wednesdays?

“Why are they so expensive?” I asked, my tone coming out harsher than I intended as I searched my pockets.

“I’m sorry ma’me, I don’t control the prices.” She said softly.

“I know, I’m sorry.” I sighed, rubbing my temples. “I only have twenty dollars so…”

The cashier gave a small shrug as she took back my box. Jesus? Where was that lightning bolt? I asked for it some time ago actually, I could use it right about now.

“I can spot her a few bucks.” The voice nearly made me jump. I glanced back to Natsu, holding up his wallet with that same grin, but a little more empathetic now.

Geez, didn’t he leave already? What more could he get amusement from?

Okay, dumb question.

“Really?” I asked, skeptically.

“Only a few bucks right?” He said, pulling out the change and handing it to the cashier.

The lady rung me up as I looked back to him, my lips in a pout. He only smiled knowingly at me.

“Thanks.” I mumbled to Natsu, taking my bag.

“No problem.” He shrugged, walking next to me towards the door, “You owe me one now though.” I looked to him, grinning at me, “Looks like you have to buy me tampons now next time I need them.”

I laughed for the first time that day. “Sounds like a date.”

“Really nice one right?” He joked, “I like going over the top on the first dates, kinda a tradition.”

I laughed again and nudged his shoulder with mine as we made it out into the parking lot. He nudged me back, before glancing down my body.

“I like your pants.” He complimented.

I looked down to my sweats, still barely held up around my hips. “Thanks?”

“I think I had a pair like those once, but I haven’t seem them in a while.” He thought out loud.

I puffed up my cheeks and nodded silently. Whoops? Oh well, they were mine now.

I came up to my car and stopped, “How about a drink?”

I surprisingly felt a surge of confidence at this moment and I’d be damned if I wasted it.

“Probably not as expensive as feminine products, but maybe it’ll be a nice substitute instead.” I shrugged.

He grinned at that. Crookedly, of course, and I couldn’t help but do the same back.

“Sounds like a date.”

I probably made the dorkiest laugh I’ve ever made at that moment as he began walking away. I bit my lip to hold back another geeky grin and quickly went into my car.

Maybe Wednesdays weren’t all that bad after all. At least, now they weren’t.