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Virginity Stories

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Aftermath of mission (slight not much description), drinking, language because I’m me, SMUT, Male and female oral receiving, loss of virginity, sexual intercourse, vaginal penetration

Word Count: 6284 (Sorry I know its over 5000, but its worth it I promise. Please don’t hate me I got carried away because its been forever since I wrote my Stevie :( 

A/N: This was written for Kate’s Cards Against Humanity Writing Challenge @emilyevanston. My prompt was “How did I lose my virginity?” Still new at writing smut so I apologize if it sucks. Also first time writing loss of virginity so please be gentle. Been awhile since I wrote Marvel so I’m glad to be back. Sorry this is late I’m a horrible person whose job keeps her hella busy and hella tired. No beta and feedback always wanted and appreciated. 

***Explicit GIFs under the cut***

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It’s something really when you...

…read a story (or watch a movie/TV show or even play a video game…anything with a story really) and you finish it and you feel THAT “special thing”.

You feel this weird feeling that squeezes your heart. Do you know what feeling I’m talking about ? That thing where you somewhat feel a bit empty and sad because it’s over, and you know this story will NEVER leave you. That it somehow changed you. Am I making any sense ? I don’t know. But oh man, this happened to me so many times…

It’s more than just a “book hangover” (or movie/tv show hangover), it’s a feeling of nostalgia, sadness, happiness, change etc etc ALL IN ONE. And it’s like it grasps your heart and do not want to let go. 

PS : Sorry for the personal post but, I just had to talk about it. Cause I’m feeling it right now. And I feel alone in this. Like everyone is going about their life as if nothing, and I have all those feelings just because of a FICTIONAL STORY. 

Steve and John talk about gay marriage.

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do you take fic requests??? bc i keep having this idea or shyan during the vid with the test friends when they try the ice hangover treatment and shane winks at ryan,,,,like i just need something written where maybe shane flirts a lot with ryan whenever he drinks and idk yeah it's just hella cute????

a/n: first, i am a l w a y s taking requests lmao!!! second, i have no idea how to write drunk people because i have never been drunk lol. anyways i watched the video again and came to the conclusion that shane is a loud drunk (see the dauphine orleans video too)  and ryan is a giggly drunk l o l. also i have no idea how to flirt so lmao hope it was okay!! thank you for this prompt, it was super fun to write!! 

It’s no secret that Ryan liked to drink. Of course, he mostly limited his alcohol consumption to the weekends when he doesn’t have responsibilities to maintain, but there was something about drinking on a weekday that made the entire experience all the more enjoyable.

“Hey, hey Ryan,” Shane said, stumbling over to where Ryan was standing. “Ryan, I’ve got something to tell ya.”

Ryan wasn’t as intoxicated as Shane. Sure, they both had more rounds of shots than they could possibly count, but if there’s one thing Ryan learned during his time in a fraternity, it was how to hold his alcohol and still function. Shane, however, didn’t seem to be as practiced. As self-assured and good on his feet as he normally was, being drunk truly made him into a grade A mess.

“What is it?” Ryan said, reaching out to steady Shane, who wobbled precariously.

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Drunk Texting (2)

AN: if you think I’m going to write multiple drabbles about my beloved brotp while still mixing my otp in it just so y'all may eventually fall in love with my brotp too…you damn right.


“You know, its not bad. Nothing to be embarrassed about…” Ino said sincerely. “However, I do we’ve reached like the peak in our friendship now.” She lifted her hand above her head.

Sasuke crossed his arms. Never had he had a woman so close to his “junk” before…for no reason other to just look. How did she even talk him into this? “Are you finished?”

Ino lifted a finger, still examining him. “I’m not ever gonna see the real show, so I might as well enjoy the opening act.”

He squinted his eyes. “What?”

Turquoise eyes lifted from his…private spaces to his eyes. “I’m going to talk to Hinata for you.” The blonde gasped. “Did it really use twitch on the mere sound of her name?”

“What? No.” He looked down. The betrayal.

“Hinata. Hinata. Hinata. Hina-”

“You’re done.” He turned away quickly, pulling up his pants. Ino grinned seeing her friend’s ears an interesting shade of pink.

“The caveman has feelings. What an interesting day I’m having!” She clasped her hand. “Listen…despite everything… I think I may respect your wishes.”


“Hinata, you deserve a shot. I’m going to stay sober tonight just for you.”

Opal eyes lingered on the small glass filled to the brim in vodka. Sakura was already on her third shot. “Do it! Do it!”

Hinata bit her lip. Ino smiled, “You’re always there for us…you deserve to have fun.”

“R-right…” she mumbled, picking up the glass. “Just three. I’m only taking three…”

Seven shots and one and a half mixed drinks later. “I’m not - drunk.” She pointed.

Ino was holding Sakura’s hair back as she vomited in the toilet. Honestly, being Sober Mom was no fun. “Hinata, look in the mirror.”

The very drunk young woman stumbled towards the sink. Her makeup was ruined, her was an absolute mess and her mouth was full of fries that she didn’t remember ordering. “Hinata, do me a favor,” Ino called.

“Mm? Elmo-chan?” She answered.

Ino looked back in horror. Who? What? She shook her head. “Call Sasuke and tell him I’m going to need help.” She gave the woman her cellphone.

“Call Sauce, got it.”

Ino took a moment to realize maybe that wasn’t such a great idea but it’ll be great hearing about it in the morning.


Sasuke opened a water bottle from the fridge and noticed his phone was ringing. He picked it up, “What?”

“Hey Sauce-”

He immediately looked at the caller ID. It says Ino but that’s definitely not her voice. “Hyuuga…” he said slowly.

“Sauce, Elmo said that she needs, um, your help. Sakura…is drunk.”

“Are you?”

“Nope. Yup.”

Sasuke grabbed his keys and a jacket.

When he finally got there, dealing with a drunk Sakura was worst than dealing with drunk Ino. She was right up there with drunk Naruto.

“I got her, I got her,” Ino huffed, getting Sakura. “You go grab Hinata.”

“I - can’t.” He mumbled as she basically herded Sakura in the apartment. The Uchiha sighed and walked to the passenger seat.

“Hey,” she smiled, navy hair falling over her face. “I really didn’t mean to drink this much.” She reached out, rubbing his arm. “You forgive me?

He nodded, leaned against the car door. “You want to get out?”

She nodded. “But I cannot walk…” she swung her feet.

“I’m going to pick you up, okay?”

“Kay,” she lifted her arms and opened her legs.

“Not - like that.” He kept his eyes open, damn near at the sky. He was not about to charged with shit! He moved her to the side a bit, before sliding his hand under her knee and bringing the woman to his chest. Somehow, he got her out and closed the door.

She was just smiling, “Ne, Sauce?”

“Yes.” He answered.

“If you really were a Sauce…I think it’ll be hot sauce. Spicy sauce.”

He looked down at her. Wow. If she remembers this in the morning, that’s really gonna haunt her. Still grinning, she looked up at him. “I really do like hot sauce too.”

“You should stop…” he tried. He was carrying her to his room when Ino grabbed the back of his shirt.

“What the hell are you doing?” She asked.

“I’m sleeping in the damn living room,” he snapped. “I’m not sick.”

“Making sure,” she patted his back, smoothing out the wrinkle. “Just making sure.”

He placed her on his bed and pulled off her shoes. “Sauce,” she asked, as he put a trash can by the bed. “You do have a nice penis.”

He choked on his spit. “What did she say?” Ino hurried in asking. “She said what?”

Hinata smiled. “Elmo-chan, my best friend…” she covered herself with a blanket. “Goodnight to the four of you guys.”

Sasuke glanced over. Ino took a deep breath, “Maybe she won’t remember?”



Hinata walked out of…Sasuke’s room. It took her a minute to remember he brought her in here. It was in that moment everything came rushing back.

Both Ino and Sasuke were sitting at the kitchen table. Sasuke was reading the news paper and Ino was reading a National Geographic magazine. Was this a normal Saturday in this house?

“You’re awake,” Ino smiled. “And you don’t even have a hangover. That’s amazing.”


She looked at Sasuke. “I…” Ino walked over to her and pushed her towards the table, claiming they had much to discuss and that she should check on Sakura. “I…said things last night.”

“Its has happened,” he said.

She cleared her throat. “…the sauce thing–”

“Forgotten,” he nodded.

Her face felt like it would explode. Honestly, she did like something about the Uchiha. She really did…but it was innocent, or so she thought…because-

“It’s all forgotten,” he said.

“No, no,” she said. “I don’t think it should be.”

He stared at her for a while. She was still in her old clothes, hair and makeup still a mess and she was wrapped in his blanket. He put his news paper down. “Alright then,” he decided.

She finally averted her eyes. All the confidence she mustered up had withered away. “…alright.”

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i dont wanna stay sober tonight.

yea… same here. But…. I’ll tell you why I’m choosing not to use or drink tonight:

- My friends and family would be so disappointed if I choose to relapse. Any and all trust and respect would be lost. The consequences would be so great that I would just keep trying to escape. 

- Life is better sober. My life was out of control and I was slowly dying. I refuse to let my addictions take over my life again. I would seriously compromise all aspects of my health if I chose to use. Basically.. I don’t want to die. My life is worth more than a cheap escape. 

- I have some kick ass rap playing on my iPad.

- I don’t really wanna suffer withdrawals or a hangover because its hell.

- Even though life seems to be kicking my ass, I’m gaining some valuable lessons, insight and information. Drinking/drugging yourself into oblivion would just destroy that. Later on you’ll be glad for the shit and stress of today because it taught you something.

- I’m avoiding making stupid intoxicated decisions. I won’t be waking up with major regrets from the night before, nor would I have to justify my reasons for using thus avoiding guilt and shame. 

- My goal is to use my story of recovery to help others in their own journeys. I don’t want to wreck that by giving into my emotions. 

- I’m loved, valued and worth being known. So are you!!!

- Getting sober was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve worked harder for these almost-two-years of sobriety than I’ve worked for most things in my life. If I can get and stay clean and sober, then I can make it through tonight without losing what I’ve gained in recovery.

Ice Ice Baby

Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk x Kim Taehyung

Genre: fluff, smut, angst

Words: 3.6k

“Hey, you okay?”

Jeongguk is definitely not okay. He’d (unsurprisingly) failed his calculus midterm, and his roommate had decided to drag him to a party to help him unwind from all the stress. However, said roommate (Park Jimin) had ditched Jeonggguk for his boyfriend immediately, leaving Jeongguk alone. He had decided that it was fine, that he would just find someone to hook up with, fuck all of the stress out of his body. The girl he chose used teeth when she blew him and he bolted up to the nearly empty roof. His dick hurts.

He tells none of this to the new stranger.

“Yeah, ‘m fine.”

“Really? You look like you’re having a mid life crisis.”

“Well, we never know when we’re going to die so I could be in the middle of my life right now. I’m always having a midlife crisis.”

The stranger laughs, something way too high pitched and giggly for such a low voice. 

“Deep, man. You need to drink more.”

The stranger sits down next to Jeongguk, so close that their knees are squashed together, handing him a nearly full solo cup. “Kim Taehyung. Sophomore.”

Jeongguk downs the liquor, burning his throat and scrunching his nose. “Jeon Jeongguk. Freshman.”

They sit in silence for a while, just being in each others presence. It’s Taehyung who breaks the silence.

“You gonna tell me why you were sitting up here by yourself? I thought freshmen were supposed to be energetic. Y’know, not worn down with the stress of hangovers and shit.”

Jeongguk smiles a bit despite himself. “You’re up here too, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, but I’m old. My spirit’s older, a little more dead. I’ve got enough partying experience.”

“You’re literally one year older than me.”

“Yeah, so that makes me your hyung. Brat.”

Jeongguk scrunches his nose. “Taehyung hyung?”

“Okay. Call me Tae instead of Taehyung.”

“But now if I call you hyung it’s just gonna be your name. Tae hyung.”

Tae groans and runs a hand through his hair.

“You’re very difficult, you know that?”

“Of course. Tae hyung.”


They’re both laughing a bit too hard for what the situation calls for, but neither of them mind. Tae sobers up first.

“So, you ever gonna tell me what happened?”

“My roommate ditched me.”

“So find a hookup?”

“Hyung, she bit my dick.”

Taehyung chokes on whatever alcohol he manages to drag from his jacket, laughing so hard he spits it off the roof and doubles over.

“S-she bit- bit your dick!” Jeongguk’s turned bright red at this point, ears and neck burning in embarrassment as he nods his affirmation. Tae guffaws loudly, mouth squishing into a wide box as he gasps for air. His face is purple at this point, tears running down his face in amusement.

“Hyung, it’s not funny. It hurts.”

Taehyung nods as though understanding.

“Of course it does. Here, we’ll go get some dinner so you can forget about your dick.”

Taehyung ends up driving them to a crusty burger place that smells like his dorm room. Through some miracle, Jeongguk ends up convincing him to pay for his meal (”but hyung, I just got my dick bit!” Taehyung earns dirty looks from the elderly woman serving them because of the volume of his laugh, but he doesn’t seem to care).

Jeongguk devours his burger in seconds, because he’s hungry and broke and hasn’t had anything but cup noodles for close to a month. It tastes like cardboard and it’s a little cold, but it’s free and that always makes things better. Tae eats a little slower, questioning him about his life and trying to learn a bit more about him (more like he’s trying to learn about the many poor life decisions he’s made so far).

“There’s no way she did that on purpose.”

“She did! Thought I would like it, couldn’t understand why I shoved her off of me and ran the hell out of there.”

“Does it still hurt?”

“I’m cringing just thinking about it.”

“Aww, does the poor baby need someone to take care of him?”

Tae’s words are meant to be teasing, but Jeongguk blushes and feels a shiver roll up his spine before he can stop it. Tae must notice, because even if he says nothing, an amused glint rolls into his eyes. Jeongguk curses everything he can think of.

Jeongguk wakes up with an awful headache, and even worse breath. He slept over at Taehyung’s, not wanting to listen to Jimin and Yoongi fucking all night. They’d played a drinking game while watching Magic Mike, taking a shot every time they saw a new naked person. They got drunk pretty fast because everyone’s naked in Magic Mike.

Jeongguk groans at the taste of his morning breath, then promptly sprints to Tae’s bathroom to empty himself of all the toxins he consumed last night.

“Tae, can I borrow a toothbrush? My mouth tastes like ass.”

“Damn, how far did we go last night?”

Jeongguk groans at the joke, questioning how he spent an entire night with him, but Taehyung hands him a toothbrush and his breath tastes considerably better after, so he doesn’t think too hard.

“Bubblegum flavor? Really hyung?”

“It’s supposed to promote strong teeth and healthy gums! See, look right here.”

Tae points excitedly at the label, to which Jeongguk scoffs. 

“Oh sorry, I forgot that you were a child ages 2-8.”

“Where does it say that?”
Jeongguk points at the same label Tae had previously pointed at, to which Taehyung frowns and squints at the tiny bottle.

“I was gonna give you pancakes, but I guess you just had to be a brat….”

Jeongguk freezes, eyes widening at the mention of food.

“No, wait hyung. Hyung, I’m sorry! It was just a little fun, right?” Jeongguk tries to plead with the boy, calling after his retreating figure. He gets a shake of the head in response, and Jeongguk groans.

Taehyung ends up giving Jeongguk the pancakes anyways. Granted, they’re very burnt and the textures like something like rubber with bits of chalk in it, but it’s still food and Jeongguk eats six pancakes. Tae also gives Jeongguk a cup of coffee and half a bottle of aspirin, making Jeongguk wonder how he got lucky enough to end up with a hangover at Taehyungs house.

“Up, I want to go ice skating.”

“Its nine in the morning on a Tuesday.”

“I didn’t say you had to come.

Jeongguk goes anyways. He’s awful, falling so many times that he’s sure his ass is completely purple, but Taehyung’s having fun and his laughter is infectious, so he stays.

They get ice cream and iced coffee after, because Taehyung insists that it’s an ice day, even though it’s thirty degrees and Jeongguks nose is frozen. He spends the rest of their trip trying to figure out who Kim Taehyung is, but it’s impossible. He thinks he has him figured out, but then Taehyung runs off in the middle of a very philosophical lecture about trees to chase after a puppy, and Jeongguk’s more confused than he was before.

Jeongguk and Taehyung end up spending a lot more time together. When Jeongguk’s not at Tae’s, Taehyung’s over at Jeongguks. He introduces him to Jimin, who introduces him to Yoongi, until Taehyung is adopted into the friend group. Good thing is that Jeongguks friends like Tae. Bad thing is that they call him Jeongguks boyfriend when Tae isn’t there. (Hyung, he’s straight!”, to which Namjoon had scoffed and said that he’d seen slinkies straighter than Kim Taehyung. Jeongguk disagrees until he sees Tae wedged in between two guys at some cheap club they sneak into. Jeongguk doesn’t feel jealous. He really doesn’t). 

“Aren’t you gonna help your friend with that?” Jimin throws extra emphasis on the friend part and adds in a wink, glancing at where Taehyung is retreating into the kitchen.

“For God’s sake, hyung, I don’t like him!” 

Namjoon laughs from across the room. “Why so defensive, Kookie? I didn’t hear JIminnie say anything about liking him.” The rest of the boys laugh and continue the ribbing until Taehyung returns, carrying two mugs of hot chocolate, one of which he hands to Jeongguk. He then proceeds to throw himself over Jeongguk, tangling their limbs in a way that feels too coupley to him. Hoseok gives Jeongguk a pointed stare, which he equally as pointedly ignores, allowing Tae to cuddle further into him.

It isn’t until a year later when Jeongguk finally accepts the fact that he likes Taehyung. This doesn’t mean that he does anything about the realization, because Jeongguk’s a dumbass and in the time he spends ignoring his feelings, Tae finds a boyfriend. 

Naturally, Jeongguk doesn’t like Taehyungs boyfriend. It doesn’t help the fact that he’s too nice and polite, and even Jeongguk can see how well he treats Tae. Jeongguk still thinks he can do better.

Jeongguk really doesn’t like Tae’s boyfriend when he walks in on him pounding Tae straight into the mattress, Taes low moans getting trapped in Jeongguk’s head, replaying on a loop. He jacks off as soon as he gets home, images of Tae writhing beneath him as he fucks Tae so good, so hard, Tae moaning and screaming because of him.

Taehyungs wonderful relationship lasts six months, and then Jeongguk’s being called in to pick up and glue back together the broken pieces of his best friend.
He’s currently sobbing into Jeongguk’s chest, large hands gripping at Jeongguk for some sort of anchor. 

“He cheated on me. The whole fucking time, he’s been cheating on me.”
And Jeongguk’s doing everything he can to help comfort Tae, but he’s really shit with emotions (hence why he still hasn’t told Taehyung that he likes him), and all he can do is sit there and hold Tae, rubbing small circles into the nape of his neck, kissing the top of his hair. When Taehyung lets out a broken sob of how worthless and shitty he is, how he just isn’t good enough, Jeongguk feels a part of him die inside at how the light of his life could ever feel worthless. He tells him as much.

“You sure you’re okay with this? I can do it myself if you want.”
Taehyung shakes his head, tongue poking out of his mouth in determination. 

“No, no. I need this.”

It’s two weeks after the breakup, Jeongguk and Tae are standing in front of his exes car, the same one that cheated on Tae, armed with the most atrocious colors of spray paint they could find. 

“Ready hyung?”

“Paybacks a bitch.”

They work diligently, making sure to thoroughly coat the car in whatever degrading things they can think of. When they’re work is done, Tae hides in the bushes while Jeongguk sets off the alarm. When the ex comes out, he immediately starts screeching, his face turning a dangerous shade of red and he pulls his hair so hard Jeongguk’s sure it’s going to rip out. But Taehyung’s laughing so hard that he almost gives their hiding space away, and it’s the brightest he’s seen Tae smile in weeks, so Jeongguk’s happy.

“You need to tell him.”

Jimin’s sitting next to Jeongguk, getting his ass kicked at Mario Kart, when he’d suddenly decided that it was the perfect time to give Jeongguk a lecture on life.

“Tell who, hyung?” Jeongguk smiles innocently at Jimin, playing stupid, because for the love of God he doesn’t want to be having this discussion right now. Jimin pauses the game and turns to look at him in exasperation.

“You know what I’m talking about. This is his last year here, you can’t just let him leave your life without him knowing about how you feel.”
Jeongguk feels his throat dry up at the thought of Taehyung leaving.
“It’s not that simple, hyung. It’s like, we’ve got this great friendship, and if I fuck that up I might actually die. And once he graduates, he’s gone so there’s really no point.”

Jimin scoffs loudly. “No point? Jeon Jeongguk, you are such a dumbass sometimes. If you confess, he’ll have a reason to stay in your life. But right now, you’re just giving him shreds of hope to hold on to.”

“And if he doesn’t like me?”

“Kookie, he likes you. He looks at you and his eyes shine, his smile gets a little brighter. It’s the same way me and Yoongi look at each other.”

Jeongguk is bad at listening. So maybe that’s why he waits to tell Taehyung how much he likes him until 3:00 the morning of graduation.

“Kookie? The fuck are you here so early.”

“I love you.” The words are out of Jeongguks mouth before he can stop them, and he immediately regrets them. Tae’s face falls, and Jeongguk wants to shrivel up and die. Fuck.

“What?” Taehyungs voice is incredulous, thick eyebrows shooting up to his hairline as he stares open mouthed at Jeongguk.

“Hyung, I’m sorry I-” Then Jeongguk turns and runs, because as mentioned earlier, he’s a dumbass.

“Jeongguk!” He hears Tae yelling his name, but he can’t turn back because he just can’t handle hearing the rejection. 

Jeongguk goes to Taehyungs graduation, and tries his fucking hardest to avoid directly speaking to him. And he’s pretty successful, until he’s dragged to Taehyungs apartment by Jimin because “he can’t miss such a big day”. Jeongguk interacts with Tae once, giving him an awkwardly quick half hug and a “congrats!” before bolting to hide in amidst his hyungs.

He manages to avoid any confrontation the entire party, and he’s feeling pretty confident until about ten minutes before he’s supposed to leave, when Tae corners him. “We need to talk.”

“Yeah, but I’m really tired and I was just about to leave-” 

“Kookie, please.” Tae has a deep frown etched on his face, and he gently grabs both of Jeongguk’s hands in his own. “Stay.” So Jeongguk stays, waits for Tae to kick everyone out, and then it’s just the two of them and the reality of the situation is too much.

“So…” Tae moves to sit down next to Jeongguk on the couch, Jeongguk’s stomach is twisted so tightly that he can’t do anything but stare. “Did you mean it?”

“Mean what?” Jeongguk is a certifiable dumbass, but maybe he can prolong the inevitable rejection for just a little longer.

“Seriously, Jeongguk? You can’t pull this shit after waking me up at three in the morning to tell me the words I have been waiting to hear for two years, only to have you avoid me for an entire day? What the fuck is you problem?”

But Jeongguks brain short-circuits, focusing on one thing.

“You like me?” 

Tae sighs in exasperation. “Yes, Jeongguk, I fucking love you. Okay? I don’t know how the fuck I could have made it more obvious. I mean, really? Do you think I would put up with all of your bullshit if I didn’t?”

But now Jeongguks smiling so wide, and he launches himself forward, smashing his lips into Taes, because fucking finally. And the two of them get lost in each other for a while, burying hands in hair and tangling their tongues until there’s no discerning which is which. It’s only when Jeongguk starts grinding on Tae that they break the kiss.

“Why’d you do it, Jeongguk? Why’d you run?” Taehyung’s eyes are big, staring straight into Jeongguks soul, and they’re glassy with tears and it takes a moment to process that Taehyungs crying, and that he’s crying because of him, and that makes him feel so much worse.

“Shit, I was scared that you didn’t like me at all, and that I would ruin everything. I told you, and your face just kinda fell, and I couldn’t handle it. I’m so sorry, Tae.” Jeongguk’s crying now, too. Tae brushes his hand through Jeongguks hair once before yanking him forward so that their mouths meet again. Jeongguks trying desperately to convince Taehyung that he’s sorry with his lips, but Tae doesn’t seem to care about that as he settles them into a harsh pace. Jeongguk can feel his lips beginning to bruise, but he’s been waiting so long for this and it’s too good. He starts grinding onto Taehyungs lap again, a little more urgently, and Tae seems to get it because then he’s pulling Jeongguk’s shirt off, sucking his way down his neck and the hard lines of his muscles. He makes it to the soft skin above Jeongguks boxers, and Jeongguks breathing is becoming labored at the thought of Tae dipping just a little lower, of his warm mouth around his cock. But then Tae changes direction and makes his way back up, and Jeongguk can’t control the low whine that bubbles in the back of his throat.

“I think you have something to make up to me, hmm?” Tae’s hot breath dances across the sensitive shell of Jeongguks ear, and a shiver spreads up his spin before he can stop it. “O-of course.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Get me ready for your cock.”

And Jeongguk swears he’s never moved faster in his life. Tae’s clothes are of in a matter of seconds, and he’s slid onto his knees in front of the couch before he can actually think. Tae giggles. “Not here, Kookie. Bedroom.”

And then Jeongguk nods again, easily picking Tae up and carrying him to the bed. Tae playfully squeezes his thick bicep. “Knew there was a good reason you went to the gym.” Jeongguk just grunts before dropping Taehyung on the bed, shuffling off to find lube and condoms.

“Top drawer.”

Jeongguk clambers onto the bed, kissing down Taehyungs chest and then mouthing at the meat of his thighs. “G-guk. Please.” And Jeongguks bad at saying no to Tae, so he pours some lube onto his fingers, letting it warm up a bit before he reaches down to glide his index finger along Taehyungs hole. 

Tae gasps a bit at the sensation, gripping the sheets around his long fingers. Jeongguk looks up at Tae for the okay, to which he receives a ‘please’ and a few curses. When he finally slides a slender finger in, Taehyungs got his jaw slack and his eyebrows clenched. 

“You good?”

“Y-yeah, just been a while.”

So Jeongguk lets Tae adjust, adding a second when he looks slightly more relaxed. He scissors them a little, stretching him a bit, before curling his fingers to search for his prostate. He finds it quickly, and it has Tae arching off the bed, his grip on the bedsheets turning to iron as he whimpers brokenly. Jeongguk pulls out slowly, before ramming his fingers back into that spot and it has Tae shouting Jeongguks name, hips thrusting up as he tries to fuck himself on Jeongguks fingers. Jeongguk leans forward a bit to take Tae between his lips, wrapping them around the thick head, and Tae’s fucking whimpering at this point as he fucks onto Jeongguks fingers and mouth. It’s the hottest thing Jeongguks ever experienced, and he never wants to stop.
“Guk, Guk-stop. I’m gonna fucking come i-if you don’t- oh fuck- pull off. Please Guk!” Taehyungs breathing is labored, beautiful moans being thrown out, and Jeongguks tempted to finish him off right then just to see how beautiful Tae looks when he comes. But his aching cock is telling him otherwise, and he bolts up to yank a condom on. He gives himself quick pumps to lube himself up, groaning at the sight of Taehyung all spread out for him. 

“You ready?” He’s lined up at Taehyungs entrance, waiting for the go ahead. 

“Please, Guk. Need your thick cock splitting me in half.”
Jeongguk groans at the filthy words leaving Taes mouth, slwoly slides in. He tries to give Tae time to adjust, but it feels so good and he hasn’t had sex for two years. He bites Taehyungs collarbone and whimpers, trying his hardest to keep still. 

“It’s okay, you can move. C’mon baby.”

Jeongguk shakes his head, squeezing his eyes shut, and trying to focus on not coming. But Taehyungs so fucking tight, and wet and he’s clenching so hard and fuck why is he clenching. A choked groan leaves Jeongguk as he slowly pulls out, gliding himself back in. Tae gives a small mewl of encouragement, but Jeongguk waits until he’s sure he won’t blow his load to really start fucking Tae. 

He rams into him, making Tae cry out and jolt on the bed. Jeongguk hitches a leg over his shoulder, giving him a deeper angle, and Tae is chanting his name at this point. When Jeongguk shifts to his knees, dragging Tae up by his ass to continue pounding into Tae, he must hit something good because Tae screams his name and claws his back so hard he knows there’ll be marks later, but he doesn’t care and he keeps pounding into Tae. His head’s spinning, and he knows he’s close but he doesn’t want to come until Tae does, he needs to see Tae come first. He reaches down to jerk Tae off, and it doesn’t take long for Tae to come, crying out Jeongguks name as he paints both of their stomachs white. Jeongguks barely holding on because Tae’s clenching so fucking hard, and he manages two more thrusts before he’s coming, his entire body tensing and his mind blanking as he hits his peak, finally collapsing against Tae. He rolls off of him, tying off the condom and throwing it in the general direction of the trash before turning back to hold Tae. Taehyung tiredly kisses Jeongguk on the nose, snuggling into his warm embrace.



“Let’s go ice skating.”

“Hyung.” Jeongguk whines, but he’s smiling with his entire face because it’s like their first ‘date’ all over again, but this time it’s real.

His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 7

Warning;Sexual content..

“I couldn’t control my thoughts or my mouth”

Hailey’s Pov

... Next Morning…

I had a banging headache, i ran to the bathroom and threw up every disgusting drink i drank last night into the toilet.

I felt like complete shit, this must be what it feels like when you’re hungover.

There is no way i’m going to school today unless i want to be sick and i don’t.

I got up after being sick for the second time and then i got back into bed but then my mum came in

“ Up time sweetie” she never calls me that.

“ I’m not going, i have a terrible headache and i just been sick in the bathroom please let me stay off” I wasn’t one for taking time off school but i knew my mum would let me off it.

She came over and put her hand on my head

“ You are warm, okay you can stay off but stay in bed okay i have a meeting this morning so i’m going now but ill phone to check up on you”

i mumbled “ Okay” and she left.

i texted Lauren and Sophie that i’m sick they texted back telling that they were gonna call to see how i was after school.

i really do love them

i got back into bed and snuggled back in bed, i started thinking about what has happened the past couple of days..

The way Luke makes me feel i have never felt that way before but he doesn’t like me and he never will.

he is very confusing, i closed my eyes in hope i would fall back asleep again.

hoping to forgot all about Luke hemmings and his lips.

I woke up to the sound of someone throwing stones at my window.

Whoever it is better fuck off.

I got up out of bed not caring what i look like, i still felt shit i opened my curtains and opened my window and shouted down

“ WHAT DO YOU WANT?” I looked down to see Luke standing there.

Oh shit what is he doing here? and why was he throwing stones at my window?

shouldn’t he be at school or fucking someone?

“ Let me in” he said back was he insane i do not want to see him today.

“ No go away” i said back to him

“ Let me in or i will kick down your door” Was he for real? he wouldn’t would he??

i was in no mood for it so i turned around and walked out of my room and walking down stairs going to unlock the front door as much as i would have loved to see Luke break down my door i don’t think my mum would like that very much.

Once i unlocked my door Luke came rushing in.

Sure come right in why don’t you.

“ What do you want?” I said to Luke feeling annoyed i just wanted to go back to bed.

“ Why aren’t you at school?” Why does he care why i’m not at school? i swear this boy needs to make up his mind because he is fucking up mine.

“ Why do you care?” I said back at him, Luke walked closer to me until i my back hit the door ugh i’m not doing this again i feel like shit

“ Answer my question” Luke said he was so close but i was in no mood for it

“ i think its called having a hangover have you ever had one? if so you would know how i feel and i want to be alone so if you would so kindly fuck off that would be great” I opened my front door for Luke waiting for him to go but he didn’t he just smirked at me and then he said

“ Your first hangover” great observation ugh why does he have to annoy me of all days.

“ Please go” i said but Luke made no movement so i gave up i held my hands up in the air and said

“ Okay i give up just don’t steal anything i’m going back to bed” I started walking up the stairs and i could hear Luke following me ugh this boy never gives up i swear what does he want?

it can’t be me can it? of course not.

I reached my room and i could feel Luke behind me but i didn’t care i was too tired and sore to care.

I got into bed and covered myself in the covers.

I felt my bed dip and i looked up to see Luke sitting down on my bed looking at me

“ What do you want?” i said i’m so confused at what he wants

“just to spend time with you” he said

my eyes opened wide at his words, did i hear him right?

Was he for real? he wants to spend time with me?

“ well i need sleep so i’m not going to be much fun” i said to him closing my eyes, as much i as i would love to spend time with him i just don’t feel well.

I felt my bed move but it wasn’t because Luke was leaving it was because he was straddling me i am this close | | to hitting him right now.

“ Can i be your first?” Luke asked

He looked serious but i didn’t know what he meant, i hope he’s not talking about sex right now because i am not going to have sex with him never in a million years..

“ What?” I said to Luke i wanted to hear him say it again

“Hahahaha your face when I said that” Luke laughed and then got up off me.

what the fuck? he can’t just play with my feelings like that

i stood up from the bed and said “Get out”

Luke didn’t move and then i felt like i was going to be sick again so i ran into the bathroom leaving Luke with a strange look on his face and then i threw up into the toilet.

i felt Luke rub my back and lift my hair, something i didn’t expect him to do.

once i was finished i sat back from the toilet holding my head in my hands

“Your first hangover is always the worst” he said making me look up at him

we were sitting facing each other in the bathroom,he looked so cute right now, his piercings were missing.

i wondered if his tongue piercing was missing but there’s no way he was going to kiss me now.

i just stared at him not knowing what to say and then he spoke again

“How’s your head?” he asked

why is he being like this all of a sudden?

he was cocky just a minute ago..

“Why are you here Luke?” i asked him

he strugged his shoulders not saying anything, he really is confusing.

“You should go back to school” i said to him closing my eyes and leaning my head back

i have such a headache i need to sleep.

“Yeah..” was all he said and then he got up and left.

i sat on the bathroom floor for another minute and then i got up because i needed to lay down in bed.

Luke’s Pov

i stood outside Haileys house not knowing what to do.

i didn’t want to leave but she wanted me to leave.

i don’t know what is going on with me lately, when i’m near Hailey i just want to kiss her and be near her.

this is crazy all these ideas are floating around in my head and then another part of me is thinking.. What the fuck Luke this isn’t you.

but maybe it is.. or it could be

i took one last look at her house and then i walked down the driveway, i really didn’t want to go back to school but there’s nothing to do.

i could call Calum and get him and Michael to ditch school but i don’t feel like hanging out with them.

then an idea came into my head.

i must be going out of my mind but i know i can get Hailey to like me after this.


Haileys Pov

12:00 the clock read as i woke up.

i slept for an hour thats all.

at least my sore head was gone, i rolled over onto my back but then i heard a noise from downstairs.

what the hell?

i got up out of bed and opened my door to see if i could hear the noise again and i did.

what the actual fuck.. is someone in my house?

i’m so scared.

i looked around my room for protection but i had nothing so i just lifted a shoe and started making my way downstairs slowly.

it sounded as if someone was looking for something. i heard the person curse but i couldn’t really hear their voice.

fuck i’m being robbed.

what a day to be off school and to have a hangover.

as i got closer my heart started racing more and more, i just hit the last step on the stairs and then i heard a door slam.

oh my fucking god.

i’m gonna end up dead.

there was an umbrella at the door so i ran quickly and lifted it and held it up in case someone was to come up from behind me or something.

there could be more than one of them.

i hope not.

as i neared the kitchen door it opened, i quickly reacted and hit the person who came out from the kitchen more than once.

“Argh what the fuck it’s Luke” the person said

i stopped breathing.

it’s Luke?

what the hell?

i was holding his head where i hit him but i didn’t feel bad about it because he fucking scared me

“why are you here? and how did you get in? i heard you leave..” i said to him although i don’t know if he understood i said it quick

Before he could say anything I walked into the kitchen because I smelt food.

Not just any food I smelt Mcdonalds food. I was correct.

On my kitchen table was 3 Mcdonalds bags.

I didn’t understand.. Why did Luke do this?

“ I tried looking for some plates but I couldn’t” Luke said from the door of the kitchen.

I turned around to look at him, he was looking down at the ground.

“ Why?” Is all I said back.

that was all i could manage to say..

he strugged his shoulders and said “ this is what i eat when i’m hungover and i was hungry as well but i didn’t know what you liked so i got most of what was on the menu”

my eyes widened at his words, i couldn’t believe it.

i wanted to kiss him, i couldn’t help but smile at Luke but he didn’t look at me apparently something on the floor was really interesting so i decided i would make the first move.

i walked closer to him and pulled his face up so he would look at me and then i stood up onto my tip toes and kissed him.

He didn’t kiss back at first but then he pulled me against him and he kissed me hard. He turned us and pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me.

“ Food is getting cold” Luke said between kisses.

He was right and I was hungry.

I let go of him and he let go off me and I went to get the plates.

“ The plates are in here” I said opening the cabinet on the left.

Luke looked at me and I couldn’t control myself I just burst into laughter, I stopped laughing when Luke came up to me and pushed me into the counter and said

“ You think that’s funny princess” I didn’t know what to say I just looked down at his lips and then back up to his eyes, he was smirking at me the fucker.

I pushed him off me and I mocked his voice “ Food is getting cold” I tried my best to sound like him but I didn’t.

it’s the first time he’s ever called me princess and i liked it.

i felt special but it probably says it to other girls so i thought nothing of it and i got the plates out the places.

Luke carried them over to the table, i was going to do it but he took them off me and stuck his tongue out at me as he did it.

why do i like him??

“ Omg how much did you buy? I asked because omg he must have bought the whole fucking shop.

” I told you I didn’t know what you like so I tried to buy as much as I thought you might like" Luke said while lifting our food out.

I was lost for words, no boy has ever done something like this before for me

We set all the food on to the plates I know I said I was hungry but there was a lot of food I know I will not be able to eat it all but I feel bad if I don’t because Luke spent so much money.

Once we got to my room Luke sat down in the middle of my bed and I sat up so my back was up against the pillows.

We didn’t talk we just ate and it wasn’t awkward usually I find eating in front of people awkward because most of the people I eat in front of know about my problem so they always watch what I eat but Luke doesn’t know and it’s nice to finally just sit and be comfortable with someone.

After 2 burgers and a lot of fries later I was full.

Luke ate more than me and he was still eating when I stopped I don’t know where he puts it all because he is really skinny,I sat my plate on the ground and layed down on my bed feeling full.

i’m hoping i can keep this food down, i don’t feel hungover anymore but at the back of my mind the thoughts of how much i have actually ate is floating around but i didn’t want to worry about that right now.

“ How can you eat so much?” I asked Luke while lying down it’s been 10 minutes since I finished and he is still eating and it doesn’t look like he is finished.

“ I’m hungry, i’m starting to feel full so I’m going to stop now” Luke said while setting his plate at the end of my bed.

“ Your only full now? You have had like 4 burgers I mean where do you put it all?” I said sitting up and I went over to him and patted his belly yup I can still feel his 6 pack.

He laughed and stuck out his stomach.

We were lying on my bed talking about silly stuff.

it just seems so natural laying here under Lukes arm talking to him.

Luke was rubbing my leg and his other arm was around my shoulders and I was leaning into him it was like we were together but I know we aren’t.

not that i want to be..


Luke sat up and turned on his side so he could look at me, he pulled me closer and kissed me.

I happily kissed him back.

Our make out got more heated and then he got up so he was sitting on me. He started kissing down my neck and my hips lifted off the bed I couldn’t help but feel something weird going on down my middle part.

Whenever my middle brushed against his it made me feel something I have never felt before and I liked it. I felt Luke suck on my neck and then I felt his teeth graze my neck is he giving me a love bite? I didn’t really care because it felt amazing.

Luke stopped kissing my neck and he looked up at me and said

“ do you like me being this close baby”

all I could do was nood my head because It was true I was enjoy this. Luke shuffled down my legs and then he pulled my hoodie up until it got to my boobs and he layed down on me and started kissing my stomach over and over.

Normally I would have been laughing because I have tickles here but I couldn’t do anything other than stare down at Luke.

He looked up at me and he has his hands on the sides of my jeans he looked at me and said

“ Can I?” I knew what he meant and I would have said no but I found myself nodding my head before I could think about saying no.

Luke pulled down my shorts not breaking eye contact with me, things were getting serious now. I was going to be completely naked in front of him and he’s not in his bedroom he’s right on top of me.

once my shorts where somewhere in my room Luke grabbed my left leg and lifted up and then he started kissing down the side of my leg I could help but moan I didn’t know I could moan but when I did Luke stopped kissing my leg which I felt disappointed at but Luke kissed me hard and then he said

“ That was so hot baby” and then he carried on kissing up my leg and when he got to the inside of my thigh that is when I lost all control my back was lifting of the bed and I couldn’t help but moan again and again.

Luke stopped when he got to my middle part and I opened my eyes to look at him. He looked at me and pulled on my hoodie and said

“Off” so many questions were going around in my head but they didn’t stop me. I sat up and I lifted my hoodie off exposing my bra.

Once the hoodie was off I threw it on the ground and I looked at Luke and he smirked at me and sat up and kissed me.

He pushed me back on the bed I felt his arm come round me and then he unhooked my bra. He pulled the straps down first slowly and then he threw the bra away.

I was now fully exposed to him and I didn’t feel shy I felt confident.

Here I was laying on my bed almost naked in front of Luke Hemmings the boy who until a couple of days ago made my life hell and now he is all I think about. I don’t know what is going to happen.. Does he want to have sex with me? Do I even want to have sex with him?

i have thought about it but i know who he is, he doesn’t do relationships and i’ve never had a boyfriend before.

He kissed me and then he started to kiss down my neck and then he moved down until he got to my boobs, my stomach was going mad I don’t know what this feeling was but I didn’t want it to end.

“ Can I make you feel good?” Luke said while looked up at me.

I held my breath for a seconds before I answered “ Yeah”….

He laughed and said “ Good, I’m not going to fuck you I just want to pleasure you”

I felt disappointed that he didn’t want to fuck me and I didn’t know what he meant by pleasure me until he hooked his fingers on the waist of my pants and pulled them down.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

This was really happening…

I was fully exposed to him and I enjoy it I shouldn’t enjoy this I should kick him out but I can’t and I don’t want to. I was a girl I knew how to shave thank god I shaved 3 days ago or this would be embarrassing.

“ You smell so good” Luke said and then he started kissing me hard it was weird kissing him without his tongue piercing in but I wasn’t complaining he started grinding his crotch against mine and I moaned and arched my hips of the bed I could feel something deep inside me and it was the best feeling in the world.

“You like that baby?” Luke breathed in my hear, I moaned again and nodded my head.

I couldn’t speak all I could do was nod my head.

“ We will get to that soon baby let me make you feel good” Before I could respond I felt Luke’s hand on my groin.

He kept moving his hand and I could feel something building inside me ready to explode this was the best feeling in the world.

“Are you close baby?” Luke breathed in my ear and I swear it was the hottest thing ever I closed my eyes and moaned and nodded my head.

I could feel something wet between my legs and then I felt Luke insert a finger into my vigina. I arched of the bed because OMG!

he moved his fingers slowly inside of me, i couldn’t control my thoughts or my mouth. I couldn’t control my moaning this was the best feeling in the world.

Luke attached his lips to my neck sucking the same spot and then i felt something build up inside of me.

his fingers sped up and fuck i thought i was in heaven.

“ You’re so wet baby He said and he started to move his finger inside me and I felt the wetness between my legs and I have never experienced anything like that.

Luke hemmings is fingering me.

"Let go..” he whispered and i came just by his voice.

once i calmed down from my high i opened my eyes to see Luke smirking at me, then he pulled his fingers out and he sucked them and cleaned them.

i couldn’t stop watching him.

“my favourite taste” Luke said and i almost came again with just his words..

he got up of me and i could see his boner, he put his hand down his pants and said “ I have to take care of this”

Luke said he was going to the bathroom and he closed the door over when he got inside.

I got out some leggings and a t shirt and of course a clean pair of pants and I put my bra back on and threw my dirty clothes in the washing basket.

Luke was still in the bathroom I knew what he was doing but I didn’t feel weird about it.

i couldn’t believe that i just got fingered by Luke hemmings.

it was the best thing i have ever experienced, i want to do it again..

no correction..

i want him to do that again to me.

what an interesting Thursday night.

So guys what did you think?

i hope you liked it,it took a while for me to get it finished but i finally did.

let me know what you thought

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When the night was full of stars

First of all, I know that I already told this, but again, thanks so much for helping me with this @fxnix, what you did means a lot to me. I can’t thank you enough.

Tagging : @hollyashton and @alwaysanotheroc

Universe : Endless summer

Pairing : None… for now

Words : 1342

Prompt : Movement of the Stars

Author’s note: Well, this is my first time in #ChoicesCreates. I started writing this as a Jake x MC story, but I saw the prompt so I adapted. Then I realized the story was too long, because of that I decided to cut it. However I may post the second part soon. I hope you like it. 

Second part : https://sophie-summer.tumblr.com/post/164694400372/when-the-night-was-full-of-stars-second-part 

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If you’re going to celebrate this New Year’s Eve with champagne, celebrate responsibly — not like James Madison.

At a dinner party in 1803 he said champagne “was the most delightful wine when drank in moderation, but that more than a few glasses always produced a headache the next day.” Because the next day was Sunday, the partygoers decided this was the ideal time to “try the experiment” so they threw back a ton of the bubbly.

The Sunday morning results of the experiment don’t seem to have been recorded, but I hope your evening is as fun as theirs: “…bottle after bottle came in, without however I assure you the least invasion of sobriety. Its only effects were animated good humour and uninterrupted conversation.”

Source: Letter from Samuel Harrison Smith to his wife Margaret Bayard Smith, written the evening of April 26, 1803

Let's have a shitty chat

About alex! Omg who would have guess right?! Okay. I see this fandom is one of the best I have been, but like in all fandoms there are the rotten apples and we have to live with them because we can’t do nothing but accept the fact the “like” the same things has we do. Alex hogh andersen is a 23 year old, handsome fucker with a lot of charm and a lot of girls throwing themselves at him and what do you expect? For him to deny the girls and say “ sorry but I am saving myself for my wedding night?” Or when he shows up in insta stories or pics drunk in clubs what do you expect? For him to bring a pack of chocolate milk and get drunk and hyped on the sugar? Now dolls he is enjoying life like he should, its not his fault that girls go to him or that he loves to get drunk, because guess what? He pays for the drinks not you, he is the one hangovered and not you so why the fuckity fuck do you guys flip at it? And now its the writing about him and Ivar smut… what is the difference that we all write smut about him and maybe he reads it and who knows if he doesnt have a good laugh at it than talking about him like you know alex personally? Calling him an asshole, or fuckboy (i have called him like that though, but he is one hot fuckboy) and harassing him and his friends or so on? What we do might let you annoyed and some are asking for us to stop, but why dont you stop sending hate than? To him, his friends, the fandom, what the fuck are you waiting for? For someone to feel so hurt by your words that they will do something horrible to themselves? Or you dont give a fuck about that since you can only think about yourselves? Stop with this shit man. Dont like the smut? Move one from the writing and look only for his pics that are some eyecandy when waking up, or stay in your corner and talk about whatever you want but stop harrassing people here man and than preaching that bullying should be stopped. Like for real dude? You are like the donald trump of this fandom if I have to nickname you all. Now i know my inbox will be attacked by anons calling me a bunch of stuff and saying hate things and guess what? You are making a full of yourself because you are proving my point in this whole thing and dont send “ go kill yourself” that is way 2016, new insults have been made by now. Now I’m hungry. Have a nice day babes 👌👌👌

Originally posted by spidergirls

Tfw when you have alcohol dreams because your brain is still adjusting to being deprived of its favourite crutch, and you wake up from a booze dream alarmed because “ohhh fuck I’m going to be hungover again, aren’t I”

Or mistaking the morning grogginess you get for a few minutes after your wake up for a mild-to-nasty hangover because that’s what you’ve been done for years

And being awake 3am writing gibberish in your fic notes and waking up the next day wondering if you were drunk, then realising that you were just garden variety melodramatic and crazy.

Or sitting down after work but getting a pang of anxiety because you don’t have a drink to sip on

and the worst: the mood imbalance you get for the first month and realising just how deeply ingrained alcohol was in your system, and watching your mind pathetically crawl along the floor as if its bones were broken

being absolutely terrified of family functions because admitting that you can’t even take a single drop for the time being would clue them in on you having a huge booze problem

to my friends though, talking about alcohol around me or drinking or smoking around me does not trigger me at all, it’s cool. My intrusive thoughts tend to stem more from a force of habit than any outside triggers.

anonymous asked:

I was rereading Philosopher's Stone and laughed so hard at the Christmas in the Great Hall scene. I imagine Snape wasn't there as people tend to mention if someone they dislike is there and Harry didn't. Do you have any headcanons how Snape would act? I don't particularly see him as a drinker, if so, a responsible one. But after reading how McGonigall acted I wondered if Snape would loosen up particularly after a drink or a few. Thoughts? (Sorry it's long)

Oh silly Anon, Severus is a hopeless lightweight. The reason he’s not in the Great Hall on Christmas is because he is sleeping off the mother of all hangovers after having two glasses of firewhiskey the night before at the staff Christmas party.

NEVER AGAIN WILL I ALLOW MINERVA TO TRICK ME WITH THAT EVIL, DELICIOUS….EVIL STUFF, he swears, rolling around in his bed in discomfort. For once, living in the dungeons is a boon, as there is very little natural light filtering down through the lake.

You, Me & Baby (Suga x Reader)

Requested by anon: Annyeong~ I love your writing hehe i’m a big fan! Can you guys write a BTS scenario where you’ve been married to yoongi for 2 years and you are pregnant with your first baby and your going into labor so you call suga and the other BTS members to come to the hospital? Thank you<3 I hope its not too much of a bother ILY:) 

 [[A/N: I’m really sorry if you find this scenario too long it’s just that I was deeply inspired ☺️😁]] 


Awoken by feeling nauseous, you ran to the bathroom. At first you believed it could have been food poisoning or a hangover because that’s what it felt like. You tried remembering the last time you vomited, to your surprise it wasn’t that long ago. Actually, the more you thought about it the more you realised that vomiting in the morning was something that has happened to you for at least a month. You heard your husband’s footsteps dragging into the bathroom - he would always wake up as soon as he couldn’t feel your presence. “Yeobo? Are you okay?” His voice was husky, you shook your head as you were unable to verbally respond. Your mouth was literally watering with saliva and you’re stomach was hurting really badly. “Do you need some water?” You put your thumb up while feeling the sensation that you were going to burp but it felt more like a gag. Soon, Yoongi came back with a cup of water. Carefully handing it to you and leaving to go back to the bedroom, you take a sip of water and attempt to control your breathing by taking deep breaths. 

After the vomiting along with the nauseous feeling disappeared, you entered the bedroom seeing Yoongi sitting on the edge of the bed with an arm supporting his chin, whenever he did this it meant he was deep in thought. You sat beside him stroking his back to get him to open up to you. “_____~ah?” His vision stayed fixated on the floor “Ne?” You stopped stroking his back “Is your period late?” You were the type of person to be a bit clueless and oblivious to things at times, so you had no idea what Yoongi was trying to imply “Wae?” He stared blankly at you “Because it’s been a while since you’ve asked me to buy you pads” the truth was that you didn’t know how late you were, for all you knew it could have been days. 

 Finally understanding what he was suggesting you did everything in your power to avoid this conversation. You both had, had the conversation of having children together considering you’ve been married for 2 years but you weren’t sure if you were ready to accept the fact that there was a possibility of you being pregnant. You rested your head on his lap looking up at him as he caressed your cheeks “_____, when you think about it … It makes sense.” You closed your eyes, distinctly listening to what he was about to say “Your period is late and you vomit nearly every morning.” You opened one eye “Well maybe I’m just ill” He shook his head “But you’re always complaining that you’re tired and that you ache from everywhere plus you have weird cravings … You’re always asking me to get you ice to eat ” He was right, every single day you felt fatigued, you did have random cravings that felt overpowering and seemed to come out from nowhere and your joints would usually ache “Yes, but who isn’t tired after coming home from work? And before you say that I look bloated it’s because I’ve eating very well. As for the cravings, I’m a woman therefore I’m always craving weird things because of my hormones. I’m always aching from everywhere because I need a massage from my loving husband” you were never going to admit that he was right unless you were proven otherwise. He got you to rest your head on a pillow while resting your legs on his thighs, he started massaging your ankles “If you need a massage, all you have to do is ask." 

Later, you fell asleep. Suga rushed to get his coat so he could go to the store to get a pregnancy test. He was totally convinced that you were pregnant but he needed you to be just as convinced as he was. When he got back home you were already awake "Yoongi, where were you?” He got the pregnancy test out and handed it to you “Because we’re both very stubborn this will reveal whether you’re right or not, but, if you are pregnant then it will also tell you how many weeks you are” he held on to your hand “If I am not pregnant … Then, I promise I will do everything I can because you deserve to be a dad.” He raised an eyebrow “But what if you’re already pregnant?” Your chest rose and fell as you took a deep breath “Then … We’re going to have to prepare becoming parents” You saw from the glistening in his eyes that he yearned for the test to come out as positive “Come on” you pulled him into the bathroom with you. 

It had been 15 minutes, the both of you were sitting patiently in silence waiting for the test to respond. “How long do these things even take?” He yawned “I don’t know … I think it depends on the brand you get” he took the opened box and started reading the instructions in his head “Well, it says the test can take 5 minutes up to 15 minutes. So, it should be any minute now.” You saw a plus sign starting to form on the test, a fresh tear rolled on to your cheek “Yah! Omo! Omo!” Yoongi was speechless when he saw the plus sign, he’s emotions were all over the place. He was shocked with content that he was finally going to become a father, on the other hand he feared becoming a father because it was both your first child. Your heart nearly stopped when you saw how many weeks pregnant you were “12 WEEKS?! YOU’RE 2 AND A HALF MONTHS PREGNANT?!” The box escaped from his clutch, loudly falling on the floor. “I … I-I” you’re voice was brittle, Yoongi held you into a warm embrace where you were able to rest your head against his chest “How can you cry? This is supposed to be the one of the best days of our life.” You started sniffling “They’re tears of joy … You know I’m not good at expressing my happiness.” He was wiping away your tears gently with his fingers “I don’t think we should tell anyone yet … Let’s just keep it to ourselves for now” you nodded “I was just about to say the same thing." 


"Ah, it smells so good, what are you making?” You said peeking over his shoulder to catch a glimpse of what he was preparing “Kimchi fried rice” It was so rare for him to cook for you but ever since the day he found out you were pregnant you saw a change in him. He was always doing everything he could to help you whether it was with house work or cooking, he didn’t expect you to do anything at all. These days he seemed to be constantly by your side he claimed it was in case you needed any medical attention but really it was just to reassure himself that you and the baby were in great health. You appreciated the fact that he took time off work to take care of you but you were afraid that by taking time off he would be sacrificing the future of BTS. He spent most of the nights reading books on pregnancy and what to expect with your first newborn. Yoongi was absolutely exhausted but he felt an obligation to take care of you to make sure that you’re well and that everything is under control, therefore he rarely got to rest and when he did it would be at random times during the day. 

“The baby kicked” you gasped, grabbing his hand on to where the baby was kicking. Suga’s lips parted slightly in amazement “Woah daebak!” You were certain that it was the baby kicking because it felt exactly like the description from one of the books you’ve read, it felt like gas bubbles that gradually growing in strength into unmistakable jabs. “Is your mother still coming over?” The excitement in his voice had totally drained from the subject of his mother-in-law, you nodded seeing disappointment emerging from him. He didn’t dislike your mother, in all fairness it was your mother who hated Yoongi, she had never truly approved of him. When you first got into a relationship with him, she didn’t mind as she thought it would never have lasted. The real problem started when Yoongi had proposed to you, your father had no problems with Yoongi. Your mother just never envisioned you to be with him. “Does she know about the pregnancy?” You shook your head looking at the floor in guilt “She’s the only one from my side of the family who doesn’t know I’m pregnant.” The Kimchi Fried Rice was finally done so he turned off the stove “You still haven’t told her … Look I understand she doesn’t like me and I don’t really care whether she does or not but sooner or later she’s going to have to accept the fact that I’m a part of your life” you scratched the side of your head “I was so scared … I couldn’t find the courage to tell her" 

 Several hours later your mother had arrived "Good morning _____” you weren’t really close with your mother, so you usually didn’t know how to greet her “Uh, annyeong eomma” horror struck on her face when you didn’t bow respectfully to her “Are you losing your manners?” You sighed “Aniyo, I can’t bow” she hissed at you “What do you mean you can’t bow? Have you gained so much weight that you can’t bow?” Yoongi started getting annoyed “Wow!” You motioned for him to calm down “Eomma please, don’t start on him. I didn’t know how to tell you this because I knew you’d react badly but … I’m 5 months pregnant” her face contorted in disgust “Please tell me this is a joke! My daughter isn’t actually having a baby with this guy … Out of all people, you chose him to be the father? The guy can hardly look after himself how do you expect him to look after a baby?!” You could feel your husband’s patience being tested and he did not tolerate any bullshit from anyone “Yah! Listen, I don’t give a shit if you dislike me. I don’t think you realise that I’m married with your daughter and I’m having a child with her, so whether you like it or not I will always be there." 

Your mother completely ignored him and grabbed you into another room. She was hysterically sobbing "I told you not to be with him … He is so rude, he has no manners, I don’t want my grand-child to be raised in such an ill-manner” Once again, you sighed “Sorry but you know he hasn’t got the best temper but yet you still decided to aggravate him.” Her face went completely blank “Listen carefully because I’m only going to say this once. There is NO WAY in hell that I am letting him come into the delivery room. I am not going to allow him to come.” You frowned in disbelief “He is the father of my baby, of course he’s going to assist me in the delivery room.” She grabbed her handbag “_____ I’m not joking. I won’t let him come.” She turned to Yoongi on her way out “Don’t be so shocked if they don’t allow you to be there while she’s giving birth.” He sneered in annoyance “None sense” she returned the mocking smile, slamming the door on her way out “That’s what you think … I’m being dead serious. Goodbye!" 


On top of all the other issues, you and your husband still didn’t decide a name for the baby as neither of you knew the baby’s gender, you had both decided that it would have been better if the baby’s gender was left as a surprise. The more your belly grew the more things started appearing like a complex obstacle. You were finally 9 months pregnant, Yoongi had estimated that it would be more beneficial if you went to the hospital 2 days before the day you were supposed to give birth, just so you would be in the right environment to give birth. 

Two days before the big day, Yoongi had helped you pack some clothes for both you and the baby, delicately folding the clothes in the suitcase. You had never seen him so organised. Apart from the fact that he had a short temper - which you knew how to control, you couldn’t understand why your mother had so much hatred towards him. His whole family and friends approved of you along with your family and friends (excluding your mother). It did pain you a lot to know that two of the people you cared the most about didn’t get on. 

You got into his car "Ready to go?” He smiled “Ne, yeobo?” You held his chin so he could face you “Yes?” He raised his eyebrows “Saranghae” you say giving him a peck on the lips. He started the engine and you made your way at the hospital. “_____ would it bother you if the rest of BTS came?” You shook your head “Why would it bother me?” He shrugged his shoulders “I don’t know, maybe the fact that there’s so many people in one room might stress you out.” If you were honest you were not listening to one word he said. 

Once you were inside the hospital your focus was mainly on the pain that installed itself on your back, the lower part of your back had been aching for months but as time passed by the pain only seemed to become extremely harsh. The rest of the boys were already at the hospital, “Chukahaeyo” all congratulated you and Yoongi, as they had only found out that you were pregnant last minute. You felt not a big gush but a small leak falling by your feet followed by a horrible feeling in your stomach, like an extreme version of period cramps starting quite low but rapidly radiating up to your belly and around your lower back. You had very intense waves of pain coming right on top of one another, thus, causing you to cling on to Yoongi’s arm. Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook froze helplessly, while Jin and Hoseok tried to help Yoongi bringing you to the delivery ward. 

Yoongi was very agitated and started panicking as he remembered from the books he had read that this meant the baby was coming, finally getting the attention of a doctor they took you straight into the delivery room. The contractions felt like your whole body was being clenched up, it was like someone was squeezing your insides as hard as they could. Just as you had expected - your contractions were getting very intense and did not lessen until it was time for you to give birth. The doctor had taken you into the delivery room however one of the nurses stopped the guys from coming in “The carer has asked for us to not allow anyone apart from them during the birth of the child.” Yoongi started getting frustrated “The only carer she has had during her pregnancy is me.” The nurse spoke in a calm tone “A contract was signed, you weren’t the person I saw on the day, I have no proof that you are the carer” Yoongi wanted to just go through the doors but Jin and Hoseok held him back “Listen, I’m her husband. This is my baby she’s having in there.” The nurse showed no sympathy “I’m terribly sorry but I’m just following orders" 

You’re mother stood by you, aiding you to take out all the pain on her arm by clutching tightly on to it "Where’s Yoongi?” You started hyperventilating “Calm down, relax” she got her fan out and started fanning you “Seriously?!“ She stopped fanning you "I already told you that he won’t be allowed in the delivery room … It’s not really important. Just focus on giving birth to my grandson” you corrected her “Grand-child … We don’t know the baby’s gender” this conversation was taking place while the doctor was giving you an epidural. It was finally time for the baby to come out, the epidural helped slightly numbing the pain but it didn’t, you could still feel some sort of pressure while you were pushing the baby out. It’s not that the epidural was wearing out however the pain did seem to worsen but it was only because you wished your husband could be by your side, by signing that contract your mother went too far. 

Meanwhile outside in the waiting room, the boys were doing their best to comfort a crushed and devastated Suga … The anticipation of waiting to be allowed to see you and the baby, felt agonising to him. 

Several hours had passed after the birth, all the guys were asleep, apart from Suga. Both you and the baby were in good condition, the doctors had placed the baby on to your abdomen. They covered the baby in warm towel and gave it a cap to keep its head warm. Your mother walked out of the delivery room and into the waiting room, she walked out seeing Yoongi with deep and dark eye bags. At that moment, she felt guilty for having acted the way she did towards him but it didn’t change the fact that she still disapproved of him. Suga looked up at your mother “What happened? Is the baby okay? Is _____ okay?” Your mother sighed “Go find out for yourself.” The pounding of his heart felt as though it had travelled to the back of his throat - readying to jump out. He barged into the delivery room, as soon as his eyes laid on his baby, tears began to over flood his eyes. He couldn’t believe that he was finally able to see the life you had created together. He hesitantly approached you and the baby as you were holding the baby. 

Carefully, he observed the features of his baby, he locked eyes with the baby, completely mesmerised by his child’s captivating gaze that resembled his - this only made him cry more, he cried so much that the skin around his eyes became all puffy and red. He clapped a hand to his mouth attempting to muffle his cry “She’s beautiful” you beamed up at your husband “Do you want to hold her?” Fear was etched on his face, you couldn’t understand why he was so scared to hold his daughter “Here” while sitting on the chair beside the bed, he took her into his arms and felt overwhelmed by the feeling of finally having her in his reach, “Yeobo, I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you … I tried but-” you shook your head “It wasn’t your fault, either way I already know what happened so please don’t feel the need to explain yourself.” Later, the 6 boys came in. Taehyung turned to Jin and Jungkook “See, I told you it would be a girl” Jimin, Namjoon and Hoseok were all congratulating you on your successful birth, when suddenly Taehyung crouched down next to Yoongi “Aww she’s so cute” Jimin gently pulled Taehyung’s sleeve “Stop, you’re going to scare the baby” they both stared at the baby in astonishment “Daebak … She has Yoongi’s eyes” all the other guys had agreed with the statement - all were talking about how much your daughter’s eyes resembled Yoongi’s and it was true, your daughter had her father’s dark and sparkly eyes. 

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I couldnt even sleep properly tonight im just fully awake and hangover after 3 hour of sleep because hanzo is so ugly. Its 7:30am i have to go toschool thinking about ugly hanzo

the signs as vodka aunts
  • Aries: Janet "I tried to say no to vodka but it's 40% stronger than I am" Hayes
  • Taurus: Sandra "Vodka is made from potatoes so it looks like I'm having potato salad tonight" Kelly
  • Gemini: Tracy "I doubt vodka is the answer but it's worth a shot" Murphy
  • Cancer: Debbie "I need a hug or 8 shots of vodka please" Hill
  • Leo: Cathy "You can't buy happiness but you can buy vodka" Miller
  • Virgo: Tonya "I may not be everyone's cup of tea but I'm someone's double vodka" Gilbert
  • Libra: Jennifer "Everybody believes in something & I believe I'll have another drink" Johnson
  • Scorpio: Lindsay "Roses are red and violets are blue; vodka costs less than dinner for two" Smith
  • Sagittarius: Melissa "I'll drink responsibly when responsibly is a brand of vodka" Shelly
  • Capricorn: Carla "I've kissed more bottles than boys because a hangover hurts less than heartbreak" Foster
  • Aquarius: Rhonda "I didn't text you, vodka did" Harris
  • Pisces: Angela "Don't worry! Don't cry! Drink vodka! And fly!" Moore
Explaining POTS

I have studied medical for a few years, and out of every physical disease I’ve so far come across, I’ve found the two hardest ones to explain to a person who has no medical experience is fibromyalgia and POTS. Other diseases seem to either have a simple physical explanation or are so well known and common that the average person knows someone with the condition and therefore are aware of the symptoms. Fibromyalgia I find is one of the hardest to explain. I’ve talked to many doctors and patients with it and the only explanation they are ever able to explain is that is an all over, widespread pain that flares up and goes down. So without actually experiencing the pain, the average person has no idea what is expected of the condition. I feel the same goes for POTS though. How is it easy to explain to someone that “oh yeah my heart goes fast and I get dizzy and nauseous when I stand up but also sometimes when I’m in too much heat or don’t drink a ton of water or don’t eat a lot of sodium and sometimes I pass out but not all the time and I have these attacks that feels like my hearts going to explode and I can’t sleep properly and eating makes my digestive system feel like its knotted but I hardly get any help with it because no ones ever heard of it”
That’s kind of a little too much for people to handle or process.
But I find people adapt. They figure out ways to describe it that is relatable for people. Here’s a couple examples:

tell people its like having a terrible hangover. Half a bottle of tequila and a case of 12 kind of hangover. That time at one in the afternoon the next day when you wake up from your bed, stand up too fast, and collapse to the ground on your knees dizzy and almost throwing up.
That’s pots. Every. Day.

Pots is like being forced to stand out in the sun, with no protection, on the hottest day of the year, with no water, and expected to keep standing until your legs give out.

Standing up with pots is like running a marathon, as fast as you can, in hot weather, with no stopping or resting until you reach the finish, throw up, and collapse.

Its like going on a really fast and long amusement park ride, like a roller coaster or one of those spinny things, or the ride that blasts you up super fast then super fast down again, after eating an eight course meal with your family.

Basically anything that has ever made a person dizzy to the point of falling or throwing up is relatable to POTS. Like spinning on one of those bloody tire swings, or those spinning metal death traps at the park, or when people spin in a circle with a baseball bat really fast and then try to run an obstacle course, or sitting on one of those spinny chairs as a kid and having your friend spin you as fast as you can.
…damn childhoods were dangerous.

Anyways, any other fun explanations you’ve given someone, feel free to reblog with your own experiences!

Fireproof part 6 | a danisnotonfire imagine

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Do not move. Do not move. I repeated this in my head the second I felt myself wake up with a hangover that I was sure would take my life. I could still hear the music from the other end of the house, it wasn’t as loud as last night but the vibrations I could feel through the floor up on to the bed were certainly not helping my situation.

 As I lay in this strange bed for what felt like forever I could feel myself becoming less and less nauseous which was nice but I wasn’t about to risk moving and projectile vomiting all over the place. I suddenly heard the door open then close I was sure it was Louise but when I slowly opened one eye to see who it was I was most certainly not expecting the face I saw.

“Good morning” Dan smirked. He was leaning against the wall next to the door frame with the most smug little smile on his face.

“Fuck off” I immediately replied pulling the covers up over my head. I heard him laugh then walk over and sit down on the double bed next to me, he then proceeded to pull the blanket half off me.

“Aww come on, don’t be like that” he chuckled.

I groaned and tried to pull the blanket back up again but I couldn’t reach it without moving my head. “What the hell happened?” I asked rather curious as to how I got this drunk.

“You don’t remember?” He sounded a bit surprised then quickly gained his composure again. “Well you couldn’t keep your hands off me so I brought you back here and we had wild sex in my bed” he stated with such confidence I almost believed it for a second.

“Oh great” I started off sarcastically “care to inform me of how many STI’s I’ve contracted simply by being in this bed?” It then dawned on me the Dan lives with Phil, how come no one knew that?

“Probably none” he answered calling my bluff. “But I would probably stop by a clinic to get checked out if I were you” he added chuckling.

“Fuck you” I moaned burying my face back into the pillow.

“You can’t stay here all day you know” He added pulling the rest of my blanket off me then getting up and walking out. I was so confused for a moment that I had nothing to respond with. What time was it? He said good morning right? Dan then turned back before he walked out the door looking me up and down. “Nice ass” he remarked before walking out, my dress must have ridden up but I honestly don’t care that Dan Howell has now seen my less than conservative underwear.

He left me in a slight state of panic, so many unanswered questions like did we actually have sex? Where’s Louise? Where’s PJ? Where’s all my stuff? How long have I been here? Where’s Phil? I could feel a panic attack coming on as all the blood drained from my head, I suddenly felt cold and like I was about to throw up but not from the hangover. I looked around and noticed an empty bucket next to the bed, I quickly leant over the edge of the bed and proceeded to throw up mostly liquid.

Dan must have heard me because he ran in pretty quickly. I’ve never seen him run, he always had a reason to get out of sport. I managed to see him roll his eyes and walk out while I was still throwing my guts up. Fucking dick.

I continued emptying my stomach of all its contents and dry heaving until I heard a plonk on the bed side table next to me. Dan had returned with a huge glass of water. I thanked him then began taking little sips as to not throw it up. He just stood there and looked at me.

“What?” I asked slightly annoyed. Dan just looked at me and shook his head. “Okay well I’m just gonna head off then” I snapped. He was making me ridiculously angry about how smug he was being and that he wasn’t telling my anything.

“Good luck” Dan replied, not explaining any further. I just looked at him putting on the best bitch face I could making it clear I wasn’t in the mood for games, it must have done something because he continued speaking. “Louise took your car home this morning, I’m taking you home” he stated like I should have already known this.

“I’d rather walk home then get in a car with you right now Dan Howell” I answered with venom.

“Alright, well it’s raining, I’d offer you an umbrella but I don’t have one soooo..” he trailed off waiting for me to crack.

“That’s fine, better get going now before it gets any heavier.” I felt relatively fine now so I got up and walked right past him brushing my dress down as I went.

“Wait, you’re actually going to walk home?” Dan asked confused.

“As I said I’d rather walk then get in a car with you, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do” I smiled at him. I noticed that my phone and bag were sitting in a neat pile on the kitchen counter. I picked them up, slung by bag over my shoulder and started down the stairs. Dan continued to follow me.

“You can’t walk home, it’s pouring outside!” He exclaimed.

“It’s hardly drizzling…” and almost as if on cue, there was a big clap of thunder but I wasn’t about to succumb to what he wanted. “I’m gonna go now, thanks for letting me stay in your room” I waved good bye, Dan just stood there.

The second I got onto the road I immediately regreted this decision. What the hell was I trying to prove besides that I’d rock up to school on Monday with a cold? This was stupid, I should of just let him drive me home.

I was probably about 200 meters down the road when I heard a car slow down beside me. I knew it was probably Dan so I just kept looking forward and kept walking without glancing at the car. The car followed me for a few meters before I heard the window unwind and a voice, which wasn’t Dans, yell out at me.

“(Y/N)! Can you please get in the car and I’ll take you home?” It was Phil. I probably should have at least looked up to see who’s car it was. Phil drove a normal sedan but it was always a different one when a newer model came out, Phil was known for selling his barely used cars to kids at school. “Come on (Y/N)! Just get in the car please” Phil called.

I didn’t say anything but I didn’t want to walk home in the rain either, I still had quite a while to go. I climbed in the car next to him and wiped my face. “Thanks” was all I said.

“Well, it’s not really me you should be thanking. Dan sent me to get you” Of course he did.

“Why didn’t he come and get me himself?” I asked annoyed at Phil now.

“For many reasons I guess. One, he said he didn’t want the inside of his car wet” Phil giggled. “And two, he knew you wouldn’t get in a car with him” he explained never taking his eyes off the road.

“He didn’t want to get the inside of his car ruined? Seriously?” I said with disbelief, Dan is just as shallow as I thought.

“Now Now, you have to understand that Camaro is like Dan’s baby. He fixed it up all by himself, it was a piece of shit when he got it, now its practically a race car” I thought I heard Phil chuckle at the end but I couldn’t be sure.

“Whatever just take me home please” Phil just nodded and kept driving along the road to my house.

The next 5 minutes were filled with a slightly awkward tension. I wanted to ask questions and I feel like Phil knew that but he remained silent. Even if I wanted to ask something I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

After another few minutes I decided my time was running out as we were almost home so if I wanted to know anything now would be the perfect time to ask. I asked the first thing that came to my mind.

“Can Dan actually compose music?” Stupid question but I think it might be a good Segway in the short amount of time I have.

“Not the question I was waiting for you to ask but alright” Phil laughed “yeah, Dan can compose music… sometimes” Phil chuckled again.

“Huh” was all I could manage. I felt stupid for asking that question and he didn’t give me anything to go off so I didn’t say anything and continued the awkward silence until we got to my house. Just as I was about to say thanks Phil spoke up.

“You should humour him (Y/N)” Phil said with a hint of sadness.

“And why should I do that?” I demanded.

“I’ve never seen him like this before, he actually smiles now” Phil said, his words still laced with that element of sadness.

“Well that was incredibly corny” I laughed. “Definitely my queue to leave, thanks for the lift!” Just as I put one foot on the ground Phil grabbed my wrist. I looked at him slightly shocked but as soon as he saw my face he let go. I sat there waiting for him to say something.

“(Y/N), please?” Phil begged, he had some weird puppy dog eye thing happening that was very convincing.

I rolled my eyes at him “Fine, I’ll see what I can do” I groaned getting out of the car.

“Don’t act like you aren’t attracted to him, I’ve seen the way you look at him” Phil laughed then drove off before I could even begin my argument.

I stormed though my front door thinking about how I still don’t have any answers to the thousands of questions I have about last night, and how I was slightly mad at Louise for leaving me there. As I made it up to my room I actually looked in a mirror and realised how much of a mess I looked like. My hair was matted to the back of my head and I had mascara all down my face, I desperately needed a shower.

About half an hour later I emerged from the shower feeling so much fresher. And just on queue like the lightening, my message tone went off. I knew who this would be from and I wasn’t wrong when I unlocked my phone.

Have questions?

Of course I had fucking questions, are you kidding me?

Yes I have questions, care to answer them?

I replied, I know his answer will be sarcastic or taunting in some way. Either that or he would make me do something for his answers. The reply came almost immediately.

I’ll answer them if you have dinner with me tomorrow night


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please don't let this rp die!

ofc not !! we decided to kinda have a lazy weekend because of the new years buzz and its tendency to bring hangovers and all-nighters since these are much bigger parties filled to the brim with family and friends. we wanted to enjoy our new years as we hope our members enjoyed theirs, but we are still here !! admin nana comes home tomorrow and from there moving forward we should be back to normal scheduling, and i’m here all night !!