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Chocobros and Sleep-talking SO


“mmhm Gladdyyyyy……”

He opens his eyes to see you cuddling his chest, wondering if he had heard you correctly.

“…stop…stop eating all of the cup noodles.”

He nearly bursts out laughing at the cute reason behind your sleepy scowl. He pats your head and plants a kiss on it, and you soon relax your face.

A few moments pass until he hears, “Now I’m calling you Fatty.” He lets a small chuckle escape for his adorable lover. 


Prompto wakes up to you giggling in your sleep, and he smiles because your laugh is one of his favorite sounds in the world. As he gets lost watching you, he’s startled when he hears you call his name.

“Prom..Prom, look! The choco-chicks are so fluffy and cute…” you say happily amidst your laughter. “Really…just like your hair…”

Prompto pouts a bit at the comparison, but can’t help smiling and hugging you closer. “You’re the one as cute as a chocobo,” he mumbles before he closes his eyes again.




The prince awakens to you calling his name. He almost asks you what’s wrong, until he sees your sleeping face fixed in a serious manner.

“…turn…the line towards the fish…”

He always hated the backseat-fishing his friends do, but how could he be mad when his girlfriend looked so determined for him even in her sleep? Then he notices you smiling impossibly wide.

“Yay! I wanna hold the fish!” you exclaim as you reach to grasp something. Noctis looks around quickly for something and gives you the carbuncle stuffie he gave you as a birthday gift (thank goodness it keeps watch over you both from the nearby nightstand). He watches you hug it tightly with glee.

“You’re my hero, Noct-gar!”

He laughs and kisses you. “Anything for you, my princess.”

Apparently, Noctis doesn’t mind waking up for moments like this once in a while.


Ignis looks up from his paperwork when he hears you toss and turn on your shared bed.

“Iggy…no, stop…”

He comes over to you when he hears your distressed tone and sees your face twisted in frustration.

“Seriously, stop…I’m begging you…I can’t take anymore…”

He goes wide-eyed at your whimpers before his lips curl into a mischievous smile. Well, well. I wonder what my dear kitten could be dreaming about right now.

“No more…I don’t want anymore stew…”


He laughs as he realizes his mistake. After turning off his desk light, he climbs into bed with you and strokes your hair until you stop mumbling.

I’m absolutely floored at the fact that, when given the information that Floriana Lima is really a white woman and they’re having her play a non-white woman, these fans (many who go on and on about how *important* representation is) decided to double down on supporting her.  I’ve even reached out personally before and had them do that.  Sanvers will never be good representation because of its foundations, and if this were about pairing Maggie up with a man they would boycott the show.  But having a white woman play a woman of color while claiming to be a woman of color?  Apparently *that* is okay.  Ugh. 

I don’t know how they can complain about Mon-El and be okay with that.  Especially when they act like its because they’re tired of straight white men being in the center of everything.  Which is it?  If you’re so tired of whiteness than why is it okay to whitewash when its white women?  Why is it so “tiring’ to have to see a straight white man date Kara, but women of color are to be ignored if we say we’re tired of seeing Maggie’s fake tan shoved in our faces as “the next Lexa”? 


What the hell is it about white women in brown face that makes these fangirls (who are all about queer representation) feel like they need to support them?  Is it because its not really making them look at a woman of color?  Or its a woman of color without all of those “pesky” non-white features so they can still feel comfortable? 

The Paladins at Dinner
  • <p> <b>Lance:</b> Hey daddy can you pass me the salt?<p/><b>Everyone, groaning:</b> not again<p/><b>Shiro, bright red:</b> *passes the salt*<p/><b>Lance, smug:</b> I can't wait until we get to earth and have a new crowd for this<p/></p>

just poppin back in to say that the whole “what happens when love is ripped away?“ as the catalyst for turning villains into supervillains is an answer everyone already knew that is boring and has been done already. it’s formulaic, overdone, bad writing.

a more interesting route would have been showing how two villains can care for one another and propel one another into supervillainy. supervillains and love are not mutually exclusive??? that’s all we’re ever shown, and again: it’s the obvious answer. villains with emotional connections are so much more interesting, be it platonic or romantic relationships. now this sort of thing is rare enough, but what I’ve never seen explored is what happens when that connection is another villain, and how that relationship would lend itself into a sort of feedback loop and boost both parties into supervillains. wouldn’t that have been something else?

we’ve seen what happened when love was stripped away from Oswald (Gertrude and Elijah), and we’ve seen it with Ed (Kristen and Isabella). i’m bored. three times hasn’t made me any happier about them continuing to do this. it’s done the opposite. they had a golden opportunity to turn this on its head and do something different, but now they’ve limited their own writing to overdone villain tropes. it’s a waste. i’m angry about this missed opportunity more than anything.

imagine Reigen and Serizawa’s first formal date. it’s almost a kind of silly idea because they’ve practically already been dating, going out to eat with each other, originally only with Mob as well but eventually just the two of them sometimes. They’re that couple who had practically already been unofficially dating but they only consider themselves y’know, actual boyfriends once Reigen is like, hey do you wanna take this… thing we have a step further. and Serizawa is like yes. yes I do.

so even though they’ve ALREADY DONE THIS and they hang out plenty, all the time, both during and outside of work, Serizawa is all nervous and Reigen is trying to be as charming as possible. They do at least go someplace probably nicer than usual and try to look their best, but they’re both such dorks in different wants, desperately trying to make it what they think a date should be and it’s really awkward. (Serizawa has no experience dating whatsoever, Reigen has some but nothing that ever lasted very long.)

At first they’re almost worried because of how awkward it is, oh shit, will this not work out? What if this ruins our friendship? CUE PANIC. but eventually they end up realizing (maybe with Mob’s help?) that they’re just complicating things for like, no reason, and things can still be the same between them but like also they can hold hands and kiss and, after awhile, move in together and all that.

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So yeah uh I like u and ur posts usually but why exactly do introverts and ppl with social anxiety deserve to get swirlied? I'm not trying to be mean I'm just curious if there's something introverts have done wrong

yeah theres a callout post for introverts, theyre problematic and yikes now


aesthetic posters: THE SOCIAL NETWORK (dir. david fincher)

↳  “You don’t even know what the thing is yet. How big it can get, how far it can go. This is no time to take your chips down. A million dollars isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? A billion dollars.

that conclusion made perfect sense, guys.

i buy into the theory that hyyh represents the struggles of youth and moving towards adulthood. (please see thebangtantheory.wordpress.com for a more detailed explanation.) it’s more or less a cycle, the same events repeating over and over again, that can only be broken by one person - jin. jin must make the decision to grow up to break the cycle of pain and suffering that he and the six other members experience.

these highlight reels were yet another cycle that was was heading toward the same destruction that is seen in the hyyh trilogy, specifically, i need u. we see suga turn back to drinking, v still running from the police, jhope and jimin still in pain over past traumas. we see the pain in jin’s eyes when his girl is hit by a car, and it is only then he knows the cycle has to end somewhere. and it has to end with him.

it’s august 30th when the vase of lilies lie against the small table as jin readies for his date.

it’s august 30th when, if he were the best man in the world, if he were able to reverse time and end everyone’s suffering during hyyh, he catches the vase of lilies - his friends - before they can fall. he stops the cycle before it can repeat again.

he puts on his black hat - signifying adulthood, as explained in thebangtantheory - and goes back into his apartment.

he makes the choice. he grows up.