or it's downhill from here


It’s All Downhill From Here

; a bellarke Rogue One au

Captain Bellamy Blake of the Rebel Alliance has completed more than his fair share of extraction missions.

But when rumours of an Empire weapon that wields an unprecedented power start to spread, he’s tasked to rescue and secure the aid of Clarke Griffin – the daughter of the Imperial engineer responsible for building the single greatest threat the Rebellion has ever faced.

He expects all the things one usually comes to expect on a covert mission of this sort: danger, risks and scrapes, tight situations, and perhaps a near-death experience or two. 

What he doesn’t expect is for this one encounter to set him and Clarke on a path that leads to something so much bigger – including, perhaps, a chance at redemption for them both.


Since he moved to Russia, Yuri’s been hearing two words with alarming frequency. 

He hears them after getting home from the grocery store, a jog or walking Maccachin around the block. He even hears them after taking the trash outside one day.

It’s only when the words are whispered into his neck as he crawls back into bed from getting a cup of water that he mentions it. 

“You’re always telling me that.” he says, resting his head on Victor’s chest. “‘Welcome back’.”

Victor’s hold around him tightens. “I guess I’m just happy you’re here.”

At two o’clock in the morning, Yuri smiles a true smile.

“Me too.” he says around a yawn, “I love coming back to you.”

Victor has the loudest heartbeat, is his last thought before falling asleep.


Lost characters according to Sawyer: 3/10 - Charlie Pace

Every Monster in Snowdin, the tol and the smol,

Would gather at Grillby’s, every ship, ‘sona and AU. 

Filled with DETERMINATION, they’d reblog and they’d tag! 

They’d sin! And they’d sin! And they’d SIN! 


And the more Gaster thought of this Whole UnderSinning, 

The more he thought, “Excuse me who gave you the RIGHT???” 




Hi hello I have an update

My parents and my high-school drama teacher got my drawing signed by the entire Hamilton cast

I cried

*20 Years from Now
  • daughter: hey mom i really like this new book series...
  • me: omg Im so sorry
  • daughter: sorry?
  • me: ill call the teachers
  • daughter: why are y-
  • me: to let them know your grades will be dropping
  • daughter: why will-
  • me: im afraid its all downhill from here
  • daughter: what are you talking ab-
  • me: you might as well say goodbye to your friends
  • daughter: but i-
  • me: do you want me to help you with your blog?
  • daughter: i dont have a-
  • me: you will
  • daughter: but-
  • me: shhhh... its already done, there is no turning back

Ok but come on guys. It’s canon that Dipper chews on pens when he is deep in thought. So why wouldn’t he do the same as a Hogwarts student but instead with a quill? 

Except poor dude doesn’t realize that he accidentally packed his sister’s magically enchanted, rainbow, glitter quill until he bit the end too hard and set himself a blaze with color and sparkles in the Slytherin common room. The walls had never seen the much color in, well, ever. No one within two feet was spared. 

As a side note, yes. Dipper is wearing a sweater his sister made for him and it’s a little scratchy and the sleeves are too big, but Dipper could care less about the others making fun of him for it, because shoot dude, it’s freaking cold in the Slytherin dungeon-like common room. 

Again, inspiration by imaginashon

Just some skelebros showing their Mom love by making her a flower crown and bracelet :3333


A lil’ thing based off of @zarla-s post-Handplates AU where Goat Mum adopts the skelebros. I made them smol for extra cuteness ‘w’