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Oof I miss my beardy boys together!

Ooooofffff indeed nonnie. 

imean do I cry myself to sleep every night thinking about how much I miss these idiots together like this?

Do I sit here and think about how much I miss how they made each other smile like they hadn’t just hung the moon but the entire solar system?

How they rocked the ‘spies just about to receive their top secret mission to topple evil dictators and nip home via KFC when they’re done’ look (BONUS POINT TO NIALL but honestly, the way they look so intense,  “Yeah, but what sauce should we order with the popcorn chicken when we’re done Zayn,”  *heavy sigh from Zayn*  “Beats me, I just hope they don’t run out of gravy.”)

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Staring into the crowd and into mine and your soul.

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F$cking shit up at awards shows

Messing about at awards shows

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Flirty giggly sunshines with Angus.(MY EYES - look at them)

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The TIU junkets (should have been renamed jewel-ets cos of how precious these 3 were and Narry too).


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Soft bubs, yes even with Louis’ expression

Trying to look tough bubs

They’ll be the death of all us bubs

*NUDgE WINK bubs*

LISTEN JUST WATCH THESE AND CRY  (it has the walrus impression the second one which is one of my fave moments ever plus strawberry lace race where Zayn is distracted by Liam) 

And just hope that we have the majesty of these 3 beautiful beardy boys

who are now such great men in our lives together again soon.

I could’ve literally gone on forever cos I loved how they were perfect foils for each other, how they were so important for each other (STILL ARE), how they had their in jokes (STILL DO)  bus 1,  shpine/shmile,  how tall are you?  Miley Cyrus moment with lilo losing it with Zayn chucking it away. 

When they were judging hard during the Miss America interview. 

All the early beardy boys before they were beardy boys. We’re all a bit loose today *cue Louis losing it*  

The only three people in the world that would ever persuade me to get onto a plane again.

I should shut up really but I don’t want to…but yeah…ONE DAY. 

*credit to all pic and gif creators/owners

Any good reptile vet worth their salt would not say

‘As long as the lizards needs are met they would be fine on sand’

Impaction is always a risk no matter what, do not risk ur reptiles health for a 'natural’ look that isn’t even their natural habitat.
Keep ur reptiles on safe substrate like tile, paper towel, etc.
That is all.

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There are many more, but sadly a lot of CC masterposts have been deleted as their OPs left the fandom after Glee ended and moved on to other fandoms. Someone should create a Hedwig CC compilation about ALL the Hedwigs (Broadway + tour) and it would be interesting because honestly it’s a CC treasure trove of proof we have since Glee ended: the Colfur jokes (starting on Chris’ birthday), all the different remarks about “Chris Colfur” (“I get it in bulk” “I have a special order” “I know a guy” etc), the stage door interactions with fans about CC and Chris (THE HAT!), the paps pics of Chris “drunk” the closing night, beardie changing seats to be carwashed on the Dublin kiss anniversary…

Still going strong, my friends…

Love Can’t Stand Alone

A/N: Again, not really a request but, (I attempted to combine pieces of a request in). Angsty, smuttyness ensues. Enjoy 💙

Musical inspiration: Love Can’t Stand Alone (By British beardy band Bear’s Den. Check them out. You will not regret it).

There is a version of you in another life, be it past or future. She is patient and selfless and compassionate and so good. She possesses everything in her that you lack at your current state and you have found yourself thinking of her often. She would never, ever purposely begin an affair with someone she knew was in a committed, loving relationship. You don’t think that wondrous, effervescent version of yourself would ever knowingly break someone’s heart. You wished with every fibre of your being that you knew that version of yourself as well as you thought you did. But you simply don’t and you reckon you’ll spend a lifetime trying to figure out how to be her.

It’s the imminent stillness of his bedroom that brings the memories back in roiling waves. One after the other, an aggressive barrage of bad times and even better beautiful times. He reaches out to you between the folds of his sheets, pressing a fingertip to the middle of your spine. Every single time, you promise yourself it’s the last time. You remind yourself that there is someone waiting for him in Sweden; that there has always been someone waiting for him in Sweden.

But that didn’t stop you. How could it? The chemistry between you was there. It was raw and real and palpable; it had been from the moment you met him. Almost as if someone had tied an invisible string from his finger to yours, and somewhere down the line, fate wiggled it’s fickle fingers and here you are. Hopelessly in love with someone who, at the moment, could not love you the way you needed to be loved. Or rather, could not offer up his heart in a way that only you could have it. He was splitting the very organ that kept him breathing between two different continents, two completely different women.

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you know what would be nice? a movie with Chris Evans and Tyler Hoechlin as beardy boyfriends

you know when you just want something so badly you can’t even let yourself think about for fear of SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTING

i can’t even consider that I CAN’T or else the vents in my head stop working and my brain gets overheated 


wait no don’t 





rhett appreciation for @rhettsbabe -

  • the gentle loyalty in his eyes whenever he looks at link, jessie, or any of his friends
  • the ohohohohoho laugh which makes me think he’s made from scraps of actual christmas candy
  • golden/amber/mahogany hair that’s got a mind of its own, and in its current form, is very cute and swirly
  • the best father and husband, he loves his family so damn much
  • his favorite things always cheer him up, like wood, good food, and link’s humor, specifically (he’s a simple man)
  • will give you a run for your money if you ever get in a debate with him, particularly about things that could be or should be
  • smarter than everyone and likes to prove it
  • monitors his behavior and link’s, keeps the show going but will occasionally laugh or win himself into insanity
  • the way he holds his chest when he’s chuckling, the crinkle in his nose and the way he bites his lip, as if there’s so much joy in him, it’ll overflow
  • the grunts, screams, and whimpers
  • he’s a good boy who can sometimes be a bad boy who likes things that hurt a little bit
  • biggest heart anywhere. generous, charitable, and kind, he stands up for what he believes in and does not hesitate to donate and inform about tragedies via whatever platform available
  • The Torso
  • arms, legs, thighs, beard, eyes, lips, teeth, knees, calves, feet, toes, fingers, hair, ears, nose, tongue, cheeks
  • loves the stars more than you, loves link neal more than you
  • did i mention that friendship and respect are his basis for everything? and he puts effort into anything honorable and worthy of documenting, such as nature and a lifelong run with his best friend
  • he likes to dress up and be pretty, wear makeup and skirts and show himself off and let himself feel flirty while still being true to his massive lumberjack self
  • extremely talented singer, even better with a guitar
  • will lull you into a sense of peace when the world is collapsing just by looking into his beautifully handsome, structured, beardy, soft-eyed face, then he’ll kill you with his charming dreamboat personality and raw sexual energy
  • overall 12/10
  • would stan again

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Help! What show is your tag "tmk" referring to? I've never heard of it, but everyone looks so beautiful in it.


the show is bbc’s the musketeers, which i would arguably describe as a solid mix of pirates of the caribbean, zorro, and brooklyn nine-nine

dunno if you’ve ever read alexander dumas’ original book, but most people (?) (most people means me) agree that bbc’s adaptation is probably the most accurate to the spirit of the book and the essence of all the characters, who are captured/cast EXCEPTIONALLY well and are all utterly delightful, not just because theyre so pretty but because theyre all good noodles trying their best who also happen to be varying degrees of Semi-Functional Human Disaster

except rochefort, good riddance hes dead now

anyways. bonus features include:

- utterly gorgeous (if a bit historically inaccurate) costuming

- breathtaking cinematography

- tom burke’s line delivery


- soft beardy men holding babies and singing (u would think i am exaggerating but this actually happens quite a lot)

- women with swords


- consistently kicks any semblance of toxic masculinity in the ass (so many hugs and kisses u guys its beautiful)

- arguably the character with the strongest most victorious and well-written character arc is a young woman who achieves everything she was meant for completely deservedly without once compromising her goodness or kindness or softness while simultaneously being powerful, strong, and so very very respected

tbh i recommend this show to everyone!! its obviously a bit ridiculous and melodramatic in places, and the romances, whilst SO PURE AND GOOD AND WELL DONE, are so extra (i thrive on the tropes i really do) – but it never takes itself seriously enough for those things to matter. the cast are obviously having the time of their lives, and the writing is actually really amazing for majority of the show, imo

anyways! its on netflix in several countries i think? yall should check it out tbh, if only so u dont hate me for posting about it so much

What’s out this week? 6/21/17

Who would’ve thought Aquaman would make our list???

America #4 by Gabby Rivera and Joe Quinones

The best comic Marvel has published in 2017, hands down. PLUS we got to meet @quirkyrican​ at the National Museum for Women in the Arts last week and she was more hilarious and insightful than we ever could’ve hoped for!

Aquaman #25 by Dan Abnett and Stjepan Šejić

The most hype we’ve EVER been for an Aquaman comic. The genius Stjepan Šejić (Sunstone, Rat Queens, Death Vigil) comes to DC and draws Aquaman as close as we’re probably going to get to Jason Momoa. So hunky, so beardy. Even if you haven’t been keeping up with Aquaman, now’s the perfect time to dive in–we know we are.

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1 by Chip Zdarsky and Adam Kubert

Chip Zdarsky writing Peter Parker, in a book that p much focuses on Peter Parker? We’re in.

Crosswind #1 by Gail Simone and Cat Staggs

Comics legend Gail Simone in her first-ever Image comic! With Cat Staggs! That’s enough for us.


reinhardt is reading to all of torbjorn’s kids??? why would he be doing this u ask?????

reinhardt and torbjorn both are cheerful beardy old men… they both carry hammers…. in Conclusion

why let the straights have anything honestly torbjorn can be the bi (or pan) + poly representation we’ve all been waiting for. thank u for ur time. please consider making cute beardy old hammer men art and sweet date nights with torb and his wife and reinhardt and their million kid army. also consider: height difference. good night

Hello stickies! Blitz the climbing beardie has gotten adopted to a new home, and I would like to introduce you to one of my new friends, Yang!

He came in a week later and I snatched him up as soon as I could! It’s been a little bit since I got him, and just recently Yang got upgraded to a new tank with plenty of lovely things to sit on and be Angry about! He’s been exploring the tank and being Very Angry about everything! (He thinks I don’t see him sitting on them when I’m not by the tank!)

Yang would like to send the stickies and Pobblebonks an entire tank of treaties, and be an Angrycake with Barry and the Bonklets!

Hello Yang! 😊🐸🐠
What stunning clothes you have chosen today Yang, all of the frogs love your choice of pink bodysuit with blue shimmery fins! 😀
Bonk says thank you for the treaties! She thinks you are doing an excellent job of being Very Angry! She sends you some Angry Staring, an Angry Squeak and a big box of Angry Fish Treaties! 🐸🐠😀

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hey michael! i was wondering if you had any tips for cutting up squash for lizard friends, cause im finding it pretty tricky and difficult to cut it up and get the skin off and i know raw squash is much healthier than fresh so i don't want to cook it. also i've followed you for years and got my first lizard a couple months ago so thanks for teaching me so much about beardie care over the years!

hello! butternut squash is Particularly hard to cut up if that’s what you’ve got. it’s about finding the right knife to do it I guess? tbh my mom would know more about it… I just know this one knife is the Lizard Salad Knife cause it makes cutting up veggies a breeze, regular steak knives suck at cutting it up

I cut like a slice off of my butternut and then I lay it down and use the knife to just chop off the skin edges. maybe not the greatest way but thats how I do it RHRGH. my mom actually like, peels it like an apple

that makes me really happy actually! I’m so glad I could be a positive influence and help out even if it was indirectly! I’m happy that you have a lizard child of your own now. having lizards is just… a really great experience. each one is so unique

@heavymetallibrarian because we were sad about toxic masculinity keeping that guy from knitting here are two stories about men who got past it:

1. When my brother was on Camp Pendleton there was a guy on the duty desk in one of the buildings who would sit there and knit. Every day. Big buff Marine, knitting away, right in the open. He was a fixture, everybody knew him and no one ever bothered him about it. 

2. My knitting class one night was a very prim very tiny little black lady who was some kind of civil servant and a giant beardy white guy in a dragon t-shirt. She was learning because her first grandchild was on the way, and when I asked him he just mumbled “I had to”. After some prodding it turned out he could already crochet, but his husband had just taken up quilting and he refused to let himself be outcrafted so he was here to learn a second one. Normally I had to kind of facilitate chat between my students, but those two started talking about Doctor Who and Torchwood and where they felt each show had started to go downhill and I just let them run. 

to gleekto, miarrenslove, etc

near the house

mia´s coat, master bedroom, mia´s comment ♥ june 2015

mia´s nephew,  mia´s hand on Hudson’s shoulder, biarren house

biarren house, mia´s birthday party, heart eyes, love love love,  Guess who wasn’t at the birthday party?

love love love


PR is very aware of how ridiculously obvious is that Ben lives in Normandie, drives Mia’s Jeep and his voice is in her videos at night when Darren is out of LA

So is Darren acknowledging that B is his “roomie” cause the evidence that B lives there is so overwhelming? YES

Ben moved there in June 2015.

Ben was never quite about living there. That’s why they started this roommate thing. It would be the only logical explanation to both of them in that house. Except darren doesn’t live there 

And it’s so funny that some miarrens didn’t have a clue about who Ben is when he is practically shoving in our faces his presence next to Mia. It shows how blind they are.

Ben posted in FB that he moved to LA a couple years ago. He goes back to London for family visits and sometimes work. He LIVES in LA FULL TIME.

Ben and beardie are the real couple living in that home and D uses it for PR purposes when it suits him

PR team AND a “social media manager”finally realise d they’ve got to explain the third man’s existence

3 individually wealthy people (adults), sharing a small-ish 2 bedroom house. With a dog one of them has been “seriously” allergic to since Chris got Cooper. That was ignored by fans since 1 roomie posed in another roomie’s clothes, in the master bedroom

This older man, an accomplished musician in his own right, who is definitely not broke, is living at Darren’s “house” with him


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I just read your recent story, the saga of the postman and the fruitcake, and I was brought up short by the mysterious package from Seward, Alaska. That's my hometown! And let me just say that it's exactly the kind of place that would play into a story like that spawn a mystery fruitcake, plus your mailman sounds like he would have fit in perfectly with the characters we have back home. I don't have much of a point, just wanted to applaud your storytelling abilities and the funny connection!

The best guess my family has is that Mr. Schmidt is from Seward originally, so if you know a 6′6″ beardy giant that drives on the wrong side of the road that may be him.

Sometimes I just wanna grab mi/arren believers by the shoulders and shake some sense into them. With all the bullshit being doled out in the world, you’d think they’d question things, ask questions? I don’t normally dwell too much on what’s blatantly obvious, but sometimes stupidity needs to be called out.

1. The real bf posts about being at an Elvis Honeymoon getaway in Palm Springs.

2. Lu/Lu posts a video of a new “friend” and tags her IG account, which at the time, is private.

3. 4 hours later, that IG account is suddenly open and a staged mi/arren photo happens to be on her IG story. What are the odds? ->insert sarcasm here<- Daisy deserves an Oscar and a bottle of vodka for that performance.

4. After dinner, the drunken ladies and one Daisy head to a club, where as per usual, beardie gets shit faced. Daisy is seen on his phone (likely texting his real bf HELLLLLLP MEEEE). Then the *soulmates* are seen fighting on the dance floor up until beardie sees the camera on them and goes it for an alleged kiss, but most likely it was her whispering in his ear “asshole! - she’s filming us so act happy!”

5. On the car ride home, beardie is wasted in the backseat while her beloved of many moons sits in the front seat, as yanno, a good loving partner would do.      ->insert sarcasm here<-

6. Daisy heads to gay bar (unsure but irrelevant if the drunken posse went along) and compliments a gay man on his Britney t-shirt.

7. Meanwhile, beardie’s bff Z/oe is in a hospital (per her IG story) while beardie parties it up in PS. Friendship goals? ->insert sarcasm here<-

Beardie has got to be one of the most self absorbed, spoiled, insincere, vindictive people on the planet and she has her talons into Daisy and won’t let go. We cannot all be his guardians and protect this adult man, he is in this, he’s partially responsible. We cannot know all the reasons behind it, we don’t know who/what/why/how and when it will end. It could end horribly with Daisy being outed (sadly a likely scenario given his public cries for help), or there can be a plan in place. All we can do is sit on the sidelines and hope for the best and wait for the runaway train to reach its final destination and have faith that Daisy makes it out in one piece.

It’s funny because Romeo and Juliet was actually just Shakespeare making fun of love. Shakespeare depicts the teenagers as superficially lovestruck fools, not starcrossed lovers. It’s satire, not a tragedy. Of course, dear Beardie wouldn’t know that. 

(Also let’s note that his hand seems to be hovering slightly away from her body, unlike a real kiss, where hands would usually be held tight against a waist or their neck. Somehow even while kissing, the awkwardness is palpable. Also, in the other picture, his hand is completely slack, and she’s the one who’s grabbing on for dear life. You tried, honey, you tried.)