or it would be if it was beardy

Any good reptile vet worth their salt would not say

‘As long as the lizards needs are met they would be fine on sand’

Impaction is always a risk no matter what, do not risk ur reptiles health for a 'natural’ look that isn’t even their natural habitat.
Keep ur reptiles on safe substrate like tile, paper towel, etc.
That is all.

James Moriarty: Snake Dad Extraordinaire™

I love that Andrew decided that Moriarty would have a pet snake or giraffe. Ever since seeing Andrew with the beardie in Dead Bodies I’ve loved the idea.

* Jim cooing at his ball python. Female. Ridiculous name. From some fairy tale.

* Rapunzel. He’d name her Rapunzel.

* He’d call her Punzie for short.

* Calling her “my little baby” even when she’s fucking 5’ long.

* Feeding her mice and rats and complimenting her on her kills.

* Taking her out to cuddle her.

* Letting her slide around his home. Free range.

* Sebastian is freaked the fuck out by her even when she’s a baby. Jim occasionally whispers to her while cuddling her “Yeah. You’re going to eat Bastian one day, aren’t you, my girl?” Just to freak Seb out.

* Seb: That thing should be caged
—Jim: Cage this 🖕🏻

* Sherlock would love her

* Jim would be a weird snake dad too. He’d save all her shed skins and pin them in a shadow box. Like they’re achievement ribbons. In order by size. A living growing chart.

* Of course they don’t all fit in one so his hallway is just covered in shadow boxes filled with her skins.

* Sherlock: Don’t you think that’s a bit much?
—Jim: NO! She’s a growing girl! I like to look back on how small she used to be.
—Sherlock: But–
—Jim: There are only five things in this world that I love, Sherlock: crime and chaos, music, my piano, you, and Rapunzel.

* No wig for being “Rapunzel”. He thinks that’s rude. But he does make her a flower crown.

* Please give me snake dad!Jim in season 5. Thank you

There are so many times in TBEA when people’s backs are turned because the camera is focusing on the person talking that I really wish I could see the face of the person being addressed.

Example 1

Eugene: Why, don’t you feel the same way?
Rapunzel: N-ye-yes!

I would love to have seen Actual Kicked Puppy Eugene Fitzherbert at that moment. His head does move, so I know he made a face! I just wanna see it!

Example 2

Rapunzel : Wow, I… I love you Eugene, but… But I can’t.

Another Actual Kicked Puppy moment I would have liked to see. He looked so hopeful a moment before! I want to see his face fall! (Sadistic, I know.)

Example 3

Eugene: A very large, intimidating… beardy

I suspect Frederic kept the same stern expression he had before, but I would have loved to see even the smallest eyebrow twitch. XD

Things that are currently in my purse notebook: 

A list of worms that the babies like (along with sizes) 

Doodles of dragons

Lots of story notes

A grocery list 

Just some words written in runes because I was bored 

Rough draft of a curse 

A list that is titled “Do not forget” and then I didn’t put anything on the list 

Names for the next baby (Persnickety is the one I’m leaning toward, it’ll be Persi for short) 

A list of bones I have 


Reptar has really strong prey drive.

Don’t try this at home unless you have a second person ready to grab either lizard or car! He definitely would’ve tried to eat it if he could catch it, and he could’ve caught it if he had better traction on the tile.

xdixonxgrimesx  asked:

I'm working on making a new enclosure for my beardie and would love to give her a dig box, so do you have suggestions for what to put in it to make it safe? I know they sell those pellet food things for beardies at pet stores so could I fill it with those? I fell like that would be safe because they're edible and won't get impacted if she eats them. I made the mistake of using a cut up shirt before and she ate a little piece, but luckily she passed it. I wouldn't want anything like that again

Im sorry but Im a ball python blog and i wouldnt know :(


I’m actually really upset today. This morning my friend went to petsmart and saw this.

“Okay so I saw him when he was still breathing and I asked for someone to come to the reptile section. I waited 10 minutes. No one showed up so I asked a manager and he said he would get someone to help me.

I kept checking on the beardie and at this point he blinked and closed his eyes and stopped breathing. It took another 10 minutes before someone came over and she touched him and he was dead.

I asked if they had any other sick beardies in the back and they said they had one that wouldn’t eat. I told them I could rehabilitate that one or foster it until it is healthy and they said I would have to wait until it is up for adoption. She said she will take my number and let me know when any reptiles are up for adoption. ”

I asked her to get pictures of the one in the back and they won’t let her see him. This is fucking disgusting, they don’t get this way over night. How do you not look at this animal and think “hmmm, maybe something is wrong?” How the hell do you not do anything?

Yeah, maybe he is sick but you don’t let a sick lizard just sit in the display case with the other ones and die??? I can’t imagine how long it would have sat there had my friend not pointed it out? Honestly if it went that long without anyone noticing it was sick then I can’t imagine they would notice if it was dead

Hey reptiblr, what do you feed your beardies?

I’ve been poking around on the Internet and most sources seem to agree on WHAT to feed a beardie (greens, veggies, insects, and maybe a little fruit or vertebrate protein occasionally), but not on what proportion of their diet these things should make up. Some places say 80% greens/veggies 20% insects, some say mostly insects with 25% greens/veggies, there was even one source saying a significant portion of an adult beardie’s diet should be whole prey items like mice because insects have too much chitin and not enough protein (this seems very wrong to me).

So what do you guys feed your adult beardies, in what proportion, and how often? I would also appreciate tagging beardie keepers who might chime in or linking to your preferred beardie care sheets. Thanks!!

stars-and-salt-water  asked:

I just recently adopted a 3 year old bearded dragon, and I want her to be as happy as possible. Do you have any good suggestions for how to set up her habitat?

My habitat for Falcor is that the heating light is set up at one end of the tank and on the other the UVB light is there. I like a carpet grass thing as a substrate but you can use regular reptile carpet or i guess (? I’ve heard people use i but I’ve never) newspaper, don’t use sand though its not good for them. I would recommend a rather large water dish, enough for it to get its body in and relax in the water. the rest of the furnishings depend on what your beardie likes the most, mine was never a fan of the hammocks but loves a toy horse instead. I like to set my water on the cooler side of the tank because i think its an easy way for them to cool down fast if they need to. I also have fake plants so Falcor can hunt more but only use those if your sure your beardie won’t take a bite out of them.

Bravest Warriors #34!!!

I did the back-up story for Bravest Warriors #34! 

It is one of the notable issues in which I’m in the same credits as bad-ass comics lady and my almost-name-twin, Kate Leth! (I have been called a typo!!!)

If anyone would like a signed copy, just send $15 and your shipping address to my paypal account, me@KatLeyh.com. (I really need a new pair of glasses, this would help :)

Here are the first couple pages of my story, Beardi Gras: