or it will be for a while

me in the future

my child: mommy can you sing me a lullaby?

me: of course sweetie!

me: *clears throat*

Let’s go 🏃‍♂️back ⬅️to Indiana, circa 1983📞

Just four boys👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 in the basement 🏠chillin'☃️, playin’ D&D🐉
There was Lucas 🎒, there was Willy Will📓
And Dustin🐈, there was a Mike❣️

But one☝️ night🌌, Will goes missing⁉️ while he’s ridin’ on his bike🚴‍♂️, yikes!😱

That’s when 🤭they met me🚺, Elev1️⃣1️⃣
I had no 🚫hair 💇‍♀️on my head🤯
I had been so close 🆘to dead😵
Courtesy 🆘of Dr. Brenner 👨‍⚕️who’s huntin’ ⛓me twenty-four sev⏰

Joyce 👩was hanging Christmas lights🎄 in the web🕸

Started ☎️hearing 👂something Willy had said🗣
This could 💡be a message 💭from the beyond☠️

What ⚠️happened to Barb👓? She’s just gone🚷 in the Upside Down⬆️🚼⬇️

Hopper’s 🚔on top 🔝of the case📇

While I’m 🙋‍♀️throwing💪 vans🚐 into space💫

I’m lying down🛌 in a tank⚗️

Trying my best to find ⚡️Willy 📻and Dustin’s got pudding 🍫for days🗓

Demogorgon’s 🐲getting all 📸in my way🚸

Blast💥him to pieces 🍂just like a grenade💣

Will’s now ⏯at home🏡, coughin’ 🤮slugs in the sink🐛

What happened 🙊 to me? I’m in 🗺the Upside Down⬆️🚼⬇️

What *️⃣about now? The saga continues🔄, tune in 📡to see how📺

Upside down⬆️🚼⬇️, what about now?

The saga🎥continues, tune🎛 in to see how🤷‍♀️

All I need 🤤is my Eggo waffles🥞, I’m in love 😍with those

What I’m left with when I use my powers🔋 is a bloody nose, yeah

Bad ❌news 📰when you see 👁that bloody 🅱️nose👃

Yeah👍, bad 🙀news 🗄when you see👀 that bloody nose👃


ok but it really looks like jikook is on the same team in today’s run episode and we will get to see them be a cooking domestic married couple and my brain is still trying to process all of this what the actual fuck i’m so happy i could die

SSLL: Ch. 29
*All I Want for Gyftmas is You
By Organization for Transformative Works

Guess who just spent an entire day off writing the next chapter in one sitting?  

Yep, this tortoise. 8D

Enjoy the end of the Gyftmas party!  We’ll see a little more of the lodge’s new guests next chapter, too.

(*I’ve got a lot to reply to, but I’m going to bed, so I’ll get to everything later.  I promise. )