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the thumbnail for the new dapg video made me do a double take. why did they edit it so it looks like phil's leaning on dan's shoulder. why would they DO that. my poor demon heart

ahaha i see what you mean

to me it looks like phil is actually riding dan’s back

not sure this will help their gaming skillz but i’m not complaining

“be my coach!”

seeing all the photos from the yoi museum makes me want to cry and draw more yoi :’))) <3

Manorian Headcanon
  • Manon and Dorian have been together for a while
  • but they get into a fight
  • and Manon storms off
  • She flies with Abraxos back to the Wastes where The Thirteen are waiting
  • Dorian, at a loss, decides to write Aelin a letter and ask for her advice
  • Aelin, who is on a diplomatic tour around Erilea, happens to be near the Wastes
  • She sends a letter back to Dorian
    • ‘Expect Manon home soon’
    • ‘Or expect her to never talk to you again’
    • ‘We’ll see’
  • And then she sets out for the Witch Fortress 
  • She doesn’t stay long
    • and no one sees her
    • but they do see what she left behind
  • It’s scorched into one of the barren plains just outside the fortress
  • Needless to say, Manon sees it
  • and because she knows Aelin was against their relationship from the start, Manon knows that the message must be true
  • So Manon spends another week with the Thirteen (just to teach him a lesson and because she misses her girls)
  • and then goes back to Adarlan 
  • Dorian is waiting there with apologies prepared
  • but they are unneeded
  • because one look at him and Manon knows that Aelin was right

the ranskov sugar daddy au goes like this: tater, newly moved to the states to play for the falcs meets ransom, the man who volunteers on the ice during public skates to help the kiddos learn to skate, when tater accidentally shows up at the rink at the wrong time. They get to talking as best they can, and they don’t understand each other 100% but you don’t walk away from a guy as handsome as that. At the end of the skate, Ransom rushes off, telling Tater he has to get to his second job [which is to the hospital, where he is a respected doctor] Tater sticks around. 

This continues. Tater shows up early to talk with ransom, who promptly rushes off to his next job as soon as the skate is over. Tater worries that Ransom works so much because money is tight. Ransom thinks Tater is a new immigrant with not much going on in his life because he hangs out around the rink so much and doesn’t talk about his job.

Queue them trying to sugar daddy each other. Tater takes Ransom to a fancy restaurant, and Ransom thinks Tater is just doing this to impress him, but Tater refuses to let Ransom pay. Ransom ups the ante by adding the fanciest bottle of wine to the tab in order to get Tater to back off. This leads to a stand off where they each order the most expensive menu items in a gambit to pay the tab. Until the bill actually arrives. 

They have a mini argument over who’s going to pay. Ransom tells Tater he can’t blow the money he saved to move here on one supper, and Tater tells Ransom he works too hard and can’t waste rent. They stare at each other in confusion.

Turns out they’re both stinking rich and they laugh about it and split the bill and agree that on their next date they should just go get pizza, which is so much better than the over priced meal they had.